StorPlace Gives Tips on Storing Your Business’s Inventory

If you own a small business, you know it’s all about keeping the cost of running your business, as low as possible. One way that may help you in this area that you may not have considered, is storage. If you have inventory, you know the high cost of renting a suitable place. You have to sign a lease, pay utilities, provide some kind of security to protect your inventory, and in some cases, pay the cost of keeping up the property, such as cutting the grass, removal of leaves and tree trimming.

Consider storing your inventory at a self storage facility. No long term contracts, video monitoring, and fenced and gated properties for security, no utilities, and many different size storage units to suit your needs.
If your inventory requires storage in a temperature controlled storage unit, most self storage facilities offer them. If you are in need of 24 hour access to your unit, that may be granted with a small fee.

Some small businesses will need to have their inventory delivered to their storage. You know how inconvenient it can be to make sure you don’t miss the delivery. StorPlace Self Storage offers all of these conveniences, including deliveries to your storage unit in a secure setting. All deliveries are recorded with each entry into the gate. The deliverer has to come into the office to pick up the key and return the key when the delivery is complete. Now that’s convenient.

Restaurants can benefit from storage as well. With everyone on the go these days, fast food and calling in pick- up orders, are becoming more popular. Restaurants have very limited space for the to-go boxes and cups that need to be stored there, and running out of these supplies is not an option. To have a storage unit full of these supplies makes it more convenient than waiting on deliveries. The restaurant can watch the inventory kept in the store, and when it gets low, head to the storage to pick up the supplies there. Then when the storage unit supplies run low, order the supplies without the risk of running out in the restaurant. Pizza delivery restaurants usually have very limited space, and pizza boxes can take up a lot of that space. Running out of pizza boxes for a pizza delivery restaurant is bad for business.

Landscaping companies use self storage to keep the large mowers and landscaping equipment in, instead of putting it on their personal property. If you drive a vehicle in your business, such as tow trucks, box trucks for deliveries, or just have a company vehicle you don’t want parked on your personal property, consider storing in a safe and secure storage facility. Some folks even store their vehicles in a storage unit to protect it from the elements.

If you live in an apartment complex and own a motorcycle or a boat, you may not have a parking space to park it. Some apartments offer extra at spaces for a price. At a storage facility, you get the security for your vehicle you feel comfortable with.

So if you are a business owner, a restaurant in need of dry supply storage, a boat or motorcycle owner with limited parking at your home, or just someone who has way too much stuff and nowhere to put it, consider storage. It’s convenient, secure and cost effective.

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StorPlace Provides Convenience

Have you ever wondered why gas stations have convenience stores? I have. I wondered this question when I was 12 years old on a family road trip traveling from the flat farmland of northern Indiana to the majestic peaks of Colorado. It was the early 90’s before cars came with built in backseat DVD players for us kids and way before 12 year olds were allowed to have cell phones. Now, that’s not to say we didn’t have any kind of entertainment. I was quite proud of my discman that I had gotten for Christmas that year. The portable cd player was opening my ears up to the incredible sounds of Ace of Base and Mariah Carey. Well, that is, up to the point where it had been playing for 2 hours and the batteries died, which was also right around the time our gas guzzling van was in desperate need of a fill-up. While my dad pumped gas, my sisters and I explored the convenience stores, which became the most exciting part of our miserable lives stuck in the family car. (Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my family. However, at the very adult age of 12, I became entirely too cool to be hanging out withthem.) The convenience stores had just about everything one would (and wouldn’t) need on a blacktop excursion. It quickly solved the problem of dead AA batteries back then, as well as, the missing ingredient of vegetable oil for my brownie recipe last weekend.

Convenience stores in gas stations, however, are not the only convenient source for our hectic lives. StorPlace Self-Storage prides itself on being convenient for its customers who are looking to put away items that are not being currently used or needed. In fact, there’s not a whole lot out there that StorPlace does not provide for its tenants.
For example, StorPlace provides convenient locations to everyone in Middle Tennessee. With 13 locations, you’re lucky to travel 10 miles without coming across at least two of the StorPlace facilities. The properties themselves are also convenient to access with gate hours ranging from 6am to 10pm with 24 hour access available for the really special businesses that are awake and working way before the rest of the world. With drive-up units and moving carts in the hallways, StorPlace works hard to make the move as convenient as possible.

Besides locations, StorPlace offers convenient bill pay options. While store managers would love to see the bright, shiny faces of each of their tenants coming into the store to say hello. Most tenants take advantage of the online payment system or automatic credit card debit that StorPlace offers.

Lastly, StorPlace provides convenient storing and packing options. Besides the storage units and parking spaces themselves in all their shapes, sizes, and temperature options, they also carry a wide range of moving boxes and packing supplies. Boxes include small, medium, large, extra large, dish-pack, wardrobe, lamp, and filing. Other supplies that StorPlace has in their office are tape, mattress covers, bubble wrap, dish kits, glass kits, shrink wrap, rope, moving blankets, paper pads, foam wrap, gloves, box cutters, and much more.

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