StorPlace-Your Friendly Neighborhood Storage Facility

We are StorPlace Self Storage in Middle Tennessee Nashville and the surrounding areas.  Our storage facilities are by far the most renowned for protection and security.

Strong customer service based on the Golden Rule is the credo we live and work by. .  Coming from those regulations, we maintain our company standards, to provide for you in every way you would deserve and desire to be accommodated and protected.  This includes drive up all weather, walk in all weather, humidity monitored and heated and cooled units.  All of which are situated behind a one thousand pound, state of the art, high security, iron gate, through which only our tenants can enter.  Accessible by an eight digit individualized pass code which is unique to each tenant.

Statistics show that the higher the security level, the fewer attempts of mischief.  We are proud to boast we are in the top percentile in the security category of the middle Tennessee region in the self storage business.

You may find a few other places to store your belongings around town that are a bit lower priced.  Be sure to look at the recording devices at those locations.  Can you see each building?  Can you see each aisle way?  Can you see behind each building?  Can you see the ends of all of those buildings?  Is there a camera situated to view each entry way?  What about the office doors and the inner units of the temperature controlled units?  Are there sufficient lights all around the property?  We must remember that for nearly six months out of the year we have less and less day light after five o’clock.  Will you feel comfortable with the lighting provided?  Some of these questions may seem redundant; however, they will not come to mind until after the fact.  Be prepared going in.  Make sure you are asking the right questions when comparing storage facilities for your precious memoirs.

Many of us don’t have the benefit of a basement in our house.  Nor do we have an attic, per see, that can maintain or protect our precious belongings of days gone past from the weather and natures disobedient and fickle behavior.  There are so very many things that we cannot  bear  to part with, from that one hundred year old wedding gown of our Great-Grandmother’s to those recorders and kazoos from kindergarten that we want never to part with.  The shoulder pads from our son or daughters first game to the mascot or cheerleading outfit.  Lest we forget the love letters we will never let go of.  These are the items that we are going to want to be sure are very well preserved.

Haven’t we all have heard at least one time in our live?  ”We get what we pay for.”  Let’s make our parents proud, and show them that we did listen to one thing they tried to teach us in life.  Let’s make our money count!

You can count on StorPlace Self Storage; we are the best in the business.  And our business is your business.

We pride ourselves in serving you; the public, and we look forward to serving you as you entrust our top of the line facilities and securities with your belongings.

Please come visit us at 3986 Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076, or you can call us at 615-871-4888.

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