Cleanliness, Maintenance, and Curb Appeal

Cleanliness is most important for self storage security


Cleanliness, maintenance, and curb appeal are some of the most important factors in any business. This really applies to a self storage facility. When prospective customers are searching for a place to store their belongings, most of the time they are looking for a facility that appears to be safe and secure. At this point you may be thinking what does security have to do with cleanliness, maintenance and curb appeal? Well it does! While keeping a property clean may not stop a criminal from doing what they do best, it does deter this behavior. A criminal is looking for the exact opposite of the smart shopper. They are looking for unlit and unkempt property so they are less likely to be caught in the act. Clean and maintained facilities are equated with security and a functioning camera system. Even a fresh coat of paint can go a really long way!

Taking pride in your property can go a very long way with customers. You need to keep the grass, trees and shrubs all trimmed and neat. Also, keep a close eye on the shrubbery around the property. If the shrubbery gets so out of control that it provides cover for criminal behavior,  then it is time to cut the shrubbery down or at the very least trim it. You never want to block the line-of-sight of customers or the employees with shrubs. It is pertinent for customers or tenants to feel safe on your property at all times. That means get out there and make sure that all of your inside and outside lighting is working properly. It is also a very good idea to come out to the property at night to make sure there are not any dark areas on the property. If there is, then you need to install more lighting. Cameras are also very important as they do deter bad behavior from criminals and yes even your tenants.

I know we would all like to think that we have the best tenants of any facility out there and I can honestly say mine are pretty good. However, tenants can be pretty messy, if you let them. One of the best ways to stop that messy tenant before he or she even thinks about leaving you a mess, is to keep the property clean to begin with. Let’s be honest here and think about ourselves. If you pull up to a business and the outside of that business is a trash heap are you really going to be that concerned about the cigarette you just threw down or the candy wrapper and water bottle that just fell out of your car? Now think about pulling up to a beautiful, clean business with nicely trimmed plants and shrubbery out front. Are you going to let that trash fall out of your car now? It all boils down to one fact, if you take pride in your property then others will too.

StorPlace Self Storage prides itself of the cleanliness, curb appeal and over-all look and feel or our facilities. We want our customers and employees to feel safe, well-tended and secure when they visit our locations.

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