Storplace Self Storage Annual Company Picnic

StorPlace Self Storage Celebrates It’s Community

Well you know what they say: “All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull.” In addition to helping you lead a more interesting life, recreation is important because of the many health, social and educational benefits it can provide. Even the word itself – recreation – indicates that something in us is lost through our daily grind that needs to be replenished. We need to be re-created periodically, replenished, built back up after a time of hard work.

If you watch a classroom full of 3rd graders for a day, it should be fairly obvious why recreation is important. By the end of the day, they look like they’re about to jump out of their own skin. The literally need to go outside and run around.

Adults are the same way; we’re just better at hiding it because most of us aren’t allowed an hour each day to play. We are expected to work, take care of our homes and families, and do responsible grown-up things. But if you take the time regularly to relax and enjoy yourself, you already know why recreation is important. Just in case you don’t, however, here are just a few of the benefits of recreation:

Exercise – If you play sports, dance, hike, walk or jog for fun, then you are not only refreshing your mind, but you are also helping your body to stay healthy and strong. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help prevent diseases, control your weight, increase strength, improve stamina, help you sleep better, and just make you feel better in general.

Fun and entertainment – Some people will tell you that watching TV is a waste of time, or that it kills your brain cells, but you know what? Sometimes your brain cells just need a rest, and if it makes you laugh, it’s reducing stress and creating a more positive environment, especially if the laughs are shared with other people.

Relaxation – This is hard for some people, but relaxation is necessary for good health. Our bodies aren’t made to go non-stop all the time. We need sleep to regenerate, but we also need to consciously stop running around sometimes and just sit. Let the house get extra dusty one week, and read a good book instead of cleaning. Take your kids to the park, and let them play with other kids while you sit on a bench and soak up the sun. Lie in bed for 10 minutes after you wake up in the morning, and just listen to the birds outside. Calm your mind, and you’ll lower your blood pressure.

Group participation – Participating in any kind of group activity – a class, theatrical production, community league sport, or PIC NIC – has all kinds of benefits. Group activities help children build their social skills and help adults build their social networks. These social connections can later help the entire community because once people know each other, they are more likely to help each other and work together to make their neighborhoods better places to live.

With all that being said: Here is how Stor Place Self Storage comes together to relax…….Our entire crew with family and friends met at Edwin Warner Park last Saturday to enjoy a full day of fun and relaxation. We even gave out awards…

  • Most competitive: Luke Katras
  • Most flustered: Nadine Misky (poor Nadine almost passed out after the softball game)
  • StorPlace Spirit Award: James Watson (for an all out performance at 1st base; including sacrificing his body for the team)
  • Most Family members in attendance: Ryan Silva & family
  • Injured Reserve List: Judy M, James and Nadine (next year let’s bring a medic)
  • Most in charge award: Jeff Urffer
  • Most ambidextrous award: Dustin

Tips on Storage Unit Packing


Everyone gathers for the StorPlace Self Storage picnic.

When you are shopping around for a self storage unit, chances are that you are looking for a way to make the most use out of it.  Sure, you know that you are going to pack it full of your belongings, but you have to be sure that you are packing it in such a way that you are not wasting your money.

Self Storage units are perfect for storing items you don’t use on a regular basis or for keeping items temporarily. Similar to packing items for a move from one location to another, packing for a Self storage unit requires properly labeling your items, securing breakable items and preparing outdoor equipment. With a few tips, you will have your items ready for a Self storage unit in no time.

Breakable Items

    • When packing delicate and breakable items, wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap. Do this for any item you don’t want broken or pieces missing, including toys, small objects and items that may get crushed in regular boxes. You can pack moving blankets or paper pads around the edges of the furniture drawers so items won’t shift while traveling in the moving truck or van. When storing family heirlooms, use wardrobe boxes as holders and secure the items in bubble wrap. Cover the wardrobe boxes and the furniture drawers in shrink wrap to prevent dust and other elements from getting in. Here at Storplace of Murfreesboro Rd. we offer a wide and varied amount of packing supplies.

Saving Space

    • Have a lot of pots and pans? Store what you can in the stove and other appliances then put the rest in large sturdy dish pack boxes. To save space in the storage unit, take apart any tables and chairs before storing and store large furniture pieces like sofas on their sides. If you are unable to take the legs off stack light weight boxes on top. Safeguard furniture with protective covers like moving blankets or shrink wrap. If you have filing cabinets, store business files and supplies in them. Use every space you have to store items.

Storage Unit Preparation

    • Before storing your items in the unit, place some plastic sheeting or cardboard on the floor for cleanliness. This will  help in sliding boxes and furniture along the floor. If the temperature of the storage unit is an issue, consider placing some moisture absorbers (Damp Rid) in the unit.
    • If standard units are not quite what you are looking for. All 13 of our StorPlace Self Storage locations, located throughout middle Tennessee, also have temperature controlled units available in any size you may need.
    • When arranging boxes and items in the storage unit, place those items you want to get to often close to the entrance. Put valuable items like computers, electronic equipment and power tools in the back of the unit. Leave an aisle for walking, and label each box with a description of what’s inside. Before you leave the storage unit, lock it with a high profile padlock purchased from the storage unit office.


Outdoor Equipment

When placing outdoor equipment in the storage unit, put it to one side and drain any fluids from mowers, weed cutters or other machines prior to storing. Don’t store paint, chemicals or other combustible items. Store lawn tools in a trash can and avoid putting items in garbage bags. Tie shovels, hoes and racks together. Never store Hazardous materials of any kind.

The storage professionals at Storplace of Murfreesboro Rd. and our other 12 locations in middle TN, will be more than happy to give you a site tour and help you choose the best Storage Unit to suit your needs.