Take A Tour of StorPlace of Greenwood

StorPlace Self Storage of Bowling Green Kentucky


Spring is the time of year when storage units at StorPlace of Greenwood in Bowling Green, Kentucky begin to rent up for the season. Very soon, most units will be rented through the summer. We always recommend that prospective tenants tour the property. Why? We believe that not every storage facility is the same. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer great locations with excellent security features and we are proud to show them off! Equally as important is to match the size of the storage unit with the customer needs. Over time, it has become quite clear that most folks are not sure what storage size they need. Once they compare a few units in person, a clearer view comes to mind. It depends not only on the amount of items being stored, but also accessibility. With a nine-foot tall ceiling height on our units, a tremendous amount of personal belongings can be stored if you fill it to the rafters. However, we always ask the customer if they intend to enter the unit at any time. If the answer is yes, then the unit must be organized to allow a walkthrough. Sometimes that means upsizing to a larger unit then first planned.

As May approaches, students from Western Kentucky University, many with a parent in tow, rent a storage unit for the summer. This is an audience that definitely benefits from taking a facility tour! Once you have witnessed a student trying to stuff a king-size mattress into a small 5×5 unit, you know why they should have seen the unit first before reserving one. Seeing the space first hand usually solves any ‘it won’t fit’ issues. Seeing the unit first is a ‘no brainer’ and a whole lot easier than taking final exams.

Another big reason for taking a facility tour is the chance for staff and customers to meet. StorPlace Self Storage excels at customer service. We do everything we can to assist people with their storage needs, as well as walk extra paces toward learning about the customer and listening closely to what they have to say. Although it may not seem like it on the surface, storing personal or business possessions is an important event for most people. Most everyone has a story to tell and we do our best to pay attention.  And often, ‘the story’ continues. I was reminded of this just a moment ago. A tenant came in to the office and greeted us with the phrase ‘So you only deal with live customers’? He then told us he had suffered a heart attack last month and for a brief while was not breathing. Fortunately he is better now and found it important to share the news.  Admittedly, we don’t get to know every tenant as well as this gentleman. Still, we are open to our customers and it serves as a bedrock of StorPlace Self Storage customer service.

The Grand Canyon.  San Antonio, Texas. There are many places I would like to tour. But when it comes to storage, I would recommend a tour of StorPlace Self Storage!




What to Ask When Looking for a Storage Unit?

StorPlace Self Storage of Hendersonville


First and foremost, you need to know how big of a  storage unit you will actually need.  Any StorPlace Self Storage associate can help you narrow down the size you need. Also, they can help you determine whether or not you need a heated and cooled unit or a regular storage unit.  Once, you have done this it is time to choose a location.  StorPlace Self Storage has many different locations to choose from all over middle Tennessee and even in Bowling Green, KY.

Next is the time to ask  main three questions: Will my stuff be treated well? How will I be treated?  How will my budget be treated?  These questions below will help you get the answers you are looking for.

 Will my stuff be treated well?

  • How is the security? Check for cameras, fencing, and even ask about break-ins.
  • How convenient is the unit to get to? Have them show the unit to you.
  • How often is the property checked for pests and what measures are taken to prevent them?
  • Do you offer insurance?

How will I be treated?

  • What are the access hours to the property/office?
  • Is there any after-hours customer service?
  • Does the facility accept packages?
  • For the inside units, Are there any carts that can help me move my things?

How will my budget be treated?

  • What is the monthly rate for the unit?
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Are there any extra fees at the time of move in?
  • Do you pro-rate?
  • Can you get a discount by paying in advance?
  • Does the quoted rate include the insurance?

Feel free to ask other questions than these.  These are just some basic guideline questions that can help you get the answers you need.  If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at StorPlace Self Storage of Hendersonville.  The phone number is (615) 826-1700.

Customer Specials At StorPlace Self Storage

Customer Appreciation At StorPlace Self Storage


StorPlace Self Storage appreciates its customers.  To demonstrate this, StorPlace Self Storage offers a variety of discounts for current and new tenants.  The offers include a discount on all merchandise as well as packing supplies for current tenants, waiving certain fees to returning tenants, and coupons for new customers.  These are just some of the offers that StorPlace Self Storage has going on all of the time.  Another way that StorPlace Self Storage shows customer appreciation is through the half-off customer appreciation deal.  StorPlace offers discounts if you pay in advance and let’s not forget the refer a friend program.

At all 16  StorPlace Self Storage locations across the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas, and at our Bowling Green, KY location, we offer a 10 percent discount to all current tenants on all merchandise as well as packing supplies.  This is extremely handy for the tenants who haven’t started to pack yet and need supplies.  The supplies include, but are not limited to: boxes, tape, packing blankets, bubble wrap, mattress cover, stretch wrap, packing peanuts and packing kits.

Many returning customers ask, “Is there anything you can do for me since I have been a tenant here before?” The answer is “yes.”  StorPlace Self Storage will waive the administration fee for former and current tenants who are renting another storage unit.  This will help save them the $25 normal administrative fee.

Customers get excited during the customer appreciation special that starts around November 1st, 2014 and runs until February 28, 2015.  This customer appreciation special is for current tenants who rent a second unit. The special is for half-off of the board rate for the second storage unit of a current tenant. This is especially helpful for people who are deciding to move and businesses that use storage. It gives people an opportunity to do some spring cleaning or just give people more room to see what they actually have in storage.

Each StorPlace Self Storage location has different coupon specials that new customers can use. These specials vary and change every now and then.  You can find these specials at www.storplaceselfstorage.com.  Just pick the location that you would like to store at and then select the internet special.  Print out the coupon and bring it with you when you rent the storage unit. Customer appreciation is something StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on.  That is why there are so many different options for customers to feel appreciated including discounts on merchandise, discounts on the rate, and coupons for new customers.

If You Look Ahead, Your Days Will Be Better Planned

StorPlace Self Storage of Bowling Green Kentucky



Students in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area store at StorPlace Self Storage, and with midterms weighing heavy during the first week of April, it’s hard to imagine finals are just around the corner.  One month and a few days from now, to be precise, Western Kentucky will be closing its doors (and dorms) leaving hundreds of home-sick students with a choice: either find an acceptable accommodation for their items at our Bowling Green StorPlace Self Storage location, or grudgingly pack up the Camry to the brim and surprise mom and dad with a new garage-full of stuff.  Moving out can be a drag, but don’t let it concern you!

Students: keep your thoughts on your studies, and reserve a unit online ahead of time.  Hurry to www.storplaceselfstorage.com  where you can register online for a storage unit today, have it set aside and waiting for you come dorm move-out time, and save yourself the headache of last-minute space-hunting!

So maybe you keep it simple in your dorm room, neat and orderly, not a lot of excess THINGS, but don’t really want to take it home this summer, an easy solution is to “bunk up” with your friends.  Not only is it space-efficient, but splitting up the rent amongst a few friends sharing a storage unit saves money.   Did I mention reserving the unit online gives a rental break on your overall rate? We know all about the “hard times” of college finances, our goal here at StorPlace Self Storage isn’t to twist your arm for every penny, but provide customer service and a satisfactory/safe stay that is WORTH every penny.

One last thought… Be you Hilltopper or Bowling Green native, GO CATS!               PURSUIT OF NUMERO 9!!!

Proper Maintenance of a Storage Facility

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike



Most storage facilities are designed and built the same way. This blog post will offer some helpful tips for any new or upcoming storage facility managers. Most facilities are made out of brick walls and metal roofs with metal divider walls between the storage units. There are standard outside storage units with drive-up accessible doors as well as  temperature or climate controlled spaces which are mostly located within a building.

StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on having the best facilities. In order to have that, we need to look at all of the aspects for the facility from the ground up. Let’s start with how to keep the water out of the storage units, since we know that concrete bricks have the ability to allow water to soak through. To start, paint the facility with a high quality paint that is designed to coat the brick with a protective and water-proof coating. This is not a “do it once and you’re done” process. It is up to the property manager to consistently walk the property looking for places where the paint could be breaking down and failing to keep the water out. Concrete bricks also do not bend or flex so if you have some settling of the property you may find some mortar or even possible the bricks themselves starting to form cracks. This can happen even in the newest of properties. If the cracks are small you can fill the cracks with a high quality caulk which will stay flexible and allow movement in the brick so that you don’t have any further cracking. Make sure that after the caulk is fully cured you apply another coat of paint over the caulk.

The next item on the list is the metal roofs which can be a pain in the neck if you don’t keep an eye on those gutters. As you are walking the property make sure to look up at the gutters because you never know what kind of damage or problems you may find. First, look for any bent or dented places; this can be cause by a storm or by a moving truck that may have bumped into the gutter. This can not only be cosmetic but it also could cause some separation between the roof and the gutter allowing water to flow back into the structure.  Once every month or two you need to have someone go up on the roof and inspect the roof and gutters. If the gutters are clogged with debris, this can also cause water to flow back into the building.

Lastly, one of the most important functions of a properly maintained storage facility is the gate at the entrance to the property. Make sure that if you have a chain driven gate it stays well lubed. This means that once a week go out and spray down the gate chain with an aerosol chain lubricant. Also, keep an eye on the rollers wheels that the gate rolls on and make sure they are tight and are not wobbling as the gate is moving.  Once every couple of months take the cover off of the gate motor housing and blow out all the dust and debris.

If you follow these simple tips you are on your way to a well-run storage facility. Stop by any of the 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations to see why we take self storage very seriously!