What’s New at Hickory Hollow?

StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow






What you are looking at is the beginning stages of a brand new storage building at StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow.  We are located at 5251 Mt.View Rd, Antioch, TN behind Carmike Cinemas, the Global Mall and Southeast Branch Library. We are in the process of constructing a brand new building that will feature at least 43 additional units.

This brand new, state-of-the art building will have storage units ranging from 5 x 10 to 10 x 20. We are working diligently to provide the best storage facility with as many storage units as possible for those that are moving, downsizing, and purchasing new homes. We have a plethora of types of storage units such as heated and cooled, inside spaces, and parking spaces. If you have a need for storage, StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow is the place to visit.

The Antioch community is growing at an astronomical rate and we are eagerly waiting to fulfill any storage needs that may arise. Our convenient storage facility has storage units which feature large roll-up doors.  The unit’s are perfect for the storage of vehicles, boats, and motorcycles.  StorPlace Self Storage also features an array of packing and moving supplies such as lamp boxes, wardrobe boxes, and mattress covers. Our team of managers is on hand from 9-5pm Monday – Saturday to offer assistance by phone or in person to meet your storage needs. With hard work and persistence, this new building will be available in the next few months. We have a great team working hard every day to make sure these units are in tip-top shape and ready to rent.

Looking Forward to the Future

StorPlace of Murfreesboro Rd

Excitement is high at StorPlace Self Storage of Murfreesboro Rd.   By winter of 2016, we hope to be the new and improved StorPlace of Murfreesboro Road Self-Storage Facility.  The improvements and expansion will help StorPlace Self Storage beyond a doubt continue to meet the needs of our current and future tenants, not to mention our new face lift will add beauty and appeal to the neighborhood.

As the community grows, StorPlace Self Storage will continue to work hard to improve its facilities to meet the demands of the area.

Additional heated and cooled units will be added for the homeowners and apartment dwellers that need to store their precious treasures that are temperature sensitive. Items such as musical instruments, electronic devices, and antique furniture can be stored with no worries.

Showing a storage unit







We will also add the ever needed large convenient outdoor drive-up units for storing such items as vehicles and large house hold items. Being centrally located to so many apartment  and home developments, we find that the residents seem to never have enough closet space. Our drive-up, walk-in closet size storage units will help solve their space problems. These units are perfect for  the extra over flow belongings, such as outdoor grills, bicycles, and small garden tools.

Our new show room will feature a full line of moving and packing supplies and we will have additional dedicated staff on-hand to give valuable tips on how to pack and store your belongings. With every size box on hand for lamps, flat screened televisions, dishes, and boxes for every size picture and mirror, the worries of moving will all but disappear.

Moving & Packing supplies at StorPlace






As the time draws near, we would like to encourage you to join in our excitement and anticipation of our new expansion and I’m sure as we continue to work hand in hand with our neighbors, StorPlace Self Storage will exceed your storage expectations.




Home Renovating and Self Storage

Home Renovation and Self StorageRenovating a home is a huge undertaking. Coming up with ideas on how to improve the design and function of your home while also keeping within a budget and time frame is no easy task. Whether it is finding the right contractor, tracking down the materials, or simply finding the time to get started, it is a daunting endeavor.

One of the biggest headaches in starting such a large project is figuring out where to put all of the new materials that you are purchasing. Also, what should you do with the household items that need to be stored out-of-the-way to avoid damage during the remodeling process. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer a range of storage spaces to help meet your specific storing needs from making sure you have somewhere to keep your furniture safe to a space to put all of the materials and supplies that you need for improving your home.

StorPlace Self Storage offers large outside first level outside access units, where you can store building materials and other items that are not temperature sensitive. This is a great way to store the many tools and materials for the job. These are the units that you can back your vehicle right up to for loading and unloading, which is a great time and space saver during the renovation process.  For your nice furniture, electronics, or other sensitive items, we offer a large range of affordable heated and cooled storage spaces. These storage units are perfect for keeping all of your important household items safe and secure while you are improving and updating your home.

Remodeling a house can be a huge hassle. During a remodeling project, living in the space amidst the chaos can be quite difficult at times. Let StorPlace Self Storage help make your life easier and more stress free, by stopping by one of our many middle Tennessee locations to check out our numerous storage solutions. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you find the right storage space to fit your every storage need.

Protecting Valuable- Cards, Comics& Kicks

As we know, people store a multitude of items for scores of reasons. Everything from automobiles to baby pictures populate storage units across the nation. Another great use for storage units is storing collectibles and other valuable items.   There are many things you can do to preserve and protect the integrity and value of sports cards, comic books and sneakers while they are in storage. Below are a few tips to keep your collections in the best possible conditions.

Sports Cards Storage

Sport Card storage sleeves

Sleeves such as this are a staple for any sports card collector.










Sports cards are typically stored in sleeves, such as the one pictured above. These sleeves are designed to go in three-ring binders. The sleeves protect sports cards from the rigors of the outside world and keep them in pristine condition. For those who want to raise the ante to total protection, there are hard sports cards storage cases. These cases are made of hard plastic and are available in a wide array of sizes and thicknesses.   Cabinet and briefcase style cases allow you not only store all the most valuable and well-protected of a sports card collection together, but they also will store well at home or in your storage unit.

Comic Book Storage

Comic Book Storage Tips

Bags & boards are great for protecting your comic books.









Comic books are long-time favorite amongst collectors. Comic books have been around since the late 1800’s and now are a multi-million dollar industry. Keeping a comic book in pristine condition is vital to the value of the book. There are many ways to protect your comic book collection while in storage.

  1. Boxes- specially built for comics. They come in two different sizes: long and short.
  2. Boards- The stiff board backing helps to keep the comics flat. However, the boards will need to be changed every 2-5 years to keep the board from changing the color of the comic.
  3. Bags- Made of polypropylene , or known as “mylar”, these bags protect your books from the elements.
  4. You are going to need somewhere to keep your comic book collection! They are best stored in a climate controlled setting. Avoid keeping them in wet, hot, or drafty areas.

 Sneaker Storage

Sneakers have exploded in popularity over the past decade. Lines wrap around stores nationwide whenever the latest Air Jordan, Lebron, or Kobe shoe is released. With this growth, came a resurgence of collectors as well as a secondary market catering to those who missed out on release day. As the demand for these items has increased, so has the prices they command on the secondary market. As the size of sneaker collections has grown over the past several years, finding places to store footwear has become paramount. Here are some tips for storing and protecting your footwear.

Tips for storing sneakers

Silica packs come in different sizes & are great for absorbing moisture

  1. The use of silica packets does help with keeping moisture away from your shoes. However if you are going to utilize them, make sure they do not touch the actual shoe, because they will dry out the leather or the midsole, which in some shoes will cause or accelerate the deterioration of the midsole.
  2. If the shoe has a clear outsole, remove the paper that comes with the shoes, if they are kept in the shoe box. The paper is acidic, and the acidity will cause the soles to yellow.
  3. Do not store sneakers in extreme temperatures, either very hot or very cold. In the case of very hot, it can cause sole separation, and very cold can also affect the glue and integrity of material components. It is best to store your sneakers in a climate controlled area, with the optimal temperature being 68-72 degrees farenheit.
  4. If they are stored in a climate controlled unit, add moth balls, particularly if boxes are sitting on the floor. You do not want any of nature’s precious creatures getting in to your shoe boxes.
  5. Take your shoes out of the box periodically and let them get some air.
  6. The most effective way to preserve your sneakers is to WEAR THEM! There is nothing worse than waiting years and years to wear a shoe, and the midsole crumbles the first time you put them on. Wearing them does help maintain their integrity.

When you store your collectibles, especially outside of your home, you want to take the necessary steps to ensure your valuables are not damaged. Following a few of these simple tips can keep your treasured items in great shape for years to come. Stop by one of the 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations to see how we can help with your collection storage needs!