StorPlace Provides Suggestions on Storage Selection

Do you feel that your possessions are protected? Many people have security alarms for their home, upgrade their door locks with dead bolts. We do everything we can to keep not only our family safe but our possessions as well.

What about when you have stuff stored outside of your home? Don’t you want to make sure that just like your valuables are protected at your home it is additionally protected outside of the home in a self storage unit as well? Here are some ways that your self storage belongings can be protected just like your belongings in your home:

Our storage facility has good security with a personal access code. This ensures that the only ones who are in the storage facility are the people who have a rental unit here. You don’t let everyone you know have a house key to your front door and at a storage facility only those that are supposed to be there have access. With each person having their own access code there is additional security so that there is not just one code for everyone to get in.

At your house you have things like dead-bolts and secure door locks. You have locks on your door to try and keep people out. At our self storage units we provide cylinder locks. Our locks insure that no one gets in without the key.

Another good safety measure of a storage facility is having video surveillance. This monitors who is going in and out of the location as an extra precautionary measure to keeping your stuff safe and secure. We Have 24 hour surveillance. We have 12 cameras throughout the property.

As you can see a sign of a good secure storage facility is similar to a secure and safe home environment. We do everything we can to ensure that your belongings are protected. So when you are searching for where to rent a storage unit we hope that you will consider StorPlace. Talk to the manager at the facility to see what we offer our tenants to make sure that your belongings are safe. Safety and security should be on the top of your list for things that you require from a storage facility. Once you find a location that has good security you can store your belongings and not have to worry about them. With StorPlace you have found that peace of mind.
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StorPlace Explains the Benefit of Climate Control Storage

If you have ever used storage ,you may have heard the term “climate control.” If not, you will hear a lot more about it today. According to, “facilities are climate controlled to prevent mold or mildew and other moisture problems. Humidity control is more important for a storage unit than temperature control. A common setting for the facility humidistat is maximum relative humidity of 50%, while a common temperature range for the thermostat is 60 degrees F to 80 degrees F.”
Now that you know a little more about climate control there are a few other things to learn about it. To have true climate control, you also need to control the humidity. Living in Middle Tennessee Nashville in the summer you can certainly see why the humidity is such a big deal. A lot of storage facilities describe themselves as having “climate control,” but in all reality, they are using the same kind of heating and air conditioning as you would in your home. Most facilities have an HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. While these systems are fine for short term storage, having a unit that is climate controlled aka temperature and humidity controlled is a big deal if you are planning on storing for an extended period of time, i.e. over a year. There must be decent air circulation and ventilation in your facility regardless of whether or not it is a true climate controlled unit. You can check this by looking around the ceiling of your storage unit. Is there enough room for air to pass freely into the hall or into other units, or is there a vent directly into your storage unit? If there is no space for air to circulate freely, you may want to consider another facility.
When you plan on storing for an extended period of time, you will need to periodically come back to take care of your belongings. Wipe down mirrors or pictures, and remove dust. This will ensure that your goods come out looking the same as they did when you put them in.
So before you plan on putting your goods into a storage unit, make sure you ask whether the unit is climate controlled or just heated and cooled. If it is just heated and cooled and you plan on storing for an extended period of time, there is a product called Damp Rid that you should purchase. Damp Rid has unique crystals that gather the moisture out of the air and into the kit. After 45 days the crystals dissolve and there is water in their place. One refill lasts a month and a half and costs $4.99.
These are just a few things to think about if you are looking for “climate controlled” storage. If you are in the market for long term storage, or if you have very sensitive items to put inside a storage unit, come and check out StorPlace Self Storage of Cool Springs. We are conveniently located right off of Interstate 65 Moores Lane. We have humidity controlled units ranging from a 5×5 all the way up to a 10×30, along with any moving supplies you may need!
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