StorPlace Says Plan Ahead and Pack Wisely

We have all the packing supplies and tape you need for your storage use at Greenwood StorPlace.

Using self storage can be an enjoyable experience if you do a little planning ahead of time. Allow StorPlace Self Storage to assist you in planning and give some helpful tips to use to help get and stay organized during a time of life that may be very hectic and stressful.
Identify the items that you are going to be storing. Buy boxes and packing supplies such as tape and bubble wrap, packing peanuts and furniture covers ahead of time to make packing and storing less stressful. Smaller boxes should be used to pack heavier, denser items so that you don’t over pack. Do not pack any box heavier than you can carry comfortabley. Remember- you’re going to be moving these boxes and you don’t want to break your back. StorPlace Self Storage carries boxes in several different sizes as well as commonly used packing supplies such as tape, furniture covers, bubble wrap. It is important to use boxes and not plastic bags to store your belongings. Boxes when packed properly are sturdier than bags and are stackable, taking up less floor space that can be used for bigger furniture items. Also, plastic bags can trap humidity and cause mildew to grow on the items inside. Another good tip is to overestimate the amount of tape you will need. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of tape and having to make a run to the store for more just as you get into the groove of packing boxes. While you don’t want to over pack your boxes with weight do use packing material or peanuts to fill in empty space to keep the contents from shifting and bumping against each other; particularly if the box contains breakable items. If you are storing clothes consider purchasing a wardrobe box that includes a hanging rod at the top. StorPlace keeps wardrobe boxes in stock for purchase. Lastly, be sure to label all your boxes specifically. If you need to find something later that you’ve packed up you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and time if you can go directly to the box you need because it was labeled appropriately.
This is where your storage experts at StorPlace Self Storage will be an invaluable help. The storage consultant will ask about what large furniture items will be stored and will also help determine whether or not a climate controlled unit is needed. Be straightforward about how much you are going to store. If you are storing the entire contents of a 2,500 square foot house don’t expect to be able to fit that into a storage unit size meant for storing a studio apartment. However, nobody wants to pay for space that isn’t going to be used. Take advantage of the height of the unit. Consider propping up your sofa or loveseat up on its arm so that it stands vertically instead of taking up valuable floor area. You can also turn your loveseat upside down and place it on top of the longer sofa where the cushions from each are facing each other. When storing a washer and dryer the much lighter dryer can be placed on top of the washing machine. All large furniture items that can be disassembled easily should be. This could include bed frames, kitchen or dining room tables. If you cannot dissemble a large table drape the top with a blanket or plastic wrap and set chairs on top of the table. Chairs can also be stacked on top of each other cushion-to cushion.
When moving in to your unit utilize every advantage to make your move as easy as possible. Many StorPlace Self Storage properties have loading docks that tenants can use to make loading and unloading easier. Every StorPlace Self Storage property has either flat bed dollies or hand trucks located throughout the property. Use these tools to load in boxes and furniture and save your back a trip to the chiropractor. Place the largest, heaviest items in the back of the unit. These things would include televisions, refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers. You won’t need to access these items while they are being stored and it keeps the things you might need within easier reach. Boxes or items that may possibly need to be accessed while you’re using storage should be placed near the front of the unit and make sure those boxes are well labeled. Please come visit us Bowling Green StorPlace at 1628 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104, or you can call us at 888-395-5677.



Middle Tennessee State University Now Largest Undergraduate University Enrollment in Tennessee : StorPlace College Storage

Stones River StorPlace is a very convenient location for MTSU students to store their college belongings.

Middle Tennessee State University, commonly known as MTSU, also once called “little middle” can no longer hold that title.
MTSU’s Fall Semester’s enrollment reached close to 25,000 undergraduate students making it the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee surpassing the University of Tennessee Knoxville who had formerly been the largest Tennessee undergraduate institution. MTSU is located in Murfreesboro, Nashville area, Tennessee. The campus is located less than one mile from the geographic center of the state of Tennessee marked with a stone obelisk.
The numbers of students attending MTSU owes to several factors not the least of which is its location. MTSU is located in Murfreesboro, in Rutherford County, Tennessee one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. The university is quite aptly named Middle Tennessee State because of its location in the direct center of the state. Murfreesboro is a half hour drive of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee. Both Chattanooga and Clarksville are within a couple hours drive from Tennessee which makes MTSU a desirable destination for high school graduates from those cities in Tennessee as well as smaller communities such as Franklin and Brentwood, Cookeville, and Shelbyville.
Besides its central location MTSU is a desirable college for its academics. The university has a nationally renowned music business program as well as a nationally recognized aerospace program. The MTSU nursing program has also become extremely popular and it has become an extremely competitive program for prospective nursing students. The university prides itself not only on its numbers of enrollees but also on its quality of students. It is because of these attributes that many valedictorians and National Merit Scholars choose to attend Middle Tennessee State University. To further their appeal to the academically gifted students MTSU has built the Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors Building specifically for the purpose of educating those students who welcome a more challenging classroom atmosphere.
Many of Tennessee educators come from the teacher education program at MTSU. In fact, when the college was first founded in 1911 it was for the purpose of training future teachers. MTSU has continued that tradition and has one of the largest and most respected teacher education programs in Tennessee. In fact, Terry Weeks, National Teacher of the Year in 1988 is an MTSU alumnus and now helps to train future teachers as a professor in the education department at the university.
One of the surprising facts about Middle Tennessee State University is that only about 15% of the student population resides on campus. Because of its central location the university is desirable to commuting students. Also MTSU provides a unique opportunity for non-traditional students to start or complete their college education. A non-traditional student is defined as a person enrolled who is has not started directly after their completion of high school. MTSU is a terrific opportunity for adults who never started college or who left to pursue a career before graduating. Also, in today’s ever changing job market it provides an opportunity for non-traditional students to get their college degree in a subject area completely different from their current job or to make themselves a more attractive candidate in today’s tough job market by updating their skills.
Because of its central location and large numbers of non-traditional students, as well as the sharply rising cost of higher education it is not uncommon for many students to have part or full time jobs outside of the university grounds. Even students who live on campus may have to go home for the summer to find summer jobs in order to help pay for their school year tuition and expenses. Luckily, even though they have to move out of their dorm room or off campus housing at the end of the school year they need not haul their entire college belongings home for the summer. There are many storage complexes available for short term rental perfect for college students returning home for the summer. Storplace Self Storage of Stones River offers spaces perfect for MTSU students returning home and offers a discount to students to show their support of MTSU and the support that MTSU shows the Murfreesboro community. A small 5×10 storage unit space is sufficient for most students needing to store their student desks, mini-fridges, and winter clothing until they return back to Murfreesboro to start the next semester of classes. MTSU students can go home for the summer, save up for their next year’s tuition and rest assured that their stereos and lava lamps will be in the same condition as when they left it in storage after final exams in May. So get ready for finals then leave your things where you can be sure they’re safe and secure. Good luck in your pursuit of an excellent college education at the state’s largest undergraduate university- Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Please come visit us at Stones River located at 310 North Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, or you can call us at 615-691-6023.

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We are committed to our communities by supporting many local charitable organizations such as YMCA Restore Ministries,  Salama Urban MinistriesThe American Red Cross , Soles4Souls and Charis Ministries are among the many charitable organizations that we work with.  We are also very proud to be helping victims of the tornadoes that have affected our region in the past few years. StorPlace is a proud member of many community business organizations such as the Greater Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Self Storage Association, Greater Nashville Association of Realtors  and partnered with Crye Leike real estate companies  just to name a few.

Beginning this month, StorPlace is re-launching our social media sites to show our continued commitment to our community. We will continue to share storage tips and storage information, but we are also going to share more stories about our StorPlace family and our community. We hope that you will join us  by becoming a fan of our Facebook page, Twitter page,  YouTube page, LinkedIn page, and subscribe to our blog posts. 

StorPlace Building Community Relationships

Being part of the Franklin,Tennessee in Middle Tennessee Nashville community is a huge part of our concept here at StorPlace Self Storage. Our motto is “Your Friendly Neighborhood Storage Center”. We try to partner with our neighborhood businesses and also we like to get involved in making a difference in the community.

Recently StorPlace Franklin and Cool Springs, along with our Marketing Director, were invited to the Ribbon Cutting for a new business E Spaces, in Franklin. This is a great concept that these folks have come up with. Josh Bowling the COO & CFO explained that part of their concept for rental space was actually based on the way Self Storage is handled. You rent from month to month and can “move out” at any time no long term contracts. The meeting facilities are awesome. The membership fees are in my opinion very reasonable for the Belle Meade, Cool Springs and Franklin areas. This one is located in Franklin and they have a space in Belle Meade as well. They plan on opening up other facilities in the area. Judy Meadows is going to meet with them to open up a partnership with StorPlace and their customers, perhaps similar to the realtors’ discounts. Josh expressed that they wanted to be able to offer their customers good value with quality companies and I said that would be us. When you rent a meeting space you have unlimited access to the following:

– Schedule small to large meeting spaces
– Open space for work, meetings, discussion and breakout meetings
– Use of large flat-screen displays for presentations and online video-conferencing using services
such as Skype
– Use of white boards and markers
– Access to high-speed wireless internet
– Coffee, tea, soda and filter water for participants
– Copying services as needed they even have cables for you to use to connect your computers to
their equipment
– Concierge support (new words for Admin support) -Free Parking and this place has a lot of


This is certainly the way of the future and StorPlace can be right in the middle of it.

Please come visit us at 1628 Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42104, or you can call us at 888-395-5677.