The Two Most Important Self Storage Questions To Consider

StorPlace of Murfreesboro RdThere are many factors that go into renting a self-storage unit. But there are two questions you must answer before anything else–where do you want to store your items, and how long will you need to have them in storage?

Once these answers are identified, our friendly team at StorPlace Self Storage will help with the rest. Below are some things to consider when starting down your path to renting a storage unit for the first time.

Where To Store Your Items? 

Knowing when and where you want to want to place your business or personal items in storage is the first step. At StorPlace of Franklin, we are proud to serve our neighbors and surrounding cities. Being able to access your items while they are in storage is important so keep that travel time in mind when you’re selecting a facility. But as long as you’re a reasonable drive away, our expert Franklin team would be proud to serve you!

How Long Will Your Items Be In Storage? 

It’s important to understand the temperature in the area you will be storing your items.
In middle Tennessee, for example, the climate can get very muggy and have lots of humidity. If you are planning on a short-term rental–maybe less than three months–an outside drive-up unit will be perfect for you. The drive-up units also make loading and unloading very convienient. But, if you’re thinking longer than three months, you may want to consider a heated and cooled climate controlled storage space or even a humidity controlled storage space.

Other Storage Tips to Consider

Here at StorPlace of Franklin we also offer ground inside units that are not temperature controlled but are inside the building to keep your items out of the elements. It is a little bit more work when you move in, but if you are concerned about staying dry or the cleanliness of your belongings it is well worth the extra effort.

Size is also important. Make sure you look at the space before you rent it. Seeing it will help you decide which size will work best for you. But any StorPlace associate can help you with this as well. So stop by and have a look. Even if you don’t need something today, we can put something on reserve for you. We’re here to make the storage process as simple as possible and looking forward to working with you! 

Shoes A Cause for Paws

Shoes A Cause for Paws event


As mentioned before, StorPlace Self Storage partners with the wonderful folks at St. Andrews Church to help with their Animal Ministry Program. They work with People for Animals, a non-profit organization, to help with animal rescues. This spring we teamed up with the organization again for “Shoes a Cause for Paws“,  for the Greyhound Pets of America. The program helped raise funds for expenses for rescued greyhounds. Our customers and team members at  StorPlace of Franklin came through to help out with this project. The slogan of our campaign was” Any Shoe Will do!!!

The goal of “Any Shoe Will do” was to collect at least 300 bags of shoes with 25 pairs in each bag for a total value of $3,000. Did not matter the kind of shoe – penny loafers, kids’ shoes, wingtips, golf shoes, sandals, sports shoes, dress shoes, even boots and flip-flops. I do not have the final figures but I know that we turned over at least 4 shopping bags of shoes to our connection, Suzy Berry. This was their second year to do this and our first year to help. We hope to be able to turn in an even bigger donation next year.

There are other things that are happening near StorPlace of Franklin, such as the new Kroger Store has opening up this month across the street from our facility, beside the recently opened Ford dealership.. Unfortunately, the Kmart has closed, but with the new Kroger store opening up almost simultaneously, almost all the Kmart employees were able to replace their jobs quickly.

StorPlace of Franklin Welcomes the Changing Seasons

Don't forget your furry friends when the cold weather hits


It is the time of the year when you are ready to change your wardrobe and put the summer clothes away and bring out those wonderful sweaters and jackets. It is the time for “Trunk or Treat” at your favorite community center or place of worship.

StorPlace Self Storage of Franklin partners with St. Andrew Church in Franklin to help collect for People for Animals and other non- profit animal rescue organizations. Many thanks to our customers for donating pet food, pet carrying containers, toys, bedding and many other needed items. So, while you are changing and getting ready for the cooler weather, don’t forget about all those precious animals that need our help. At StorPlace Self Storage, we try to help make your transition from one phase of your journey in life to next as stress free as possible, which includes storing for the changing seasons.

StorPlace Self Storage has plenty of boxes and other packing supplies to help you organize your belongings. StorPlace boxes have been used by many folks in our community to not only pack personal or business items, but they were also used at a local church during vacation bible school to  build a Noah’s Arc. Another group of industrious parents used the boxes to build race cars. Many teachers use our packing paper for coloring or drawing paper for their classrooms. We even have people buy the blank newsprint to shred up and keep puppies, bunnies or other little animals warm and not get all the ink from regular newspapers all over their sweet fur.

Speaking of sweet, StorPlace Self Storage of Franklin always has plenty of candy on hand for our customers throughout the year. Have a wonderful fall and come by and see us with any questions or concerns you may have about storing.

Summer Storage-Free Up Your Garage, Attic and Closets

Summer in Tennessee

Summertime is here! It is time to work on some more cleaning projects inside and outside your home, including cleaning out your garage, basement and closets! The summer is a great time to clean out the garage to have easier access to your lawnmower and gardening equipment. A great solution to give you more room in the garage is to move your belongings into a storage unit. This will leave room to park your car and maybe, your new boat, in the garage and still give you easy access to your lawn and gardening tools. StorPlace Self Storage offers month-to-month contracts with no long-term commitment, which is perfect to store items over the summer months. So, make some time to clean out that garage and store your excess items at StorPlace Self Storage.

Once you have tackled cleaning out the garage, it is now time to work on decluttering  the inside of your home. I bet that you had children that have come home from college this summer. While they were gone at school, you turned their bedroom into an excess storage room.  Now, they are complaining that they have no room for the things that they have brought home from school! Pack the extra items that you put in their room, and place them in a storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage offers heated and cooled spaces for electronic items and standard storage units, which ever suits your needs!

Lastly, don’t forget to peek up in that attic and check to see if maybe there some things that need to go to the storage unit. Storage units are great places to store your holiday decorations.  Also, this would be a very good time to pack up those winter clothes in one of  StorPlace Self Storage’s wardrobe boxes and bring those clothes down to the storage unit You won’t need winter sweaters and coats during the HOT summer!

StorPlace Self Storage of Franklin, located on Highway 96 in Franklin, offers lots of different storage options and we carry a full line of packing and moving supplies. Stop in to see how we can help you with your storage needs and help you declutter your home for the summer!