When looking for self storage, there are a couple of ways you can choose a property. If you’re looking through the Yellow Pages, searching the internet, or viewing a television commercial, you will be given a contact number for the various properties.

First, you must choose which property will be most convenient.   Sometimes, a location is chosen because it may be near work, but mostly properties are chosen because they are close to your home. Although, some properties may have different availabilities or prices, you will want to choose the property that will be most convenient and meets your storage needs. For example, although a storage unit may be a few dollars less on the other side of town; you will not want to take the time to drive the distance every time you need to visit your unit. On the other hand, if you need a temperature controlled space for your belongings and the nearest property doesn‘t offer temperature control, then you may want to drive that extra mile or so to StorPlace Self Storage in order to meet those storage needs. Remember that your first priority is to protect your belongings.  After you have chosen which property would be the most convenient, the next step is to contact the property manager.

When you call StorPlace Self Storage, one of these things will happen.  The property manager may be unable to answer the phone because they are either out on the property or with a customer. In this case, a recording will ask you whether you would like to speak with someone at the call center or leave a message for the property manager. If you speak with someone at the call center, they can give you information on the property, the units, prices, and availability. They can also reserve a unit at that particular property for you for as little as $10.00, which will be credited towards your first month’s rent. Once the call ends, the representative sends an email to the property manager at StorPlace Self Storage with all the information they have regarding your inquiry. The manager will then follow-up with any questions they may have with you or just to make sure you have directions to the storage center.  If you like, you can skip the call center and simply leave a message for the property manager, and he/she will return your call as soon as possible. However, 99% of the time you call a store, the property manager will answer right away.  Speaking directly with the property manager is the best option because on-site managers know their property better than a call center, especially if any units have recently come available that the call center has not registered yet. Property managers may also run their own specials that are only offered if you call or come to the store personally.

Upon arriving at a StorPlace Self Storage property, you will be greeted by a friendly, helpful store manager.  He or she will be able to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding storage.  Once the property manager shows you the unit that was reserved, you will be the best judge as to whether your belongings will fit into that space. If, however, during the move you notice that the unit is too small or too large, contact the property manger and he/she will be able to offer a unit that is larger or smaller to accommodate your storage needs.

After finding that perfect space, the manager will ask for just a few moments of your time to fill out the appropriate paperwork for your storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage has 12 locations throughout Middle Tennessee to serve all your needs. Please come visit us at 1615 Charlotte Road, Nashville, TN 37203, or you can call us at 615-321-0400.

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