StorPlace Helps You Pack Your Storage Unit

When you are shopping around for a self storage unit, chances are that you are looking for a way to make the most use out of it. Sure, you know that you are going to pack it full of your belongings, but you have to be sure that you are packing it up in such a way that you are not wasting your money.
Self Storage units are perfect for stowing items you don’t use on a regular basis or for keeping items temporarily. Similar to packing items for a move from one location to another, packing for a Self storage unit requires properly labeling your items, securing breakable items and preparing outdoor equipment. With a few tips, you will have your items ready for a Self storage unit in no time.
Breakable Items
o When packing delicate and breakable items, wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap or Storplace Newsprint (that way not ink will get on you precious china) and place them inside furniture drawers or Sturdy dish pack boxes. Do this for any item you don’t want broken or pieces missing, including toys, small objects and items that may get crushed in regular boxes. You can pack moving blankets or paper pads around the edges of the furniture drawers so items won’t shift while traveling in the moving truck or van. When storing family heirlooms, use wardrobe boxes as holders and secure the items in bubble wrap. Cover the wardrobe boxes and the furniture drawers in shrink wrap to prevent dust and other elements from getting in.
Saving Space
o Have a lot of pots and pans? Store what you can in the stove and other appliances than put the rest in large sturdy dish pack boxes. To save space in the storage unit, take apart any tables and chairs before storing and store large furniture pieces like sofas on their sides. If you are unable to take the legs off stack light weight boxes on top. Safeguard furniture with protective covers like moving blankets or shrink wrap. If you have filing cabinets, store business files and supplies in them. Use every space you have to store items.
Storage Unit Preparation
o Before storing your items in the unit, place some plastic sheeting or cardboard on the floor for cleanliness. This also will help in sliding boxes and furniture along the floor. If the temperature of the storage unit is an issue, consider placing some moisture absorbers ( Damp Rid) in the unit. You also may want to put some deodorizers and vermin bait in the unit to keep out smells and rodents.
When arranging boxes and items in the storage unit, place those items you want to get to often close to the entrance. Put valuable items like computers, electronic equipment and power tools in the back of the unit. Leave an aisle for walking, and label each box with a description of what’s inside. Before you leave the storage unit, lock it with a high profile padlock purchased from the storage unit office. Never buy a cheap lock.
Outdoor Equipment
o When placing outdoor equipment in the storage unit, put it to one side and drain any fluids from mowers, weed cutters or other machines. Don’t store paint, chemicals or other combustible items. Store lawn tools in a trash can and avoid putting items in garbage bags. Tie shovels, hoes and racks together. Never store Hazardous materials of any kind.
The storage professionals at Storplace of Murfreesboro Rd. will be more than happy to give you a site tour and help you choose the best Storage Unit to suit your needs.
Please come visit us at one of our twelve Middle Tennessee Nashville locations.

StorPlace Self Storage Provides the Best Value

StorPlace Self Storage is the best storage facility around. You should choose StorPlace Self Storage because we have the best managers in town. Storplace Self Storage prides us on friendly and honest customer service. Storplace Self Storage facilities are well maintained. All of the StorPlace Self Storage locations are gated and have digital security systems. Everyone has their own, special gate code and is given a new lock (included in the administration fee. The gate access at StorPlace Self Storage is 6am to 10 pm 7 days a week. StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of units from small to large and from heated and cooled to non-heated and cooled. We also have parking spaces for boats and rvs, and covered and non-covered.
StorPlace Self Storage sells different types of moving supplies. We have small, medium, large, ex-large, dish pack, small mirror and large mirror boxes. We sell bubble wrap by the box, smaller roll or even really large rolls. We have different kinds of tape, labels, foam sheets, shrink wrap, gloves and rope, along with mattress covers, sofa covers and chair covers. There are two different sizes of packing paper. We have the 10 pound and 25 pound paper. For just starting out there are moving kits. We have a box kit that includes small boxes, medium storage boxes, bubble wrap and tape. That all comes inside the small mirror box. Then there is a kitchen kit that comes with small boxes, medium boxes, 10 pound of newsprint, bubble wrap and tape. Also this comes inside the small mirror box.
We have great office hours. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are open from 9am to 5:30 pm. On Saturday we are open from 8am to 4:30 pm. We are closed on Sundays.
StorPlace Self storage has 12 locations throughout Middle Tennessee Nashville and one in Bowling Green, Ky. We are very conveniently located.
We do have a call center that can help you when we are not here. You can call our number 1-877-4storpl or stop by a location and pick up the red phone by the front door. They can give prices, rent units and even take payments. Most questions they can handle as well. One of the StorPlace Self Storage locations rents moving trucks to make a local move or a long distance move.
All locations have very good lighting and a dumpster on site for small things. For extra security some of the locations do have apartments on site for peace of mind.

As far as the heated and cooled units, in the summer time we set the AC on 80 and in the winter the heat is set on 60. Therefore it never gets above or below those temperatures. We do recommend if you are going to store for a long time you choose the heated and cooled units. If it is short term and depending on what is going in there the non heated and cooled unit should be just fine.
1006 Flagpole Court, Brentwood, TN 37027, or you can call us at 615-369-2269.

The Art Of Moving

Now that summer is upon us, people begin to think about the sometimes daunting task of moving. Along with this comes the need to find a suitable storage facility. Whether you are in the process of moving up, moving out, downsizing or just needing a change, we at StorPlace Self Storage in Middle TN Nashville can fill any of your needs. If you are like many people, preparing for that move is dreaded. What, with all of the pressure of trying to figure out what should we take. How much do we need to place into a storage unit? Should we have a yard sale? How should the house be staged? These and many other questions arise during your pre-move.
The first thing to do is form a plan. Separate items into categories such as immediate needs, near future needs and long term needs. These needs will vary depending on the location of your move, how long you may be in temporary housing and what type of housing that may be. Do not be afraid to take measurements of any of your items; this will help in determining what type of storage unit will best suit your storage needs. Once you determine your needs; make a list of the items you will be placing into storage. Try and group your list by items which can be placed into boxes and plastic totes, group fragile items together. Also, group like items together; such as items which may be temperature sensitive. This will help in determining what your storage needs may be. If in doubt, we at StorPlace Self Storage will gladly assist you in determining which unit may be right for you.
Once your list is made call or come by one of our Murfreesboro StorPlace Self Storage facilities and speak with a member of our staff. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. Remember, these are your items you wish to place into storage. We at StorPlace Self Storage will gladly answer any questions you may have about storing your items. Make an appointment at one of our 13 StorPlace facilities and have a look; we will be more than happy to show you our facilities. We will gladly point out our state of the art security systems we use to keep your property safe.
Once you have visited one of our Murfreesboro facilities near MTSU or on Thompson Lane and have seen the dedication of our staff to providing the best service possible. We are sure you will choose to store your belongings with us. We have 13 locations MiddleTennessee Nashville,. to better serve you. We have two locations in Murfreesboro, 310 N. Thompson Lane and 2615 N. Rutherford Blvd.

Here at StorPlace we have many units available for you to store your belongings. Here at StorPlace Self Storage we offerstorage units ranging in sizes from 5X5 mini closets all the way up to 12X30 large units. So whether you are storing just excess things or an entire household, our staff will gladly help you in determining what would be the right unit for you. Along with the various sizes we also offer units in temperature controlled buildings. We also have non-temperature controlled inside units and storage units where you can back your vehicle right up to the unit door. We also carry a wide range of packing goods at our facilities for your convenience.
So preparing for a move is not as stressful as you may think. Planning is always the key to making a move so much simpler. Remember, you are never far away from a StorPlace Self Storage facility and a group of dedicated people who will assist you in any way possible.
Please come visit us at 2156 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217, or you can call us at 615-369-1497.