StorPlace Provides Information About Self Storage Auctions

Self-storage auctions are on the rise, both in number and in the amount of consumer participation, according to an article in the Quincy, Mass., Patriot Ledger. Paul Maglio, president of Storage Auction Solutions, said people are drawn to these auctions to look for items they can mark up and sell for extra money, with crowds at his auctions being double what they used to be. In addition, more storage renters find themselves unable to pay rent, causing unit “foreclosures” that result in more sales, he said.

Maglio, whose company conducts self-storage auctions throughout New England, was the auctioneer at Storage Pros in Brockton, Mass., last week. The auction was one of five in the area that day. A crowd of about 50 attended the one at Storage Pros, where the contents of six units were up for bidding.

Storage Pros Manager Paul Alves said he’s seen many customers affected by job loss and other economic factors.

Auction participant Michael Keene of Taunton, Mass., said storage auctions are becoming more competitive as greater numbers attend.
The topic of self-storage auctions was the subject of a recent “This American Life” segment produced by Chicago Public Radio. On Jan. 22, the show featured a report by Jon Mooallem, author for The New York Times Magazine. He visited self-storage auctions in Northern California, learning about the techniques people use to discern “junk” from “treasure” during lien sales, as they are not allowed to rummage through storage units in advance.
As Cable Networks start airing shows highlighting the best finds from various storage facilities auctions, questions arise from the general public who are not familiar with the industry. Here are a few answers for those who want to jump on the bandwagon and strike it rich at their neighborhood storage facility’s next auction.
1. If you don’t pay your storage rent, the operator will sell your goods. In fact, one show’s tag line is, “If you don’t pay your bills, they’ll take your stuff.” OK, this is true, but the show fails to explain there is a lengthy, detailed legislative process governing the practice. In most cases, the operator would prefer to resolve the delinquency in almost any other manner than a lien sale.
2. Self-storage operators make tons of money on these auctions, sometimes thousands of dollars! Wrong. Most operators are lucky just to recoup what they lost in unpaid rent. In most cases, the operator must forward any overage from the sale to the renter. I’ve even heard operators tell stories about units being sold for as little as $5.
3. Self-storage “lockers” are often filled with incredible and bountiful booty, including cars, gold and cash. Show intros flash images of cash, coins, cars, guitars, furniture, signed celebrity memorabilia and more. I have no doubt that living in storage units around the world are treasures untold; but the majority of units contain your average, run-of-the-mill household and business overflow. Most people who have actual treasures as showcased on the shows stored in their units pay their rent. There is the occasional situation though, that makes the gamble and the hunt worthwhile for some.
4. Self-storage auctions are vicious, cut-throat affairs that require diligence, skill and a gambler’s bravado. The word is now out on self-storage sales, and bargain-hunters aplenty are on the prowl. But in a lot of cases, auctions don’t get the publicity they need to be truly successful. Many an auction is a lonely affair involving only the operator, maybe an auctioneer, and maybe a dozen interested parties. Rarely are there hordes of people pounding at the gate, but with the media hype surrounding the auctions, the numbers are growing.
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StorPlace Offers Heated and Cooled Units

February is usually a cold month. Inhospitable weather abound the cold and the dampness can wreck havoc on everything. Self storage is an easy and convenient way to protect your property. Self storage is an easy effective way of combating the seasonal onslaught. Winter is too cold, and summer is too hot. Much of our personal property is not made to last when dealing with the dramatic changing weather. Self-storage offers many solutions to whatever your storage needs are. Not only are there standard storage units, but there are also units that are heated and cooled to add that extra peace of mind.
StorPlace offers many different options for all your storage needs. Standard storage units offer a safe secure place to store your belongings. Standard units are great for storing non-temperature sensitive items; these storage units are great for storing many household items. Storage of items such as toys, tools, and yard equipment are perfect examples of items to store in standard non-temperature controlled units. Even without the benefit of being heated and cooled, standard units help take weather out of the equation. Standard storage unit’s com e in many different sizes, sure to fulfill all of your storage needs.
Storage of certain items requires a little extra attention sometimes. In some instances ,standard storage units are just not enough. Many items such as electronics, photos and paintings, even many types of furniture ,should be placed in heated and cooled units. Heated and cooled units offer that extra peace of mind when it comes to your valuables. These units offer the extra protection of not getting too cold and not getting to hot. Electronics and furniture are can be very expensive; photos and paintings can be priceless. The worth and the extra protection that a heated and cooled unit provides to your personal items is incalculable.
StorPlace gives the consumer looking for storage many options, and has many different size storage units. Need an extra closet? Need an extra room? Need to store an entire house? StorPlace Self Storage can accommodate. StorPlace has large and small secure self-storage units. We also have heated and cooled units of different sizes for your temperature sensitive items.
StorPlace has much extra value for you: Friendly insightful management for your self-;torage needs.;Clean and properly maintain facilities for your storage needs.
Storage units come in many different sizes, heated and cooled, and parking places for your RV, Boat, Trailer, or Car.
Property Protection is available for extra protection.
Packing supplies for your packing needs are readily available. Whatever your storage needs, we can assist you.
. StorPlace offers all your storage solutions in one place, for short or long term, small or large it’s covered at Storplace. Storplace is your one stop shop for all your storage needs. With twelve, convenient middle Tennessee locations there is a Storplace in your neighborhood.
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StorPlace #1 in Self Storage in Middle Tennessee

StorPlace Self Storage is your number 1 storage facility in the Middle Tennessee Nashville area. StorPlace Self Storage has 1 location in Bowling Green , Kentucky, and 12 other locations spread throughout the Nashville area and surrounding areas. StorPlace Self Storage has the best customer service and managers around. They are dedicated to helping ease the moving process as much as possible.
Whether you need moving supplies or a storage unit, StorPlace Self Storage can meet your every need. Our location in Bellevue even rents moving trucks and can help you with that process.
When you are thinking about needing extra space to store stuff or when your house is getting cluttered with seasonal things and you are moving and need to stage your home to sale or you are downsizing your home and no longer have the extra closet space for Christmas decorations, StorPlace Self Storage has whatever you need. Give StorPlace Self Storage a call. Look us up on the internet or stop by anytime, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the size best for your needs.
At StorPlace Self Storage you can come in to rent the unit and move things in all in the same day. The StorPlace Self Storage managers will be glad to take you out on the property and look at some different sizes of units. We can also look at the heated and cooled units if you are not sure of which one you would prefer.
As far as your monthly rent , StorPlace Self Storage tries to make that as easy as possible also. StorPlace Self Storage has several different methods of how you can pay. You can set your account to be debited on the 5th of each month or we can send you a invoice either through email or mail or you can justmail the payment.. If you choose the debit , we will mail you or email you a receipt each month, which ever you would prefer. If you choose the invoice, email or mail, just remember you can come by our office and pay or pay online or even pay over the phone. For those of you who choose to drop it off, StorPLace Self Storage has a drop box.
All StorPlace Self Storage locations have state of the art security cameras for added security. We also have a fenced facility with key pad entrance and exit gates. All StorPlace Self Storage facilities have added lighting for the convenience of moving in the dark. You can access your unit 7 days a week from 6 am to 10 pm. These hours of access are longer than any of our competitors.
StorPlace Self Storage has a call center to help you when out offices are not open . The hours during the week at all of StorPlace Self Storage are 9am to 5:30pm and on Saturdays 8am to 4:30pm. Our call center is equipped to take payments, rent units and answer any question.
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