Selecting a Self Storage Space

When one has a need for a self storage unit, it is because of a change of circumstance in their life or the life of their family. This can be a happy time or a time of crisis. So, some of the qualities that you would expect to be demonstrated by the self storage consultant should reflect 1. Empathy for your particular situation 2.  Determining whether or not you have packed, or whether you plan to use a moving company to pack you. The reason that this question is so important is because in today’s self storage business, there are many types of packing and storage material that were not available in the past. Some of these are boxes that can pack a whole set of dishes. Another type is a box that can pack a small, medium, or large lamp. Another product is a box for a mirror small, medium, and large. Wardrobe boxes are available. Boxes for TV’s and microwaves are available, and then for an assortment of odds and ends there are four sizes of boxes: small, medium, large or extra large. In addition, there are available packing materials such as bags of bubbles, bubble rolls, newsprint, peanuts, brown paper, newsprint and shrink wrap. There are many types of tape available such as clear packing tape, tape with a pistol grip for two rolls, tape with a cutter for three rolls. Then there are all sorts of covers for furniture and bedding like a chair cover, a dust cover, a sofa cover, a twin be cover, and covers for full, queen, and king mattresses. In addition, there are quilted mover’s blankets and picture pouches. And now, to just finish out the type of merchandise, tarps are available. Utility knives are also available along with ropes, measuring tape, and sure grip gloves.

3. Also, the self storage consultant should help guide you in making the best selection for your storage needs. Below are some tried and true guidelines:

If someone has never used self storage before, it is difficult to know what size unit would best fit their needs. Here are some guidelines. 1. A 5 X 5 is 25 square feet and is about the size of a small closet. This unit can hold a chest of drawers, or a desk, or about 50 boxes. 2. A 5 X 10 is about 50 square feet is like a walk in closet and is big enough for furnishings from a typical office suite or a couch, chair, and mattress set. This holds about 100 file boxes. 3. A 10 X 10 is about 100 square feet. This most popular sized unit can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment including appliances or two office suites. It has the capacity of 500 file boxes. 4. The 10 X 15 is 150 square feet. It can hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment and is big enough to hold carpeting rolls, building materials, and motorized equipment. 5. The 10 X 20 is 200 square feet and this is ideal for furnishing from a smaller home, or a car, truck, or construction equipment. 6. The next size is the 10 by 25. This is 250 square feet, and this is about the same size as a standard garage. This unit will hold the contents of a small home, or a vehicle. Businesses can store retail inventory, construction materials, and office files. 6. The next size is a 10 X 30 with 300 square feet. This space fits the contents of a three bedroom home, or a business can use this space as a construction or retail mini warehouse site.

4.It is most important that you storage consultant presents a storage solution that fits your particular situation. Also it is helpful after asking questions on that phone and inquiring about pricing that you set up an appointment to actually see the unit and make sure that it best fits your needs. Contact Carl Johnson at StorPlace Self Storage in Franklin Tennessee located at 1138 Highway 96 AT 651-591-9008 for outstanding merchandise consultation.

Rivergate Boat Storage

Now is that time of year when people are putting their boats up for the winter and deciding about the best place for their boat storage. The days are shorter because of daylight savings time. Cool days and colder nights and brisk winds are not what people think are the best conditions for being on a boat. People are moving from leisurely enjoyment of water activity, water sports, and water entertainment and fun to preparing for the holidays. Halloween is the first holiday that occupies the minds of both young and old alike. Halloween has become the second most celebrated holiday as people plan their Halloween outfits, costumes, and parties. After Halloween, the family begins to focus on Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas. People have turned their thoughts from summer fun and bathing suits to holiday fare, parties, warm clothes, and cozy fires. So, people begin to think about where they should store their boats. Do they want to stay at the marina and dry dock their boat? Do they want to keep the boat in the slip at the Marina? Is offsite storage a good idea? Is it safe? Will the boat be protected? Should one consider keeping their boat on their own household property? There are many decisions, but one that seems to make the best sense is to consider a self storage facility for boat storage. In selecting the best self storage facility for your boat storage, here are some items to think about: 1. Security- The property must be well-lit with surveillance 24 hours a day. There needs to be a secure code to get into the entrance that only the owner has. The property needs to be securely gated and fenced. 2. Parking Lot– The actual parking lot needs to be well-paved and flat. There needs to be enough room for the boat and trailer. There need to be clear and clean parking spaces clearly visible with numbers designating the various spots. There needs to be ample space provided for the different boat spaces needed. The spots next to each other need to be generous in their spacing so that there is not problem in pulling in and out. 3. Self Storage Driveway/Highway– The self storage driveway and highway needs to provide wide open space, so that when the boat is driven off and on the premise there is ample space for pulling in and out. 4. 24-Hour Access– Boat enthusiasts like to be on the water whenever they can. They like to make a full long day on the water enjoying their boat, so it’s extremely important for the storage place to provide 24-hour access so that the boat enthusiast can enjoy a full day of vacation on the water. 5. Company– In addition, you must have confidence in the company with which you are dealing. Are they reputable? How long have they been in business? Do they keep their own property neat and well-groomed? What is their reputation? 6. Other Boat Owners– Do other boat owners use this self storage facility for their boats? This is a good sign if you see other expensive boats and cruisers stored on the property. Rather than just fishing dinghies. 7. Price– When comparing the price of self storage for boats to that of the marina, it is vastly less expensive. The price of various self storage companies will be comparable, but the features and benefits may be vastly different. You want to make sure that you are getting value for your money because you have a personal investment in your boat. You can’t always put a price on service and satisfaction and confidence. 8. Personnel– Finally, do you have confidence in the storage consultants that you are dealing with. Are they experienced and knowledgeable? Do they give you a sense that they are interested in protecting your investment, also, should a problem arise, do you feel that they would be your advocate in resolving the problem to your satisfaction? Would they be treating the boat as if it were their own? You can never put a value on piece of mind. StorPlace Self Storage at Rivergate offers Rivergate boat storage at 615-851-2500 for more information.

Journey to Freedom

Life gets messy, and the YMCA of Middle Tennessee understands that. The YMCA has a whole division entitled Restore Ministries. The purpose of Restore Ministries is to provide people with hope for a new beginning. There is so much that Restore Ministries does for  individuals, couples, and families. The management of Restore Ministries is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of life for members, non-members, employees, and staff. One of the areas in which Restore Ministries begins to do this is to offer an 8 week, life changing course. The cost is nominal, and financial assistance is available. In addition, counseling is available and is based on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. No one is turned away due to inability to pay. A very generous financial assistance program is available. Journey to Freedom is an 8 week course that uses trained facilitators and is designed for small group settings. Some of the topics addressed in the 8 week course are: What is needed for real change, and why other attempts may have failed, How to create a foundation for change from which you can solve any problem and accomplish any goal. How to silence your negative thoughts, and achieve your true purpose, How to leave from vision and passion versus need and fear are some other topics. The tools needed for an enduring commitment to a new lifestyle are also provided. This course lays the foundation for transformation and creates a personal plan of action to bring about a successful and lasting change. Journey to Freedom works through small groups that offer a safe and encouraging place for honest dialogue. Confidentiality is key to the Journey to Freedom group.

Here are some of the stories. “I have known what I should do to be free for a while. Journey to Freedom gave me the focus, encouragement in relationships through which I would more consistently show up and make choices toward freedom.”- Ansley

“Journey to Freedom gave me the courage to face my life-issues, and hope to win!”- Todd

“I never realized how many people there were that shared the same types of issues. It is so freeing to be with other and share our experiences.”- Audrey

“:Journey to Freedom has allowed me to reach my full potential by helping me to remove crippling character defects from my life.”- Michael

StorPlace Self Storage is committed to improving the quality of life in the greater Nashville SMSA. Because so many of the classes are conveniently located near their self storage units, they are the proud sponsor of the Restore Ministries annual charity fundraiser in November. The mission is a follows: a worldwide charity fellowship united by a common loyalty to Jesus Christ for the purpose of helping persons grow in spirit, mind, and body. Some of the locations for the classes are at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, Smyrna First Baptist Church in Smyrna, North Rutherford YMCA in Smyrna, Donelson/ Hermitage Family YMCA in Donelson/Hermitage, Maryland Farms YMCA in Brentwood, Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Franklin, Green Hills YMCA in Nashville, Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood. For more information you can register by sending a $65 payment to Lindsey Castleman Restore Ministries 4041 Hillsboro Circle Nashville, TN 37215, or contact Lindsey at 615-565-6278, or Remember that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Please enquire about the financial assistance program. Pre-registration is preferred. Hurry! Class space is limited.

It's All About Customer Service

In today’s cost-cutter wholesale multi-conglomerate environment, customer service is a lost art. How many times have you been in a store and spent 15 minutes looking for some item, and then finally had to locate an employee to direct you to the proper area? And then how many times did you spend another 15 minutes walking around the store trying to find an employee to help you? And furthermore, since the store had been rearranged in terms of shelving and location of various product lines, how many times did you find that the employee did not know where the item(s) were? Also when entering a retail establishment, how many times are you greeted with eye contact, a smile, and a basic greeting? Then after making a purchase, whether large or small, how many times are you thanked for shopping with that store and called by name, should you have paid for the transaction with a credit or debit card? Customer service is what distinguishes one company and or franchise from another. It is customer service in the end that will cause a person to patronize a particular store over and over again, even if they are not the lowest cost provider.  And so it is in the self storage business. Basically in the business of self storage there are just a few distinguishing features that differentiate one store from another. One is location, another is convenience, another is size of the units, another is does the store offer heated and cooled and or humidity controlled units, another is the age and condition of the property, another is the price of the various units, another is safety and security, another is the offer of various managers’ specials. But in the end, basically, all things considered, there is a great deal of similarity in the various product offerings of the competing self storage companies. What is the key differentiation is the quality of service, personal consultation, friendliness and warmth that the storage consultants have for their tenants. Truthfully, self storage units are about a concrete floor, three concrete walls, a ceiling, and some type of metal door configuration. So, it is the customer service which can give the potential tenant a feeling of well-being, confidence, warmth, and security. It is important that the self storage consultant greet the potential tenant as they come in the door, standing up, with a smile. As time goes on, it is important that the self storage consultant always greet the tenant with a smile, stand up, and call them by name. If the tenant has a complaint, there are steps to be followed to resolve the complaint. These are as follows: 1. Try to find out and understand the nature of the complaint. 2.  Agree with the tenant that this is an unfortunate situation. 3. Ask the tenant what he or she would like to have done to resolve the situation satisfactorily 4. Do it. Studies show that if a customer voices a complaint and it is satisfactorily resolved, then the customer is more loyal to the establishment than before. Nobody enjoys dealing with or handling complaints, but as Brian Tracey would say, “Business is nothing more or less than solving problems.” It is the customer who quietly goes away disgusted and mad that you are in jeopardy of losing. Because they never voice their complaints, you never have the opportunity to salvage the relationship.   

The Call to Afghanistan From the Reserve Unit

Called out of the reserves to go to Afghanistan. Well, I never thought it would happen that I would actually have to go into active combat on active duty from my National Guard Reserves Unit. I have been in the Reserves for over 20 years, always knowing that there could come a time when I would have to face active combat. But in truth, I never thought it would happen because for so long, there never was the slightest possibility that I would be called. All of a sudden, life has changed in an instant. Everything up to now that has been known, comfortable, expected, and somewhat routine has vanished. All I know is that I will be deported at some time in the next 6 to 9 months for Afghanistan. Between now and then, I will be shipped to some base in the United States where I will begin to be trained in the art of warfare and combat for Afghanistan. I will have to learn several languages spoken over there, of which there are many. I can’t even pronounce the name of the main language, the border language, or the common language, but I will be expected to be fluent in all. The type of warfare over there is very different from all of the drills and all of the training that I have gone through and experienced in the past 20 years. The place that I will be going for my training will not be revealed until the week before I leave. It is top military secret. Because I am a single man, with twenty years of service in the reserves, I seem to be a logical candidate. I can hardly sleep at night, thinking about what my life is going to be like, where I will be, will come back, how will I have changed, also my mind cannot stop racing about what to do with all my furniture, my car, my belongings, my valuables, my family photo albums, my high school annual, my college memorabilia. All of this is me, and somehow it pales into insignificance as I face the thought of dying on the front line. Will I have time to say goodbye to everyone that I love and who have meant so much to me before I leave? Will I be able to mend the fence on some of those relationships that are so damaged? I probably need to get with my minister and spend some time getting myself right with God after all these years before I go. Then, of course, there are just all the necessary steps that must be taken that have to do with all of the material possessions that I have in this world, as well as my bank accounts, insurance policies, and so forth. This is where StorPlace Self-Storage came in. StorPlace Self-Storage values the dedication and the service of the military. Management has such high regard for the sacrifice of men and women who are serving our country to preserve the freedom and the ideals which we hold so high. The management of StorPlace Self-Storage is so appreciative of the service of our troops that they give a 10 percent discount for any people in the military that rent a self storage unit. After 911, nothing is certain, and the importance of the military is greater now than it has been ever before. The steaks are higher, the risks are greater, and the unknowns are unforeseeable. The friendly self storage consultant helped me locate the perfect place for car storage in an inside space, and the perfect place on their outside fully-secured lot for my fishing boat storage and trailer. The storage consultant provided excellent customer service in helping me determine the exact size unit which was heated and cooled for my furniture storage, family pictures, electronics, etc. StorPlace Self-Storage certainly took the headache and stress out of my problem of deciding how, when, and where I was going to put almost everything I own for the next couple of years.

How To Take the Pain Out of Moving

When one encounters the need for moving, it causes stress, whether it is a happy time or a sad time. The person needs to determine what is the best solution based on their circumstance. Should they store things in a friend or neighbor’s attic or basement, should they use a POD, should they use self storage, how long should the store the things, what is the safest way to store things based on the type of items and the various contents?

The reasons for moving and needing storage can be a happy time, such as a wedding, when two households are combined, moving from an apartment to a house, finally moving into that dream house, moving into a second vacation home, or finishing construction on a brand new custom home. Even though these events are happy, they still represent stress. Other reasons for moving are not so happy, such as a divorce, the loss of a loved one, be it a spouse, a parent, or a child. Likewise, another necessary and needed but not happy reason for moving is due to failing health when one person or a couple must move into a retirement home or nursing facility.

All of these events call for many decisions. Not the least of which is where to store the items for how long and what type of facility. In addition, there are many decisions to be made such as which items are going where, what should be given away to friends and family and/or good will, hurricane victims, etc. Then one must determine the monetary, intrinsic, and sentimental value of the items to be stored. These are not easy decisions. Once these decisions are made, there is tremendous amount of time involved in executing these decisions. Should one rent a truck and move the items themselves, or should they hire a moving company to move the items? Is it necessary to send a partial load to relatives out of town? Another decision is whom they should get to box the items. Should they box them all themselves to save money in breakage? Or, should they let the moving company pack them all to save time and for ease of convenience?

StorPlace Self Storage understands every aspect of the dilemmas, stress, and sometimes pain involved with making these decisions. The management and employees are committed to do everything that they possibly can to take the pain out of moving. Because the management sets the leadership example, communicated and defines the employee expectations, and empowers their employees, the employees are committed to serving their customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations. Management hires experienced professionals who know the business of self storage and understand the fundamentals of good customer service. The average tenure of the employees is over 6 years with the company. The average tenure of the management is over 15 years. Because the management treats their employees with dignity and respect, and has an open door policy, this further causes commitment of the employees. The customer, in the end is the winner. Recently, there was a couple who came to a StorPlace Self-Storage late on a Saturday afternoon. We were the 5th stop on the way of their customer shop and decision. They said that our employees were the only one to stand up and greet them and the only ones to call them by name. They help the customer find the exact self storage unit for their need. In addition, they were thrilled to learn that we could provide boxes, all packing material needed, and a customer discount as well. They left StorPlace self storage happy, enthusiastic, and profusely grateful for all the help we provided and making their day and decision a happy one where it had been harried and irritated.  

Last Chance To Sign Up For Fall Country Picnic With All The Fixings

Fall is in the air. The frost is on the pumpkin. It is time for dicky dunkin. The days are warm; the nights are cool. The sky is clearer, and at night the moon is brighter. The quarter moons and half-moons are reminiscent of ones of childhood and the excitement of all that fall represents. The leaves begin to change form green to bright hues of yellow, orange, and now al of the leaves are off the trees for the coming of winter. That means that all families must pitch in to rake the fall foliage from the year over and over again. Autumn is that time of year in between summer and the starting of school and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Children and adults alike never outgrow the fun and excitement of cutting the pumpkin and making a Jack-O-Lantern or painting a pumpkin. The huge stacks of pumpkins seen in fields, outdoor fruit stands, quench the taste buds of pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and roasted pumpkin seeds. This is the time of year when StorPlace Self Storage hosts its annual fall festival picnic. Employees and managers alike look forward to this event with unabashed enthusiasm and excitement. It is an event planned for the entire family. Management closes their self storage early on Saturday to give employees an added bonus for coming to the picnic. The management wants to provide good customer service practices to their employees, which are modelled in sponsoring this picnic. Management provided fried chicken with homemade biscuits and barbeque with a variety of sauces, two southern hallmarks of every southern picnic. Employees bring their most favorite dish, and their coworkers salivate over what had turned into their favorites. For instance, Kelly is bringing devilled eggs and banana pudding. Sarah is bringing sweet potato casserole and sweet tea. Judy is bringing brownies and chips and dip made with her special sausage recipe. Pat is bringing beans and a veggie tray. Jessica is bringing red rice, and Fey is bringing cheesecake and fried corn casserole, while Karen is bringing her surprise dessert. Vannessa is bringing baked Gala apples, while Cathy is bringing fresh pineapple, chocolate cheesecake, brownies, and homemade candies.

This food and Yogie’s picnic basket will be held at a beautiful park in Smyrna, Tennessee. And not to be forgotten, there will be macaroni and cheese and potatoes. Aren’t you already salivating over this old-fashioned country goodness?

And if this is not enough, Tom, a music city musician will be playing his guitar in some solo acts and favorite song sing-a-longs. A mother-daughter team of an employee and her outstanding undefeated softball pitcher, Judy and Jessica will be performing their clogging act. And for the young children, there is face painting, pumpkin carving, and more. Such unbridled enthusiasm on the part of managers and employees is unlike anything ever to be seen, and who would have thought that this would have come from a company that does self storage? Not exactly and entertainment franchise or food and restaurant business, but this is how StorPlace self storage treats their employees. They treat them the way they want to be treated. They treat them like the best of a family, and as if this is not enough to give back to their employees, the StorPlace self storage manager and his wife entertain the employees in their house at Christmas.

Sound Management Practices

              Recently, an employee of StorPlace Self Storage was interviewed as to what were the reasons that have made her stay with this company for 6 years. Her response follows:

  I have been in the work force for 17 years. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and Individual business owners and everywhere in between. I know that larger corporations are often better equipped to provide wide stretching benefits and predictable job requirements, but I have come to prefer a more intimate relationship with my employer over the years. It has been my experience here at StorPlace Self Storage that a locally owned company with direct contact to my employer is a far better position for me. Having the demands of a family, working for someone that is understanding and also puts family first is the only way to go.

            Here, I have the pleasure of an autonomous position where I can take ownership of my property. I even call it my self storage store, because from day to day, it is mine. I am responsible for my tenant’s experience, my stores performance in meeting goals and expectations. As far as the customers are concerned, I am StorPlace. I take that seriously and do my best to present a professional and competent manager they can trust to take their concerns and situation to heart. It’s a rewarding position, both personally and professionally.

            I enjoy the benefits and perks of a large company, like paid time off and medical insurance, in a family environment. Our team is just another family to us. We rely on each other and support each other so that we can offer a unique storage experience for our customers. One  that exceeds their expectations while enjoying an rewarding work environment ourselves.

            We have annual Company Picnics where we can congregate and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and social environment.  We bring our families and enjoy our time together as friends instead of co-workers. We have water balloon fights, talent shows, and eat until we can’t move. It’s a small group, but it is more fun than I have ever had at a forced, stuffy corporate function.

            We also have an annual Christmas party, usually at our Executive Manager’s, Ed Freeman’s home. Yes, the owner opens his home to us, invites us right in to his family’s private domain. He and his wife treat us all like family and feed us and make us feel comfortable there from the moment we enter the door. This makes a huge impact with me because most of the people sitting in the corner office would never invite their entire workforce to their home. Most of them are quite comfortable that their employees are kept at arm’s length, an employee number on a roster at payroll time.   He is family oriented and runs his business the same way. He understands that family situations arise and that family comes first. He encourages us to operate as an extended family so that we can take care of each other and keep the high standards we strive to exceed. That fosters an work environment where employees can be open and honest about their situations, their needs, and actually find understanding and support when troubles arise.

            I lay the recognition for creating such a great work environment at the feet of the management. By allowing their actions to speak louder than their words, they have fulfilled their goal in creating a family run business that actually operates as a family. By never losing sight of their employees needs and by placing the growth of their workers parallel to the growth of their business, they have created something unique . A job that becomes a home.


Head Start/ Christmas Comes to Families

Marian Bohan, 19 years ago, went to the Dominican Republic and saw so many children and families in poverty. At that time, she was working for an attorney, who was a sponsor for Head Start Schools in Nashville. The attorney put her in charge of this project, which helped sponsor poor families at Christmas time by providing clothing, toys, shoes, and educational books as a surprise at Christmas. Eventually, when Ms. Bohan was no longer working for the attorney, she decided to take on this project herself and now runs the program School Aid as a non-profit where 100 percent of the proceeds go back to the children and the families. Today, this program provides for over 275 children in Nashville, and two years ago, they expanded the program to the Dominican Republic. This program is called School Aid International. Both School Aid USA and School Aid International are a non-profit charity. A web site is being developed for both programs. What follows is a letter, which Ms. Bohan recently sent to the people at StorPlace Self Storage:


Dear Judy Meadows,
It also was so nice to meet you yesterday! Judy Urffer, Property Manager of Cool Springs StorPlace Self Storage 1006 Flagpole Ct 373-3006, and Ed, Managing Partner Of the Freeman Group 109 Murphey Ct. 383-3111, have been wonderful to us. When one of our board members called and asked Judy about them donating a space, she did not know us. But she has great intuition, and I think she felt we were a worthy cause. The unit has been a huge blessing, and without it we would not be able to help so many children. We had all outgrown storing stuff in our homes, and had no place to store all our clothing and toys for these very deserving children. Judy believed in us, provided incredible customer service to us over and beyond what we could have possible imagined. StorPlace was an answer to prayer.
We were given a unit to store out Christmas presents year round. Then for three days, they gave us a self storage unit next to the year-round one to assemble Christmas presents for the Head Start program. We had quite a well-organized assembly line going with metal tables, all of the various items tagged and organized by size. This is a three day operation, and we promised that we would be finished by Saturday afternoon.
There are no thanks need about us being out on time, and leaving the borrowed unit cleaned. We thank YOU for letting us borrow it! We always try to be good steward with what people donate to us, and we were so grateful to use the unit for a couple of days. We got a lot done! We bagged toys and clothing for 275 children during that 2 day period! We are deeply grateful to the management and employees for being a part of our Head Start Program, which makes so many children and so many families happy at Christmas by giving them something that they could not provide themselves.
I met the couple looking at the unit yesterday, and I bet they rented it for their box business! They were so nice, and they also donate to churches when they need boxes to carry food to families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They gave me their business cards.
I will send you a brief statement about who we are, and later in the week I will write up the other information you asked for. We do not have our web site up yet, but we are working on it, and I will let you know as soon as we do what the address is. Please contact me for anything else you might need.
I am so happy have met you and to know you are working with such fine people as Ed and Judy.
Marian Bohan

Outside Storage for Boats–Inside Storage for Pharmaceuticals

In today’s challenging economic environment, every individual and family is seeking to find ways where they can cut expenses and find an alternative value for their needs. For example, today’s baby-boomers are following the lead of the GenX’ers and GenY’s in eliminating their home phone service and using their cell phone only as their primary means of communication. In addition, people who work out of their home are eliminating their business service and converting their home phone line into a business line with two numbers available, their home and business line, and a fax line plugged into their home phone which rings and replies with the business number.

Hence, boat owners, whether they are fisherman who like to leave early in the morning or speed boaters who like to leave a little later or party bargers who like to leave around noon and return at midnight, are seeking alternative ways to provide boat storage, both in the primary and dry dock season. Boat storage, during prime season, having a slip and winterization of boats at a marina is a very big expense.

StorPlace Self Storage provides a very inexpensive, convenient place for boat storage. With 9 accessible locations, StorPlace Self Storage provides a secure, well-lit, monitored place for boat storage with great value. There is 24-hour access for early-morning people and late-nighters with secret keypad entry in a very secure gated community. The spaces allocated are large enough to accommodate the boat and trailer. The parking lot is newly paved and flat, something our competitors do not offer. The 9 convenient and value-added pricing and convenient locations make using StorPlace Self Storage for boat storage a great alternative with superior value. The 9 conveniently located self storage locations for boat storage are at the end of the article. All of these locations are in the greater Nashville SMSA with the exception of Greenwood which is located in Bowling Green, KY.

Today’s Pharmaceutical Rep has more challenges than they have ever had. Between the increased regulation of the industry and the compressed time schedules of the doctors nurses and office administrators, there is so little time and opportunity for today’s Pharmaceutical Rep to introduce and explain the benefits of the new drug that their company has brought to market. Gone are the days of unlimited expense account and lavish entertaining of doctors. The Pharmaceutical Rep is lucky to maybe get five minutes in between appointments with the doctor, nurse, and/or office administrator. This is hardly time enough to explain the benefits and cures and side effects of a new product. Therefore, it is important for the Rep to find good pharmaceutical storage for their products.

According to one Pharmaceutical Rep that I visited with at the StorPlace Self Storage office in Franklin, Tennessee, she explained that it costs $500,000,000 to bring a new drug to market including research and test marketing as well as government approval. In addition, it costs $500,000,000 to bring a drug to the market which might not make it. Therefore, the pressure on the Pharmaceutical Reps to educate the medical community about their product is incredible. This requires even more time management skills and efficiency than ever. Therefore, many have selected StorPlace Self Storage as a place to store their pharmaceuticals. The self storage units at our Franklin location at 1138 Highway 98 has seemed to be a good solution. Because there are self storage units which are heated and cooled and provide 10 foot ceilings, they can store a lot of pharmaceuticals because there is enough space to build shelves to the top of the ceiling, and the units provide the proper temperature. The protected and secure environment with 24-hour surveillance and gate code access 6 A.M. to 10P.M. 7 days a week provides the convenience and access that they need. They have been most complementary of Carl Johnson, the Property Manager, who has provided great customer service and whose office number is 615-591-9008. All 11 unites of StorPlace self storage can store pharmaceuticals.

Bellevue- 615-356-3600 (Also rents trucks)

Murfreesboro Rd. – 615-361-1000

Old Hickory Blvd- 615-832-3388

Greenwood- 270-842-0986

Rivergate- 615-851-2500

Hicory Hollow- 615-7311331

Stones River- 615-867-1117

Hermitage- 615-871-4888

Medical Center- 615-3210400

Cool Springs- 615-373-3006**(No Boat Storage)

Franklin- 615-591-9002**(No Boat Storage)