Storing a car during the winter months

Car Storage TipsThe leaves are changing, the leaves are falling, and the rain will not go away. This is a sure sign that fall is upon us. If you are in need of storage for your car, trailer, motorcycle or RV, Storplace of Hickory Hollow is the place for you. We offer convenient parking spaces and storage unit sizes to park your valuable items. We offer outdoor storage and two different sizes of parking space. If you would like a storage unit, we offer as small as a 10 x 15 to as large as a 12 x 30 that could fit a trailer or large boat. If you plan on storing a car, here are some tips to make sure your vehicle remains operable and in good condition while in storage.

The first step to storing your vehicle is to decide if you would like to store it in a storage unit or outside parking space. If you choose to store your car outside, keep in mind that this decisions leaves your car vulnerable to the various elements such as precipitation and over-exposure to the sun. The precipitation can cause your car to rust and the sunlight can cause the paint to rust or peel and damage your tires. A high-quality car cover is highly recommended if you plan to keep your car in an outside parking space. If you decide to store your vehicle in an enclosed storage unit this will protect it from all outside elements such as the sun, precipitation, rust, and extreme temperatures. An outside storage space is also handy if there are other items that you need to store, you can stack those items around your car to make the best use of the space. If you are able to drive your car for 15 minutes once per week, this will also help with the overall care of your vehicle until you remove it from storage. Below you will find some other quick tips for car storage:

  • Purchase a quality car cover to help reduce dirt, dust, or rust from developing
  • Change the oil, brake fluid/coolant and filter
  • Fill the car with gas; it is not a good idea to store a vehicle with an empty tank because this can cause moisture to build in the tank
  • Disconnect the battery and get your tires balanced and rotated. It is also a good idea to jack the car up so that the tires do not develop flats
  • Lastly, release your parking brake so that there is not an issue with your brake pads sticking to your rotors

We have various storage options at Storplace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow to fulfill all your needs from car storage to storing items from your house. We are located at 5251 Mt. View Rd. Antioch, TN 37013 and would love to assist you.


What’s New at Hickory Hollow?

StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow






What you are looking at is the beginning stages of a brand new storage building at StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow.  We are located at 5251 Mt.View Rd, Antioch, TN behind Carmike Cinemas, the Global Mall and Southeast Branch Library. We are in the process of constructing a brand new building that will feature at least 43 additional units.

This brand new, state-of-the art building will have storage units ranging from 5 x 10 to 10 x 20. We are working diligently to provide the best storage facility with as many storage units as possible for those that are moving, downsizing, and purchasing new homes. We have a plethora of types of storage units such as heated and cooled, inside spaces, and parking spaces. If you have a need for storage, StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow is the place to visit.

The Antioch community is growing at an astronomical rate and we are eagerly waiting to fulfill any storage needs that may arise. Our convenient storage facility has storage units which feature large roll-up doors.  The unit’s are perfect for the storage of vehicles, boats, and motorcycles.  StorPlace Self Storage also features an array of packing and moving supplies such as lamp boxes, wardrobe boxes, and mattress covers. Our team of managers is on hand from 9-5pm Monday – Saturday to offer assistance by phone or in person to meet your storage needs. With hard work and persistence, this new building will be available in the next few months. We have a great team working hard every day to make sure these units are in tip-top shape and ready to rent.

The Transition of Life

Happy Graduation!

Spring has come and gone for those of us in Middle Tennessee, now we can start to think of summer. The long HOT days of summer. It is also the time to start deciding what to do with those items that we found during spring cleaning. These are items that we did not realize we still had and  we are just are not ready to part with. There are many different transitional time in life that could require renting a self storage unit such as graduating from college, getting married or divorced, moving children out to their own homes or transitioning an older family member to an assisted living facility.

For parents with children who are graduating from high school or college (whew, you made it!), and are starting a life on their own, what to do with the things that they leave behind? As parents of these young adults, we know not to get rid of that bedroom set just in case. But, if you are the parents of children who have not yet graduated (hang in there), but are still in living in a college dorm or apartment and you will need somewhere to store their belongings until school starts again.

Don’t worry, StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow (Antioch, TN.) and Murfreesboro Rd. (Nashville, TN.) have the storage solution to fit any of your storage needs. Every StorPlace Self Storage location has a large selection of heated and cooled storage spaces available. Did you know that the heated and cooled storage spaces get no warmer than eighty degrees during those dog days of summer and no colder than sixty degrees in those cold days of winter? These cooled storage units are the perfect place to store the student’s electronics, books, documents and any higher-end furniture. The heated storage units would be a great place to store clothing, kitchen items and furniture.

StorPlace Self Storage has over sixteen locations in the Nashville, Murfreesboro and Bowling Green, Kentucky area.  StorPlace of Hickory Hollow, located at 5251 Mt. View Rd., directly across from Hickory Hollow Mall has numerous sizes of storage spaces available which are perfect to hold those items from the dorm room for the single student or that room of  children’s furniture which you want to hold onto. StorPlace of Hickory Hollow is located near the interstate and is central to the main shopping areas of Antioch. Parents of new graduates, StorPlace of Hickory Hollow and Murfreesboro Rd. has a variety of large units sizes that are just right for storing those items you found on sale and are just waiting for the time you can transform that now spare room into whatever room you may want. When the time is right, give the people at StorPlace Self Storage a call and speak with one of their knowledgeable and friendly management team.

Spring Time Storage

Cherry Blossoms

Happy Spring!

It is that time of year; Springtime. It is also the time of the year for all the “honey do” projects that have piled up from the winter season. Whether you have been assigned the task of de-cluttering closets and spring cleaning the house, cleaning out the garage and sheds, or an even larger remodeling project; there is a solution to your woes of all of the extra things impeding your progress:  storage.

One of the main projects that will show up on a “honey-do: list is cleaning out closets and spring cleaning the house. It can be a very tedious project, but only because there is so much extra stuff to find a new home for. Christmas decorations just get thrown back into closets anywhere they can fit and old, still working, items that have been replaced with new throughout the holiday season get shoved somewhere out of the way. Many people will go into the spring season with the intent to have a garage sale to get rid of some of the extra clutter and make room for all the new. Why not go about it in an organized way?  Stop by Hickory Hollow StorPlace Self Storage and pick up boxes to get those extra items packed up neatly. While you are at StorPlace Self Storage, reserve your storage unit.There are several smaller sized units that would be perfect to store extra decorations out of the way and also to keep everything organized for that upcoming sale.

The next thing on a lot of people’s lists is to tackle the messy garage. Everyone knows that garages and sheds become the “catch all” during the winter time. All of the things that do not need to be kept inside the house but do not need to be thrown away either, get placed in the garage or shed. Storing these items in self storage may be a perfect option for you. There are several medium-sized storage units that would be perfect for all the boxes, extra lawn equipment, and even tools. You can conveniently access the storage units by just pulling straight up to them and unloading all of your extra stuff until a later date when you might need them.

Another spring time project that you would benefit with having a little extra space would be remodeling.  No matter if you are just storing the furniture from different rooms that need painting, all the items in your kitchen that is being remodeled, or storing building materials for that new addition to your home; we have the perfect sized storage unit for you! Another benefit to storing at StorPlace Self Storage is there is no long-term commitment, so if your project is supposed to only take a month you can still benefit from storage. You can also stay as long as you would like for those projects that take a little longer than expected.

There is no spring cleaning or organizing job too big or too small. StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow has storage unit sizes to accommodate a wide range of requests. Stop by StorPlace Self Storage of Hickory Hollow at 5251 Mt. View Rd in Antioch Tennessee and someone will be more than happy to help you assess your storage needs.



Necesita un lugar para ocultar esos regalos

Venga a visitarnos en Hickory Hollow.

¡Los días de fiesta están viniendo¿Cuántos de nuestros niños han precisado en una “excursión snooping” para estropear nuestra sorpresa y para encontrar sus regalos del día de fiesta? Es naturaleza humana a ser curiosa. Sé cuándo era pequeño yo fui siempre a buscar para intentar descubrir si iba a conseguir cosas que había puesto encendido mi lista. Encontré a menudo lo que buscaba, pero en esas ocasiones cuando encontré el tesoro, era todo decepcionado también, porque en esa mañana especial entonces tendría que fingir ser sorprendido.

¡Podemos ayudar! En StorPlace de Murfreesboro,Tn y de Nashville,TN tenemos docenas de unidades de la autopreservación, de muchos tamaños y varios de éstos fueron diseñados para la estación del día de fiesta, el Chris Cringle y USTED en mente. ¡Estas unidades son el mejor lugar que oculta que usted puede encontrar! Hacemos que armario el “de un Papá Noel” aliste y esperándole para llenarlo de todos esos regalos perfectos del `’. Ahora reserve el suyo, ellos van rápidamente.
Reservar una unidad es mucho más simple que era. Apenas seleccione una localización que esté cerca de su centro de compras, alameda o almacén grande preferida. Si usted algo, usted puede encontrar uno cerca de su hogar. Usted puede necesitar uno que esté en la vecindad a su trabajo, así que es más práctica por esas noches largas en la oficina durante la época más ocupada del año. Todo lo que usted tiene que hacer es virtualmente punto y tecleo actualmente. o es literalmente ése simple. Nuestro fácil utilizar Web site es tan simple maniobrar a través. ¡Da las instrucciones paso a paso, sugerencias para el embalaje y el apilar, tasando y el mejor de todo el honorario en línea de la reservación es apenas $10.00! Incluso mejore, esos $10.00 será acreditado al alquiler del primer mes. Encuéntrenos en línea hoy.
Hay veinte diversos formas una y tamaños a elegir de. Algunos son incluso de temperatura controlada. Con todos que la variedad, usted será segura encontrar la unidad del almacenaje del uno mismo para caber sus necesidades. Apenas sobre cualquier tamaño usted puede imaginarse, de 5×5 que sea el tamaño de un armario pequeño, perfecciona para todos los paquetes pre-envueltos, hasta el final hasta un espacio del estacionamiento 12×50, bastante grande para caber que vehículo recreacional brandnew que la familia ha estado soñando alrededor por años.

Podemos también ser encontrados en el World Wide Web usando cualquier motor de búsqueda. Mecanografíe cualquier palabra que contiene el almacenaje, almacenaje del uno mismo, mini almacenaje, almacenaje en Nashville o Tennessee medio Nashville. La lista se enciende. Nos sitúan convenientemente en 13 localizaciones que estiran de Murfreesboro y al este de Nashville. Usted lo nombra, nosotros está cerca de él. Podemos también todavía ser encontrados en los libros de teléfono omnipresentes que tenemos mentira alrededor de recoger el polvo, o llamando la vieja línea fiel de la información del cliente. La llamada, el tecleo o la parada adentro hoy y nos comprueban hacia fuera. Cada educan de nuestros 22 encargados y a los encargados auxiliares apropiadamente para contestar a todas las preguntas que usted puede tener. ¿Qué usted está esperando tan? ¡Todos sus amigos lo están haciendo! Reserve su unidad hoy y evite toda esa decepción en la época más emocionante del año. Venga a visitarnos en Hickory Hollow.

StorPlace Beats the Heat

Handy merchandise to help you with your packing will help you beat the heat.

If you haven’t used a storage facility in several years, I have some news for you!  Storage has been evolving with the times and it is now possible to store things that you never thought you could. All of this is possible with temperature controlled units!  Everyone is familiar with a standard storage space. It has a large garage door that rolls up, and inside you can store many household items. A fairly new development for storage facilities are the addition of heated and cooled or climate controlled units.

A heated and cooled unit provides air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. These units allow you to store items sensitive to heat and cold. Anything like; leather, photos, electronics, and antiques can be put into these units safely. We keep the temperature 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter. While that may sound a bit hot or cold to you, your goods will not be affected at all by the change from winter to summer and vice versa. They don’t need to be at 72 degrees to be comfortable like us humans!

A climate controlled storage unit is pretty similar to a heated and cooled space. The only difference being that a climate controlled unit really does control all aspects of the climate, namely humidity. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air.  This is especially helpful for storing items like pianos. As we know all too well, it gets extremely humid in the summer here in Tennessee. If you are storing over the summer, or even storing over many summers, you should look into storing in a heated and cooled, or climate controlled space. This will ensure your goods will come out in the same condition that they go in.

As a general rule, most units that are heated and cooled, or climate controlled are down interior hallways. You will need to remember that your goods will be travelling down a hallway into the space. This isn’t always troublesome however, because at StorPlace we offer large moving carts in our hallways that you can load and roll back to your unit.

Now there is nothing wrong with storing in a standard non-temperature controlled space. These spaces are like our garages at home. If you feel comfortable storing items in a garage you may store them in a standard space. Some tenant’s have also chosen to rent two spaces; a standard space and a heated and cooled space. This allows them to put items like lawn mowers, dishes, paperwork, and toys in their standard space.  They fill their heated and cooled space with any items that are temperature sensitive like televisions, clothing, leather, and wood furniture.

Every situation is different and some people would rather err on the side of caution and put all of their items into a heated and cooled space. Others may only need the unit for a short time and wish to take a chance on leaving their temperature sensitive items in the heat or cold. Whichever way you choose, remember that StorPlace Self Storage has an option for you! StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd at 14985 Old Hickory Blvd. has drive up heated and cooled units that would be perfect for a business! Inquire with us today by calling (615) 832-3388.