Storage Tips

Why climate controlled storage?
Climate control maintains a steady temperature of 55–80° using central air conditioning and heat. This insulates your things from the damage that severe hot or cold weather can cause to items stored in storage units.
What should or should not be stored in a self storage unit?
Self-storage is an excellent option for storing overflow of many different types of materials from your home or business.We frequently get questions about what is acceptable to store so we have compiled a list to provide more information on what works for storage.
Security options for storage
When selecting a self storage facility, you’ll want to understand what kind of security is in place to keep your items secure. Since security measures vary according to facility policy, cost, and even geographic location we have put together a list of some things to keep in mind when looking for self storage.
Self storage tips for business owners
At Extra Space, we find that most of our business owners make use of self storage not just for long-term, but also for short-term solutions. Take advantage of our tips to make the best use of your storage space.
Choose the right size self storage unit
Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be easy if you know what you want to store. Here are some simple guidelines to assess your self storage needs.
Insuring your stored items
Whether you are planning to store business or personal belongings it’s important to insure them since items in self storage aren’t generally covered by other policies such as homeowner or rental insurance.
Vehicle self storage
Any type of vehicle can be stored in self storage to free up space in your garage. We have compiled some considerations and common requirements for storing your vehicle at a self storage facility.
Packing efficiently for self storage
See our tips for packing and storing so your things are organized and accessible.
Hints for packing and storing
See our tips for packing and storing so your things are organized and accessible.
Comparing outdoor, indoor, and drive-up storage
These are the three most common types of space for self storage. Review our guide to understand the differences and decide which type is right for you.
Choosing boxes and packing materials
Once the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly. See our tips for selecting and making the most of your packing materials

When you need storage just remember
StorPlace Self Storage is here for your storage help and they can help you also with your packing with any supplies that you may need to get everything ready for storage. We have 12 convenient locations in the Middle Tennessee Nashville and 1 location in Bowling Green, Kentucky ,to better serve you. We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you a great customer service experience and superior value in the self storage business.
Please come visit us at 1006 Flagpole Court, Brentwood, TN 37027, or you can call us at 615-369-2269.

StorPlace Self Storage Addresses the Do’s and Don’t of Storing

For first time self storage customers, there are a few mistakes that can make your stay here with us at StorPlace Self Storage harder than it has to be that I would like to address. We want to make your storage experience as stress free as possible. We take the time to maintain state of the art security and offer packing supplies in our retail centers. How great of a manager would I be and what kind of customer service would I be providing if I didn’t take the time to offer a few tips on how to load your unit?
First I will cover what you should never put into storage and why. Food of any kind, be it human or pet food, should never be placed in storage. It will bring a few uninvited friends to your unit and the smell would be horrible, just don’t do it. Donate any items to a local food bank or shelter or I am sure some friends and family would be happy to take any food you can’t take with you.
You should also never store any hazardous, flammable, or combustible materials. We simply cannot allow storage of fuels like gasoline, kerosene, or propane. You should also refrain from storing chemicals, batteries, or tires. Here at StorPlace Self Storage safety is a main concern and we do not want any fire hazards in our buildings for the safety and security of all of our tenants.
We also strongly urge that you do not place any high value items or irreplaceable items in your storage space. We do require that all tenants maintain their property insurance while staying with us.
Now, when it comes to packing your property ,you should take advantage of our discounts offered to tenants or the current retail special and try to pack as much as you can in the same size box. If you use just one or two sizes of boxes for everything, you can stack much more securely and utilize all of your upward space in the unit easily, saving floor space for your larger items that cannot be stacked.
Be sure to place large items in the unit first, filling any gaps or spaces with boxes or bags. Stack up as high as you can safely as you work your way from the back wall out to the door. Make sure you leave any boxes or items you think you may need to access for the very last so that you do not have to unload your unit completely to find that one thing you realize you need. If you think you may need to access your space often, you may want to consider leaving a walkway through the center of your unit so you can easily find whatever you need. Use covers to help keep dust from settling on your items and check your unit monthly to make sure nothing has shifted or there are no issues you need to discuss with your manager.
Just remember as you move in here at StorPlace Self Storage that your manager is always available should you have any questions. I hope this helps and I hope your stay here with us is as easy and stress free as moving can be!
Please come visit us at 2360 Gallatin Road North, Madison, TN 37115, or you can call us at 615-528-5124.

StorPlace Provides Tips on How To Store

Plan the layout before storing anything. When possible leave an aisle down the center — You won’t have to move as much around when you need access. Store items in the front of the storage unit that you will need frequent access to. The back should be reserved for the least needed stuff. Make a diagram of where things are stored and tape it to the front wall — it will help you find what you are looking for.
Keep an inventory of your unit’s contents. Take digital photos and make a list of items before storing them so you can remember what you have.
If you are storing items in cardboard boxes, tape the bottoms securely — don’t just fold the flaps on themselves. Fill boxes to the top (use packing paper, if needed) before taping closed. Boxes that are not full can collapse when something is placed on top of them. Stack the heaviest and largest boxes on the bottom. Similar sized boxes will be easier to stack and are more stable.
Label all boxes. If something is not identifiable by sight, you need to indicate which room it comes from plus a description of what is inside. That should be written on all four sides so you can quickly identify the contents. You don’t want to have to open each box when you need something. Putting a label on the top does no good if something is stacked on the box.
Maximize the vertical space in your unit. Store sofas and mattresses up on end so their footprint is smaller. Consider purchasing free standing shelving to stack boxes and other items. Select ones that are deep enough for your needs. Go for strength and value rather than aesthetics — no one will see them.
Fill all voids. Place things inside of drawers and cabinets — think cushions, clothing, stuffed animals, lamp shades and linens. Put boxes under chairs and tables.
Disassemble large items like beds and remove legs from tables to save on space. Place any screws or hardware in a plastic bag and tape securely to the furniture.
Safeguard your items from damage and breakage. Place blankets between or around furniture to prevent scratches. Store mirrors and artwork on edge — not laying flat.
Protect your belongs from damage in humid conditions. Leave some space between your stacks of boxes and the walls so air can circulate. Pallets on the floor will allow air to flow underneath and prevent condensation from building up. Rub a small amount of oil on anything metal like tools and bikes to help prevent rust — protect surrounding items from the oil. Use an old sheet to cover things and protect them from dust.
Check with your particular storage company regarding what items they prohibit. Under no circumstances should you keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage locker.
StorPlace has 13 stores in Middle Tennessee Nashville and Kentucky.
Please come visit us at 3986 Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076, or you can call us at 615-369-1998

Stories of Some of our Guests at StorPlace of Greenwood,Kentucky

To be perfectly honest, management hearts thump a bit faster when people move in to a storage unit at StorPlace of Greenwood. After all, storage is our business. A truck full of furniture going into the gate is a pleasant sight to see! On the flip side, seeing tenants move out isn’t much of a thrill. However, we have to remember that every tenant will leave at some point and it is a part of serving our guests’ needs. Also, many of our guests and their friends and relatives return .We are always happy to have return guests. It also helps to learn something about our tenants and to understand exactly why they leave. Here is a couple of their stories and why it was the time to go.

During this last holiday season, we received a call from a recent widow who was looking to move from her house to an apartment. She told us that she had too many things to haul to a new place. But more importantly, she needed to get some of her husband’s personal items away from her for awhile. She said that many mementos and even articles of clothing reminded her too much of his absence. She needed some time to heal. When she moved in to her unit, she received a discounted rent, a convenient unit location, and staff that were willing to listen to her. Like most tenants at StorPlace Self Storage, she appreciated being able to talk about her life, and in this case, loss.

Well, as springtime approached, ‘Mrs. K’ called and said that she had found an apartment and was moving out. On her day of departure, she came in to the office, settled her bill, and told us she was ready to ‘move along’ in more ways than one. She had found a home for many pieces of furniture and personal items she no longer needed. The remaining items would fit perfectly into her new apartment. Although still grieving her husband, she seemed much happier overall and smiled when she spoke about him and his possessions. And, she brought with her a small army of folks to help her move out her 10×20 storage container. As her convoy of pick-up trucks left StorPlace, she returned our wave goodbye.

In May 2010, heavy rains hit the area and caused major flooding in greater Nashville Tn. In Bowling Green, inches of rain fell but did not have the widespread damage. However, we did have a few people seek out storage for their household items while repairs to their homes were made. One such gentleman, ‘Mr. H.’, was referred to us by his friend who to this day is a long-standing StorPlace tenant. It seems that a large puddle formed in the back of Mr. H’s house and as it rained grew much larger. The water -soaked ground gradually formed a small lake which eventually flooded his finished basement and first floor. Fortunately, he was able to get many pieces of furniture to the upstairs before incurring damage. But he was in desperate need for a 10×10 unit. And he preferred one that was temperature controlled. We had a unit available, moved him in, set him up with Autopay, and did not see him again until late March 2011.

Mr. H and his friend drove in a small utility truck a few days ago and emptied out his unit. When he stopped into the office to close his account, he said that the repairs to his house had cost $60,000. Not all of the cost had been covered by his homeowners insurance. And as for flood insurance, that wasn’t even offered on his policy! Needless to say, Mr. H. was glad to get his possessions and finally get his life back to pre-flood normal. When he left, he said he would recommend StorPlace of Greenwood to his friends.
If we serve the storage needs of our tenants, then they leave StorPlace on good terms. And we are happy that they are happy! Therefore, leaving is on a positive note and is indeed a good thing. Still, we eagerly await the next full truck going in the gate.
Please come visit us at 1628 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104, or you can call us at 888-395-5677.