Storing a car during the winter months

Car Storage TipsThe leaves are changing, the leaves are falling, and the rain will not go away. This is a sure sign that fall is upon us. If you are in need of storage for your car, trailer, motorcycle or RV, Storplace of Hickory Hollow is the place for you. We offer convenient parking spaces and storage unit sizes to park your valuable items. We offer outdoor storage and two different sizes of parking space. If you would like a storage unit, we offer as small as a 10 x 15 to as large as a 12 x 30 that could fit a trailer or large boat. If you plan on storing a car, here are some tips to make sure your vehicle remains operable and in good condition while in storage.

The first step to storing your vehicle is to decide if you would like to store it in a storage unit or outside parking space. If you choose to store your car outside, keep in mind that this decisions leaves your car vulnerable to the various elements such as precipitation and over-exposure to the sun. The precipitation can cause your car to rust and the sunlight can cause the paint to rust or peel and damage your tires. A high-quality car cover is highly recommended if you plan to keep your car in an outside parking space. If you decide to store your vehicle in an enclosed storage unit this will protect it from all outside elements such as the sun, precipitation, rust, and extreme temperatures. An outside storage space is also handy if there are other items that you need to store, you can stack those items around your car to make the best use of the space. If you are able to drive your car for 15 minutes once per week, this will also help with the overall care of your vehicle until you remove it from storage. Below you will find some other quick tips for car storage:

  • Purchase a quality car cover to help reduce dirt, dust, or rust from developing
  • Change the oil, brake fluid/coolant and filter
  • Fill the car with gas; it is not a good idea to store a vehicle with an empty tank because this can cause moisture to build in the tank
  • Disconnect the battery and get your tires balanced and rotated. It is also a good idea to jack the car up so that the tires do not develop flats
  • Lastly, release your parking brake so that there is not an issue with your brake pads sticking to your rotors

We have various storage options at Storplace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow to fulfill all your needs from car storage to storing items from your house. We are located at 5251 Mt. View Rd. Antioch, TN 37013 and would love to assist you.


Storing Your Summer Clothes

Storing Summer ClothesAs summer looms smaller in our collective rear view mirror, it is time to transition the summer clothes out and bring the cold weather gear that has been locked in hibernation for the past several months.  Following a few simple tips can make this seemingly arduous task a lot simpler, free up often needed closet real estate and preserve your summer items for years to come.

The first thing you want to do is sort through your summer clothing. You may not want to quite pack away all those summer clothes, as you may want to squeeze a final wearing or two before those last few tantalizing warm days of the season say their goodbyes. Leaving a few items for these days is quite alright.

Whether you follow what is listed above or separate all your warm weather clothing at once, washing your clothes before you store them is paramount as this can keep the clothing from discoloring or molding from set-in stains.  Washing them will also help them continue to look like new when you pull them back out  to wear the following warm season.

Once your garments are clean, place them in some sort of storage bin. If feasible, place items such as shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and lightweight clothes flat to prevent permanent wrinkle damage. There are a plethora of sizes and colors out there to fit not only your spatial limitations/need but your fancy as well. If you choose, you can also use a desiccant, such as silica packs, to absorb moisture, however if you choose this method, do not allow them to touch your garment(s) directly as they can dry them out which could damage them. Place the silica packs in plastic bags and place them in the corners of your storage containers. You also want to keep your stored items out of direct sunlight as that constant bombardment of sunrays will fade the colors of your items in short order. Nicer garments should be placed in garment bags to protect them from getting wrinkled and dirty. I would make the suggestion of dry cleaning these nicer items before placing them in the garment bags.

A few additional tips to preserve your items is to place cedar sachets in your storage areas and on your hangers. Cedar wards off insects such as moths that can damage your clothing but does so without the moth ball scent. Another helpful hint is to place a few dryer sheets in between your summer items so when you pull them out the following spring they will smell fresh.

StorPlace Self Storage has 16 locations in the Middle Tennessee and Northern Kentucky areas that will help with summer clothing storage to business storage needs. Stop by our locations to find out how we can help when it is time to store your summer clothing.

Fall Harvesting

Fall Harvest The dog days of summer are winding down to a fabulous end and  the trees are changing to their brilliant fall foliage. It is the perfect time of year to fill your time with house and yard projects. This past weekend  with temperatures in the 70’s and a beautiful fluff cloud sky, my family spent most of our time cleaning our yard, refreshing plantings and some overall sprucing up.  I started my day by pulling my trusty wagon out of storage, and attempting to start moving some of the branches and limbs to the curb for a much anticipated recycling pick up. Recent storms and winds have really cleaned my trees of dead branches, and stems, with winter winds well on their way, you can bet there will be a lot more clean up to do.

Vegetable gardening is at the end of its peak. Tomatoes are starting to look long and scraggly. A vigorous cleanup of the vines, along with some much needed support for the limbs that still have fruit to bare as by now most of my tomatoes are small, but perfectly shaped. I have 2 ways of storing tomatoes: freezing and canning. Either way, I like to cook them into a sauce, with onions, peppers, and spices cooked in, to make a ready-made Italian tomato sauce.  My garden is small, so I enjoy sharing the fruits of my labors with  friends and family. I save the stored items for special occasions making Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner extra special to have a little of mama’s garden added in the dead of winter.

Early fall is also a great time to plant early winter items such as cabbage, lettuce and onions.  These make for a little home-grown heaven, just before “Ole Man Winter” takes us down.

Next week I will start the task of building raised bedding for next year, this will allow me to fill and compost, in preparation for a bounty next year. Happy Gardening!  Happy Autumn from StorPlace Self Storage! 

Fall means Football


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High School, College, Professional Football, choose your poison. Whatever your preference may be, you can find it in the Nashville area.  The weather is just perfect for tailgating at the football games. So everyone take your grills, seat cushions, and pompoms out of your self storage unit and put them to good use.  This is the time of the year to enjoy wholesome fun with the entire family.  Our three local football teams all got off to a great start this year.

On Sept. 6th Tennessee State University (HBCU) out played Alabama State in the John Merritt Classic (24-14) at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium downtown, and followed up with a win (35-25) in the Southern Heritage Classic on Sept. 20th 2015 in Memphis, Tennessee at the Liberty Bowl Stadium.  The Big Blue Tigers suffered their first loss of the season down in Jacksonville, Alabama against the team picked to win the OVC, Jacksonville State (43-13). The Tigers did however follow-up that loss with a rousing (30-14) victory over Florida A&M University,  in Tallahassee Florida.

All Tiger Fans might also want to make a night of it Saturday October 17th, at the Nissan Stadium for the Big Blue Homecoming Game.

Middle Tennessee State University Blue Raiders enjoyed a record-breaking rout (70-14) in the 2015 season opener against Jackson State Tigers, and they will have an opportunity to show what they are made of when  they played against Vanderbilt University on  October the 3rd 2015 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Speaking of Vanderbilt University, the Commodores dropped their first two conference games of the season however they rebounded with a win over Austin Peay State University. On September the 3rd 2015 they lost to Western Kentucky (14- 12) at home and on September the 12th they lost to the Georgia Bulldogs (31- 14).

The Tennessee Titans opened the season with victory over Tampa Bay on the 13th of September (42-14), since then they have lost their next two games. The season has just begun, so, Titans fans stay charged and be confident the State team will have a fantastic season.

So drop by your neighborhood StorPlace Self Storage facility and take out all necessary items and enjoy an afternoon cheering for your favorite college, high school, or professional football team.