Factors for Choosing A Self Storage Unit

Welcome to StorPlace Self StorageHaving to store your belongings can be an exhausting and stressful experience.  Here are few good tips to help make moving items into a storage unit as stress-free as possible. One of the best things to do before choosing a storage facility is look at the property and meet the manager so you can become familiar with the storage facility and processes for renting a storage unit. This way you will know exactly what you are getting and you can feel confident about your rental decision. Price is generally the number one factor when renting a storage unit, but the second factor would be security.  Having the right security and people to implement the proper policies will make you feel better about knowing that your things are stored in a safe place. This is why it’s important to see the property and meet the manager before committing to the rental. Once you’ve looked at all the options around the area where you will need storage, I am confident that you will choose to store your belongings at StorPlace Self Storage. The pricing is good and they will provide quality service that no other company can offer.

Once you have chosen to put your belongings at one of the many StorPlace Self Storage locations; the best way to use your storage space more efficiently is to put the large items in the storage unit first and fill the gaps of space in-between. You can also stack as high as you can, starting from the back of the wall and working your way towards the front. These simple tips will allow you to use the space more effectively and will help you save money by getting the right size storage unit. It’s a good idea to leave boxes or items that you think you’ll need later until the end to put in the front of the storage unit, so you don’t have to unload your unit to find that one thing that you realized you needed. If you think you may need to access your space more often, you may want to consider leaving a walkway through the center of your unit so you can easily find whatever you need in the future. Another good tip is to use furniture covers to help keep dust from settling on your items and check your unit monthly to make sure nothing has shifted and that there are no issues that you would need to discuss with your manager.

When it comes to packing your property, take advantage of StorPlace Self Storage discounts that are offered to our tenants by getting an additional 10% off any merchandise. I am confident that StorPlace Self Storage will deliver great service and will provide an excellent storage solution to minimize the stress of moving and storing at a storage facility.


People need storage

Self Storage basic tipsPeople are in constant need of a place to put their stuff. Storage is the one thing that there never seems to be enough of. People need storage for all types of situations including moving, the holidays and many other random reasons. Storage can help alleviate many of the woes associated with these situations. All people can benefit from having a bit more storage room for this or that.

You just scored the job of your dreams, but it requires you to move to a new city or state. You have to pack up your belongings and hit the road into the unknown. You fill up a truck and head to your destination. It’s your first time in your new location you need time to figure out what to do with all your stuff. You don’t have a place of your own yet. With a storage unit you can have a place to put your things temporarily. With a storage unit and your stuff safely secure you can focus on more pressing matters.

The holidays are here and they are great time for using a storage unit for storing excess items. Colder weather moves in and you are done mowing the yard for the year. A storage unit is a great place to store the summer outdoor things you are not going to need for another few months. Also being the holidays we all can use a little extra room. Do you have family coming for the holidays? Clean, de-clutter and organize that spare room so the in-laws have a place to stay by renting a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is also great for keeping presents out of the view of little prying eyes, helping to keep the surprise a surprise. Storage can come in handy during the holidays regardless what your need may be.

The random unexpected things in life are usually really big and actually can cause a need for storage.  You go to the doctor and find out your about to be proud new parents, that extra room will now become the nursery. Leaving town for a trip? Put your car in a storage unit to keep it out of the weather. Decide to renovate a room of your home? Put your furnishings in a storage unit to get them out-of-the-way during the remodeling project. Life is random and many times so is the need for storage.

We can always use more room in our lives, a storage unit is a great way accommodate that need. If you are moving, preparing for the holidays, or just the random need for more space storage is the solution. StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of heated or cooled or regular storage unit sizes to help with any storage need. Stop in to any of our 16 Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky locations to find out how our storage professionals can help you!

Sound Treating a Room

Sound Treating a Home Theater RoomIf you’re thinking of upgrading the sound system for your TV, theater, or music studio – before you spend a penny on expensive speakers, cabling and stands – you should first look at the sound treatment in your room.  To begin, we first need to dispel the myth that you can “soundproof” a room.  Unless you are building a brand new, double-walled, floating room in your home – soundproofing is a term you should forget.  You’ll never be able to confine the sound to the room you’re in – but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to contain it – and give it the best chance to sound as good as possible.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to treat a room for better sound quality is through furniture placement and positioning of existing speakers.  Couches and chairs are fantastic at controlling bass frequencies (called “bass traps”) – and will do wonders to reduce standing bass frequencies (the “low bass rumble” that muffles/muddies the sound).  Your sound source (TV or speakers) should be directly opposite your furniture piece – which should no doubt be your listening area.

Next, assess the flat surfaces of your room.  Sound loves to “bounce” around your room, using flat surfaces as springboards to do so.  The more you are able to break up the flat surfaces, the more natural your listening experience will be.  This can be accomplished simply by having a bookshelf in the room against a wall, hanging photos or posters, or a shelf of decorations.  Anything you can do to make flat surfaces not flat will help to keep sound from fluttering around your room.

If you have a budget for treating your room – one of the best ways to break up a wall is with sound absorption panels. These panels (typically 24”x 48”) are a thick sound absorbent foam, braced with a light wood and wrapped in a light breathable cloth.  Typically, one or two per wall behind your sound source and on the adjacent flat surfaces is plenty to cut out any excessive reverb or delays in a room. Sometimes, you can hang them from your ceiling (called “clouds”) to further reduce echo and delay in a room.  Not only do they look nice and help your room sound better – they are a great way to add some color to a room without having to paint your walls.

Finally, if you really want to get professional, add a diffuser directly behind your listening area.  A diffuser is a wall mounted piece of treatment that has multiple levels of 2”x 2” wood – designed to break up sound based on a mathematical formula. It helps to spread sound so that your ear doesn’t detect any delay in the sound.  Paired with absorption panels and bass traps, these elements will neutralize any unwanted or abrasive qualities in your audio, and keep the sound in your space as natural as possible.

Too Much Candy?!

Repurposing Halloween CandyI know, I know, such a great problem to have, am I right?! This problem usually starts by buying too much candy for trick-or-treaters on Halloween (Rule of thumb, buy candy that you’ll enjoy. Just in case no one shows up.) or your children have hit the jackpot trick-or-treating from neighbors, school parties, and/or churches. By now, you probably have already picked out your personal selections, and have candy leftover that you or the kids are just letting sit in the candy dish. Depending on the candy type and proper storage, most candy can last anywhere from two months to two years (dark chocolates.)

Here are a couple of  candy solutions for you. One option is to donate your leftover candy to organizations such as Soldier’s Angels: Treats for Troops Program. There are several other charities that you can also look into to donate your Halloween candy. If your school will allow candy as rewards, you can donate candy to the classroom.

The second option is to bake with the leftover candy. That’s right; the holiday season is upon us! What a better way to use up your candy reserves than to make them into a dessert and serve them to your friends, family, and co-workers! You can search for many recipes online or alter some of your favorite ones.

Cookies are the easiest recipe to alter or experiment with. I usually replace the chocolate chips with chopped up miniature candy bars in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Another experiment would be to wrap a candy piece into sugar cookie dough then bake. The candy will typically melt, making for a warm gooey center. You can be inventive and use extra candy as decorations for a cake. Sixlets can be used as lettering or as accents on a cake. Twizzlers can be used for lettering, sleds, skis, or arms and legs with marshmallow animals. You could also use the classic Twizzlers as fun straws for ice cream floats.  As I’ve said there are many options out there and several recipes that go around on social media every single day involving candy based cakes, ice creams, and more.  Choose something that you and others will enjoy.

You don’t have to eat all of that leftover Halloween candy! Donating or using candy in holiday baking are great ideas to not let that candy go to waste!   StorPlace Self Storage of Lebanon Pike hopes you have a safe and happy holiday season!