What to Expect When You’re Storing Your Belongings

When looking for a local self storage facility to store goods, you will want to ask several questions. The more research you do, the more likely you are to find a facility that can accommodate all of your needs.  We will cover the things you as a customer should do before selecting the facility in which you elect to place your belongings. 
                One of the most important things to consider is location. You don’t want to be dragging your belongings up stairs, or have to drive 10 miles just to get one thing.  One would be surprised by the amount of self-storage facilities that are out there, as well as how different each can be. 
                Once you pick a location, visiting the storage unit beforehand is highly recommended .You may even want to visit more than one!  When looking at properties, make sure they have a gated keypad entry, security cameras, and ease of access to the property.  Some storage facilities have a dumpster for their tenants to use, as well as other amenities like moving carts.  If you don’t like what you see, or feel as if your belongings won’t be well taken care of, you may want to visit another facility.  Storage facility operators also highly recommend looking at the space before you rent it.  Even though you may be able to picture the dimensions in your head, when you look at the space it helps you get a better idea of how your belongings will fit into the unit.  Also, the storage unit may not be in a convenient location. You can always ask the manager if there are other units available in that size in a more convenient location if you don’t like what you see. 
                The next thing you should consider is how long you will be storing your belongings. If you are planning on storing over the warm summer months, you may want to consider a unit that is heated and cooled.  This will save those precious items that are sensitive to the warm temperatures. This is definitely helpful here in Nashville, Tennessee during the summer.  If you are only planning on storing for a short period, some items may be fine in a drive up unit.  A general rule of thumb is, if you feel comfortable keeping it in your garage, it will be ok in a standard storage unit.
                There are a few other things to consider when choosing a storagecloset. These are move-in specials, late fees, and gate hours.  Some facilities have move in specials that are used to entice the customer to go with their company because it’s cheaper.  As in many other businesses, just because a unit is less expensive doesn’t make it a better fit.  You will also want to check with the storage facility about their policies and procedures when it comes to late fees.  Just like a mortgage or rent payment most storage closets have a grace period of when the rent is due.  Make sure you carefully read their procedures and acknowledge what happens if you are ever delinquent on your rent.  Gate hours are another thing to look at.  If you are you a landscaping business that begins working before dawn, or are storing a boat, you  may want to pick up your equipment or boat in the wee hours of the morning.  You will probably need 24 hour access.  Make sure to ask your facility operator if they offer 24 hour access, and if there is an additional cost.  Most facilities have reasonable gate hours, considering most people don’t need to get anything out of their units at midnight. However, StorPlace Self Storage has the longest hours of access of any storage facility, from 6 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week. You will want to check into all of these aspects before choosing a facility to store with. The more research you do, the better you will feel about storing your goods. Stop by StorPlace Self Storage and see all of the amenities mentioned in this article.
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Holiday Preparation

It’s that time of year again to hide all of the Christmas presents you do not want anyone to find. Here at StorPlace self Storage you have access to your unit 7 days a week, therefore you will not have a problem getting in here on Christmas Eve to pick up your hidden gifts, as long as you get in and out of here before the gate closes at 10PM. Here at StorPlace Self Storage we have interior and exterior lighting to make it easy to see for putting that bike together. For all of those big items that you may have here at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue we have Budget rental trucks for easy delivery.

With it being the Christmas time of the year that brings the winter season. We offer at Storplace Self Storage of Bellevue heated and cooled units of all sizes. Everything here at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is on 1 level. We have no need for elevators. Inside our heated and cooled hallways we have carts for easy access of hauling your belongings for the car to the storage unit or from the storage closeto the car. Some of the larger storage units even have lights on the inside to make it easier to see what you are doing.

With the snow and ice approaching here at StorPlace Self Storage we try to be here at the office as much as we can. When the weather does keep us from making it in we do have a company who will plow our driveway when possible. As for those payments, if we are not here and the payment needs to be in to prevent your self from that pesky late fee, you can make the payment online or even by calling our number and paying thru the call center. If you decided you need a storage unit and we are not here due to the office being closed all you have to do is call our number at StorPlace Self Storage and our call center can assist you.

We cannot leave out the non heated and cooled units that we have with drive up access. All of our small units here at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue are inside a interior hallway. For these as well, we have the carts to make it easier moving your stuff around.

StorPlace Self Storage is all about customer service. Our goal is to give the best customer service we possibly can. Here at StorPlace Self Storage if the location that you needed does not have exactly what you need then we will try our best to accomodate your needs or find one of our other locations they would be able to accomodate your specific needs.

Sometime price is a sensitive issue with people because of a difficult time they are going thru, we are always offering some type of special on our website www.storplaceselfstorage.com. Whether it is a few dollars off rent, something involving our property protection or maybe even a free box or two.

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