First impressions

First Impressions Count for Self Storage


Cleanliness, maintenance, and curb appeal are some of the most important factors of any business. By instinct, we usually are prone to go towards a clean, well-lit, safe looking environment. We then would responsively choose the same environment for protecting our belongings.

While keeping a self storage property clean may not stop a criminal, it does go a long way to deter their behavior. A criminal is looking for the exact opposite of the smart shopper. They are looking for an unlit and unkempt property so they are less likely to be caught in the act.

At StorPlace Self Storage, we take great pride in maintaining our properties to look and feel the best they can possibly be. We want our customers to know right from the start, they have chosen the right place.

We keep the grass, trees and shrubs all trimmed and neat, and make sure it is never out of control providing cover for criminal behavior.  It is important to our employees that “our neighborhood” is and feels safe for our customers.

To the criminal mind, a clean, well-kept and maintained facility is equated with security and a functioning camera system. StorPlace Self Storage staff takes many measure’s to deter and stop deplorable behavior; our high-tech security systems are just a part of the ensemble.

Good Lighting is essential. We keep our inside and outside bulbs glowing for everyone’s safety. When necessary, we install extra lighting to help in darker areas that could be hazardous. A well-lit property also makes the common thief uncomfortable.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as the old adage goes. Keeping our facilities clean and comfortable starts with us, sweeping and picking up trash as it happens. We hope our tenants will then follow suit and appreciate the look and feel of a clean property. We wouldn’t throw trash in our own front yards, so we hope the on site dumpsters and trash containers can help everyone work together keeping our neighborhood storage facility clean and well-kept for everyone.

StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on the cleanliness, curb appeal and the over-all look and feel or our facilities. We want our customers and employees to feel safe, well-tended and secure when they visit our locations.

After all, StorPlace Self Storage is your neighborhood storage facility!


Stress Free Fall Storage

Storing seasonal items in self storage

Store seasonal items in self storage


Unfortunately for all of us, “Fun in the Sun” is over. Our beautiful leaves are turning autumn colors, and will slowly fade away. For those of us who have children, like me, bringing in toys and all the summer outside play items, is a hassle. A lot of people do not have garages, so it becomes quite the game of Tetris, putting everything inside. Then the issue of the children thinking they can enjoy the large items inside the house arises, and chaos reigns.

So, instead of worry and confusion all winter long, why not consider renting a StorPlace Self Storage unit. For a reasonable price, you can store your outdoor items. This will relieve the stress and also makes more room for those holiday decorations in your home. Why have your spare bedroom filled with summer clutter, when you can make room for your family and friends to visit? As an employee of StorPlace Self-Storage, I have grown to understand the stress of having too many items, and not enough space!

For those who do have a garage, sometimes it becomes filled with so many seasonal items, there’s no room for your car, RV, or boat. Let StorPlace Self Storage offer the space you need. We have storage units of all sizes. So, bring your seasonal items to a safe, clean environment. We also offer heated and cooled units to help protect your belongings while in storage.We even have a full stock of merchandise needed for secure packing and moving, at 10% off for all tenants.

Don’t want to move your seasonal items because you want access to them now? StorPlace Self-Storage can offer you different options for parking your boat, RV, car, trailer, or even your motorcycle. We have different parking spaces as well as provide covered parking if needed. One of the greatest assets StorPlace Self Storage has to offer  is so many local locations, so you can have your storage needs filled close to home. StorPlace has 15 locations in the Nashville, and Murfreesboro area, and even one in Bowling Green, KY. With so many locations to offer, great pricing, availability, and smiling faces, how could you not take advantage of this stress free opportunity?

How to Store a Flat Screen TV

Storing Flat Screen TVs


Televisions (TV’s) present some of the biggest challenges when it is time to move or store. TV’s are often less sturdy, very thin, and sometimes can be the size of a couch or love seat. TV sets have “a face” of fragile glass that can be ruined by a scratch or too much pressure while picking it up to move it. The inside of the set is extremely complex and full of a variety of electronic components that is very vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes. Over the past few years, the designs of newer TV sets are often very wide and thin and often times do not fit in a standard moving box. TV sets are also very expensive, so it is important to transport and store one properly to keep it in the best condition possible. Below, you will find some tips to help you move and store your TV.

This first thing to do when moving the TV is to clean it properly. During this step, it is important to remove any dust that is built up on the screen or in the air vents in the back of the TV. The dust can be removed with a microfiber or cotton towel as well as using compressed air dust.  The removal of dust helps to prevent scratching, and clarity issues.

Secondly and most importantly is packing the TV to either store in a storage unit or in a moving truck. If you are one of the few people who still have the original box the TV came in, you are in luck. All you need to do is put the TV back in the plastic, add some packing peanuts to the box for more stability, tape the box and off you go. If you throw everything away like me, you will need a few supplies which can be found around your home or at a store. You will need to wrap the TV in a thick comforter or blanket and secure it with bungee cords or a rope. Do not use anything that has zippers or buttons that could possibly damage the TV.Make sure you remove the stand from the TV prior to putting in the box and lastly fill the box with packing peanuts for more stability.

Your third and final step is STORAGE! StorPlace of Hickory Hollow has heated and cooled units that can be used to store your TV as well as other items that are sensitive to temperature change. Using a temperature controlled unit lessens the constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity changes. It is also important to only store the TV upright; do not lay it flat, or in a position that would cause any pressure to the screen.

StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of unit sizes such as 5 x 10 or 10 x 10 heated and cooled units that can be used to store TV’s. We are open Monday-Saturday from 9-5:30pm and can be reached at 615-731-1331 if you have any questions or are in need of a unit.

Managers Blog date October 8, 2014

Manager's BlogThe title makes you think that maybe I am a “Trekie” (Star-Trek  groupie). For those of you that are too young to know what I am talking about you can look it up on-line. Try visualizing storage in the future traveling on a starship will give a whole new meaning to the word “deployment”. Imagine instead of our troops going to a foreign country that they actually go to another galaxy. The men and women of the future will be no different from our brave soldiers of today. They will need to be able to store their belongings until they come home from serving. Now by that time storage may be a lot different. We may have heated and cooled units and for an extra price we will use a shrink ray so you can put your belongings into a smaller unit. That would of course be a onetime charge like a processing fee. We may be able to change the molecular structure of your mode of transportation so that you can store it in a unit along with your other memories. Perhaps your belongings will be in a unit where you can have online access to see video of your belongings to make sure they are okay. This may all sound crazy to you, but with things like Skype, you can have a Christmas morning with family members that are clear around the world …so who knows what kind of storage will be available in the year 2525….if man is still alive…..okay that is another blog. They will probably have some other way of getting the information out and people will not even have to write a Blog –  microchip us like we do our sweet pets and the computer will write it for us. We can only hope.  The point is that as long as humans are alive we will have some sort of need for storage. StorPlace Self Storage is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our ever- changing society.  Look at our new website; the times have changed where a higher percentage of inquires come from an internet search than phone inquires. People want to hunt down bargains without leaving the comfort of their office or home. The old saying of the Yellow Pages commercial was “let your fingers do the walking” that phrase has more meaning to it now than ever before since people are literally typing in information to get feedback from the endless possible links out there in cyberspace. At StorPlace Self Storage, we go the extra mile that is needed to make our customers comfortable leaving their precious memories in our safe and secure facilities. All  of our storage facilities have Managers and Assistant Managers that care about our tenants as individuals with different storage needs. You are in good hands with StorPlace Self Storage….I know another commercial!!!

Lost and Found

It was a warm summer evening in South Nashville.  I had just finished my shift at StorPlace Self Storage. I went to get into my vehicle and there he was: a medium-sized tan and white dog sitting, panting, practically directly in front of me, just staring onto Old Hickory Blvd.  I did not know where he came from, but I knew he didn’t belong here. StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. is adjacent to a huge intersection, nowhere near any houses. So I did the only thing I knew to do; take this dog home with me. Helping others doesn’t stop simply because you have clocked out for the day. Lost Dog       He smelled like he was freshly bathed, and was super friendly.  He was neutered, not malnourished, and even knew tricks!  It was at that point that I knew this was someone’s baby.  I scoured the Metro Nashville Animal Control page for any possible LOST dogs.  I liked several local animal rescue pages on Facebook and posted his photo to each of them.  I also posted a FOUND ad on Craigslist.  I was willing to do anything to get him back to his owner.  It was at that point I found a post on Lost a Pet website           A dog named Max had been missing for over two months from the same area.  Max looked familiar in the face, but looked a bit younger than our pup.  I then began comparing features of Max to features of our pup; we compared toenail color on each paw, where the ears fell in relation to his face, the unique white spot on his chest, the black and white pattern on his nose.  If this wasn’t Max, it was likely his brother, they looked that much alike!  I contacted the owner and gave them my personal contact information. Then it was time to play the waiting game. StorPlace Lost and Found Dog                 I waited all of the next day for a phone call.  I thought the owner might think I was playing some cruel trick contacting them after two months.  I’m sure they thought Max was long gone.  Later that evening, I got a call from a strange number.  It was a young girl who was skeptical at first.  I told her I would send her all of the photos I have from different angles and see if this was her dog.  After about five minutes I get a call from her, our pup is Max!  She sends me some additional photos so I know she is who she says she is.  Turns out, she had just left for an out-of-state college the day before.  She assures me Max is a family dog and to bring him over to her Grandma’s house. A family member had let him out without a leash and he went missing. This was it, after two months he was finally going home!  An enormous feeling of relief and joy came over me as I was getting Max into the car.  The thought that just 24 hours before he was standing alone and confused in the middle of an unfamiliar place and now he is getting to go back to the place he calls home, nothing can compare to that. The drive to Max’s Grandmas house was longer than I anticipated.  It was over 5 miles away from where I discovered him! I pulled up at the townhouse; Max’s Grandma was waiting for us. As she walked out of the screen door, Max was overjoyed!  He practically broke the window trying to see her!  We opened the car door and he went sprinting up to the screen door, and that was when I knew, I brought Max home. It was a blessing to be able to reunite that sweet boy with his family.