Newly Renovated Storage Facility in Hermitage

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike


StorPlace Self-Storage is happy to announce the addition of a 7th storage building in their StorPlace of Lebanon Pike facility in the Hermitage/Donelson area. StorPlace of Lebanon Pike is located on the corner of Central Pike and Lebanon Pike in the heart of Hermitage, TN. Nearby points of interest include The Hermitage (Home of President Andrew Jackson), The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Shores, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Hermitage House Smorgasbord and Ravenwood Country Club.

The former Central Pike Self Storage facility was acquired by Mr. Ed Freeman in late September 2012. Upon acquisition, many renovations were needed to be made in order to bring the property up to the high StorPlace Self Storage standards. These changes included a major cleaning overhaul provided by several StorPlace Self Storage managers and employees, the replacement of over 30 broken doors on the outside buildings, landscaping to beautify the property, adding and replacing cameras and light sensors for extra security and safety and the addition of many boxes and packing supplies for the service of our customers. And that was just the beginning of the remodeling process!

Our customers can now have an even better storage experience. In the beginning of 2013, our facility began renovations that included a brand new store front with our official StorPlace Self Storage logo, renovated office and show room, new gate entry, an additional entrance for our customers with heated and cooled spaces, well-lit large units, newly paved lot, an additional 10 security cameras, and a new building with 44 spaces with sizes that range from 5×5 to 10×10 that provide lights in every unit as well as a cooling system to help with air circulation.

Besides the new renovations that StorPlace Self Storage has implemented, our customers can experience the convenience of online bill pay, a payment dropbox, automatic credit card billing, after-hours call center and emailed invoices. StorPlace Self Storage strives to make the storage experience easy and convenient for our customers. The StorPlace Self Storage mission is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers in need by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, innovativeness, conscientiousness, cheerfulness and friendliness.

We are not done yet! In 2014, StorPlace of Lebanon Pike will see even more units and parking spaces to fit your needs. Right now, we are working on the plans for new covered parking spaces for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats. By the summer of 2014, we hope to have 30 additional parking spaces for our customers looking to store their boats close to Percy Priest Lake.

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike has a number of heated and cooled spaces as well as outside, garage-type units for our customers. With a variety of sizes, StorPlace Self Storage can find the perfect fit for your storage needs. Give us a call at (615) 882-0082 and we will be happy to assist you with any of your storage or packing needs. All rental customers receive 10% off on boxes and packing supplies!

StorPlace Self Storage Holiday Storage Solutions

StorPlace Self Storage-packing supplies

Don’t start your packing without stopping in at StorPlace for supplies.


With the busy schedule of the holiday season, many of us are having trouble finding the time to get organized. The end of the year is a great time to get some things done that you have been meaning to get around to since the beginning of the year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s festivities all around us, it can be a good opportunity to organize your storage unit. Here are a few ideas to help in organizing your home, garage, and storage units.

First off, if you haven’t already, it’s time to put the summer items away. Sometimes, we get too busy once it gets colder and we look into our closets and see a mix match of all four seasons. It’s a good time to switch out all of those summer items with winter items. Winters may be mild in Middle Tennessee, but they can still be very cold in most cases. You can purchase storage boxes or storage totes at any StorPlace Self Storage facility to organize your items into appropriate seasons. Not only does this helpful tip work for the closet, but also for the trunk of your car. If you are like me, you’re trunk is always prepared for what the season may bring. During the winter, we need first-aid kits, blankets, water, ice scraper, antifreeze, oil, jumper cables, and a tool kit. Don’t neglect organizing your car trunk, so you can be prepared for any emergency situation.

Due to daylight savings, most of us are coming home to dark driveways and houses. Before it gets too cold, take time to do some much needed maintenance on light fixtures inside and outside the house. In our excitement to put up Christmas lights, we may forget to change light bulbs on the garage. Keep a tool kit or box readily available in the garage with all the tools you may need to do quick maintenance on your home. Remember to keep this kit stocked with light bulbs, flashlights, and tools. Make sure to keep your home safe during the holiday season with a few minutes of home repair now.

While we’re talking about boxes, don’t forget to have your holiday decorations boxes and totes in good condition and clearly labeled. Make storing quick and easy by having everything ready: newsprint, boxes, tape, and bubble wrap if needed. To make things easier for next year, label the boxes and totes with what is inside. Keep Christmas decorations in separate boxes. By this point, you may be thinking: “Well, where in the world am I going to put all my summer closet items, and holiday decorations?”  That part is easy to answer!  You can store it in a storage unit at StorPlace Self-Storage of Medical Center.  Placing summer clothes to holiday decorations in a self storage unit is nice because it gets those once a year items out of your home leaving more room for you and your family.  Our units come in a variety of sizes from 25 square foot storage units to 400 square foot units. We also have heated and cooled units available. Not only can you store your items at StorPlace Self Storage, you can pick up the tape, boxes, newsprint, and a variety of packing supplies that you will need to stay organized.

Please come visit us at 1615 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37203, or you can call us at 615-321-0400.

November, the Month of Giving Thanks

November is the time for giving thanks


For most, including us at StorPlace Self Storage, November is the season for giving, family, and helping out in our communities.  One way you could help out in our community would be to participate in the “St. Jude Give Thanks Walk” on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at Centennial Park in Nashville. Proceeds raised will help ensure that families will not have to pay St. Jude Hospital for their children’s hospital care. Registration is free. Families and friends are welcome to attend and are encouraged to help raise funds for this event. Visit their Site at for more details.

Also, in November people start to do their holiday shopping.  StorPlace of Lebanon Pike  offers a variety of boxes sizes, so you may find the perfect sized box for your gifts. If you want to get creative with your gift wrapping, we have blank newsprint that you can draw your own designs and messages on. This makes your gifts more personal when you hand them out to friends and family.

For those families with curious small children or present-searching teens, we have storage units where you may hide your gifts without fear of anyone finding them. We have units that are as small as a 5×5, to store your boxed gifts in, and as large as a 10×25, to store large gifts like a car. Whatever you are storing we will be able accommodate for your needs.

At StorPlace we hope you have a safe and exciting holiday season. Do not forget to stop by our store and check out our merchandise, especially the newsprint if you want to make your presents extra special for your loved ones this year. While you are here, check into a safe place to store your gifts so there is no “unexpected discoveries” this year. Also, do not miss out on the “St. Jude Give Thanks Walk,” to help out for this great cause.

The staff at StorPlace of Lebanon Pike hope you enjoy this wonderful, autumn month of November and have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Storing Lawn Equipment For The Winter Ahead

Storing Lawn Equipment


With the arrival of fall, most of the lawn and garden work is behind us for the year. Soon the lawn mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers and tillers will not be needed until next spring. So what do you plan to do with these small engine-powered equipment until you need it until again? Are you just going to throw a plastic cover or old bucket over the engine and let it ride out the winter where it sits?  Although it’s a very tempting idea, it’s honestly not the best, especially if you don’t have a garage to store it in. That’s the time to consider StorPlace Self Storage for your storage needs. If you are concerned about getting the longest life and best service out of your small-engine powered equipment, placing the equipment in self storage is the best choice  There are a couple of steps to prepare the lawn equipment that you can take at the end of the season before storing for the winter ahead.

First, change the oil. As a four-cycle gasoline powered engine runs, the oil not only lubricates the moving parts, but it also cleans the internal surface of the engine cylinder and pistons. The oil collects acid, water, metal particles and other foreign materials that from sludge in the engine. If oil with the contaminants is allowed to stay in the engine over the winter, deterioration of internal engine parts and seals can occur. Replace the old oil with fresh oil of the proper viscosity. Your owner’s manual will indicate the proper oil. Two cycle engines on chain saws and string trimmers do not have an oil pump to drain because the oil is mixed directly into the gasoline.

The next step is to check the air filter. The end of the season is a good time to change or clean the air filter, especially if it has not been done during the season. About 10,000 gallons of air are consumed in the combustion process for every gallon of fuel used by the engine. The air filter cleans abrasive dust and dirt out of the air prior to entering the engine. A dirty air filter can restrict the air flow and cause the engine to run rich.

Fuel is another area of concern for both four and two-cycle engines. There are two approaches to winterizing your small engine when dealing with the gasoline left in your fuel tank at the end of the season. One way is to drain the fuel out of the gas tank and then start and run the engine to get all the fuel out of the fuel lines and carburetor. If fuel sits for a long time, it ages and residues can form that may plug the small fuel jets in the carburetor. Removing the gasoline eliminates this problem.

The other option in dealing with fuel is to put a gas stabilizer into the gas tank. A gas stabilizer will keep the gas “fresh” for up to two years, if it is added to the gas right after it is purchased or for one year for a two-cycle gas/oil mixture. After these steps have been done it is also a good time to sharpen the blade and lubricate wheel bearings and throttle cables. When you take your equipment out of storage and if you properly winterize your small engine, you will be rewarded next spring with an engine that should start by the third pull!