Cool Springs Customer Care

           Judy Urffer, the manager at the Cool Springs StorPlace Self Storage, located at 1006 Flagpole Circle, Brentwood, Tennessee, knows that customer care is the most important part of her job as a property manager of the StorPlace self storage facility. She can be reached at 615-373-3006.

            StorPlace is your local neighborhood self storage unit provider. Life happens…and it is often filled with stress. You begin building that dream house, but you have to get out of your existing house before your dream house is ready. You get that big promotion, but you have to move away from your home town. You get married to that someone special, but now you have to move to another house. You lose a loved one, but you don’t want to lose those special things that you love so much. Your business grows, but you need space for that extra inventory now. You get a divorce after many years, and it seems as though your life is coming apart at the seams. Your grown child decides to move back home to start a new career, go back to school, or just save money. Life does happen, and it can be stressful. The folks at Cool Springs self storage know what you’re experiencing and they want to help make it a little less stressful. That’s why Judy Urffer and her staff at Cool Springs, your neighborhood self storage,  try to make it a little bit less stressful by making your storage easy convenient and friendly. Our friendly managers know that in and out of storage isn’t anyone’s favorite past time, so they do everything that they can to help make things smooth, easy, and convenient. They want you to have as stress free an experience as possible. That is why they go to the extra mile to save you from extra steps. When a high powered executive and his wife moved to Nashville after having lived all over the United States, they planned to move their furniture from their previous home in the north east to their dream house in Franklin and or Brentwood, Tennessee. However, at every corner, the purchase of that dream house was met with disappointment because, for one reason or another, it did not work out. Therefore, with heavy hearts and keen disappointment, they reluctantly moved all of their household belongings into a self storage unit because they were forced to move into an apartment until they could build a house. To their utter shock and amazement, after using self storage units across the United States, when they came to Cool Springs and met Judy Urffer, her cordial, friendly, and welcoming manner lifted their spirits and lightened their hearts. They confess that her customer service was the most outstanding that they had ever seen. Not only did they feel comfortable with her, but they felt that she would protect their belongings as if they were her own. In the end, self storage is a lot more about customer care than it is just about the types and sizes of self storage units available. It is all about putting the customer and their needs first.

            When you are shopping for a self storage unit, you want to look for a location that is convenient, a property that it well maintained, security with a monitoring system, a gated community, private secure access, and 24 hour surveillance. Lastly, and every bit as important is that you want to have a property management team that is competent, puts the customer first, and exhibits all of the principles of customer care  by caring about the customer .

Hickory Hollow RV Storage

StorPlace Self Storage, located at Hickory Hollow 5251 Mountainview Road, Antioch Road Antioch Tennessee is the perfect place for RV(Recreational Vehicle) storage. Karen Williams, who can be reached at 615-731-1331 is a manager who exemplifies customer service. RV’s are vehicles designed for providing lodging and meals while enjoying the outdoors. When one is not traveling across the state or the country in their RV, it is very important to find a safe, secure place with legal parking for your RV Storage. You do not want to park your RV’s in area where you are not permitted. There are areas that have been declared off limits to RV’s. RV’s have become a very popular way to enjoy traveling in comfort and style while being able to proceed at one’s pace. RV vacations are the least expensive that studies show, despite record breaking fuel prices. Also RV vacations are more environmentally  protective than fly/drive/hotel vacations according to a new study comparing total carbon dioxide emissions or carbon footprints. The size and luxury of RV’s are very diverse, and the amenities inside are equally as diverse. In between trips, parking an RV on a self storage lot is a very economical choice. In selecting the self storage lot to store the RV on, there are many things that need to be considered. One of the first things to consider is if the self storage lot has ample parking to park your RV. Secondly, in selecting a self storage facility, it is important to make sure that where the RV is parked is off the road and somewhat hidden. In addition, the lot where the RV is parked needs to be fully secured, well-lit, and have a gated entrance and exit. Also, it is important that the aisles coming into the gate are wide enough to accommodate the width of the RV and the trailer. Many times people who are parking an RV also have a trailer attached to the RV, which would have on it a motor cycle, a jet ski, or a truck. Obviously, the space gets pretty full quickly. The small RV’s can fit into a 10 by 20 space. The larger RV’s can fit in an 11 by 32 space, and the largest ones fit in an 11 by 42 space. Many times, the management of Hickory Hollow will give a 50 percent off to a second space of the RV with the trailer, and the Jet Ski, motor cycle, and small boat. When parking the RV on the self storage lot, it is important that the pressure in the tires should be of optimum level. Otherwise, flat spots will develop. Also because the RV is parked outside, it is important to  clean  away dust and grime so that the RV will not be negatively affected, and it is also a good idea to clean the inside of the RV for  residual fuel and any other substances that should be drained out. The vehicles should be cleaned of any remains of acid rain or road salts that usually gather when they are driven in the winter months. Finally, it is a good idea for the RV to be waxed before being stored for a long period of time. The inside of the RV should be thoroughly cleaned of any food, food wrappers, etc. so that nothing molds or rots during the storage time. The gas tank should be filled to prevent or minimize the condensation in the tank. Antifreeze should be added to prevent the oil in the fuel tank from freezing. The advantage of storing an RV on a self storage lot is that it is safe, secure, and very inexpensive. Because the manager can work it out to provide 24 hour access through the gate when you are ready to go on your next trip, there is nothing blocking your leaving. Karen Williams is so dedicated to customer service that she had a customer several weeks ago park their RV on her lot to fly to California, and the customer left their driver’s license in her office. She took her lunch break, rushed out to the airport to give the customer his driver’s license so that he would not miss his flight. Unsurpassed customer service and outstanding RV storage makes Hickory Hollow an unbeatable combination for storing your RV.

Nashville Rescue Mission Needs You

Nashville is “… a strength to the needy, a strength to the poor in his distress, a refuge from the storm” from Isaiah 25:4. It is located on 639 Lefayette Street in Nashville, Tennessee 37203. Their number is 615-255-2475, and their website is Their volunteer hotline is 615-312-1544, or email The mission statement of the Nashville Rescue Mission charity is as follows: Following God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves, the Nashville Rescue Mission seeks to help the hurting of Middle Tennessee by offering food, clothing, and shelter to the homeless and recovery programs to those enslaved in life-degrading problems. Our goal is to help people know the saving grace of Jesus, and through him gain wisdom for living, find fulfillment in life and become a positive part of their community.

The Management of StorPlace Self Storage is totally committed to making a difference in the communities in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky by helping those in need and thereby changing lives. Last year alone, more than 540,000 meals and 220,000 of nights or safe rest were provided to the poor, hungry, and homeless of Middle Tennessee.

Beginning November 21- December 31, StorPlace self storage has offered their eleven self storage locations as a place to make a donation for this very worthy cause. For every dollar that is given, StorPlace will match the contribution dollar for dollar. Channel Four was so impressed with the generosity and creativity of the management to this charity that they have agreed to do eighty spots on this. Two dollars can purchase a meal, and ten dollars can purchase a meal for a family. Some other ministries of the Nashville Rescue Mission Charity include Barnabas House. The Barnabas House is a Christian ministry seeking to help men ages twenty-five and older to recover from self-destruction and addiction. The residential program is seven months in length and requires a high level of accountability as participants go about their day in classes, meetings, counseling, devotions, chores and recreation. After graduating from the program, there is an option to live in transitional housing for a nominal rent until the financial and personal affairs are settled. Anchor Home is a biblically-based program, providing an opportunity for men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four to develop spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional skills leading to a successful life and productive citizenship. Carl Resener Men’s Shelter provides Christian support and guidance to homeless men in the greater Nashville area, while also supplying for their physical needs of food, shelter, and clothing. Family life center provides Christian support and guidance to homeless women and children in Middle Tennessee. Here, women and children receive food, clothing, shelter, and protection from the streets of Nashville and can be connected to many helpful resources. The Hope center is a biblically-based seven month residential recovery program for women suffering from alcohol and drug addictions or other life-debilitating problems. The Hope Center works together with a mother and her children or single women to build spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional strengths leading to more stable relationships and recovery. The Education program provides men and women in our life-recovery programs opportunities to improve their academic and employment skills. While some clients prepare to take their GED exams, others are taught basic arithmetic and literacy. Also offered are classes in work orientation, computer software, finances and commercial driving. Travelers Aid provides bus passes and guidance to stranded men and women, helping them find refuge from the streets and return to friends and family outside of the Nashville area. The Medical Clinic is set up to meet the physical and medical needs of homeless clients with minor medical and emergency care. Volunteer physicians and medical personnel create a climate in which the gospel can be shared with persons seeking healing for their bodies. The 11 convenient locations for StorPlace self storage where you can make your donation in person or call in with a credit or debit card are as follows:

Bellevue- 615-356-3600

Murfreesboro Rd. – 615-361-1000

Old Hickory Blvd- 615-832-3388

Greenwood- 270-842-0986

Rivergate- 615-851-2500

Hicory Hollow- 615-7311331

Stones River- 615-867-1117

Hermitage- 615-871-4888

Medical Center- 615-3210400

Cool Springs- 615-373-3006

Franklin- 615-591-9002