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Come store with us for all your storage needs at Murfeesboro StorPlace Self Storage

Your belongings are very important; protect them by choosing the right self storage. Storplace is your one stop shop for all your storage needs. Do you need to store a closet or a house full? Do you need a heated and cooled storage? Do you need to store your belongings for a month or a year, StorPlace accommodates. Storplace offers answers for all your storage needs.

Storplace offers everything one could need whether you are storing short or long term. StorPlace has convenient month to month billing no contracts. StorPlace will prorate you in and can prorate you out, so you only pay for the time you use your storage. StorPlace offers 11 clean and properly maintained locations in middle Tennessee for your convenience.

August is hot, beat the heat. StorPlace offers storage solutions for all your storage needs. Storage of some valuables requires extra attention, be it heat or cold sensitive items such as electronics, photos, or anything else of that nature.  StorPlace also has RV parking for campers, boats, or trailers. StorPlace offers easy access to your recreation vehicle and a safe place to keep it.

StorPlace also offers packing supplies. Storplace has a wide variety of packing supplies; boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to name a few. Boxes are a necessity when storing, they come in many different sizes. Tape is to help secure your valuables, StorPlace offers tape and tape dispensers. Bubble-Wrap the perfect filler; wrap breakables, and delicate valuables. StorPlace has many other packing materials moving labels, mattress and sofa covers, entire packing kits for those just not sure what they need.

Benefits of Choosing StorPlace

  1. Electronically Monitored Facility
  2. Extended Gate Hours 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  3. 10% Discount On Packing Supplies For Tenants
  4. Storplace Offers Heated & Cooled Storage Units
  5. Management  On Premises
  6. Storplace Property Protection
  7. Free  Monthly E-Billing
  8. Automatic Debit
  9. Wide Isles
  10. Dollies In Every Hallway

StorPlace give the consumer looking for storage many options. StorPlace has many different size storage units. Need an extra closet? Need an extra room? Need to store your entire house? StorPlace can accommodate. StorPlace has large and small secure self-storage units.  Heated and cooled units of different sizes for your temperature sensitive items. StorPlace has something for you.

Decision Making

What size Self-Storage do you need? The professional management at Storplace can help you determine what size Self-Storage would tailor to your need.

  1. 5’ x 5’ Small closet
  2. 5’ x 10’ One Bedroom Apartment
  3. 5’ x 15’ Two Bedroom Apartment
  4. 10’ x 20’ Small Home or Vehicle
  5. 10’ x 25’ Small Home or Vehicle
  6. 10’ x 30’ 3 Bedroom Home or Construction Supplies Warehouse

Friendly insightful management for your Self Storage needs. Clean and properly maintain facilities for your storage. Storage units come in many different sizes, heated and cooled, or parking places for your RV, Boat, Trailer, or Car. Property Protection is available for extra protection. Packing supplies for your packing needs are readily available. StorPlace offers all your storage solutions in one place, for short or long term, small or large it’s covered at Storplace. Storplace is your one stop shop for all your storage needs at Murfreesboro Road.

Beat The Heat

You have decided to move. A thousand things must be running through your mind right now. Where will we go? When will it be? How much is it going to cost? How long will it all take? I may not know the answer to any of those questions but what I do know is you have to start somewhere. Packing. The more organized and diligent you are about packing your things, the easier it will make your move.

When you sit back and think about packing your things, you need to put things into several different categories. The first divisions that need to be made are what things you will move with you, what things you will store and what things you will be getting rid of. This can be one of the hardest decisions that you have to make when you are moving, but given some time and thought it can make your process much easier. You don’t want to get to your new house and have a lot of clutter to go through; so doing it at the beginning stages can save you time and frustration. The next categories you would places things into would be by rooms.  This makes moving to the new place much easier because when you unload the moving truck you take the boxes straight to the room they belong in to wait to be unpacked. Make sure you make a list of what is in each box and number all of your boxes so you can keep track of what you have. No one likes losing things when they are moving, but if you have a reference of what you have and where it should be, you may save yourself some trouble.

The next major step you must take in your moving process is gathering boxes. First, assess how much you have to pack to save yourself from making multiple trips to buy boxes. The good thing about StorPlace Self Storage is that we not only offer services to your storage needs, but we also have a full line of moving and packing supplies. We can be your one stop shop for any and everything moving related. Now, you know you need boxes, but you walk in and there are different sizes. We understand can be a little overwhelming but if you keep these simple suggestions in mind you will be well equipped with the knowledge you need to leave the store with everything you will need. Smaller boxes are good for heavier items such as books and dishes. You do not want to load a larger box down with heavy items because it is harder to move and you risk obtaining an injury. Medium boxes are the perfect size for children’s toys and even some small kitchen appliances. Large boxes are best used for household items such as computer equipment and cookware. Extra Large boxes are perfect for bulky and lightweight items such as linens and pillows. There are even wardrobe boxes to place hanging clothes from closets in. Don’t forget to pick up some newsprint and bubble wrap to protect your most precious collectables from breaking. Now since you have picked out all of your boxes make sure you have enough tape to get them assembled and closed up completely. We also carry a lot of other moving supplies such as quilted blankets, mattress covers and tie down ropes.

So when you are in the first stages of moving, keep all of the tips in mind. And start your packing experience off right by making one stop to get everything you need at StorPlace of Old Hickory. You can find a full list of our moving and packing supplies on

Quick Move, Come to Storplace

Come rent a truck from us at Bellvue StorPlace

Moving can sometimes be a stressful and expensive experience and we are here to help make your storage decision as easy and stress-free as possible. The most important storage decision besides, the cost and location of a particular unit is how long you need to store. It is important to decide what you are going to store and how long you are going to store before you search for a unit. Sometimes in the rush of moving we tend to store things that we no longer need or use because we do not have time or the energy to get rid of it. All of our leases are rented on a month-month bases so that you are not locked into a long-term lease. We do allow you to pro-rate out with a notice given by the 1st of the month.

We offer heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled storage units. We recommend heated and cooled units if you have sensitive items or are storing over the summer. We have units that range in size from a 5×5(small closet) to a 10×40(4 bedroom house). We also have 8-ft tall ceilings that allow you to stack items or even place shelves in order to keep items organized. In all of our hallways we have moving carts available to load items on and take the units in fewer trips. Our 12 locations feature site as well as gate surveillance 24-7 and each tenant has their own personalized gate code. For your convenience, we also have several payment options available such has online payment and debit authorization.

When looking for storage, people often forget that many facilities carry moving and storage supplies. This can be a huge time saver if you are setting things up at the last minute. Here at Storplace Self-Storage, we have a variety of moving supplies available to ease the stress of moving. For example, we have clear packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and surplus of boxes in different sizes. Storplace provides the necessary tools to properly pack and store all your items. Not only can you store your things, but everything you need is right on site and ready when you need it. Our prices are also very competitive and sometimes cheaper that other retail stores. We also provide you with a lock on move-in day so lessen the stress of unloading and then realizing that you need a lock. Storplace Self Storage aims to be your one stop shop for moving supplies, customer service, and stress free moving.

At this location we also rent Budget moving trucks as well as hand trucks, and furniture pads. We have trucks that range in size from 10 foot to 24 foot. This is the perfect location to rent a storage unit because you are able to move and drop off excess items at one location. The convenience of this location is that you will save yourself a lot of time and money because your storage and truck rental are located in the same place.

All of our property managers and assistants aim to provide friendly, upbeat, and caring service to all of our tenants and future tenants. We are here to help with any questions and issues that may arise with storage or truck rentals. Storplace of Bellevue is the perfect location to store your items and be free from worry and stress.




StorPlace Gives Tips on Storing Your Business’s Inventory

If you own a small business, you know it’s all about keeping the cost of running your business, as low as possible. One way that may help you in this area that you may not have considered, is storage. If you have inventory, you know the high cost of renting a suitable place. You have to sign a lease, pay utilities, provide some kind of security to protect your inventory, and in some cases, pay the cost of keeping up the property, such as cutting the grass, removal of leaves and tree trimming.

Consider storing your inventory at a self storage facility. No long term contracts, video monitoring, and fenced and gated properties for security, no utilities, and many different size storage units to suit your needs.
If your inventory requires storage in a temperature controlled storage unit, most self storage facilities offer them. If you are in need of 24 hour access to your unit, that may be granted with a small fee.

Some small businesses will need to have their inventory delivered to their storage. You know how inconvenient it can be to make sure you don’t miss the delivery. StorPlace Self Storage offers all of these conveniences, including deliveries to your storage unit in a secure setting. All deliveries are recorded with each entry into the gate. The deliverer has to come into the office to pick up the key and return the key when the delivery is complete. Now that’s convenient.

Restaurants can benefit from storage as well. With everyone on the go these days, fast food and calling in pick- up orders, are becoming more popular. Restaurants have very limited space for the to-go boxes and cups that need to be stored there, and running out of these supplies is not an option. To have a storage unit full of these supplies makes it more convenient than waiting on deliveries. The restaurant can watch the inventory kept in the store, and when it gets low, head to the storage to pick up the supplies there. Then when the storage unit supplies run low, order the supplies without the risk of running out in the restaurant. Pizza delivery restaurants usually have very limited space, and pizza boxes can take up a lot of that space. Running out of pizza boxes for a pizza delivery restaurant is bad for business.

Landscaping companies use self storage to keep the large mowers and landscaping equipment in, instead of putting it on their personal property. If you drive a vehicle in your business, such as tow trucks, box trucks for deliveries, or just have a company vehicle you don’t want parked on your personal property, consider storing in a safe and secure storage facility. Some folks even store their vehicles in a storage unit to protect it from the elements.

If you live in an apartment complex and own a motorcycle or a boat, you may not have a parking space to park it. Some apartments offer extra at spaces for a price. At a storage facility, you get the security for your vehicle you feel comfortable with.

So if you are a business owner, a restaurant in need of dry supply storage, a boat or motorcycle owner with limited parking at your home, or just someone who has way too much stuff and nowhere to put it, consider storage. It’s convenient, secure and cost effective.

Please come visit us at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, TN 37211, or you can call us at 615-369-1978.

StorPlace Provides Tips on How To Store

Plan the layout before storing anything. When possible leave an aisle down the center — You won’t have to move as much around when you need access. Store items in the front of the storage unit that you will need frequent access to. The back should be reserved for the least needed stuff. Make a diagram of where things are stored and tape it to the front wall — it will help you find what you are looking for.
Keep an inventory of your unit’s contents. Take digital photos and make a list of items before storing them so you can remember what you have.
If you are storing items in cardboard boxes, tape the bottoms securely — don’t just fold the flaps on themselves. Fill boxes to the top (use packing paper, if needed) before taping closed. Boxes that are not full can collapse when something is placed on top of them. Stack the heaviest and largest boxes on the bottom. Similar sized boxes will be easier to stack and are more stable.
Label all boxes. If something is not identifiable by sight, you need to indicate which room it comes from plus a description of what is inside. That should be written on all four sides so you can quickly identify the contents. You don’t want to have to open each box when you need something. Putting a label on the top does no good if something is stacked on the box.
Maximize the vertical space in your unit. Store sofas and mattresses up on end so their footprint is smaller. Consider purchasing free standing shelving to stack boxes and other items. Select ones that are deep enough for your needs. Go for strength and value rather than aesthetics — no one will see them.
Fill all voids. Place things inside of drawers and cabinets — think cushions, clothing, stuffed animals, lamp shades and linens. Put boxes under chairs and tables.
Disassemble large items like beds and remove legs from tables to save on space. Place any screws or hardware in a plastic bag and tape securely to the furniture.
Safeguard your items from damage and breakage. Place blankets between or around furniture to prevent scratches. Store mirrors and artwork on edge — not laying flat.
Protect your belongs from damage in humid conditions. Leave some space between your stacks of boxes and the walls so air can circulate. Pallets on the floor will allow air to flow underneath and prevent condensation from building up. Rub a small amount of oil on anything metal like tools and bikes to help prevent rust — protect surrounding items from the oil. Use an old sheet to cover things and protect them from dust.
Check with your particular storage company regarding what items they prohibit. Under no circumstances should you keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage locker.
StorPlace has 13 stores in Middle Tennessee Nashville and Kentucky.
Please come visit us at 3986 Central Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076, or you can call us at 615-369-1998

Why Rent at StorPlace

You can start your spring cleaning off by renting a storage unit at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue. Its that time when you are wanting to open the windows, get the house in order or even stage for a sell.
Here at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue we can help you with that and take some of the stress off your shoulders. Give StorPlace Self Storage a call and we can help you determine what size would best suit your needs. StorPlace self Storage of Bellevue has a wide variety of units from closet size to very large units.
StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue also has heated and cooled units and non heated and cooled units. After you decide what size unit you need then you can start packing, if you have not already. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue can even help you with that. StorPlace Self Storage has a wide variety of boxes, tape, covers, bubble wrap and much more. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has everything from large wardrobe boxes to small book storage boxes.
StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue even rents the Budget moving trucks, which if you reserve on line thru, you receive a discount. StorPlace self storage also gives discounts and coupons for going to our website and interacting online at all of our locations. Some of StorPlace Self Storage locations do give student discounts. But all locations welcome students, America’s future. Students who have stored at any StorPlace Self Storage location and still have their lock from before will not be charged the $25.00 admin fee.
You must call or come in to your nearest StorPlace Self Storage location early to reserve or rent your unit. As many students have found out in the past, if you wait until the last minute some locations run out of the smaller units. If you find that has happened to you, your StorPlace Self Storage manager will be glad to call the next nearest location for you. Another option is if you have several other people, time you can go in together and get a little larger o storage bin.
StorPlace Self Storage also r recognizes the military. When you come in with your military ID you get 10% off your storage units rent. StorPlace Self Storage hires only the best managers. Our managers are always more than happy to assist you in picking out a storage unit and supplies. Our managers return phone calls in a timely manner and will always greet you with a smile. StorPlace Self Storage always tries to make things easier for you. You can go online and reserve your unit, or you can just come on in with a truck load of stuff, rent the unit and move stuff in right away. If it is s on a Sunday and we are not here, you can pick up the phone and give us a call and our call center can assist you with any questions and even rent to you over the phone….
Please come visit us at 7332 Tolbert Rd., Nashville, TN 37209, or you can call us at 615-369-1491.

It’s That time of Year Again

Every year around this time there is an excitement in the air. The excitement of all the snow melting away, all the trees turning green again, and the weather being much nicer! This is a great time of year to get rid of the winter blahs, purge all those items from the coldest season of the year and get ready for a fresh start. Yes, it’s that time of year known as spring cleaning! Spring is a very busy time for us in the self storage industry, the weather gets warmer, and people just want to be outside. Even a project like cleaning the garage can be fun when the temperature is nice and the flowers are blooming. Why not get a jump on Spring and get ready to make a fresh start today!
Many people want a fresh start when they do their spring cleaning, which is why we get more activity here at StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd. when the weather starts warming up. People are cleaning out the winter clothes and heavy jackets out of their closets, but don’t have anywhere to put them. Christmas decorations are still cluttering up the garage, so why not move them into an off-site storage facility where they will stay out of the way?
A small storage closet like a 5’x5’ or even a 5’x10’ can go a long way when it comes to de-cluttering and spring cleaning. At StorPlace, our ceilings are at least 8 feet tall in all of our spaces, so if you utilize space by stacking, you would be surprised how much can fit into one of these smaller units. Always make sure to put the less frequently used items in the back of the unit, and the ones you will need more often in the front. You also want to make sure you put the heavier items on the bottom, as opposed to stacking them on top of lighter ones.
It is also good to know that here at StorPlace we keep our prices competitive with our local competitors. This truly insures you are getting good value for your money. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to storing your goods; you want to be able to pick them up in the same condition you left them. To insure you will find the goods in the same condition, you need to buy some good and sturdy moving boxes.
Here at StorPlace we offer a full line of boxes and packing supplies, we have a wardrobe box with a hanging bar that will accommodate even the heaviest winter jackets. A lot of customers use the bottom of the wardrobe box for clothes, and hang the more important items on the hanging bar. The box is priced at $11.99, and you can use it over and over again each year to alternate your summer/winter wardrobes. Along with the wardrobe boxes and basic storage boxes we also carry mattress covers, tape, shrink wrap, etc.
If you are planning on doing some spring cleaning, and need some boxes or storage space, even if it is only for a month, contact StorPlace Self Storage. We have 13 convenient locations to suit your needs. Think of how much better you will feel with all of the clutter out of the house!
Come see us at Old Hickory Blvd or call us at 615-832-3388

Self Storage Tips on How to Use Self-Storage

When storing there are many factors to consider so do your research. Choosing the right packing supplies is a very important starting with boxes and tape. Next choosing the right location for storing your goods is very important. Finally choosing the right storage unit for your storing need is the most important thing to consider. Hopefully this guide will help you make an informed decision on all your self-storage needs.
First thing in storing is packing your personal goods. Boxes are the easiest and most convenient way to pack. Many people have the notion that the bigger the box the better, not always the case. When selecting boxes think about what you are storing and who will be moving it. Starting with small storage boxes which are great for heavier items such as books and dishes, these type items can get heavy very quickly. On to larger boxes which are great for storing lighter items such as towels, blankets, and comforters. Also many places such as StorPlace offer many specialized boxes like mirror boxes which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. Remember when using boxes to properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts for extra security.
When storing your personal belongings in self-storage, location is always very important to consider. A secure and conveniently located storage facility is always a plus. Say you are moving to a new town, it is best if you find a storage facility closer to where you will be moving instead of one across town. The more convenient a location is to where you live the easier it is to access your personal goods. StorPlace Self-Storage has 12 conveniently located and secure storage facilities in Middle Tennessee Nashville ready to accommodate all your storage needs. Location is a convenience when dealing with self-storage.
Once you have packed your belongings, and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs you must select an appropriate storage unit. Storage units come in many different sizes, and with many different features. Selecting the right storage unit for your belongings sometime requires a little extra insight. The storage professionals such as the ones at StorPlace can provide the insight and help determine the storage unit that will best serve you. Do you require a small or large unit, a drive up unit, or maybe a heated and cooled unit, just a few of the questions that a property manager can assist you with. Your personal belonging are very important, you take great care of them, choosing a storage unit should be no different take the same care when selecting your self-storage unit.
There is no unimportant part of self-storage. Starting with proper packing supplies such as boxes and tape, choose the correct materials necessary for the job ahead. Another very important part of storing with self-storage is find a location that suits you best, a location down the road is better than across town. Finally select the right unit for your storage needs, if you don’t know ask. A storage professional will help you determine what type of unit would benefit you the most and if that unit will be enough or not enough for your storing needs.
Come visit us at 1615 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 or you can call us at 615-369-2266.

StorPlace Provides Information About Self Storage Auctions

Self-storage auctions are on the rise, both in number and in the amount of consumer participation, according to an article in the Quincy, Mass., Patriot Ledger. Paul Maglio, president of Storage Auction Solutions, said people are drawn to these auctions to look for items they can mark up and sell for extra money, with crowds at his auctions being double what they used to be. In addition, more storage renters find themselves unable to pay rent, causing unit “foreclosures” that result in more sales, he said.

Maglio, whose company conducts self-storage auctions throughout New England, was the auctioneer at Storage Pros in Brockton, Mass., last week. The auction was one of five in the area that day. A crowd of about 50 attended the one at Storage Pros, where the contents of six units were up for bidding.

Storage Pros Manager Paul Alves said he’s seen many customers affected by job loss and other economic factors.

Auction participant Michael Keene of Taunton, Mass., said storage auctions are becoming more competitive as greater numbers attend.
The topic of self-storage auctions was the subject of a recent “This American Life” segment produced by Chicago Public Radio. On Jan. 22, the show featured a report by Jon Mooallem, author for The New York Times Magazine. He visited self-storage auctions in Northern California, learning about the techniques people use to discern “junk” from “treasure” during lien sales, as they are not allowed to rummage through storage units in advance.
As Cable Networks start airing shows highlighting the best finds from various storage facilities auctions, questions arise from the general public who are not familiar with the industry. Here are a few answers for those who want to jump on the bandwagon and strike it rich at their neighborhood storage facility’s next auction.
1. If you don’t pay your storage rent, the operator will sell your goods. In fact, one show’s tag line is, “If you don’t pay your bills, they’ll take your stuff.” OK, this is true, but the show fails to explain there is a lengthy, detailed legislative process governing the practice. In most cases, the operator would prefer to resolve the delinquency in almost any other manner than a lien sale.
2. Self-storage operators make tons of money on these auctions, sometimes thousands of dollars! Wrong. Most operators are lucky just to recoup what they lost in unpaid rent. In most cases, the operator must forward any overage from the sale to the renter. I’ve even heard operators tell stories about units being sold for as little as $5.
3. Self-storage “lockers” are often filled with incredible and bountiful booty, including cars, gold and cash. Show intros flash images of cash, coins, cars, guitars, furniture, signed celebrity memorabilia and more. I have no doubt that living in storage units around the world are treasures untold; but the majority of units contain your average, run-of-the-mill household and business overflow. Most people who have actual treasures as showcased on the shows stored in their units pay their rent. There is the occasional situation though, that makes the gamble and the hunt worthwhile for some.
4. Self-storage auctions are vicious, cut-throat affairs that require diligence, skill and a gambler’s bravado. The word is now out on self-storage sales, and bargain-hunters aplenty are on the prowl. But in a lot of cases, auctions don’t get the publicity they need to be truly successful. Many an auction is a lonely affair involving only the operator, maybe an auctioneer, and maybe a dozen interested parties. Rarely are there hordes of people pounding at the gate, but with the media hype surrounding the auctions, the numbers are growing.
Come visit us at 2360 Gallatin road north Madison Tn.37115

StorPlace Offers Heated and Cooled Units

February is usually a cold month. Inhospitable weather abound the cold and the dampness can wreck havoc on everything. Self storage is an easy and convenient way to protect your property. Self storage is an easy effective way of combating the seasonal onslaught. Winter is too cold, and summer is too hot. Much of our personal property is not made to last when dealing with the dramatic changing weather. Self-storage offers many solutions to whatever your storage needs are. Not only are there standard storage units, but there are also units that are heated and cooled to add that extra peace of mind.
StorPlace offers many different options for all your storage needs. Standard storage units offer a safe secure place to store your belongings. Standard units are great for storing non-temperature sensitive items; these storage units are great for storing many household items. Storage of items such as toys, tools, and yard equipment are perfect examples of items to store in standard non-temperature controlled units. Even without the benefit of being heated and cooled, standard units help take weather out of the equation. Standard storage unit’s com e in many different sizes, sure to fulfill all of your storage needs.
Storage of certain items requires a little extra attention sometimes. In some instances ,standard storage units are just not enough. Many items such as electronics, photos and paintings, even many types of furniture ,should be placed in heated and cooled units. Heated and cooled units offer that extra peace of mind when it comes to your valuables. These units offer the extra protection of not getting too cold and not getting to hot. Electronics and furniture are can be very expensive; photos and paintings can be priceless. The worth and the extra protection that a heated and cooled unit provides to your personal items is incalculable.
StorPlace gives the consumer looking for storage many options, and has many different size storage units. Need an extra closet? Need an extra room? Need to store an entire house? StorPlace Self Storage can accommodate. StorPlace has large and small secure self-storage units. We also have heated and cooled units of different sizes for your temperature sensitive items.
StorPlace has much extra value for you: Friendly insightful management for your self-;torage needs.;Clean and properly maintain facilities for your storage needs.
Storage units come in many different sizes, heated and cooled, and parking places for your RV, Boat, Trailer, or Car.
Property Protection is available for extra protection.
Packing supplies for your packing needs are readily available. Whatever your storage needs, we can assist you.
. StorPlace offers all your storage solutions in one place, for short or long term, small or large it’s covered at Storplace. Storplace is your one stop shop for all your storage needs. With twelve, convenient middle Tennessee locations there is a Storplace in your neighborhood.
We are located in Davidson,Williamson,Rutherford,and Sumner counties in Middle Tennessee.We are also located in Warren Count yin Bowling Green ,Kentucky.
Please come visit us at 1615 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203, or you can call us at 615-369-2266.