Storage Unit Sizes For Every Storage Need

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StorageStorPlace Self Storage of Murfreesboro Road has a wide variety of storage units to choose from.  If you are in the process of selling your home and want to stage it so that it will sell faster; StorPlace Self Storage has the perfect heated and cooled unit for you to do so. If you are in between places, take advantage of our month-to-month rental agreement.  You can store your entire home or the things you will not be using right now.  One special benefit you will receive for storing with us is that you receive a 10% discount on all your moving supplies. Each store has a full line of moving and packing supplies for your convenience.

The most popular type of storage unit is our outside drive-up unit. This makes loading and unloading a breeze, with wide roll-up doors. They come in a wide range of sizes from 10×10 drive-up units to 10×30 drive-up units. They all have at least eight foot ceilings so you can stack and organize as high as you would like. These units are large enough to store extra vehicles, tractors, jet skis, etc. We also have smaller inside units if you just need a little space. Most StorPlace Self Storage locations will have units as small as 4×4.  This is perfect for college students who do not want to go through the hassle of taking everything home with them at the end of the semester.  We also have 5×5, 5×10 and 7×10 inside units. These smaller storage units are great for business needs as well as a place to store a small amount of personal things.

One thing you don’t want to forget is our outside parking. StorPlace Self Storage has covered and uncovered parking that will fit the largest camper, recreational vehicle, boat, truck or car.

Each StorPlace Self Storage property is completely gated and fenced with twenty-four hour camera surveillance so you can store your treasures without any worry.

So whatever you do, remember to call StorPlace Self Storage to reserve the perfect size storage unit for your storing  needs.  As always we are committed to making customer service our top priority.

Its More than just Renting Storage Units

StorPlace Self Storage in Bowling Green KentuckyWhat makes working at StorPlace Self Storage meaningful? Well that is a great question! I’d have to answer: if someone would have told me 5 years ago, that I am going to be leaving Denver Colorado , retiring early from the state government,  move back home to Bowling Green, Kentucky and work at a storage facility,  I would have answered.. Dude?! Are you crazy?!

But here I am and there you have it! I love it. Working with StorPlace Self Storage has provided me insight on how efficient businesses are operated.  Running a storage facility is unique, as it has different stories and  dramas almost daily. The day-to-day operation is perfected to make all interactions streamlined.

Folks come into our store in Bowling Green as if we have a sign that says “no matter the question we have an answer”.  Mind blowing sometimes! I must admit before working at Store Place Self Storage, I never gave storage facilities a second thought. If they looked nice and were cheap enough I used them. I never realized the wealth of knowledge you could find at a self storage facility!

I had a lady come in a few days before Halloween, she started pulling bubble wrap off the shelf. I approached her and asked what was she wrapping? She said I’m not wrapping anything, but here is my dilemma. She showed me a picture on her phone of a centerpiece on a table, which was a “stuffed looking man” on the table, with his “guts” exposed. The guts were aluminum pans filled with sausage dogs and beans (looked like his intestines,) and beets in a pan, to look like his heart. It was very creative!  This lady however was trying to figure out how to stuff the arms of the shirt.  We decided on how to best approach this was bubble wrap and rolls of paper towel & toilet paper. She was so happy with the idea, that she gave me a hug before she left!

Yesterday, we had another lady come in and said, “I need to make 8 pairs of angel wings, how do I draw them and how many boxes do I need?” We didn’t bat an eye; we drew her out an angel wing pattern and told her how to cut them out! Sold her several small mirror boxes and suggested aluminum foil for flare!  She is sending us pictures once she has them all done!

It’s the little things that make this job fun, its making someone’s day with a simple suggestion! It’s caring enough to listen, and then doing your best to make life easier for them.

There is so much more to StorPlace Self Storage then renting out units! And that’s why I love what I do! Plus! It’s fun.



The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day lessonAlthough Valentine’s Day has passed for this year, I came across a very interesting article that I wanted to summarize regarding this special holiday that we celebrate with our significant others.The article was taken from a commentary by Chuck Colson in 1999 from his daily radio show, “Breakpoint”. Chuck begins his commentary by speaking to the fact that Valentine’s Day is starting to lose some of its personal touches and he references electronic kisses that can be sent by email.

Today, couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways. We have seen this for ourselves as couples who are separated by miles can have a Skype date and kisses are now sent through FaceTime. But how did this holiday that celebrates romantic love get its start? Chuck says it was more than a Hallmark card.

There is a tale told that Roman Emperor, Claudius II, had martyred a Roman priest during his persecution of Christians. The priest was beaten with clubs and finally beheaded. His name was Valentine. He was sainted for refusing to deny Christ before the emperor and continuing to give aid to the Christians in Rome. The tale also tells us that Valentine would secretly marry couples against the commands of Emperor Claudius who believed that unmarried men made better soldiers. Reports say that Claudius also beheaded two other Christians named Valentine during his persecution and therefore we cannot be certain which Valentine it is that we celebrate on February 14th.

Now you might wonder why the church would have chosen February 14th to have a saint’s day. In ancient Rome, February 14 was the eve of a pagan festival called Lupercalia. During this festival, the Romans worshipped Februa, a goddess of marriage, childbirth, and sexuality. As Christianity spread, the church began replacing pagan festivals with holy days. The Roman festival had rather lewd practices, so the church replaced these practices with the tradition of honorable young men picking the names of saints—and then spend the following year emulating the saint whose name they drew.

As we see today, the focus of love and romance from the festival became popular, but the name to this day we choose to give is in honor of St. Valentine who gave his life for the love of his God.

StorPlace Self-Storage hopes you were able to enjoy a romantic day with your valentine this year. Feel free to drop by to help us eat our leftover candy and purchase any boxes or packing supplies you may need for your next move. You can also take a look at our new heated and cooled building next door and the covered parking spaces we have added. StorPlace Self Storage strives to make the storage experience easy and convenient for our customers. The StorPlace Self Storage Mission is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers in need by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, innovativeness, conscientiousness, cheerfulness, and friendliness.

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike has a number of heated and cooled spaces as well as outside, garage-type units for our customers. With a variety of sizes, StorPlace Self Storage can find the perfect fit for your storage needs.  Give us a call at (615) 882-0082 and we will be happy to assist you with any of your storage or packing needs.

Building a Good Rapport with Customers

building good rapport with your customers

Building a good rapport with your current and future customers is very important for a self storage facility team.  For some people being a great salesman comes naturally; they are very positive, outgoing, and friendly. However, some people have to really work hard at developing the skills necessary to become that trust worthy salesman. Even those that are a natural salesman always can learn more to “polish” their skills.

First, start by learning about your tenants and customers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like “What is creating your need for storage?” or “What brings you here today?”. These are good conversation starters and will also allow you to pick the right type of storage unit they will need. The conversation will usually lead to a very detailed answer that will allow you to find out a little about their personal situation. If your computer program will allow notes, then place a note on the account to remind you to ask. Also, make a mental note of this conversation so that later when they come by to pay the next month’s rent, you will be able to ask questions like “The last time you were in, you were having some troubles with your grandmother. How is she doing?”. You will be surprised how much people appreciate you asking and it will also be at the start of a great business relationship.

The best way build a trusting relationship with your customers and tenants is to always do what you said you would do. If you tell the customer that at 10:15am you will call them, then at 10:15am you better give them a call. Never let your customers have to wait on you or wonder if you are going to call them back. This also applies to email! If they send you an email, respond immediately even if you don’t have an answer for them. Let them know that you received the email and that you will get them an answer as soon as possible. Try not to make promises that you may not be able to keep. Just because you don’t say “I promise” does not mean that your customer didn’t hear it that way. So if you say “I will get it done” then you better get it done!

Learn your customer’s personality. This takes time but eventually you will be able to do this pretty easily. If you have a customer that is always in a hurry when he comes in to pay his rent and never has much to say, he is probably not the customer you want to start a conversation about the weather or his kids. Do what he appreciates, fast service. Let’s say the customer is very quiet and when you ask them a question you only get a short one word answer, then you may want to keep the conversation to a minimum. You don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or end up on the dreaded one-sided conversation. If the customer is chatty then let them chat. The most important thing is to try to connect with the type of personality you are dealing with. You don’t ever want to act in such a way that your personality comes across as the complete opposite of the customer standing in front of you.

Follow these rapport building suggestions and you will be on your way to a great long-lasting relationship with your customers. They will appreciate the good customer service and will continue to send you future business long after they are no longer your customers. StorPlace Self Storage prides ourselves in great customer service! Stop in to any of our 16 Middle Tennessee locations to see how we can help you with your storage needs.



At StorPlace of Greenwood, It’s Beginning to Look….

StorPlace offers packing supplies

….a lot like Santa’s shipping department at the North Pole. Come to think of it, I’m not sure that I have ever seen their shipping department depicted in a movie or on television. Certainly, I have never read about it. Maybe they don’t have one! I guess that Santa and his elves rely on sleigh and reindeer for their deliveries. But at StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood, folks are streaming in looking for just the right size box to ship their special gifts. This can be a rather simple match, but often is quite a task.

Earlier this week, a woman came in to the store with dimensions in hand. She was an artist, and had created a decorative candy cane. Unfortunately, the closest box we had to offer was a lamp box measuring only 12 inches across. Her candy cane needed over 15 inches in width, plus a few inches to allow packing material. Not to be discouraged, the elves…I mean staff… at StorPlace Self Storage went to work with a measuring tape to determine what kind of shipping box we could make for her. She appreciated this extra effort since the folks at the shipping outlet down the street would not help her. Well, they did offer her a ready-made box that was too big and very expensive to ship. Anyway, we suggested fashioning a box out of two lamp boxes.

With cutter in hand, we sliced off part of each box, allowing for the sides to slide together, forming a box 18 inches in width. After careful taping, the candy cane had ample room to be slid into the new box. Of course, a roll of bubble wrap that we sell provided just the right amount of cushioning for the trip ahead. The final task was to slightly extend the top end flap and create a new end with extra cardboard and tape. Finally, the box and item was ready to send. All it cost the woman was two lamp boxes and a roll of bubble wrap. We never charge for seasonal box creation! Unfortunately, she was not yet through with the shipping portion of her task and set off back to the shipping outlet. Still, she was pleased with how the box turned out and said she would recommend StorPlace Self Storage to anyone who needed a custom-made box!

So far, though still early in the Christmas shipping season, we have yet to encounter any of her referrals. We have sold mirror boxes to ship pictures in, many standard-sized boxes, and one wardrobe box that is to be used in a local play disguised as a fireplace! Such are the days in December at StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood.



Hydration is very important     Why is hydration so important? According to Family your body depends on water for survival. Water makes up more than half of your body weight. Your body uses water to help maintain body temperature. You are losing water every day through sweating and even breathing and you lose water faster the hotter it gets.

Conventional wisdom is you should drink 6 to 8 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Although, this thought has yet to be scientifically proven. For some people more than 8 glasses may be required and for some people less than 8 glasses is sufficient. Older adults are at a higher risk of not getting enough water, which may lead to dehydration. Some symptoms of dehydration may be little or no urine; dry mouth; sleepiness or fatigue; extreme thirst; headache; confusion; dizziness or no tears during crying.

You may need to increase the water intake if you have certain medical conditions, are pregnant, or are going to be outside in the heat for an extended period of time. Sports drinks may be helpful to replace your electrolytes, but choose them wisely. Some sports drinks can contain high levels of calories, sugar, or sodium.

Some tips for staying hydrated are keep water with you at all times. Start and end your day with a glass of water. If you are feeling hungry, drink water. Sometimes hunger can be confused for thirst. Drink water at scheduled times of the day to ensure you are getting the proper amount.

StorPlace Self Storage of Old Hickory Blvd. takes the health and safety of our customers seriously. The management team at StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. routinely go around our property offering cold bottles of water to our customers. We also monitor our property for tenants who may be on-site and are showing some signs of distress. We want our tenants experience at StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. to be a pleasurable and safe one. So, remember while out in the heat, hydration is the key to staying safe!

Customer Specials At StorPlace Self Storage

Customer Appreciation At StorPlace Self Storage


StorPlace Self Storage appreciates its customers.  To demonstrate this, StorPlace Self Storage offers a variety of discounts for current and new tenants.  The offers include a discount on all merchandise as well as packing supplies for current tenants, waiving certain fees to returning tenants, and coupons for new customers.  These are just some of the offers that StorPlace Self Storage has going on all of the time.  Another way that StorPlace Self Storage shows customer appreciation is through the half-off customer appreciation deal.  StorPlace offers discounts if you pay in advance and let’s not forget the refer a friend program.

At all 16  StorPlace Self Storage locations across the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas, and at our Bowling Green, KY location, we offer a 10 percent discount to all current tenants on all merchandise as well as packing supplies.  This is extremely handy for the tenants who haven’t started to pack yet and need supplies.  The supplies include, but are not limited to: boxes, tape, packing blankets, bubble wrap, mattress cover, stretch wrap, packing peanuts and packing kits.

Many returning customers ask, “Is there anything you can do for me since I have been a tenant here before?” The answer is “yes.”  StorPlace Self Storage will waive the administration fee for former and current tenants who are renting another storage unit.  This will help save them the $25 normal administrative fee.

Customers get excited during the customer appreciation special that starts around November 1st, 2014 and runs until February 28, 2015.  This customer appreciation special is for current tenants who rent a second unit. The special is for half-off of the board rate for the second storage unit of a current tenant. This is especially helpful for people who are deciding to move and businesses that use storage. It gives people an opportunity to do some spring cleaning or just give people more room to see what they actually have in storage.

Each StorPlace Self Storage location has different coupon specials that new customers can use. These specials vary and change every now and then.  You can find these specials at  Just pick the location that you would like to store at and then select the internet special.  Print out the coupon and bring it with you when you rent the storage unit. Customer appreciation is something StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on.  That is why there are so many different options for customers to feel appreciated including discounts on merchandise, discounts on the rate, and coupons for new customers.

Lamp Boxes and Golf Bags

StorPlace has boxes to fit all things from golf bags to lamps

StorPlace of Bowling Green is now in the golf bag shipping business! Well, not really. It just seems that way. Toward the beginning of the summer, a gentleman came in and looked at the boxes in our retail display. He decided that our lamp base box was the perfect size for shipping golf bags. As it turns out, he needed eight of them. Lucky for him, StorPlace Self Storage has a ‘buy three, get one free’ special on most box sizes. Of course, we couldn’t let him leave without asking how he had acquired so many golf bags. He said that not only does he play golf, but he keeps an eye out for great used golf equipment. This led him to the basement of an acquaintance. The basement was full of all kinds of golf clubs, bags, and accessories. After talking it over, our customer, let’s call him “Mr. Golf”, agreed he would get into the eBay golf business and bought out the contents of that basement. In a short while, his eBay business was up and running and he needed to ship golf bags out to his customers.

At StorPlace of Bowling Green, we normally stock the most common size shipping boxes. However, up to the point “Mr. Golf” came in the store, we usually didn’t have more than ten lamp base boxes to sell. Since he bought all of that style, we needed to order more but how many should we get? The best person to ask was “Mr. Golf”. He said he had, at that time, about 30 bags advertised on his eBay site, and all with active bids. So, we put in an order for 30 lamp base boxes. He said he would be back to buy them and he has proven true to his word. He is our best recent retail customer.

Strangely enough, on a day not too long ago, we thought that “Mr. Golf” had a box buying competitor.  A woman came into the store and asked to buy four lamp base boxes. During the conversation over the sale, she said the boxes were for shipping golf bags. We couldn’t let that one go by, so we told her about “Mr.Golf” and his eBay business. She told us that she is his girlfriend and was sent on a box buying errand!

Come to think of it, I don’t believe we have ever sold a lamp base box for customer to actually pack a lamp. For example: a decorator needed a few of the larger boxes to transport tall fluted glass flower vases or another customer planned to store a croquet set. Regardless, we are glad to offer the boxes to folks who need them. And did I mention that we just ordered sixty additional lamp base boxes for a certain eBay businessman?


What to Look For When Comparing Storage Facilities

Computerized Gate Access at StorPlace Self Storage

Every StorPlace Self Storage faciliy has computerized gate access.

When searching for a storage facility there are a few key things that you should look for during your search: location, availability, security, competitive pricing, cleanliness, and customer service.

Location is a major factor in choosing a facility.  The facility that is the closest to your home is the one you are more likely to choose.  StorPlace Self Storage has 16 facilities in and around middle Tennessee as well as Bowling Green, KY.  There are many different storage facilities in the area to choose from, but don’t base our choice only on the location.

Availability of storage units is another big factor when it comes to choosing a facility.  Not all storage facilities have the same number and size of units available at a certain time.  Storage unit availability varies from location to location.  A good way to check availability is to call the facility you are thinking about storing at or you can go to the website to check to see if the storage unit size that you need is available. At StorPlace of Hendersonville, you can check availability of certain size storage units on our website. 

Security is a feature that all potential customers should focus their attention on.  Most places will have a couple of cameras and a gate. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer multiple security options.  We have surveillance cameras that record 24 hours a day, a fence that is surrounding the entire facility, gated access, and high security lock for the units.

Pricing is probably the most important thing that people think about when choosing a storage facility.  Competitive pricing is available at just about every storage facility. The thing to look for is the most “bang for your buck”.  This can be done by comparing multiple facilities prices along with any specials or coupons you can find.  Typically, a heated and cooled space is going to cost more money than your standard outdoor garage style units.  This may not be true in all cases though.  Pricing also depends on availability of the units.

The Cleanliness of the storage facility is probably the most important factor for me.  You should always ask for a tour of the property and ask to be shown the unit you are thinking about renting before committing to the rental.  This way you can check out the property for yourself and make sure you are getting a clean unit.  Also, a good question to ask is if the facility has an exterminator that comes and sprays the property for bugs.

Good customer service is important for everyone. At StorPlace Self Storage, we pride ourselves on our great customer service.  We try to help the customer in any way possible.  If you have any additional questions you can call any of our 16 locations to get more information.

How to Choose the Best Storage Facility


StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace can help you find the best storage unit for your storage needs.


When storing there are many factors to consider, so do your research. The number one  factor when storing is choosing the right storage unit for your storing needs. Once you have decided what type of storage unit you will need, it is very important to pick the right storage location for you. Lastly, it is important to have the correct packing supplies for your belongings starting with boxes and tape. Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision for all your self-storage needs.

First thing to do when storing is packing your personal goods. Boxes are the easiest and most convenient way to pack. Many people think that the bigger the box the better, but that is not always the case. When selecting boxes think about what you are storing and who will be moving it. Small boxes are great for heavier items, such as books and dishes as these type items can get heavy very quickly. Larger boxes are great for storing lighter items such as towels, blankets, and comforters.  Also, many storage companies,such as StorPlace Self Storage, offer specialized boxes like mirror boxes, which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. Remember when storing items in boxes to properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

When storing your personal belongings in self-storage, the location of the storage facility is important to consider.  A secure and conveniently located storage facility is always a plus. If you are moving to a new town, it is better to find a storage facility closer to where you will be moving to instead of one across town. It is more convenient to access your personal goods at a storage facility that is close to you.  StorPlace Self Storage has 16 conveniently located and secure storage facilities in middle Tennessee ready to accommodate all your storage needs.

Once you have packed your belongings and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs, you must select an appropriate storage unit. Storage units come in many different sizes, and with many different features. Storage professionals, such as the ones at StorPlace Self Storage, can help determine the storage unit which will best serve your needs. Do you require a small or large unit? A drive up unit? A heated and cooled unit? These are just a few of the questions that a property manager can assist you with.  Your personal belonging are very important, you take great care of them, choosing a storage unit should be no different. Take the same care when selecting your self-storage unit.

There is no unimportant part of self storage. Start with the necessary packing supplies, such as boxes and tape, for the storing or moving job ahead. Another very important part of storing with self-storage is finding a location that suits you best; a location down the road is better than across town. Lastly, select the right unit for your storage needs, if you don’t know, ask. A storage professional will help you determine what type of unit would benefit you the most and if that unit will be enough or not enough for your storing needs.