The Transition of Life

Happy Graduation!

Spring has come and gone for those of us in Middle Tennessee, now we can start to think of summer. The long HOT days of summer. It is also the time to start deciding what to do with those items that we found during spring cleaning. These are items that we did not realize we still had and  we are just are not ready to part with. There are many different transitional time in life that could require renting a self storage unit such as graduating from college, getting married or divorced, moving children out to their own homes or transitioning an older family member to an assisted living facility.

For parents with children who are graduating from high school or college (whew, you made it!), and are starting a life on their own, what to do with the things that they leave behind? As parents of these young adults, we know not to get rid of that bedroom set just in case. But, if you are the parents of children who have not yet graduated (hang in there), but are still in living in a college dorm or apartment and you will need somewhere to store their belongings until school starts again.

Don’t worry, StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow (Antioch, TN.) and Murfreesboro Rd. (Nashville, TN.) have the storage solution to fit any of your storage needs. Every StorPlace Self Storage location has a large selection of heated and cooled storage spaces available. Did you know that the heated and cooled storage spaces get no warmer than eighty degrees during those dog days of summer and no colder than sixty degrees in those cold days of winter? These cooled storage units are the perfect place to store the student’s electronics, books, documents and any higher-end furniture. The heated storage units would be a great place to store clothing, kitchen items and furniture.

StorPlace Self Storage has over sixteen locations in the Nashville, Murfreesboro and Bowling Green, Kentucky area.  StorPlace of Hickory Hollow, located at 5251 Mt. View Rd., directly across from Hickory Hollow Mall has numerous sizes of storage spaces available which are perfect to hold those items from the dorm room for the single student or that room of  children’s furniture which you want to hold onto. StorPlace of Hickory Hollow is located near the interstate and is central to the main shopping areas of Antioch. Parents of new graduates, StorPlace of Hickory Hollow and Murfreesboro Rd. has a variety of large units sizes that are just right for storing those items you found on sale and are just waiting for the time you can transform that now spare room into whatever room you may want. When the time is right, give the people at StorPlace Self Storage a call and speak with one of their knowledgeable and friendly management team.

Security and Safety

Computerized Gate Access at StorPlace Self Storage

Every StorPlace Self Storage facility has computerized gate access.

Have you ever wondered how safe and secure your belongings are?  Much like the old adage “you get what you pay for” Self storage facilities come in all shapes with different amenities. Each storage facility offers some features to consider, but StorPlace Self Storage offers that little extra.

Self storage security should include cylinder locks, digital camera systems, gated access, barbed wire fence, and daily walk-through of the properties by company employees.StorPlace Self Storage’s high security cylinder locks are made of the hardest steel with 21 brass pins that allows not only thousands of different key changes, but anti-pick punch resistant mechanisms.  Three high security round keys come with every tenants lock, which are difficult to copy except at a qualified locksmith shop.  The cylinder locks can be a great deterrent to someone with ill-gotten intentions.

Digital site surveillance is top of the line at StorPlace Self Storage. We have cameras that record each time motion that is detected.  Don’t scratch your nose because “Big Brother” can capture you on hidden camera! This remarkably clear footage is one of the best surveillance systems in the storage industry!

Along with the digital system, StorPlace Self Storage 16 locations are surrounded by 8 foot chain linked and wrought iron fences topped with barbed wire. The gated properties are accessed by individual assigned security pass codes. Gate passage is then recorded with date stamping, customers name and time. Each day, our employees walk the property and verify the safety and security of each customers’ storage door and lock.  Fences and lighting are also monitored to assure proper facility up-keep as well as security.

Other safety and security measures to consider when choosing a storage facility would be cleanliness and pest control.  With the help of Belle Meade Exterminators, StorPlace Self Storage has monthly service to prevent problems with rodents and bugs. Our well-trained employees sweep, mop and maintain the grounds and buildings to keep them clean.

Stop by anytime at one of our 16 convenient locations for a site tour to see for yourself that  you really do “get what you pay for” and you also “get your money’s worth” too!   StorPlace Self Storage …your neighborhood storage facility!


How to Properly Pack for a Move


StorPlace packing supplies

Pick up your packing supplies at any StorPlace facility


Moving can be a very time consuming process.  Whether you choose to hire professional movers or pack and move yourself, there is always a lot to do. It is important to have a plan set for your moving day. Start planning at least 6-8 weeks before you move by hiring moving companies or renting your own moving truck, start sorting and packing items and shutting off and turning on utilities. Packing your own items and moving yourself is my preferred way of moving.  Packing your own boxes does have its own benefits.  For me, the most beneficial part of packing myself is that I could go through my things and separate what I really wanted to keep and what could be donated or thrown away.  This was also a good way for me to save money with my moving expense since most movers charge by the quantity of items and the weight.

Be sure to purchase a few different size boxes to help make the move easier and save you money.  I was able to get all of my moving supplies from StorPlace Self Storage.  StorPlace Self Storage has boxes that are small which are great for those heavy items such as dishes, glasses, and books.  Their boxes also have handles which make it a lot easier to move them around.  They have medium boxes that can hold a variety of belongings such as toys, collectibles, or small appliances.  The large box is great for pots and pans and mixing bowls, and larger appliances.  They also have an extra large box which is perfect for packing blankets, pillows, and all of the other lighter weight items you have to pack.  They have a sturdy wardrobe box which I used for packing all of my hanging clothes.  The mirror boxes worked fabulously for my flat screen television and my wall art.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are packing boxes for your move:

1. Make sure that you have plenty of filler material such as plain newsprint, bubble wrap or clothes to put in boxes to fill them up.

2. When you are packing breakables, make sure to tightly wrap the item in newsprint or bubble wrap. Place these items in layers in the box. (A small box is prefered for breakable items such as glassware, plates and collectibles). Put the heaviest item at the bottom, add a layer of filler, then another item layer, then more filler and the lightest item on top with filler to the top of the box.

3. Make sure to label the contents of the box on the outside of each box. Also, put the room where the items belongs on the outside of the box, so it can be placed in the correct place in your new home.

4. Keep an inventory list of the boxes that are being moved and keep track of them as they go into the moving truck and are being removed from the moving truck.

5. When you are moving keep a few boxes aside that can be the last on the truck and the first into the new home. Label these boxes as “last in truck” and let your movers know that you need these boxes unloaded first.

WIth a little bit of planning, a collection of good moving and packing supplies and the proper packing of boxes, the moving process can be made a bit easier. Stop by any one of the 16 Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, KY StorPlace locations to pick up your moving and packing supplies.

Tips and Tricks for Student Storage

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You have officially survived the semester! The only thing standing in your way of summer fun is trying to figure out how to load your entire dorm room in your car for the trip home. When you started the semester it all fit nicely; however, after four long months you have acquired a few extra things. One of the easiest solutions of this challenge for college students is to obtain a storage unit. This school year has been full of new and exciting things and self-storage can be added to the list of new experiences that you have had! We all know that sometimes trying something new can be a little scary; such as not knowing how to pick right size storage unit to fit your stuff. The good thing about StorPlace Self Storage is that we have a very knowledgeable staff that will help you determine what size storage unit you might need.

The first step you need to take is determining what “stuff” you have. Split your things into two separate lists: Those things you will take back home and those that will be put in the storage unit. This is the most important step in determining what size storage unit you will need. If you know exactly what you will be placing in the storage unit, we can get you in the right sized unit for the best value. There is no need to pay for extra space that you will not need. Bring the list of the items that you want to store with you when you are taking a tour of one of the three StorPlace Self Storage facilities that are conveniently located near Middle Tennessee State University!

The next step to take will be packing your belongings. One thing that many people do not consider when packing boxes is being able to pick them up afterwards. It is not a good idea to get the largest box or tote that you can find and pack it completely full. This will cause it to be very heavy and can also cause injury! The best idea is to pack like items together and to keep a list of what is in each box, which will  help you locate items later. Heavier items such as books should be packed in smaller boxes so that they are easy to carry; whereas lighter items such as bedding and pillows can be placed in a larger box. If this is your first year in college, it may be a good idea to invest in a few plastic totes in different sizes that you can use the entire four years you are in college.

Thirdly, it is time to obtain your storage unit! It is a good idea to start the rental process in advance so that you have one less thing to worry about during finals week. Also, renting early will  guarantee that you will be able to get the storage unit size that you need. When you come by the office, just make sure to let the staff know what kind of items you have (how many boxes, how much furniture, if you have a mini fridge or microwave, etc.). The more specific you can be the easier it makes finding you the right sized storage unit.We realize that many times parents will want to call and set the units up for their children and make the payments themselves. We make it very convenient to get the paperwork for your unit completed.

Lastly, it is time to move in! Moving day means that you are one step closer to the trip home! Just remember when packing the things into the storage unit, to always put heavy boxes and items on the bottom of the stack of boxes. If you place heavy boxes on top of lighter ones, they can collapse and have the potential to fall when you reopen the door. Always make sure that when you put in mini fridges or microwaves that they are completely clean and dry! Leave the fridge door slightly open and even use the inside of the refrigerator to store smaller items! Make sure to utilize the height of the storage space so you can fit more things inside.

We want to wish you a safe trip home from the staff here at StorPlace Self Storage of Rutherford Blvd., Stones River and Veteran’s Parkway!  We look forward to having you store with us.

Store at StorPlace Self Storage

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The weather shifts and so do our moods! Spring is here and what better time than to empty out those attics, garages, and cluttered closets?  StorPlace Self Storage offers a variety of packing essentials, from industrial-quality boxes to peanuts and bubble wrap, geared to meet your every moving need.  Current and new tenants can receive a 10% discount of all packing and moving supplies that are in the store.

Once you have done your spring cleaning projects, sorted the items in the rooms, where, you might ask, will you put all the items that don’t fit back into the room and that you can’t throw out? Renting a self storage unit for these leftover items would be a great option. It helps relieve the clutter in your home after you have done your spring cleaning projects.  Visit your nearest StorPlace Self-Storage facility and take a tour of the property!  We have units in every shape and size, from 5×5’s to store those bulky Christmas totes, up to 10×30’s ready to house a car!  You can be reassured that a StorPlace Self Storage employee will take personal interest in matching you with the most appropriate unit, putting the safety and security of your items at the top of their agenda.

Need a closer look?  StorPlace Self Storage is an entirely fenced-in property.  Tenants enter/exit through our main gate, using their own personalized and unique gate codes.  24/hr-video surveillance and a well-lit grounds make moving-in after dark a worry-free exercise.  You can access your storage units 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm via our gated entrance. Our friendly staff are available 6 days a week to serve any of your storage or moving needs, even opening early at 8am on Saturday to help you get an early start on your move!  Reserve a unit online today to receive a discount on your unit rate, as well as check out any other special internet offers we’re running!

It’s one thing to store your personal items in a storage facility, but it’s another to store with a facility that prides itself on customer service, customer appreciation, and customer happiness.  Our goals are simple: to provide you with a safe and secure atmosphere, as well as friendly service, so that your stay with us can be one free of hassle and worry. Don’t hesitate to call, don’t hesitate to move, get a jump on your spring cleaning and store with StorPlace Self Storage.