How Self-Storage Helped Me Pursue My Passion

StorPlace of Hickory HollowSelf-storage units can help you pursue your passion. For me, as a furniture collector and carpenter, its opened a whole new world of possibilities. The truth is, you never think about a lot of things in your life until you need it. In many cases, that’s how it is with self-storage for your home, business or hobby. Preparing to move out on my own recently, I realized just how much stuff my hobby helped me accumulate over the years. It seems, in retrospect, that I may have an addiction to purchasing items every time I enter a home decor store or thrift shop.

The reason I’m brought back to self-storage in all this is because I’m not quite ready to give up on these items, but they also will not fit into my new home. In search of safe and secure storage in the Cool Springs area, I walked through the doors of StorPlace. The Manager was amazing in every way–very knowledgeable about the units she had available as well as the amenities and features that would best fit my needs.¬†She even offered me Property Protection for my storage unit which makes me feel even more confident that my belongings are safe and sound as I settle into my new home.

Now that I have plenty of space, I can further pursue my passion of building and repurposing furniture. I am a huge thrift store and yard sale junkie but due to my lack of space I had in the past I was limited in what I could bring home and work on. Now that I’ve found StorPlace, the sky is the limit! Or, at least as high as the 10 foot ceilings. I love finding that diamond in the rough and seeing the beauty in its potential and now I can continue to accumulate old pieces in search of that next project like the coffee table set I just wrapped up.

Recently, I was at a local thrift store and I came across a metal coffee and side table set. I¬†purchased all three tables for $15 and drove over to a nearby home improvement store. There, I bought a can of cooper color spray paint and some wood for about twenty-four dollars. When I got home, I painted the legs and made new wood tops for all three tables, staining them a dark Walnut finish–and BAM! Magazine quality furniture pieces easily worth $200 or more. The only problem now is I could see myself needing another unit for my next masterpiece.