Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University is committed to excellence, and has been consistently listed in U.S. News & World Report’s “Guide to America’s Best Colleges” for more than a dozen years, maintaining one of the highest graduation rates among the nation’s historically black colleges and universities and the highest in the Tennessee Board of Regents  system.

Tennessee State University is a comprehensive, urban, co-educational, land-grant university offering undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. The university was founded in 1912 after its organization in 1909 as the Agricultural and Industrial State Normal School. The school  became a four-year teachers’ college in 1922 and was elevated to full land-grant university in 1958. Tennessee State University was into the absorbed University of Tennessee at Nashville in 1979.

The President of Tennessee State University is Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover. She assumed the presidency on January 2, 2013.  Dr. Glover is also a Tennessee State University graduate. Dr. Glover met First Lady Michelle Obama at a ceremony at the university.

TSU's Dr. Glover and First Lady Michelle Obama






Famous  Tennessee State University Graduates:

  • Wilma Rudolph won three gold medals in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, becoming the first American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympics
  • Ralph Boston  won the long jump Olympic Gold Medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome
  • Senator Thelma Harper has served as a Senator for the 19th District in the Tennessee General Assembly since 1991
  • Moses Gunn, a renowned actor, who in 1977 received an Emmy nomination for his appearance as tribal chieftain, Kintango, in the miniseries Roots
  •  Oprah Winfrey is the first black woman billionaire in world history

Tennessee State University also has a great tradition for it’s sports teams. There is an extensive Athletic Department including Men’s basketball, football, cross-country, golf, tennis, and track and field. The football and basketball teams always rank in the top teams in the nation. The Women’s Athletic Department also plays a major role on the national circuit. The Women’s Basketball team is constantly playing in the NCAA tournament and they have won many championships. There is also a strong women’s cross-country, softball, tennis, track and field, and volleyball team.

StorPlace Self Storage of Murfreesboro Rd. is proud to offer its services to             students and faculty alike and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the 2013/2014  school year Tennessee State University graduates!

The Many Hats of a StorPlace Self Storage Property Manager

StorPlace Self Storage



StorPlace Self Storage has a dedicated team of property managers.  What many people don’t realize, is that our job is much more than signing customers up for a storage space.  Our managers do everything needed to run the facility on a daily basis.  From cleaning units to completing leases, there are many hats that a property manager must wear.

When I first started working in the self storage industry, I had no idea the amount of work that would be involved.  I was told there would be a lot of cleaning, which is to be expected, but I didn’t realize the many other tasks we must do to keep the business running in tip-top shape! Some customers may think that after they sign the lease, the property manager can relax, but that is not the case.

Here is a “behind-the-scenes” look at a typical day for a StorPlace Self Storage property manager:

Our day starts before 9:00 a.m. when our office opens for business.  We get our computer systems going, as well as print any necessary reports for the day. Next, we do a walk-through of our property, this includes checking all of the locks on the property for any move-outs, picking up trash, sweeping entryways, etc.  After the walk-through is completed, we make notes of anything we may need to go revisit, after all, we must get back to the office to help our customers!

Helping customers is my favorite part of the job, because you never know what kind of situation is causing their need for storage. Our mission statement is to provide a fast, easy, and convenient storage solution while helping to relieve stress and worry.  We try our hardest to make sure every customer has a great experience with us.  Our job duties when it comes to our customers include: answering the phone, giving quotes, taking payments, renting units, showing units, and lots and lots of paperwork!

Speaking of paperwork, we must also turn in several reports during the month including a competition rate survey, a store plan, and a weekly number report. Our competition rate survey allows us to have competitive rates with our nearest storage competitors. A store plan details certain tasks we would like to complete during the current month; to give us goals to reach for.  Our weekly report takes our numbers for the month and compiles them in an easy to read form.  This enables us to see how we stack up with our other locations.  For example, it might be a slow month at one store, but another is extremely busy.  This type of information is invaluable to our growth as a company.

The last part of the job is the most important for first impressions: cleaning.  Every storage unit that we rent has been swept from top to bottom and front to back! We also sweep our hallways, use blowers to blow off our breezeways, and pick up any trash or debris that has accumulated on our property. Each StorPlace Self Storage location also has monthly pest control, to keep unwanted pests away. Without this attention to detail, our facilities would not be as immaculate as they are!

We take pride in our work and sincerely hope that you feel that way when you visit one of our 15 locations in Middle Tennessee.  The next time you visit your local StorPlace Self Storage, you’ll have a new insight of the many hats that your local property manager wears!


Shoes A Cause for Paws

Shoes A Cause for Paws event


As mentioned before, StorPlace Self Storage partners with the wonderful folks at St. Andrews Church to help with their Animal Ministry Program. They work with People for Animals, a non-profit organization, to help with animal rescues. This spring we teamed up with the organization again for “Shoes a Cause for Paws“,  for the Greyhound Pets of America. The program helped raise funds for expenses for rescued greyhounds. Our customers and team members at  StorPlace of Franklin came through to help out with this project. The slogan of our campaign was” Any Shoe Will do!!!

The goal of “Any Shoe Will do” was to collect at least 300 bags of shoes with 25 pairs in each bag for a total value of $3,000. Did not matter the kind of shoe – penny loafers, kids’ shoes, wingtips, golf shoes, sandals, sports shoes, dress shoes, even boots and flip-flops. I do not have the final figures but I know that we turned over at least 4 shopping bags of shoes to our connection, Suzy Berry. This was their second year to do this and our first year to help. We hope to be able to turn in an even bigger donation next year.

There are other things that are happening near StorPlace of Franklin, such as the new Kroger Store has opening up this month across the street from our facility, beside the recently opened Ford dealership.. Unfortunately, the Kmart has closed, but with the new Kroger store opening up almost simultaneously, almost all the Kmart employees were able to replace their jobs quickly.

Tornado Alley


Tornado Alley



With all the warmer weather we have been having, it is no surprise to those of us in Middle Tennessee that tornadoes will soon follow. Murfreesboro, TN has been host to some of the worst tornadoes in the history of the state, and it is probable that they won’t be the last we see. No matter how hard our wonderful meteorologists try, tornadoes just cannot be predicted. Even with all the watches and warnings, there are still those among us that are not prepared.

One of the most important things that can be done is to buy a weather radio and keep extra batteries for it. It will send alerts all through the night based on what location you set, and as the weather and tornado warnings get closer to you, it will go off giving you a chance to get to safer place. Ideally, this safer place would be somewhere underground such as a cellar or basement (or for those of us who are extra prepared, a specially built tornado shelter). Make sure to have the shelter stocked with water and canned goods in the case your home is left without power and water. If you do not have a cellar or basement in your home, pick a place that will be towards the interior of your home away from windows and any other glass. Interior hallways, closets or spaces under stairwells will work perfect for this purpose.

If you live in the city limits of Murfreesboro, you are sure to have heard the tornado warning sirens coming from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). This is another way, in addition to the news reports, to know if there is a tornado in the area. StorPlace Self Storage hope that everyone stay safe and remain informed during these times of unpredictable weather.