Storage Management in the Winter Months

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The management of a self storage facility is a year round process. In the summer months, the duties include tending to the landscaping and making any needed repairs on the exterior of the facility. The winter months also bring specific duties to our facility management team to make sure that the facilities are safe for our customers.

To start, we need to have the proper products on hand to remedy the problems associated with cold weather. These products include Ice Melt, De-Icer, White Lithium Grease, WD-40, and ice cleats. We always have to keep an eye on the weather forecast for the following day, so that we know when to use these products at the facilities to ensure they work properly. On the evening before extremely cold weather is due to arrive, we will spray the simplex locks (located on the entrance doors to the buildings) with WD-40 to remove any moisture that has formed inside the locks to ensure they will not freeze overnight. Also, we will spray the gate chain with White Lithium grease to protect the chain from freezing or breaking.  Another good idea is to  place your ice cleats in your vehicle just in case the parking lot is frozen upon arriving at the facility the next morning.

If the weather forecast shows that there will be snow or freezing rain, in addition to the processes listed above, we will also put out Ice Melt on the ground around the gate. This will help prevent a customer’s car from sliding into the gate.  We will also put Ice Melt on the walkways of the property because we do not want any customers to fall down and get hurt.  All StorPlace Self Storage managers keep a can of De-Icer readily available at the offices in the event that the customer’s lock freezes from the extremely cold weather.

We work hard every day to make sure that the customer is our number one priority. Taking care of the facility in good and bad weather is  just a one of the  many duties that the StorPlace Self Storage Managers do to ensure good customer service.  If you have any questions about winter storage, contact us at StorPlace of Rivergate. The phone number is 615-851-2500.


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  1. A few people sometimes think that managing a storage facility is not hardwork as you only remove items from a client’s place to be placed to the storage facility. But as itemized by this blog, it is also hard work on our part, and that we also need to plan ahead, battling weather conditions and temperature changes. Every area has various challenges – storage facilities in Manly will have their own set of challenges, compared to the ones in the Sydney CBD. That is why the operations and security department will be one step ahead when it comes to planning and ensuring that the client’s items are secured and will be returned in the same condition that it arrived at the storage space, and that the client is in safe hands when he or she visits the area.

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