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Moving can sometimes be a stressful and expensive experience and we are here to help make your storage decision as easy and stress-free as possible. The most important storage decision besides, the cost and location of a particular unit is how long you need to store. It is important to decide what you are going to store and how long you are going to store before you search for a unit. Sometimes in the rush of moving we tend to store things that we no longer need or use because we do not have time or the energy to get rid of it. All of our leases are rented on a month-month bases so that you are not locked into a long-term lease. We do allow you to pro-rate out with a notice given by the 1st of the month.

We offer heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled storage units. We recommend heated and cooled units if you have sensitive items or are storing over the summer. We have units that range in size from a 5×5(small closet) to a 10×40(4 bedroom house). We also have 8-ft tall ceilings that allow you to stack items or even place shelves in order to keep items organized. In all of our hallways we have moving carts available to load items on and take the units in fewer trips. Our 12 locations feature site as well as gate surveillance 24-7 and each tenant has their own personalized gate code. For your convenience, we also have several payment options available such has online payment and debit authorization.

When looking for storage, people often forget that many facilities carry moving and storage supplies. This can be a huge time saver if you are setting things up at the last minute. Here at Storplace Self-Storage, we have a variety of moving supplies available to ease the stress of moving. For example, we have clear packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and surplus of boxes in different sizes. Storplace provides the necessary tools to properly pack and store all your items. Not only can you store your things, but everything you need is right on site and ready when you need it. Our prices are also very competitive and sometimes cheaper that other retail stores. We also provide you with a lock on move-in day so lessen the stress of unloading and then realizing that you need a lock. Storplace Self Storage aims to be your one stop shop for moving supplies, customer service, and stress free moving.

At this location we also rent Budget moving trucks as well as hand trucks, and furniture pads. We have trucks that range in size from 10 foot to 24 foot. This is the perfect location to rent a storage unit because you are able to move and drop off excess items at one location. The convenience of this location is that you will save yourself a lot of time and money because your storage and truck rental are located in the same place.

All of our property managers and assistants aim to provide friendly, upbeat, and caring service to all of our tenants and future tenants. We are here to help with any questions and issues that may arise with storage or truck rentals. Storplace of Bellevue is the perfect location to store your items and be free from worry and stress.




StorPlace Beats the Heat

Handy merchandise to help you with your packing will help you beat the heat.

If you haven’t used a storage facility in several years, I have some news for you!  Storage has been evolving with the times and it is now possible to store things that you never thought you could. All of this is possible with temperature controlled units!  Everyone is familiar with a standard storage space. It has a large garage door that rolls up, and inside you can store many household items. A fairly new development for storage facilities are the addition of heated and cooled or climate controlled units.

A heated and cooled unit provides air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. These units allow you to store items sensitive to heat and cold. Anything like; leather, photos, electronics, and antiques can be put into these units safely. We keep the temperature 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter. While that may sound a bit hot or cold to you, your goods will not be affected at all by the change from winter to summer and vice versa. They don’t need to be at 72 degrees to be comfortable like us humans!

A climate controlled storage unit is pretty similar to a heated and cooled space. The only difference being that a climate controlled unit really does control all aspects of the climate, namely humidity. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air.  This is especially helpful for storing items like pianos. As we know all too well, it gets extremely humid in the summer here in Tennessee. If you are storing over the summer, or even storing over many summers, you should look into storing in a heated and cooled, or climate controlled space. This will ensure your goods will come out in the same condition that they go in.

As a general rule, most units that are heated and cooled, or climate controlled are down interior hallways. You will need to remember that your goods will be travelling down a hallway into the space. This isn’t always troublesome however, because at StorPlace we offer large moving carts in our hallways that you can load and roll back to your unit.

Now there is nothing wrong with storing in a standard non-temperature controlled space. These spaces are like our garages at home. If you feel comfortable storing items in a garage you may store them in a standard space. Some tenant’s have also chosen to rent two spaces; a standard space and a heated and cooled space. This allows them to put items like lawn mowers, dishes, paperwork, and toys in their standard space.  They fill their heated and cooled space with any items that are temperature sensitive like televisions, clothing, leather, and wood furniture.

Every situation is different and some people would rather err on the side of caution and put all of their items into a heated and cooled space. Others may only need the unit for a short time and wish to take a chance on leaving their temperature sensitive items in the heat or cold. Whichever way you choose, remember that StorPlace Self Storage has an option for you! StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd. has drive up heated and cooled units that would be perfect for a business! Inquire with us today by calling (615) 832-3388.

StorPlace: How to Choose the Best Storage Facility


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Everyone has different reasons as to why they need to use a self storage facility. Whether you are de-cluttering your home, moving for a big job promotion, looking for RV or Boat storage, storing excess business materials, or moving because of harder times; you have something in common with a lot of other people… You want the best storage facility you can get for your money. There are several factors that everyone must consider when they start browsing for storage: Location, Security, Accessibility, and most importantly Customer Service.

Location is one of the most important factors to lot of people. When you are looking at storage facilities, you definitely want to pick one that is going to be conveniently located for you. Whether it is close to your home, your business or where you will be moving to; you want to select somewhere where it won’t be a hassle to access your things whenever you want.

Another very important factor in your selection process should be the security of your belongings. If the things you will be storing are important enough to pay to keep them in a storage facility; they definitely need the best security you can find. Look for facilities with gated access, so you can feel secure that only people who are also renting storage units will have access to the property where your belongings will be kept. Another good security measure to look for is some type of surveillance system; such as 24 hour security cameras. That way there is a back up record of who was on the property, where they were at on the property, and what they were doing on the property. Make sure that you look into places that are well lit, and somewhere that you feel comfortable being.

Accessibility can also play a major role in picking a facility. You want to be able to access your unit as much as possible. Look for places with extended gate hours, and easy access to units. Extended gate hours are very nice, because you can access your unit earlier in the morning and later at night than what the office is open. You also want to make sure that you have easy access to your unit. For example if you have an outside unit, you want to have wider aisles to make it easier to get that moving truck in there. In the case that you are renting an inside unit: check to see if the facility has carts to make moving into your unit easier. When selecting a facility also look for ones who have ground floor units; so that you do not have to carry your belongings up stairs to store them.

Last but most definitely not least, look in to the facilities customer service. You want to store with a company who is very compassionate and friendly. Always pick somewhere that you feel that they go that extra mile to make you feel right at home. Feeling that someone actually cares about you and your precious belongings will make you feel a lot more at ease about putting your things into storage.

If you are looking for a storage facility that has all of these features and many more: StorPlace is the way to go. Please come visit us at one of our 13 convenient StorPlace locations.