StorPlace Shares Tips for First Time Renters

For first time self storage customers, there are a few mistakes that can make your stay here with us at StorPlace Self Storage harder than it has to be that I would like to address. We want to make your storage experience as stress free as possible and we take the time to maintain state of the art security and offer packing supplies in our retail centers. How great of a manager would I be and what kind of customer service would I be providing if I didn’t take the time to offer a few tips on how to load your unit?

First I will cover what you should never put into storage and why. Food of any kind, be it human or pet food, should never be placed in storage. It will bring a few uninvited friends to your unit and the smell would be horrible, just don’t do it. Donate any items to a local food bank or shelter or I am sure some friends and family would be happy to take any food you can’t take with you.

You should also never store any hazardous, flammable, or combustible materials. We simply cannot allow storage of fuels like gasoline, kerosene, or propane. You should also refrain from storing chemicals, batteries, or tires. Here at StorPlace self storage safety is a main concern and we do not want any fire hazards in our buildings for the safety and security of all of our tenants.

We also strongly urge that you do not place any high value items or irreplaceable items in your storage space. We do require that all tenants maintain their property insurance while staying with us, but it is never wise to tempt fate and run the risk on any item that simply cannot be replaced. Great Aunt Fern’s antique sewing machine and your mother’s mink coat really should be kept somewhere else. Any works of art or sensitive documents or photographs that may not withstand the repeated shifts in temperature may also need to find a more stable environment for long term storage.

Now, when it comes to packing your property you should take advantage of our discounts offered to tenants or the current retail special and try to pack as much as you can in the same size box. If you use just one or two sizes of moving boxes for everything you can stack much more securely and utilize all of your upward space in the unit easily, saving floor space for your larger items that cannot be stacked.

Be sure to place large items in the storage unit first, filling any gaps or spaces with boxes or bags. Stack up as high as you can safely as you work your way from the back wall out to the door. Make sure you leave any boxes or items you think you may need to access for the very last so that you do not have to unload your unit completely to find that one thing you realize you need. If you think you may need to access your space often, you may want to consider leaving a walkway through the center of yourstorage unit so you can easily find whatever you need. Use covers to help keep dust from settling on your items and check your unit monthly to make sure nothing has shifted or there are no issues you need to discuss with your manager.

Just remember as you move in here at StorPlace Self Storage that your manager is always available should you have any questions. I hope this helps and I hope your stay here with us is as easy and stress free as moving can be!

Please come visit me at 3986 Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076, or you can call us at 615-369-1998.

StorPlace Provides Storage Advice and Tidbits

Storing and moving are among two of the most time-consuming, strenuous, and expensive tasks that we all will encounter at some point in our life. I for one am not fond of moving, packing, or unpacking. When moving we often do not de-clutter or throw enough items so we end of taking unnecessary items to our new place of residence.
This is where Storplace of Old Hickory Boulevard (Storplace of OHB) can help ease your mind. Once you arrive to your new house/apartment and realize you have too many items you can store with us. We are located on the corner of Nolensville road and Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville, TN. We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5:30 and Saturday for 8-4:30. We have a plethora of storage bins available from a 4 x 4 cube to a 12 x 40 storage unit. We also have heated and cooled units, drive-up spaces, as well as covered/uncovered parking spaces. Our facility is electronically monitored with cameras spaced out around the property as well as someone who lives on property for extra security. All of our tenants have their own unique gate code and access to their unit 7 days per week from 6am-10pm. This gives more than enough time to drop off your extra items and vacate the property before 10pm. Storplace of OHB has all the tools and management skills available to make your move as stress and worry-free as possible. We also offer many convenient forms of payment options such as automatic drafts, online bill pay, payment drop off/call in/or mailed in payments as well. We strive to be open and available as much as possible to deliver great customer service and assistance to all of our current and future tenants.
So, now that you know about our facility it is time to decide what type of unit will fulfill your storage needs. Summer will be upon us soon and as we all know there are some really hot days and some cool days. It is important to consider a heated and cooled unit if you are storing electronics, wooden furniture, or paintings etc. Another important storing tip is to decide what you are going to store and how long you are going to use storage. When picking a storage unit, cheap and small are not always the most logical deciding factors. Storage units should be picked according to the size of items and how much items you are going to store. You should always consider your furniture, boxes, totes, odds and ends, and how you going to access the unit. You should also avoid tightly packing your unit because you can damage your furniture. The most important storage advice that I can offer is to always cover items such as mattresses, furniture, and a dust cover. These are items that you can purchase for Storplace of OHB and once of become a tenant with you us you can receive 10% off of any necessary packing supplies that we carry. Storplace Self Storage of OHB and our all 12 Storplace locations located around Middle Tennessee Nashville are by far the best storage facilities. We are ready, willing, and able to service all your storage needs.
Please come visit us at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, TN 37211, or you can call us at 615-369-1978.