Antioch: The Continuing Story

Global Mall at the Crossings in Antioch, Tennessee



Recently, there have been some exciting things happening at what was once the Hickory Hollow Mall, now The Global Mall at the Crossings. Although the mall was closed in 2012, it was sold to a developer, who along with local government, had a vision for the Global Mall and the surrounding communities.

To many people, the perception of Antioch, a community in southeastern Davidson County and governed by the city of Nashville, and the surrounding areas has diminished. Antioch is still a bustling community filled with a diverse group of people and thought. Antioch is filled with hard-working people who take pride in their community and what it has to offer. Over the last few years, not everyone wanted to give up on Antioch. In fact, as a show of confidence in the area and what it has to offer, Davidson County political leaders purchased part of the older Hickory Hollow Mall and adjacent parking lots. Soon thereafter, plans were announced on the conversion of part of the mall into a community center,ice skating rinks (partly sponsored by The Nashville Predators) and a public library. This is a sign that local government along with the residents of Antioch still believe that this is a viable and yes, desirable area for both businesses and families to thrive.

A few months ago, the Global Mall at the Crossings had its Grand Opening, which appeared to be a resounding success. The opening was attended by local residents as well as local dignitaries. The mall parking lot was full of people interested in knowing what was next to come. Just recently, the major deconstruction of the old mall structure process began. There were many people in attendance as the first wall was coming down in preparation of the beginning of the new redesign. The pride that was evident on the faces of those in attendance was inspiring. If that pride is as wide-spread in all of the residents of Antioch, not just those who reside in the Hickory Hollow area, then this area will not only thrive, but it will surely prosper.

The residents of this Great area invite all who doubt to come out, visit and see what the Antioch community still has to offer.Throughout this message there is a theme. If you are one of those who have given up on Antioch, then you are about to miss out on a rising star.

StorPlace Self Storage is proud to be part of this great community! Stop by our Antioch location for all of your storage needs!

Lessen the Stress of Moving with StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace of Old Hickory BlvdYou have probably come to the point this autumn where you need to store your summer “toys”, clothing and gardening tools. At StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd in Nashville you can find the storage unit that best fits your needs. We are always ready to greet you with a smile and great service. Not only is Nashville the “Home of Country Music” but it is also home of the best self-storage facility around, StorPlace Self Storage! As a company, we strive to provide great customer service, friendly faces to greet you in the office, and most of all, security for your belongings. We have facilities scattered throughout the city of Nashville to accommodate customers in different parts of town.

Moving is a stressful, tiring, and expensive experience. However, it is possible to lessen the stress by following a few easy moving tips. One of the most important things about moving is to decide how much money you would like to spend on your move. If you have not planned out the financial aspect of moving it is very easy to spend a lot of unnecessary money. During the planning step, it is a good idea to decide what you are taking with you, putting in storage, selling on the internet, or giving away to family. Once you have answered these questions, you can decide what size storage unit you may need to help with storage needs before, during or after you move.  StorPlace Self Storage has several storage unit options available from as small as a 5 x 5 to as big as 10 x 30.  We also recommend renting heated and cooled units during the summer months to protect your belongs from the fluctuating temperatures in the city. If you are storing miscellaneous items that are not heat sensitive, you could store them in an outside (or regular) storage unit, but furniture and electronics would best fit in heated and cooled unit.

After you have organized your storage unit and moving plan, you must decide if you are going to rent a moving truck or pack and move your belongings with the help of family and friends. At this stage, the most important step in moving is correctly packing and labeling your personal belongings. When packing your items, make sure you do not make your boxes too heavy. While packing, we are sometimes focused on getting the move over with and we end up putting too many items inside of a box and it is too hard to lift. Boxes should not be heavier than 30 pounds, so that they can easily be lifted and moved. Also, do not stack your boxes too high in your moving truck or inside the storage unit.  If you are storing or moving large pieces of furniture, place those items at the back of the unit so that your boxes are easily accessible in case you need to grab something quickly. Well, now these tasks are all figured out, you are at the finish line of your move!  You can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy the home of Country Music.

We wish you the best and hope you have a good moving experience and would love to see you at StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd.

StorPlace of Franklin Welcomes the Changing Seasons

Don't forget your furry friends when the cold weather hits


It is the time of the year when you are ready to change your wardrobe and put the summer clothes away and bring out those wonderful sweaters and jackets. It is the time for “Trunk or Treat” at your favorite community center or place of worship.

StorPlace Self Storage of Franklin partners with St. Andrew Church in Franklin to help collect for People for Animals and other non- profit animal rescue organizations. Many thanks to our customers for donating pet food, pet carrying containers, toys, bedding and many other needed items. So, while you are changing and getting ready for the cooler weather, don’t forget about all those precious animals that need our help. At StorPlace Self Storage, we try to help make your transition from one phase of your journey in life to next as stress free as possible, which includes storing for the changing seasons.

StorPlace Self Storage has plenty of boxes and other packing supplies to help you organize your belongings. StorPlace boxes have been used by many folks in our community to not only pack personal or business items, but they were also used at a local church during vacation bible school to  build a Noah’s Arc. Another group of industrious parents used the boxes to build race cars. Many teachers use our packing paper for coloring or drawing paper for their classrooms. We even have people buy the blank newsprint to shred up and keep puppies, bunnies or other little animals warm and not get all the ink from regular newspapers all over their sweet fur.

Speaking of sweet, StorPlace Self Storage of Franklin always has plenty of candy on hand for our customers throughout the year. Have a wonderful fall and come by and see us with any questions or concerns you may have about storing.

So many things to do and see in autumn in Middle Tennessee

fall leavesIt is that time of year again. The leaves will soon begin to turn to all the sweet colors of autumn. As the cooler weather is approaching, people will be looking for more outdoor activities to fill their weekends with until winter is here. October is the month of fall festivals and craft fairs. Not too far from our great city of Murfreesboro, TN is the home of the largest craft fairs in the state. Bell Buckle, TN, about 25 minutes south of Murfreesboro, hosts almost 80,000 visitors annually to the craft fair on the third weekend in October!

No matter what type of interests you may have (arts & crafts, antiques, quilts, woodwork, and yard art… to name just a few), there will definitely be something at the craft fair that will catch your eye. There are over 100 hand-picked vendors that come and set up through the streets of the community. As you walk around, you will see all of the hard work each of these individuals has put into their booths and the things that they will be selling. Since Christmas is fast approaching, it may be a good time to do some shopping for a hand crafted gift for that special someone.

Now as we all know, when you walk around you will get hungry and thirsty! In addition to all of the craft vendors, there are also many food vendors as well. My favorite thing is always the fresh squeezed lemonade! Since there will be places to have a quick lunch while you are there, you might as well make a whole day of it with the family!

When you come back to the Murfreesboro area with a full car load of new goodies, it might not be a bad idea to stop by one of our four Murfreesboro area StorPlace Self Storage locations to get a storage unit! We look forward to seeing you there!

Motorcycle Riding Season is Coming to a Close

Motorcycle storage

If you’re like me, then one of your favorite parts of summer is that the weather is just perfect for riding motorcycles. I ride my bike everyday that I can. It is a money saving and fuel-efficient means of transportation, but not only that, there is nothing quite like the thrill of riding the roads everyday on two wheels.

If you love to ride then you have to take good care of your bike to insure that you are riding safely. Motorcycles are very different from cars and require much more preventive maintenance and upkeep. Checking your oil, brakes, chain, lights, tires and tire pressure is a must before every ride. The better your bike runs (and stops) the safer you will be out on the roads.

Even though the best of the riding season and weather is slowly fading into fall, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the ride. There is already a long list of motorcycle events planned for October including many charity and fundraising events for good causes, such as Warriors for Veterans, a benefit for disabled veterans, She Rides Pink, a benefit and fundraiser for breast cancer research and awareness, CVMA Toys for Tots, and many more.

Once winter weather moves in to stay, the good days for riding are few and far between, but a good way to keep your bike protected from the elements and ready to ride next season is to store it in a dry, easily accessible garage or storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage has lots of good options for any size bike, or bigger units for multiple bikes and their accessories. We have easy access drive up units for the hard-core riders who ride throughout the winter as well. It can be a good way to store and access your bike all year around.

Protect yourself and your bike this season. Harley Davidson’s motto says it best, “Live to ride and ride to live.”