Now that School is out… What will we do?

Its Summer

The weather is warming up so people are moving, they are planning vacations, spring cleaning, landscaping their yards, selling and buying homes and college students are going home for the summer. The summer activities are endless.

What I have noticed is that the majority of the activities listed will be easier if you have already made your reservation with your local StorPlace Self Storage facility. 

StorPlace Self Storage has a wide variety of storage units to choose from.  If you are staging your home, we have heated and cooled units so you can feel safe storing your extra furniture. If you are between places, feel free to store your entire home or just the things you will not be using right now.  One very special benefit you will receive for storing at StorPlace Self Storage is a 10% discount when you purchase the much-needed moving and packing supplies. Each store has a full line of moving and packing supplies for your convenience.

The most popular storage unit is our outside drive-up unit. The wide roll-up doors makes loading and unloading a breeze. The drive-up storage units come in a wide range of sizes from 10×10 to 20×40. They all have at least 8 foot ceilings so you can stack, stack, stack, as high as you like. These units are large enough to store extra vehicles, tractors, jet skis, etc. We also have smaller inside units if you just need a little space. Most locations will have units as small as 4x4x4, which are perfect for college students that don’t want to take everything home during the summer. We also have 5×5, 5×10, and 7×10 inside units that are great for business needs as well as a place to store a small amount of personal things.

One thing you don’t want to forget is our outside parking. StorPlace Self Storage has covered and uncovered parking that will fit the largest camper, recreational vehicle, boat, truck or car. The property is completely gated with twenty-four hour camera surveillance so you can store your treasures without any worry.

So whatever you do, remember to call StorPlace Self Storage to reserve your perfect size unit, and as always we are committed to making your stay safe, stress free and enjoyable.


Welcome to Nashville

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StorageMany of our customers have just moved to town – sometimes from the other side of the country.  Helping with the storage needs of our clientele isn’t always our only interaction. Often we’ll be recommending a great place to grab lunch, as well as recommending which size storage unit best meets the needs of a new tenant.  So, if you’re thinking of becoming a Nashvillian, here are some local secrets.

Breakfast/Brunch is arguably the most important part of the day, and for breakfast it’s hard to beat Sam&Zoe’s.  Located in Berry Hill behind Baja Burrito (check them out, too!) S&Z’s makes the best latte in town and it’s a great place to meet some friendly local faces.  For brunch check out Wholly Chow.  They’re barely open (only for brunch hours), but their eggs benedict makes the trip well worth it. There’s also a local brewery next door that you should visit.

For the best lunch in town (especially in the summer) – there’s only one spot: Cori’s Dog House.  It’s located on West End,  (not far from our home office location!), and though it sits behind a small strip of local stores and can’t be seen from the main road, it’s yellow roof can be spotted from a block away.  Cori’s specializes in gourmet style hot dogs based on major cities from around the US.  Each dog showcases local flavors from all over the country, and there’s even one representing Nashville. (Though the Pittsburgh dog is the gem of the menu.).

Nashville also has some key spots to hit for dinner or supper as they call it in the south.  Hot Chicken is a Nashville specialty, and the best in town is Hattie B’s.  It’s so spicy that it will bring tears to your eyes, but nothing is as Nashville as Hattie B’s hot chicken and pickles. Check them out in midtown.  If you’re not brave enough to jump straight into the hot chicken game, head over to Tenn16 and try their Fried Chicken & Waffles!

Other than food, we definitely have the best place to let your inner geek run wild.  Rick’s Comic City in Donelson has the best comic book selection in town, and the guys and gals there love to talk to you about your favorite books and characters.  Don’t forget to check them out on social media for the Tales from the Geek webcast.

If you’re heading downtown to check out the local bars, an event at Bridgestone Arena (Go Perds!), or just to hang out for the day, don’t forget to park at the Nashville Public Library.  It’s a short walk from (almost) anything downtown, and no matter how long you park, it’s only $5!  That should be plenty to keep a Nashville newbie busy for the first week – just remember to keep your ear to the ground.  In Nashville it’s all about making friends and finding entertainment through word of mouth.  Welcome to Nashville!

Storing Winter Clothes for the warm season (part 1)

As Old Man Winter relinquishes his icy grip on the Northern Hemisphere, the big coats, toboggans, scarves, and gloves are shed and are replaced by tank tops and shorts. As you layer down for the weather change, exercising a few simple things can not only maximize space, both at home and in your storage space, but also ensure that those warm weather items are in good shape to stave off the cold for years to come.

As these articles of clothing tend to be thicker, storing them is typically more space consumptive than spring and summer clothing.  Often winter gear is thrown haphazardly in a tub or box, without any regards for the most efficient utilization of the available space. This often leads to the clothing taking up more space than necessary.

The first thing you want to do prior to packing is to dry clean or wash all the items you will be storing. The scents from wear can attract unwanted visitors such as moths or insects that will damage your clothing.

Dry Clean or wash clothing before storing









Storing your clothes in the plasticcovering from dry cleaners is a very, very VERY bad idea.  Here is why:

  1. The plastic bags cause oxidation which leads to discoloration of the clothes.
  2. The plastics bags will cause stains and odors.
  3. The damp environment in the bag will be a breeding ground for moths, which will eat through your clothes.
  4. The bags cause yellowing and weakening of the fibers of the clothes.
  5. Wire hangers will rust and ruin your clothes.
  6. Wire hangers will also ruin the shape of your clothing.
  7. Clothes need to breathe and they cannot breathe in a plastic bag.


Store clothes in a plastic storage bin


Go with plastic bins over vacuum bags. The bins are better for clothing than the vacuum bags, as they allow clothing to breathe and are much for non-delicate items such as T’s , jeans, wool, and polyester garments. Delicate items, such as silk, cashmere and any article that is of sentimental value to you, have to be handled a bit differently. These should be wrapped in acid-free tissue and placed in 100% cotton canvas storage bags.

Sweaters and most coats should not be hung. This can actually cause them to lose their shape. Fur coats are the exception; these garments are best stored in a climate controlled environment, preferably at a constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit and at 50% humidity.

When it comes to storing your boots invest in boot trees. The trees will help the boot retain their shapes. If space does not allow you to store them upright, place some cotton, (this can be a shirt, or a shoe bag) over each pair. With other winter footwear, use stuffing paper to maintain their shape.

Following these simple steps can ensure that you don’t have an unpleasant surprise when it is time to don your winter gear again. Stop by one of the 16 convenient StorPlace Self Storage Middle Tennessee locations to see how we can help you with your winter clothing storage needs!

Motorcycle Safety & Storing

Motorcycle Safety & Storing Tips


Now that the weather is so nice, it’s a great time to consider purchasing a motorcycle! Not only are motorcycles extremely gas-efficient, but they also provide a quicker mode of transportation. Off the bat, these are two major perks of motorcycle ownership, but what are the steps to becoming a licensed rider and purchasing the correct bike?

To become a licensed motorcycle driver, you must first pass a written test to receive your permit. A permit will restrict where and when you can ride, and will not allow for a passenger until you have upgraded to a license. To obtain your license, you must pass a driving test, similar to receiving a driver’s license for an automobile. It’s recommended that you take classes at your local motorcycle shop – this will help you become a better motorcyclist as well as give you insurance benefits.

How do you choose the right motorcycle for you? A few things come into play. You will want to find a bike that fits your height and weight. Starting out, you also need to evaluate how much power the bike has – you do not want to buy something you cannot control. Make sure to test ride a few bikes before you purchase to make sure you find one that is the perfect fit.

The summer, fall, and spring are seasons your bike will see lots of riding time, but for those cold, winter months, make sure to store your bike in a protected place away from weather, especially moisture. StorPlace Self Storage facilities offer heated and cooled units to help protect your motorcycle from moisture and extreme temperatures. Another great benefit of a storage unit is knowing that your precious cargo is kept safe and monitored regularly. At StorPlace Self Storage we have security cameras on-site and a locked entrance gate so you can have that peace of mind. The flexible lease plans are also great for limited storage during the cold season.

As a new or seasoned motorcycle owner, always remember to put safety first. If you educate yourself and are a cautious rider, you and your bike are sure to have a long-lasting relationship.