Storage Tips and Questions from StorPlace

There are many things to consider when renting a storage unit. The questions and answers and tips below will help you decide which storage facility to rent from and what type of storage you might need:

Why heated or cooled storage?

Heated and cooled storage maintains a steady temperature of 55–80° using
central air conditioning or heat, as well as dehumidifiers to control the
temperature. This insulates your belongings from the damage that severe hot or cold
weather can cause damage to items.

What should or should not be stored in a self storage unit?

Self-storage is an excellent option for storing overflow of many
different types of materials from your home or business. StorPlace Self Storage  frequently gets questions about what is acceptable to store in a storage unit. The most important thing to remember is not to put combustible items such as paint in a self storage unit. Also, do not place living items such as animals or plants in self storage.

Security options for storage

When selecting a self storage facility you’ll want to understand the different aspects to self storage security including alarmed storage units, computerized gate access, video surveillance and more. Security measures vary according to facility policy, cost, and even geographic location. Security is very important in your choice of a self storage facility.

Self storage tips for business owners

At StorPlace Self Storage, we find that most of our business owners make use of self
storage not just for long-term, but also for short-term solutions. If your business is running out of storage space for unused equipment or files, then self storage is a great option.

Choose the right size self storage unit

Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be
easy if you know what you want to store.
Check out our unit size guide to give you examples of the sizes of the storage units that we have and how much of your belongings can fit into which size storage unit.

Insuring your stored items 

Whether you are planning to store business or personal belongings, it is
important to insure the items in storage, since items in self storage are not generally covered by homeowners or rental insurance policies. StorPlace Self Storage offers Property Protection to help cover stored items

Vehicle self storage

Any type of vehicle can be stored in self storage to free up space in
your garage.
There are specific details that have to be done to prep a boat, car or RV for storage in order to keep the vehicle in running order. StorPlace Self Storage has RV/boat/car parking spaces at our facilities.

Packing efficiently for self storage

StorPlace Self Storage has created videos with description on the proper way to pack your belongings or business inventory for self storage. If you properly pack for self storage you will be able to optimize the space in your storage unit.

Choosing boxes and packing materials

Once the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly. StorPlace Self Storage offers a variety of box sizes, filler material and other packing necessities for all your packing needs. To make things easier, StorPlace also offers box kits which include different box sizes and packing material.

When you need storage just remember StorPlace Self Storage for your storage needs. We can also help you with  packing supplies that you may need to get everything ready for storage. We have 16 convenient locations in the Middle Tennessee Area and one location in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We look forward to giving you a great customer service experience at StorPlace of Cool Springs in Brentwood. Please feel free to contact us at 615-373-3006.


Spring Cleaning at StorPlace Self Storage


Spring Time at StorPlace Self Storage

Spring has sprung!

The job of keeping a storage facility in tip-top shape is never ending.  At StorPlace Self Storage,  we take cleanliness VERY seriously.  First impressions can make a difference when you are choosing a self storage facility. Cleanliness can often be the facility’s best-selling point.  Customers want to be assured that their prized possessions are in a safe and clean environment.

StorPlace Self Storage performs audits at each of our facilities once a quarter to insure that all of our properties measure up and exceed standards.  There are over 100 items on each audit and a majority of these include aspects of cleanliness and security.  We keep our standards VERY high at StorPlace Self Storage to ensure that you, our customer, come back to us time and again.  Upholding these cleanliness standards does bring us a lot of repeat business.

So what exactly do we do to earn your business? On a daily basis you can find the manager, assistant manager or both cleaning the property.  What does cleaning the property entail? First and foremost, we make sure there is no trash or debris on the property. We do a thorough check of each and every hallway.  We sweep leaves and any trash out to ensure each hallway is clean.  We also look at each door to be sure it looks its best.  Even during the slower winter months, StorPlace Self Storage employees are working hard to keep our facilities clean so that during our busy season (generally Spring/Summer) you see us at our best.

The grounds crew at StorPlace Self Storage is first rate. They are here a couple of times each month to make sure EVERY blade of grass is cut to just the right height.  Along with that, they sweep and blowout the breezeways and trim the bushes and trees. Inside, the fully stocked retail store at StorPlace Self Storage has the cleanest and shiniest floor around.  We take pride in the fact you can see your reflection in the office windows.

In conclusion, we know that price is of the utmost of importance during these difficult economic times.  Let me caution you to not always take the lowest price when it comes to storage.  You may quickly discover that you get what you pay for.  Rather than settle for a lower standard self storage facility, give StorPlace Self Storage a look.  You may rediscover what value truly means.  At StorPlace Self Storage, we take pride in having the safest and cleanest facility in the area.

A Rainy Measure

Rainy Puddles

The Month of March this year ended on a very rainy note. It was the kind of day that you would not expect anyone would be interested in getting a storage unit: unless of course, they were a duck. However, on opening the store, a mother and adult son came in to StorPlace of Bowling Green asking about unit sizes and prices. She had been a tenant many years ago and came back because of the great customer service. This time, the family was moving and needed to store a small house of belongings.I did have a 10×20 standard space available nearby for them to tour, provided they wanted to brave the heavy downpour. They said “Yes, we had better see it.” So, we proceeded out into the rain. They had not really dressed for the weather so we cut through a temperature-controlled building to try to prevent from getting drenched.

After raising the door on the outside unit, both mother and son walked off the space, imagining the storage floor plan. The main issue for them was where the son’s things would be packed. He is a truck driver and would need to remove items first. For convenience, the family had been recently living together. After a discussion with other family members, the decision was made to secure the outside storage unit. Before heading back into the rain and  the puddles, the mother looked up at the unit ceiling and said,”A rainy day is a good day to test if the roof leaks.”  I said that is true, but at Storplace Self Storage, we have never had that problem. To finish the rental process, we headed back to the office to complete the move-in paperwork.

Most people would probably not choose a rainy and cold day to rent a storage unit. They would look out the window and say, “Let’s tour the storage facility tomorrow”.  However, this mother and son duo had a true measure of need. They were going to get a storage unit no matter if it was rain or shine. For the Storplace Self Storage staff member, it is in turn a measure of a different kind: to meet the needs of the tenant with extra customer service. It would be easy to shy away from showing a unit on such a rainy day. But you do so,  with enthusiasm, if you put yourself in the customer’s shoes. No matter how soggy those shoes may be.

At Storplace in Bowling Green, although not perfect, we try to go the extra mile for customers. And would you know it, as I write this, it is yet another rainy day!

Welcome to StorPlace Self Storage!

StorPlace has self storage for all the seasons

All season self storage

StorPlace Self Storage of Lebanon Pike is here to help you with all of your storage needs. Whether you are moving into a new home or just need storage for any reason, we are dedicated to provide you with the best self storage experience that you can  have. StorPlace Self Storage offers temperature controlled units and we have state-of-the-art security, so you can feel safe and secure about storing any belongings that you treasure. We treat your possessions as if they were our own, keeping them safe and secure at all times. We also treat every customer with respect and friendliness to make your storage rental experience stress free. Our facilities feature a number of security and safety measures including: an electronic gate for 24-hour security, fenced-in property, multi-camera comprehensive video recording, individual lighted units for safer visits, wider drive aisles for easy and safe vehicle access, and high security (cylinder) locks that are included in our set-up. Do not worry about having to park your cars, R.V’s, boats, or your campers in a place where you always have to question if it’s safe. StorPlace Self Storage offers parking spaces up to forty-five feet long, along with covered parking to protect your vehicles from weather.

We want to make you feel right at home at StorPlace Self Storage, so we are pleased to give the following amenities at our facilities: clean units for immediate move-in, convenient office and gate hours, seven days a week access to your unit, dollies and carts that are helpful while moving in, and 10% off any boxes and packing supplies that you might need.  Our friendly managers will be happy to discuss what storage unit is right for your storage needs. We invite you to stop by the any of sixteen locations in the Nashville, Murfreesboro and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas. Our managers would love to show you around.