StorPlace Self Storage Management

There has been a recent change in the management staff at StorPlace of Greenwood,Kentucky. However, in this case, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. In fact, the manager and assistant manager have simply switched positions. This arrangement will be especially helpful to the ‘new’ assistant who needs more time to attend classes at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. For her, less business paperwork will mean more time for studies. Of course, that doesn’t mean that she won’t complain about more homework! As for the new manager, this staff shakeup couldn’t be more fortunate. After all, who wouldn’t want an assistant that has over ten years of managerial experience by his side!
Even if the management change had been more drastic and brought in fresh faces, the ‘changes’ on the ground would have been minimal. You know why? That is because at StorPlace Self Storage, customer service is the priority. Does that sound like a cliché? Well, it isn’t. StorPlace of Greenwood, as do all the StorPlace Self Storage locations in Nashville, operates at a high level of customer service, regardless of the personnel.
At StorPlace of Greenwood, high customer service means offering storage in both temperature control and standard storage units at affordable prices. Of course! But it also means offering a full line of packing supplies at great discounts such as ten percent off tenant purchases, and a buy three get one free box special. It means rewarding current tenants with a half-off customer appreciation whereby their second rental unit is reduced fifty percent for six months. It means convenient office hours and a phone center that handles calls after hours until late at night. It means being able to pay rent in person, over the phone, or on the StorPlace website. It means being able to reserve a unit via the web and maintain that unit in the future, updating personal information, payment options, or whatever needs to be done. Customer service at StorPlace means all of this. But this is only part of the story.
Along with great service specials, there is a special relationship that the management at the Greenwood store has with their tenants. No matter who the tenant is, each is greeted with care and concern for their personal rental situation. In old fashion terms, call it lending an ear. It might be a joyous occasion. Recently, one tenant rented because he was finally constructing his dream house. He needed storage until the house is completed and was happy to give details about its location and construction. In another case, a couple who had rented since 2002 took the month of September to slowly clear out their unit. They decided that it was time for the project to be completed. Almost on a daily basis, they were out there in unseasonably hot early fall weather but would take an ‘office’ break to talk about how the cleaning was coming along. While drinking a complimentary bottle of water, they would talk about memories of their children, his military service, hobbies, and more. Indeed, items that are stored represent the times in peoples’ lives.
Unfortunately, the need for storage sometimes comes at a bad time. Just a few days ago, a man needed to store his sister’s things because she had passed away. You could tell he was proud of her. Lending a sympathetic ear was helpful to him because he wanted to talk about her. Although not nearly as sad, another tenant recently had to store her classroom supplies because her teaching job was not renewed by the school system. She too wanted to talk about it, and seemed glad to share her personal story. Of course, not every tenant wants to or needs to share their life. But the important thing is that the management staff at StorPlace of Greenwood is open to listen.
Most people don’t like change and are set in their ways. At least as far as the management at StorPlace of Greenwood, that is no problem. It is the same team. We will continue to offer excellent customer service of course, but will always be there to lend an ear. We can also lend a hand or two, but that is another story.

Please come visit us at 1628 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104
or you can call us at 888-395-5677.

StorPlace Self Storage Solves Your Autumn Storage Needs

That’s right it is time for the kids to be back in school. This is the time of year that most parents enjoy it, while the kids usually hate it. This leaves some parents with some extra free time to do whatever they desire. This can be a good time to go through clutter in the home, or go through all those old toys that your kids no longer play with. A lot of times things in our home hold sentimental value, even if the items have no value to anyone else. For that purpose alone, self storage is a definite!
Just think in 10 years when Morgan graduates from high school you can have her old toys and memories at hand to show her how much she’s grown since then. You will still have the teddy bear that grandma gave her when she was just a baby. More importantly , you will still have those memories of your child, and you definitely cannot put a price on memories. For those of you that want to keep those memories safe, self storage is an affordable way to do so.
Anyone storing long term should definitely get a heated and cooled unit. This will keep your goods at a comfortable temperature, and ensure they look the same as they did the day you put them in storage. Most of these storage units are inside interior hallways, which help to detract dust as well as dirt. For people storing long term we carry a product called Damp Rid. This product actually sucks moisture out of the air and into its own container. Each refill lasts up to 45 days, and more importantly it keeps the belongings in the unit dry and odor free. The container is reusable and you just pour the liquid down a drain every time it fills up.
The size of your storage unit can vary, from the size of a 5’ x 5” storage closet size, all the way up to a 10’x40’ space. The most popular size our customers get is a 10’x10’. This is the size of a small bedroom and the ceilings are 9 feet tall, this helps for stacking. You always want to see the space before you rent. Even if you know the dimensions of your stuff, taking a good look at the unit can help you plan where you plan on putting everything. You want to put the stuff you will seldom need in the back, and the stuff you will need access to more often in the front. If you don’t plan on visiting the unit very often you should stack as high as possible without jeopardizing your belongings. Plastic storage totes are popular because they easily stack and with clear ones, you can see everything that is inside of them.
Remember there is no better time to start de-cluttering and keeping your child’s memories safe than right now! It is easy to feel a real sense of accomplishment from de-cluttering, and putting away all those old toys. The old adage out of sight, out of mind will certainly come into play once you see how much better your home looks when it is clutter and toy free! Come visit your neighborhood StorPlace Self Storage center today. Our storage consultants can help you determine the perfect size of unit, as well as help with your need for boxes and packing supplies.