StorPlace Self Storage Provides Options for Storing Vehicles, Boats, RV’s

StorPlace Self Storage offers many choices for persons wanting to store a car or recreational vehicle or boat for short or long-term storage. Most of the time, storing your boat  at StorPlace Self Storage is much less expensive than storing your Nashville boat at Nashville marina. StorPlace properties have non-covered or open-air parking spaces available for use to park a vehicle or other recreational motorized vehicle. Some StorPlace locations such as the Murfreesboro Road and Old Hickory Boulevard locations also offered covered outside parking spaces. These spaces offer an overhead awning for parking vehicles under. This awning offers a measure of protection from sun damage or other damage such as rain or hail for the customer who wants a little more coverage than open air spaces would allow.

Some customers are looking for even a greater measure of protection from the elements for their vehicle. For these customers StorPlace can offer large drive up units that accommodate a car or boat. These units have large garage style doors and a driver can easily pull a car into these just as you might your garage at home. For wider vehicles, RV’s, or boats there are units available that are wider than most. This is just like storing your vehicle or boat in your own garage.

When storing a car for a long period of time, there are a few measures you can take to help prevent any damage from occurring while your car is in storage. Here are just a few suggestions. Drain and flush the radiator; refill with new antifreeze. Place a cover of some kind over the radiator overflow line; bugs will make a home there and plug the line. Change the engine oil and filter. Lube all the grease fittings, the door, hood and trunk hinges. Pour a couple of quarts of light weight engine oil into the gas tank. Top off the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. If the gas tank has a vent line, be sure to cover it. Cover the ends of the exhaust to prevent critters from making a home in the exhaust. Remove the air cleaner and cover the top of the carburetor with light plastic and then reinstall the air cleaner. Remove the battery and store it away from the car. Put a light coat of wax on the paint and chrome. Clean the interior of the car.

Be sure to clean under the front seat floorboards where food debris can hide. Put a couple bags of desicant and an open box of baking soda and some mouse/rat poison in the car.
Leave the vents or windows open a little. Put the car on jack stands just high enough that the tires do not touch the ground.  This will keep the tires from getting flat spots which can happen over time if the car sits on one spot on the tire too long. Make sure you release the hand or parking brake. Cover the car with soft  blankets or a car cover. Be sure the cover does not go all the way to the floor or ground.It  is important for air to circulate under the car.

If you are worried about theft, remove the rotor from the distributor and store it with the keys.
Place a copy of the storage checklist in the glove box to use when you remove the car from storage.

StorPlace Self Storage has many options for storing vehicles. Stop by one of our locations and ask about the best solution for storing your car, boat or RV.

Please come visit us at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37211, or you can call us at 615-832-3388.

StorPlace Self Storage Provides Helpful Tips for Loading Your Unit

For first time storage customers, we want to make your storage experience as stress free as possible and we take the time to maintain state of the art security and offer packing supplies in our retail centers. How great of a manager would I be and what kind of customer service would I be providing if I didn’t take the time to offer a few tips on how to load your unit?

First, I will cover what you should never put into storage and why. Food of any kind, be it human or pet food, should never be placed in storage. It will bring a few uninvited friends to your unit and the smell would be horrible. Just don’t do it. Donate any items to a local food bank or shelter or I am sure some friends and family would be happy to take any food you can’t take with you.

You should also never store any hazardous, flammable, or combustible materials. We simply cannot allow storage of fuels like gasoline, kerosene, or propane. You should also refrain from storing chemicals, batteries, or tires. Here at StorPlace self storage safety is a main concern and we do not want any fire hazards in our buildings for the safety and security of all of our tenants.

We also strongly urge that you do not place any high value items or irreplaceable items in storage boxes. We do require that all tenants maintain their property insurance while staying with us, but it is never wise to tempt fate and run the risk on any item that simply cannot be replaced. Great Aunt Fern’s antique sewing machine and your mother’s mink coat really should be kept somewhere else. Any works of art or sensitive documents or photographs that may not withstand the repeated shifts in temperature may also need to find a more stable environment for long term storage.

Now, when it comes to packing your property, you should take advantage of our discounts offered to tenants or the current retail special and try to pack as much as you can in the same size box. If you use just one or two sizes of storage boxes for everything you can stack much more securely and utilize all of your upward space in the unit easily, saving floor space for your larger items that cannot be stacked.

Be sure to place large items in the unit first, filling any gaps or spaces with boxes or bags. Stack up as high as you can safely as you work your way from the back wall out to the door. Make sure you leave any boxes or items you think you may need to access for the very last so that you do not have to unload your unit completely to find that one thing you realize you need. If you think you may need to access your space often, you may want to consider leaving a walkway through the center of your unit so you can easily find whatever you need. Use covers to help keep dust from settling on your items and check your unit monthly to make sure nothing has shifted or there are no issues you need to discuss with your manager.

Just remember as you move in here at StorPlace Self Storage that your manager is always available should you have any questions. I hope this helps and I hope your stay here with us is as easy and stress free as moving can be!

StroPlace Self Storage Meets the Need for Self Storage Units Due to Economic Pressures

Sadly, we are stumbling upon a time that not many people in this blessed nation have experienced before and it is creating a new need for storage, especially since we are in an uncertain economic downturn. Many people are experiencing hard times. Sorrowfully, countless people are losing their homes and it is due to rising adjustable rate mortgages as well as company cutbacks. Most people have never experienced losing their jobs due to layoffs. This may cause some worries in life, such as do I sell most of my stuff and try to recoup it later, do I give it away to family members, or should I put it in self storage unit and rent a less expensive apartment. The best guess is that they will be moving in with family and they have to put their belongings somewhere. Most of them will be needing storage. At StorPlace Self Storage, you will receive a friendly staff member who is eager to make your experience with storage as stress free as possible. Another possibility is that they will be moving to a smaller apartment and will need a place to store their lawn furniture, lawn equipment and mower etc. that they no longer have a need for at their new home. People don’t want to get rid of these items as hopefully this recession will pass and one day they will be able to move back into a nice house to call their own.

It’s not just home owners that are moving right now it is also apartment tenants. As people move out of their apartments and move in with family due to this very trying time, the tenants who stay are feeling a rise in rent rates. As the apartment management struggles to keep their heads above water, they may have to make a very difficult decision to raise rates. For some people this is just an inconvenience, but for others this may mean they have to downsize to a smaller apartment. If that is the case, they may have a need to sell that furniture out of that extra bedroom. But what if you just can’t part with that furniture? Or you are hoping that as times get better, you may be able to move into back into that larger apartment. This may be a good time to take a look at your budget and decide if you can some of the money you are saving from downsizing the apartment and put it towards a small storage unit or storage closet or use mini storage.  You may find that in comparison to what you were spending on that extra bedroom, a storage unit may sound like a cost effective solution to the problem.

Whatever your situation, whether you are a small business owner or just an individual going through rough times the important things in life are starting to really show up. You may find that you don’t need that big fancy house to be happy and maybe moving back in with family makes you realize how important it is to have family and friends. If you are a business owner, this is the perfect time to maybe find a new cost effective way to run your business. Whatever the situation is, StorPlace of Bowling Green is always ready to help.

Please come visit us at 1628 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104, or you can call us at 270-842-0986.

Deluge Month at StorPlace of Greenwood: StorPlace Self Storage Provides Solutions

Even though it has turned to June, the month of May is hard to forget. Truly, it was a month of the ‘deluge.’ Normally, the word deluge refers to a hard rain or days of it. While Kentucky was spared the widespread flooding that overspread Nashville, Tennessee, the state did share in the heavy rains. Inches of rain caused the Barren and Green Rivers to overflow their banks, closed roads and bridges, and surprised many people when water seeped into their homes. Two such individuals found their way to StorPlace Self-Storage with damp belongings and stories to tell.

   One of StorPlace of Greenwood’s longest-standing customers came in to the office to tell us that he was vacating one of his storage units. It seems that excess rainwater was the cause. Although he was in the process of moving to Peachtree, Georgia, he really hadn’t anticipated needing the furniture and items from one of his storage units. Then the rains came. He told us about how he kept looking out of the window at a large puddle that was forming in his neighborhood. The rains kept coming down and the puddle began to grow into a small lake. The ground was saturated and had very flat terrain. Unfortunately, there was nothing to prevent this growing lake to start flowing into his house. Some of the furniture and household belongings he intended to use in Peachtree would now be stacked on the side of the road for the trash truck. Although we were sorry for his plight, we were glad that StorPlace was able to protect the items he now needed for his new home in Georgia.

   We see a lot of customer referrals at StorPlace but not many due to flooding. One gentleman came in and asked to look at some temperature controlled units. His friend, a current tenant, had recommended StorPlace. We were able to show him units ranging from the 5×10 size, all the way up to a 20×10 unit. Unable to decide, he placed two sizes on reserve. He needed to go home and reassess what furniture would be placed into storage. It seems that his house would be undergoing renovation due to flooding. Like the previous story, a small lake formed around his house. While he was able to save his furniture from the rain, his house became damp inside. Once he decided what size unit he needed, we were happy to provide him with a safe and dry place to store his furniture.

   There is a completely different kind of ‘deluge’ that hits StorPlace of Greenwood every single May. The month signals the end to another year of studies at Western Kentucky University. Ongoing students scramble to find storage for their dorm or apartment furniture that they will need again once the fall semester starts. For them, it is StorPlace to the rescue. Many new faces, but many repeat customers come into the store looking for 5×5 or 5×10 units. Either on their own or accompanied by anxious parents, students find a secure place to keep their belongings during the summer. We are happy to oblige and perhaps help to calm down some of the parents caught up in the mad dash. In fact, some times it can even lead to a humorous moment.  This year, after securing a storage unit for his daughter, one relieved dad asked her how long she would be renting it. She told him through August. It seems the fall semester will be starting late this year. In response he said, “You mean you have three and a half months off at home this summer? That won’t do. We will have to send you away to a camp.” They all laughed.

Please come visit us at 1628 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104, or you can call us at 270-842-0986.

Finding a Convenient Storage Center:StorPlace Self Storage is the Answer

Common questions that many customers ask are, “What is the difference between self storage types? What is the difference among the various facilities?” Luckily with StorPlace, you have a variety of options. For example, if you’re looking for car storage, boat storage or RV storage, we have different sizes and very competitive rates. We have covered and uncovered parking spaces. We have units that are drive up as well as inside units that are heated and cooled.

Are you in the process of moving and need a storage unit  company with good customer service? Do you perhaps need  a location with people that you trust? How about a clean facility with reliable security? Are you looking in Middle Tennessee Nashville? If so, you can find all these things with StorPlace Self-Storage here in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and soon Hendersonville.

The difference between StorPlace and other storage facilities is our customer service, state of the art security system, and gated, well-lit clean property environment. We have state of the art digital surveillance cameras that monitor the property 24 hours a day along with the screens that show what is going on about the property and gate surveillance to see who enters and leaves. The store property has extensive gate access hours from 6a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week.

StorPlace offers the convenience of 11 locations in Middle Tennessee to serve you.

StorPlace offers one stop shopping. Not only do we have storage units, but we also have a variety of packing supplies such as boxes, paper tape, clear tape, and bubble wrap to pack fragile items that you might have such as plates or glass cups. You can never have too many boxes, and you definitely want to buy some sturdy ones. They carry your belongings and you don’t want them falling apart. Buy some good quality tape; this is a crucial step to ensuring that your boxes stay together and do not break. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books, and use the larger ones for lighter items like sheets and towels. StorPlace offers a kit that includes 10 small book boxes (1.5 cu. ft.), 7 medium boxes (3.0 cu. ft.), 25’ of bubble wrap that is perforated for easy use, a roll of tape, and a small mirror box used for framed prints or mirrors.

If you’re still trying to decide, come and visit us and let us give you a tour of the property. Perhaps, you don’t have the time available to come and visit due to work or school; we can consult with you over the phone. One of our storage consultants will help you select the unit best suited to your needs through personal,individualized  consultation . We can hold a reservation for you. If that is the case, just give us a call and we’ll have you ready in no time. Your rental rate will be prorated from when you actually move in.

Please come by and visit us or call us to help you with all your storage needs. We are here to help take the stress out of your moving and make your experience positive. We are located in Antioch Nashville at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd.Nashville,TN 37211, or you can call us at 615-369-1978.

StorPlace Self Storage Provides Storage for Your every Need including Friendly, Professional Service

It is that time of the year again where you need to find a place to store your boat, recreational vehicle or some other water craft  such as a  bass boat, kayak, jet ski. Stop by StorPlace Self Storage and look at our easy access parking spaces and storage units.  Here at StorPlace Self Storage, you will find easy access as well as drive up units to store those items. Storplace Self Storage has digital security cameras and is a gated facility. You are prorated in and prorated out if we know ahead of time,   therefore you are not paying for anytime you are not here. Plus it saves you money. At StorPlace Self Storage ,   we have great hours for access. StorPlace Self Storage at Bellevue Tennessee Storage offers   gate hours are 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week including Sunday! For special circumstances, for a mere $10 a month,we provide 24 hour access.

The StorPlace Self Storage office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 5:30pm. On Saturday StorPlace Self Storage office hours are 8am to 4:30pm. The  StorPlace  Self Storage is  office is not open on Sundays ,but we have a call center that can rent units, take payments and answer any questions you may have.

StorPlace Self Storage has many different ways you can make a payment. StorPlace Self Storage can set up to get a email invoice which you can turn around and pay online, or you can pay  over the phone or even come by and pay. StorPlace Self Storage can also set you up to have it automatically taken off your credit or credit card on the 5th of each month,  and  a receipt can be mailed or emailed to you. Or if you want you can just remember!

StorPlace Self Storage takes a lot of precautionary actions to keep the critters away. StorPlace Self Storage has the property sprayed once a month, inside and out. StorPlace Self Storage also puts packs in all units and sprays for wasps.

StorPlace Self Storage keeps all weeds sprayed,   grass mowed and tree limbs trimmed and the property looking fresh and great!

StorPlace Self Storage Nashville Bellevue rents the Budget moving trucks for local and 1 way rentals. They also have the auto carriers and tow dollies as well as the moving blankets and hand trucks for easy moving.

StorPlace Self Storage carries all types of moving supplies such as moving  boxes  (of all sizes), tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers and many other supplies.

StorPlace Self Storage offers a military discount for the military families, discounts for Direct Buy customers and realtors.  And recent flood victims.

StorPlace Self s Storage has many different size units, as well as heated and cooled. Some of the StorPlace Self Storage facilities have the climate controlled units.

The StorPlace Self Storage family always has open doors and invites you to stop by any of our locations to check us out and reserve your unit!

Please come visit us at 7332 Tolbert Rd. Nashville, TN 37209, or you can call us at 615-369-1491. We are the only one that rents budget rental trucks.

Why Choose StorPlace Property Protection

Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen as the result of natural disasters, weather, fire, and other events beyond anyone’s control. Insuring your stored goods in storage units for such losses is your responsibility. Your self storage facility is not responsible and does not insure your stored possessions.

For that reason, we at StorPlace Self Storage offer an inexpensive, optional protection plan made to safeguard your stored goods.

What does StorPlace Self Storage Protection cost?

The cost of StorPlace Self Storage Protection depends upon the amount of coverage you desire. We offer 3 coverage limits – $2,000, $3,000 or $5,000. The premiums per month for those limits are $8, $12 and $20.And,there is no deductible!

This means that for less than .27 cents a day you can have the peace of mind that your stored goods are protected. StorPlace Self Storage Protection is the best protection product of its kind in the market today.

General questions:
What kinds of property are not covered?
Property that is in the open and not in a locked fully enclosed storage unit will not be covered.  Valuables, such as jewelry, furs and money are not covered. Remember your storage unit is not a vault.

What If I don’t own very much?

Most people’s belongings are often worth more than they think. That’s one reason why StorPlace Self Storage Property Protection is so important. The average person has over $5,000 worth of belongings in their apartment or home.
What does StorPlace Protection cover?

It protects against damage to or loss of your property from fire, burglary, water, tornado and wind. It does not include damage from flood or rising water.
Won’t my Home Owners Insurance cover my property?
Some policies cover your stored items and others don’t. You will want to check with your insurance agent regarding your coverage and limits of coverage for off-site coverage.This is true for homeowner’s and renters’ policies.

How is StorPlace Protection better than insurance?

StorPlace Protection is not administered by a third party insurance company from out of town. Instead, damage/loss reimbursements are made quickly right here.
When does my coverage begin?

StorPlace Property Protection starts as soon as you move your property into your storage unit, and continues as long as you make your monthly payments.

Tips for Protecting your Belongings:

Always, remember to store musical instruments in a heated and cooled Self Storage unit.

Never store flammable items, food, or chemicals.

Always use StorPlace High profile locks to protect your belongings.

Make an inventory and take pictures of the items you store.

Use protective packaging your breakable items.

Use pallets, skids or other supports to keep your boxes off the floor, and plastic sheeting, mattress and furniture covers over your belongings.

If Loss Occurs:

Notify your StorPlace Property office immediately.  For a break in, call the local police. List damaged and lost items and gather purchase receipts of each item. Take photos of the scene. Protect goods from further damage. Don’t discard damaged lock or property until cleared by the StorPlace manager. StorPlace manager will take your initial claim statement and forward on to our home office. StorPlace will evaluate your loss quickly.

StorPlace Self Storage is not an insurance agent or insurance company.

Come by our facility on Old Hickory Blvd. in Antioch Nashville near the corner of Nolensville Road across from Lowes for a site tour.

Please come visit us at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, TN, or you can call us at 615-369-1978.