What Storage Facility Should I Choose

How do you choose the right self storage facility depends on your current needs. Are you a business looking to store some inventory or how about a vehicle? Are you going to storing items for personal use or maybe a family member’s possessions that has recently passed away? Whatever the reason for needing storage, there is a storage facility out there just right for your needs.

Let’s start with the concerns that most people have about storage. Number one you want your belongings to be safe and you want yourself to be safe while you are at the facility. Check out what type of security the facility has. Does it have enough lighting to make sure you are not going to be left in the dark after the sun goes down? You want to make sure that the storage facility extremely bright outside lighting, as bright as an airport runway if possible. Extremely bright lighting also tends to run off any type of criminal activity. You also want to make sure that the facility has security cameras and make sure that they are recording 24hrs a day. Gate access is another security concern. Make sure that the gate has shut off hrs i.e. 6am to 10pm; this is a very good security feature as only the tenants would know that the gate shuts off at a certain time. A criminal may be banking on the fact that they will be able to follow a tenant out of the property late in the evening but to their surprise they would be stuck on the property until the next morning. Another feature to notice about the gate is to make sure you have to have a code to get IN and OUT of the property. The biggest security feature is of course the staff, so get to know the employees well at you self storage facility as they are the ones who keep an eye out on the property.

Next topic to take a look at is the location of the storage facility. You do want to make sure that the storage facility is in a decent area and is going to serve your needs well. Storage of a company vehicle is a great reason to look at the location and can save you a lot of money each day.  If your company is located on the outskirts of town then having a vehicle that only make trips or deliveries in town parked in town then it could save your company quite a bit of gas cost each and every day. Also it doesn’t make much since to have all of your business inventory located way outside of your customer base. If all of your deliveries are in a certain town, then put your inventory in a storage unit in that tow

We can provide supplies and a place for you to store your belongings

n and save gas, wear and tear, and employee time of driving back and forth to get inventory. Besides having a business, you may have personal reasons for the location of your storage unit for example do you want it near your home or work? Probably the location will matter on where you will be the most when you are accessing the unit.

Whatever your reason for the storage in the Madison/Rivergate area, there will be a Storplace Self Storage facility with the just the right location and features you are looking for.

StorPlace Appreciates You

Come store with us at Rivergate

StorPlace Self Storage appreciates its customers.  To show this StorPlace offers a variety of discounts for current and new tenants.  Offers such as a discount on all merchandise as well as packing supplies for current tenants, waiving certain fees to returning tenants, and coupons for new customers.  These are just some of the offers that StorPlace Self Storage has going on all of the time.  Another way that StorPlace shows customer appreciation is through the half off customer appreciation deal.  Also, StorPlace offers discounts if you pay in advance.  Let’s not forget refer a friend.

At all 13 of the StorPlace Self Storage location across the Murfreesboro Nashville area and even in Bowling Green, KY, StorPlace Self Storage offers a 10 percent discount to all current tenants on all merchandise as well as packing supplies.  This is extremely handy for the tenants who haven’t started to pack yet and need supplies.  The supplies include but are not limited to: boxes, tape, packing blankets, bubble wrap, mattress cover, stretch wrap, packing peanuts and packing kits.

Many returning customers ask, “Is there anything you can do for me since I have been a tenant here before?” The answer is “yes.”  StorPlace will waive the administration fee for former and current tenants getting another storage unit.  This is a very good value for the tenant who could in turn use that money to buy boxes and packing supplies, which they could get 10 percent off of.

Customers get excited during the customer appreciation special that is going on until February 28, 2012.  This customer appreciation special is for current tenants who get a second unit.  The special is for half off of the board rate for the second storage unit of a current tenant.  This is especially helpful for people who are deciding to move and businesses that use storage. It gives people an opportunity to do some spring cleaning or just give people more room to see what they actually have in storage.  Let’s not forget that tenants are saving a lot of money on the second storage unit.

Each StorPlace location has different coupon specials that new customers can use to get their time at StorPlace Self Storage started.  These specials vary and change every now and then.  You can find these specials at www.storplaceselfstorage.com.  Just pick the location that you would like to store at and then select the internet special.  Just make sure that the customer brings in the coupon for it to be honored.

Customers come in and say, “Is there any discount if I pay for long term storage in advance?”  The answer is “yes.”  If a customer wants to pay for long term storage in advance, StorPlace offers a few different options for this.  If a customer wants to pay for six months of storage, StorPlace offers them half off of the seventh month’s rent.  If a customer wanted to pay for a whole year of storage, StorPlace offers them the thirteenth month for free.  This is a very good value for the money.

Current tenants can receive the “Refer a Friend” discount when you refer a friend to StorPlace.  If you do this you can get half off of your next month’s rent, up to $50 dollars.  This is a nice incentive for current tenants to spread the word about StorPlace.

Customer appreciation is something StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on.  That is why there are so many different options for customers to feel appreciated including discounts on merchandise, discounts on the rate, and coupons for new customers.  Please come visit us, StorPlace of Rivergate, at 2360 Gallatin Road North Madison, TN 37115.  Or call us at (615) 851-2500.