StorPlace Self Storage: Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction

We are your number 1 storage facility in Middle Tennessee Nashville. StorPlace Self Storage has 1 location in Bowling Green Kentucky, 12 other locations spread throughout the Nashville area and surrounding areas.. StorPlace Self Storage has the best customer service and managers around. They are dedicated to helping ease the moving process as much as possible.
Weather you need moving supplies or a storage unit, StorPlace Self Storage can met your every need. Our location in Bellevue even rents moving trucks and can help you with that process.
When you are thinking about needing extra space to store stuff weather your house is getting cluttered with seasonal things, you’re moving and need to stage your home to sale or you are downsizing homes and no longer have the extra closet space for Christmas decorations, StorPlace Self Storage has your back. Give StorPlace Self Storage a call, look us up on the internet or stop by anytime and we will be happy to assist you in finding the size best for your needs.
At StorPlace Self Storage you can come in rent the unit and move things in all in the same day. The StorPlace Self Storage managers will be glad to take you out on the property and look at some different sizes. We can also look at the heated and cooled units if you are not sure of which one you would prefer.
As far as your monthly rent StorPlace Self Storage tries to make that as easy as possible also. StorPlace Self Storage has several different methods of how you can pay. You can set your account to be debited on the 5th of each month, we can send you a invoice either through email or mail or you can just remember. If you choose the debit we will mail you or email you a receipt each month, which ever you would prefer. If you choose the invoice, email or mail, or even just to remember you can come by our office and pay, pay online or even pay over the phone. For those of you who choose to drop it off and you missed us, StorPlace Self Storage has a drop box.
All StorPlace Self Storage locations have state of the art security cameras for added security. We also have a fenced facility with key pad entrance and exit gates. All StorPlace Self Storage facility have added lighting for the convenience of moving in the dark.
StorPlace Self Storage has a call center to help you when our offices are not open or unable to open due to weather. The hours during the week at all of StorPlace Self Storage units are 9am to 5:30pm and on Saturdays 8am to 4:30pm. Everyday we go to lunch from 1pm to 1:30 pm, or as close to that as possible. Our call center is equipped to take payments, rent units and answer any question. If there is something they are unable to help with then they know how to get in touch with the managers if its important and they can’t answer.
Please come visit us at 7332 Tolbert Rd., Nashville, TN 37209, or you can call us at 615-369-1491.

StorPlace where You Are Greeted with a Smile!

The self storage industry is undoubtedly a hectic industry. Most people need a storage unit when an important event happens in their lives. The most common event is moving. With moving being hectic in itself, the last thing someone wants to have is a hectic time trying to get a storage unit. This is where your StorPlace manager comes in, we pride ourselves in having the best managers in the industry in Middle Tennessee Nashville! Customer service is one of the favorite parts of our job, and we feel very fortunate to come in contact with all of our tenants. Each customer that comes in gets greeted with a smile, which is a very important step in a first impression.
Whatever the reason or circumstance that someone comes into my office, I am always ready to help. Nobody wants to come in after having a long, hard day, and talk to someone who could care less about them or their situation. This is what makes the managers at StorPlace Self Storage so different. I can honestly say that each and every one of my coworkers are just as friendly as myself, they always have their ears open so they can listen to each tenant’s unique situation. One would be surprised how often people come in to our facilities and just want to be listened to. Everyone’s situation is different, and regardless of where our customers come from, we can relate to what they are going through.
Our managers have seen it all, from marriage to divorce, death, students leaving school for the summer, as well as people moving, downsizing, remodeling, de-cluttering. This is another reason why our managers are so knowledgeable; they have dealt with each situation before and know how to accommodate each customer. There are many different needs for storage, and we are able to accommodate almost any of them. If you need a space to put your RV or boat, or excess business inventory, we have that. Even if it’s something as little as needing some extra space to house Christmas decorations during the off seasons, we also can provide that!
On top of the second-to-none customer service we provide, we also are active members in the TNSSA (Tennessee Self Storage Association). StorPlace also takes pride in helping support local charities such as YMCA’s Restore Ministries, Salama Urban Ministries, The American Red Cross, Shoes for Souls, Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, Golden Triangle Ministries, Head Start, Centerstone, Charris Ministries, and the Nashville Rescue Mission. We’ve also assisted many victims of the 2010 Nashville flood, and the 2009 Murfreesboro tornadoes.
It doesn’t matter what the occasion, the golden rule is, “treat people the way you would want to be treated,” and in our field StorPlace is definitely taking that rule to heart. We try our hardest to keep our units and our property clean, well lit, and safe. We also take pride in our excellent customer service. Whether it is taking water out to a tenant working in their unit on a hot day, or making sure the light bulbs in the hallway by your unit are in good working order, we are always here to help. Whether you need storage or any moving supplies, we will be happy to assist you! Stop by your local StorPlace facility to meet any of our outstanding managers to see exactly what I’m talking about!
Please come visit us at 1138 Highway 96 East, Franklin, TN 37067, or you can call us at 615-567-5302.

StorPlace Self Storage At Your Fingertips.

StorPlace Self Storage is an up and growing self storage or ’mini storage’ company. We are privately owned and operated in Middle Tennessee Nashville.

Our Mission Statement sums up what StorPlace Self Storage is, in approximately one hundred words;
The StorPlace mission is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers in need by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, innovativeness, conscientiousness, cheerfulness, and friendliness. By treating each other, our neighbors, and our customers this way, we expect to provide a satisfactory financial reward for ourselves and partners.
We provide much more than just safe, clean storage space for our customers. We provide storage solutions that will:
Relieve stress and worry
Offer the customer consistently high value, and
Create ambassadors (customers and neighbors) who will champion our brand to their families and friends.

But our Vision Statement is more direct and to the point:

To become the unquestionable brand leader in self storage for Middle Tennessee

As you can see, our vision is our goal. Without you, the customer, we cannot achieve either of these two “Statements”.
With all of this said, we ask of you to visit our new and improved website. There you will feel at home with our user friendly links and navigation. Each of our 13 locations is represented on our new website with up-to-the-minute unit availability and pricing. As well, each locality is represented individually by site, each is simple to find, come try us out. Simply click on ‘locations’, then click again on your part of town. It really is that easy.
While there, you can check prices and availability to any and/or all of our thirteen convenient locations spread out strategically throughout the Middle Tennessee and northern Kentucky region. We are not ashamed of our pricing. We are of the “get what you pay for” attitude and we believe we are the best value for your hard earned dollar, in the way of self storage. We have no problem posting our rates on our easy to navigate website.
Do you have suggestions? Let us know what you need from us. By holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on the following link; StorPlace feedback form ,once there you will be able to make us aware of all your self storage needs and desires. For instance, is there a certain part of town in which you would like to see our company grow? Have you any ideas for the growth of mini storage in the Middle Tennessee area? Are there any features that you would benefit from, which we do not yet offer? Perhaps there is a specific feature that uniquely fits your needs and you would like to make other inquiring tenants aware of it.
Maybe you are a past tenant and would like to post a message on our website. We now have the capabilities to do that through our website, located at . Again, that is accessible by way of holing down the Ctrl button and clicking on the link above. There you will find the right to use such features as; ‘twitter’, ’ facebook’, ‘turnsocial’ and the capacity to ‘share’ these with all of your friends and family members!
Please come visit us 1138 Highway 96 East, Franklin, TN 3706, or you can call us at 615-567-5302.

StorPlace Has Short Term Solutions for You

Everyone needs a little storage space every once in a while. Sometimes people attain more than they can contain. At that point self storage is a simple yet effective remedy for many situations. Is your house cluttered? Wife mad because she can’t park her car in the garage? Tripping over patio furniture? Moving boxes stacked higher than buildings? Storage can help reclaim valuable room being taken up. Many lack of storage problems such as these problems that can be solved by using self storage.
Spring is almost here, although it can still bei cold and unforgiving outside. There are many things you will not need until spring that you could store away. If you are not using something why not store it. Patio sets are great for spring and summer not so much for fall or winter. Ice and cold plays havoc on stuff, prolong the life of items by taking them out of the weather by placing them in self-storage. Lawn mowers can be hard to climb over, and take up quite some space. Won’t be cutting grass for a few months why keep in your way? Recreational vehicles like a boat or jet-ski can take up some room, and are prone to wear and tear from cold weather. Take weather out of the equation by using a storage unit. Free up some space at your home by storing with self-storage.
Protecting your property is important. Sometimes we must store things, so take the proper precautions. Boxing your things up properly can significantly increase the protection of your property. Making sure breakable items are packaged well by wrapping and securing them helps prevent breakage. Using tools such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts properly can greatly increase the longevity of your belongings. Going the extra step to secure your property before storing can really make things much easier. Boxing items according to room or to what they pertain to helps when storing. Labeling boxes with descriptions such as room name, or by items contained inside helps when trying to locate a particular item.
StorPlace gives the consumer looking for storage many options, and has many different size storage units. Need an extra closet? Need an extra room? Need to store an entire house? Self-storage can accommodate. StorPlace has large and small secure self-storage units. Heated and cooled units of different sizes for your temperature sensitive items. StorPlace has something for you. Friendly insightful management for your Self-Storage needs. Clean and properly maintain facilities for your storage needs. Storage units come in many different sizes, heated and cooled, or parking places for your RV, Boat, Trailer, or Car. Property Protection is available for extra protection. Packing supplies for your packing needs are readily available. Whatever your storage needs, self-storage units will accommodate.
Using self-storage is an inexpensive way to make more room at home. Need that extra closet space at home? Does your garage look like a war zone? Is your patio furniture getting ruined by exposure to the elements? Self-store you’re your seasonal items until you need them again. Falls here take back your extra room at home and protect the longevity of your property by using self-storage. Self-storage offers ease and peace of mind for all your storage needs.
Please come visit us at 3986 Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076, or you can call us at 615-369-1998.