Fall Cleaning and College Storage Opportunities

Storage Solutions at StorPlace Self StorageWith summer winding down, the time for fall cleanup as well as moving your college students back to school are now upon us. In order to help accomplish both goals, StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is here to help. By placing some of your summer items like patio furniture, pool equipment, landscaping tools and other summer items in a self-storage unit, you can free up valuable space around your home for fall and winter seasons. Similarly, self storage units are also great to store items that college students won’t be bringing to school this semester but will be needing in the future.

Fall Cleaning Self Storage Opportunities

StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of different options for you to choose from in storing your summer items both small and large when fall inevitably arrives. We have heated and cool climate controlled units that are available as well as a wide range of standard unit sizes. Our self storage unit sizes range from 5 x 5 to 10 x 40 which can help store any number of household items. Our smaller units are great for summer sports equipment, clothes or pool supplies. The larger self storage units we offer are also an excellent way to keep your patio table, chairs and umbrella protected during fall and the hard months of winter to follow.

College Storage Options During Fall 

Here at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue we have parking spaces to store cars and other vehicles. If the college student in your family will not be bringing their car to campus, this is a great place to park that car until they need it again next summer. We also have several covered spaces as well which would protect against rain and snow while your student is away at school. We always recommend that your come look at the spaces before you rent, though, to make sure it will fit the needs of your car specifically. Our knowledge team can also help with any other items your college student will need to store during the school year as well.

Self-Storage Locations Near You

StorPlace Self-Storage has many convenient storage locations throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. Specifically, we offer storage units at our facilities in Bellevue, Downtown Nashville, Murfreesboro, Antioch, Bowling Green KY, Rivergate, Hickory Hollow, Hermitage, Franklin, Cool Springs, Hendersonville as well as Lebanon Pike. We have the self-storage solutions to fit your needs so stop by today and find out how we can help you save money and create the space your family deserves.

Maintenance is Key To Self-Storage Success

StorPlace of Murfreesboro RdWhen self-storage companies are trying to save money by “holding off” on “minor” maintenance issues, they were really costing themselves and their customers time and money in the long run.

By not addressing minor issues–like a storage unit door sticking–as they arise, self-storage companies can create larger issues eventually like the door eventually breaking or causing a customer an extra 10 minutes to open. That is why one of our missions at StorPlace is to invest in maintenance.

Investing in maintenance is a direct correlation to investing in customer service. When the little things are not pushed off and in fact addressed right away, self-storage owners are helping to maintain a great experience for their customers. They are also saving themselves money by both investing in their property but also keeping customers happy and coming back.

A few dollar problem can turn into a one-hundred-dollar problem if it is not addressed. Even worse, it could lead to a bad customer experience that could have been avoided with a 20-minute repair. If the problem was held off and the door and the track kept getting damaged from an object, for example, then that would cause the company to pay to fix the track and/or door. On top of that it would cause the company to lose money because the unit would not be rentable under construction.

So, when a unit is not rentable and costing money in damages and repairs, money is being lost and customers are forced to go elsewhere. At StorPlace, we have learned from our experience that investing in the little things nets big results. A customer might not necessarily notice when everything is working properly, but they will notice when it takes extra time to access their storage unit for whatever reason. Get out in front and invest in maintenance if you’re a self-storage owner, you will get that back down the road.

Pokemon Go: What Your Business Needs To Know

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StoragePokémon Go is sweeping the nation. But can businesses capitalize on this growing phenomenon? The answer is yes, but you need to take the proper steps in order maximize its potential. Here are a few ways that Pokemon Go can impact your business:

Increased foot traffic in or around your business

More potential customers with people discovering you for the first time could result from Pokemon Go players. If you can accommodate that traffic in some way, you could get people to stay for a little while and invest in your services. Now this only really helps if you are a PokéStop.

What is a PokéStop?

A PokeStop is a place where a Pokemon Go player can go to get additional items for the game itself. It can also hold a PokéLure. This is a lure that attracts Pokémon to this particular location for 30 minutes. A PokeLure could be particularly helpful if you are a restaurant or a shopping center. What better way to get customer’s into your business than to attract them directly through the door!

What if you’re not a PokeStop but want to be? 

If your business one of these types of business, but you are not a PokéStop, in the near future you will be able to request to be one. Keep that in mind when you are thinking of ways to bring in new customers and keep your eye on releases or reports about how a business can apply to be a PokeStop in the future.

What type of business would not necessarily benefit from Pokemon Go?

On the other hand, there are some types of commercial businesses that would not benefit from having their business be a PokéStop. The main concern for me when it comes to businesses being PokéStops is security. If you consider yourself to be a secure facility, such as a storage facility like StorPlace Self-Storage, it might not in your best interest to be a PokéStop. This is due to the potential unwanted after-hours foot traffic, and possible trespassing. Also, places like cemeteries, factories, or businesses near large intersections might not want to be a PokéStop, either.

Safety first!

In either case it is on the player to understand when and where to play the game. Be respectful please! Who knows how long the Pokémon craze will go on for, but in the meantime, gotta catch ‘em all!