Welcome to Nashville

Welcome to NashvilleIn 2014, CNN named Nashville as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with over 80 people moving here per day. The city offers a “small-town feel” while offering some of the country’s best restaurants, like Rolf & Daughter and Husk, live entertainment at famous venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Theatre, and sporting events like the Nashville Predators and the Tennessee Titans.

With so many new residents in the city, many new condos and houses are being built. However, someone who is new to Nashville may not want to purchase a home or condo right away. Part of moving to a new city is discovering which parts of town you like best, and renting a condo or house for a short time is the best way to explore and familiarize yourself with your new city.

Those who choose to rent before making the plunge and purchasing property may find that they need a place to temporarily store their extra belongings. If the place they rent is smaller, or if they only plan to spend a short period of time in the rental, they can use a storage unit to keep seasonal items, or items not as frequently used, in a safe, secure place.

Moving to a new city is filled with lots of decisions, but don’t let the decision of where to keep your valuables safe be a tough one. StorPlace Self Storage offers heated & cooled units, as well as regular drive-up units, that are monitored 24/7 and only accessible by a personal gate code. No matter where you find yourself living in Nashville, StorPlace Self Storage offers great facilities and benefits in various parts of the city.

What Type of Box Do You Need?

Moving & Packing supplies at StorPlaceSpring has sprung!  And folks are now springing into action and getting ready to move! Some people like to take the time to make sure their belongings make it safely to their new destination. Others just want to get everything moved and done as soon as possible. Whether you’re the former or the latter, it’s always a good idea to pack your things as neatly as possible.  From boxes to bubble wrap to tape to tie down rope; you’re sure to find everything you need for your move here at StorPlace Self Storage!

When packing your boxes, size and weight does matter.  You want to be sure to put all of your smaller, heavier items in small or medium size boxes.  This enables you to carry the heavier things more easily because there is not as much weight to carry at one time with the small and medium boxes.  Good items to pack in small and medium boxes are heavy figurines, books, CD’s or DVD’s, and dishes.  When packing those heavy items, you want to make sure you wrap them securely before boxing them up.  At StorPlace Self Storage, we have the right stuff for your wrapping needs. We have bubble wrap, newsprint, packing peanuts, and foam sheets. We also have dish and glass kits, which are cardboard grids with foam sleeves that will fit in our small boxes so that you can neatly wrap and pack your fragile dinnerware.

Next, StorPlace Self Storage has large and extra-large boxes for your bigger, bulkier items, such as bedding, pillows, computer equipment, clothing, and cookware.  All of the regular packing boxes at StorPlace Self Storage have hand holes on opposite sides of the box to make it easy for carrying from one place to another.  We do have boxes that are made for more specific needs, such as lamp boxes, mirror boxes, and wardrobe boxes.  The mirror boxes are great for mirrors, paintings, art, and flat screen TVs.  We have small and large mirror boxes depending on the size of your items.  Our wardrobe boxes are really good for storing nicer clothing. The wardrobe boxes come with a metal bar that hangs from the top of the box so you can use your hangers and still are able to hang your nicer clothing and keep them from getting wrinkled.

Finally, to complete your box packing, you should secure your boxes with tape of course!  Why buy your packing tape elsewhere when you can get it at StorPlace Self Storage when you pick up your boxes?  We have clear packing tape and paper tape.  The paper tape is great for using on the bottom of the boxes and gives your boxes added strength and security underneath. We also have tape guns and dispensers to make taping everything a little easier and faster for you.

We have tie down rope, box labels, shrink-wrap, moving blankets, etc.  There is a plethora of different moving, storing, and packing supplies in our stores that you may not realize you need until the last minute.  So whether you’re looking for items to make your move go more smoothly or you’re looking for an odd size box to ship that odd-shaped item, you can be sure that when you step into StorPlace Self Storage, you will leave with what you need and have no worries.


Staging a Home?

Staging a home and self storageWhen you are ready to sell your house most of the time you will be told to “stage” the house.  What does this really mean? Well staging your house can mean a number of different things from removing big pieces of furniture to cleaning out the garage.  Both of these tasks can be stressful, but having a place to store everything could help relieve some of that stress.  That is where StorPlace Self Storage comes in to save the day.

If your realtor tells you that you need to take some of the bigger pieces of furniture out of your house to help stage it, well finding a place to put the furniture can be tough.  You can’t put it in the garage because that needs to be cleaned out too. This is one of the many reasons why there are storage units. There are many different sizes of storage units that can fit almost any need.  Storing can vary from just a few boxes to an entire house full of things.  If it is just a few items than maybe a smaller unit will do, such as a 5×5 or 5×10.  Or, let’s say that you needed to store the contents of an entire house.  There are bigger units available for that need as well, such as 10×25 or 10×30.  Also, there are a variety of storage sizes in-between the 5×5 and the 10×30 will accommodate most needs if it is a little bit of both furniture or extra clutter.

Reducing the clutter and removing big furniture can help make the house feel bigger.  This is a major selling point for potential buyers.  This is another reason that storage is a big need for sellers everywhere.  If you are in the Middle Tennessee area or even in Bowling Green KY, StorPlace Self Storage is the place for you to store your belongings where they can be safe and secured.

If you have any questions regarding anything that was mentioned above please give us a call at StorPlace of Hendersonville.  615-826-1700.

Home Staging and Self Storage

Selling Your Home



StorPlace Self Storage received the following testimonial about home staging and self storage. The majority of people who are moving to new homes do so in the summer. In order to make your home “show” in the best possible light to perspective buyers, you might need to stage your home. Staging a home is basically de-cluttering, minimizing, painting, fixing up and re-decorating the home for potential buyers.

Like the typical home owner, after living in our home for several years, we collected a lot of things. Stuff we don’t want to get rid of. After discussing with a few realtors, they all confirmed we had too much stuff in our home. There are things that my wife and I did not want to get rid of. The realtors said we need to make our home less personal to sell it, so that the new buyer can picture this as their home. In other words we need to remove the clutter. The realtor said we need to stage our home to make it more sellable-more presentable. They also told us potential buyers, sometimes will not buy a home that looks to personalized, or may not buy the home if they see it as having too much junk in it. We were told “Less is better”. So what do we do with our belongings? We had a couple of garage sales but we still had items we did not want to get rid of. A friend recommended that we use StorPlace Self Storage so we contacted them and rented a heated and cooled unit. This has resolved our issue and we have since sold our house.

Helpful Moving and Packing Tips

Moving Day




Moving can be stressful no matter if it is your first time, or your hundredth. At StorPlace Self Storage, we want to help alleviate some of that stress by providing you with a few moving tips that you might not have thought of:


  • Pack an overnight back that contains all of your daily essentials (or must needs) like a change of clothes, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, towels, snacks, etc. You may also want to personally carry your laptop and other sensitive items (like jewelry) that could be stolen or misplaced during the move.
  • Label or number your boxes and make sure to include the room they need to end up in.  If you number them, write down what’s in each box on a separate sheet of paper. This will give you an inventory list of the contents of the boxes, so you can keep track of the items that you are moving. This will also help as an inventory list if you are using a moving company.  Other labeling methods that you can use include assigning a color to each room and putting a piece of colored tape on the corresponding box and door frame. Doing this will let the movers know which room each box belongs in.
  • If you have the opportunity, show up to your new home before moving in to clean the bathroom and kitchen.  It is also a good idea to put up a shower curtain, leave a few towels, and stock some toilet paper.  You will want a nice hot shower after a day of moving.
  • Arrange a pickup with your local charity organization for any items that you do not want to keep.  This is good if you are planning on filling your new home with new furniture!  This will save you from having to take the items and donate them yourself.
  • Sealable plastic bags work well for small parts like screws, tables, curtain rod hangers, etc.  Just make sure to label the bags with what item them go with!
  • Pack the items you need to be first off of the moving truck in a clear plastic tote; this will stand out next to the cardboard boxes.  Fill the tote with toilet paper, phone chargers, cutlery/plates, paper towels, tools like screwdrivers, and trash bags and other items that you will need right away at your new home.
  • Take a photo of how your electronics were connected, so you will remember the setup when you get to your new home.

These are just a few tips to help make your move a little easier.  Remember, StorPlace Self Storage has a full line of packing and moving supplies to help make your move less stressful. From boxes to bubble wrap to mattress covers, we have it all!  For your next move just follow these tips; and you’ll be moved into your new home before you know it!

Tips and Tricks for Student Storage

Photo courtesy of www.studenmovers2go.co.uk


You have officially survived the semester! The only thing standing in your way of summer fun is trying to figure out how to load your entire dorm room in your car for the trip home. When you started the semester it all fit nicely; however, after four long months you have acquired a few extra things. One of the easiest solutions of this challenge for college students is to obtain a storage unit. This school year has been full of new and exciting things and self-storage can be added to the list of new experiences that you have had! We all know that sometimes trying something new can be a little scary; such as not knowing how to pick right size storage unit to fit your stuff. The good thing about StorPlace Self Storage is that we have a very knowledgeable staff that will help you determine what size storage unit you might need.

The first step you need to take is determining what “stuff” you have. Split your things into two separate lists: Those things you will take back home and those that will be put in the storage unit. This is the most important step in determining what size storage unit you will need. If you know exactly what you will be placing in the storage unit, we can get you in the right sized unit for the best value. There is no need to pay for extra space that you will not need. Bring the list of the items that you want to store with you when you are taking a tour of one of the three StorPlace Self Storage facilities that are conveniently located near Middle Tennessee State University!

The next step to take will be packing your belongings. One thing that many people do not consider when packing boxes is being able to pick them up afterwards. It is not a good idea to get the largest box or tote that you can find and pack it completely full. This will cause it to be very heavy and can also cause injury! The best idea is to pack like items together and to keep a list of what is in each box, which will  help you locate items later. Heavier items such as books should be packed in smaller boxes so that they are easy to carry; whereas lighter items such as bedding and pillows can be placed in a larger box. If this is your first year in college, it may be a good idea to invest in a few plastic totes in different sizes that you can use the entire four years you are in college.

Thirdly, it is time to obtain your storage unit! It is a good idea to start the rental process in advance so that you have one less thing to worry about during finals week. Also, renting early will  guarantee that you will be able to get the storage unit size that you need. When you come by the office, just make sure to let the staff know what kind of items you have (how many boxes, how much furniture, if you have a mini fridge or microwave, etc.). The more specific you can be the easier it makes finding you the right sized storage unit.We realize that many times parents will want to call and set the units up for their children and make the payments themselves. We make it very convenient to get the paperwork for your unit completed.

Lastly, it is time to move in! Moving day means that you are one step closer to the trip home! Just remember when packing the things into the storage unit, to always put heavy boxes and items on the bottom of the stack of boxes. If you place heavy boxes on top of lighter ones, they can collapse and have the potential to fall when you reopen the door. Always make sure that when you put in mini fridges or microwaves that they are completely clean and dry! Leave the fridge door slightly open and even use the inside of the refrigerator to store smaller items! Make sure to utilize the height of the storage space so you can fit more things inside.

We want to wish you a safe trip home from the staff here at StorPlace Self Storage of Rutherford Blvd., Stones River and Veteran’s Parkway!  We look forward to having you store with us.

Choosing the Right Box

StorPlace offers packing supplies

When it comes to moving there is one thing that we all have to do, and that’s pack our belongings safely and soundly to prevent  damage during the move.  Whether you are moving your belongings yourself or trusting your favorite local moving company, everything has to be boxed up nice and tight.  At StorPlace Self Storage, “Your Neighborhood Storage Center”, you can choose from a variety of affordable boxes at any of our 14 locations.

When packing, we want to get as much of our stuff as we can into the biggest box we can find. After filing the box, you find out that it is too heavy to move or that the box is not strong enough to hold the weight of the contents. Then you wind up with a box with the broken bottom and you have wasted time and possibly a box.

When picking your moving or storage boxes there are several things to keep in mind. First, buy your boxes from a respectable moving box retailer. The boxes you get from the local food store or liquor store may be free but they could lead to trouble down the road.  These boxes contained bottles, bags, canned goods and produce and could have come from anywhere around the world.  Bugs can get in these boxes and lay eggs. These eggs may or may not hatch till the retailer has discarded them. So, if you have used one or more of these boxes, you could have bugs in your personal belongings.  And, if you are storing your belongings at a storage facility, you could also infest your neighbors belongings as well.

Another thing to think about is rodents.  Mice and rats love to eat and are constantly searching for that next meal. If they smell food on your boxes, they might pay you a visit.  While taking up residence in your storage space, they may decide to poop and pee or even worse, nest.  So, when you move your belongings into your new home, you may have to share it with your new friends that have come along for the ride in your boxes. Then, you will have to add the added cost of getting an exterminator at your home. So buy your boxes, you will be happy you did in the long run. Don’t take any chances, run on down to your local StorPlace Self Storage facility today.

Remember that bigger is not always better when it comes to packing boxes. Pack heavier items such as dishes, books, or compact discs in the small 16×12.5×12.5 box. You can also use the medium 18x18x16 box for the same items as well. Just don’t over pack this sized box. Save the large 24x18x18 box and the extra large 24x18x24 box for lighter things such as lamp shades, pillows, comforters, blankets and towels. You can also get the 24x21x48 wardrobe box. This box, or “mobile closet” is great for suits and shirts or slacks that you do not want to get wrinkled.  It is even designed to open so you can take something out and put it back in without opening the whole box. StorPlace Self Storage also offers specific boxes for lamps and mirrors and pictures and other unusual sized items. StorPlace Self Storage also offers moving kits which consists of 10-small 16×12.5×12.5 boxes, 7-medium 18x18x16 boxes and 1-36x8x29 mirror or picture box. The kit also includes 55 yards of packing tape and also 25 feet of bubble wrap. This kit is a great start to help you in your packing supplies.

Lastly, allow yourself plenty of time to pack. When we take our time, we make better decisions.  When we make better decisions, we save time. And let’s face it; time is money, especially these days.  So, get your moving and packing supplies today and let’s get started! StorPlace Self Storage is here to help!




Choosing the Right Self Storage Facility for Your Needs

StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace can help you find the best storage unit for your storage needs.

There are many factors that you need to consider when you decide to store personal or business belongings. It is important to do your research to find the best storage solutions for your storage needs.  Choosing the right packing supplies, including boxes, newsprint, bubble wrap and packing tape, is a very important starting point.  Next choosing the right storage facility location for storing your goods is very important. Lastly, the most important thing to consider is choosing the right sized storage unit for your storing needs. Hopefully, the following tips will help you make an informed decision on all your self-storage needs.

The first thing to do when you store your items is to make sure that you properly pack your personal goods. Boxes are the easiest and most convenient way to pack. When selecting boxes,  think about what you are storing and who will be moving it. Small boxes are great for heavier items such as books and dishes; these type items can get heavy very quickly. Larger boxes are great for storing lighter items such as towels, blankets, and comforters. Many places, such as StorPlace Self Storage, offer many specialized boxes like mirror boxes, which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. Remember when using boxes, properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts for extra protection from dirt and dust.

When storing your personal belongings in self-storage, location is the most important factor to consider.  A secure and conveniently located storage facility is always a must have. If you are moving to a new town, it is best to find a storage facility closer to where you will be moving instead of one across town. The more convenient a location is to where you live, the easier it is to access your personal goods. StorPlace Self-Storage has 14 conveniently located and secure storage facilities in middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky ready to accommodate all your storage needs.

Once you have packed your belongings and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs, you must select an appropriate storage unit. Storage units come in many different sizes, with many different features. Selecting the right storage unit for your belongings sometimes can require a little extra insight. The storage professionals  at StorPlace Self Storage can provide the insight and help determine the storage unit that will best serve your needs. Some of the questions that the property management can help with when deciding on a storage unit size are:  Do you require a small or large unit, a drive up unit, or maybe a heated and cooled unit?

Every stop in prepping for and choosing a self storage facility is important.  To start off, you must choose the correct materials necessary for the packing job ahead. Another very important part of storing with self-storage is find a location that suits you best, a location down the road is better than across town. Finally, select the right unit for your storage needs, if you don’t know ask or check out the StorPlace Self Storage unit size guide.  A storage professional will help you determine what type of unit would benefit you the most and if that unit will be enough or not enough for your storing needs.

Boxes and Packing Supplies

Did you know that StorPlace Self Storage offers more than just storage units?  That’s right, StorPlace offers storage units as well as boxes and packing supplies.  Packing supplies is not limited just boxes.  Packing supplies includes everything from tape to mattress covers.

StorPlace Self Storage has a wide variety of boxes. First, there is the small box which measures 1.5 cubic feet. The small box is best for heavier items.  I know that sounds wrong, but the small box limits itself on how much you can put in it, in turn keeping it lighter for the person to carry.  Use the small boxes to pack books. The most commonly used box is the medium-sized box.  The medium-sized box measures 3.0 cubic feet. This sized box is great for toys, collectibles and small appliances.  The large box is good for larger household items.  The large box measures 4.5 cubic feet.  Cookware fits great in the large box.  The extra-large box is perfect for big lightweight items such as pillows and comforters.  The extra-large box measures 6.0 cubic feet.

StorPlace also offers a couple of odd-shaped boxes which are good for specific items.  There is a wardrobe box which comes with a metal bar to hang your clothes, You can just take your clothes right from the closet and put them into the box.  StorPlace also offers two types of mirror boxes: small and large.  These boxes can also be used for  paintings or pictures.  Also, StorPlace offers two types of box kits, a Regular Box Kit and a Kitchen Box Kit. The Regular Box Kit contains the following: 10 small boxes, 7 medium boxes, 1 mirror box, 25 feet of bubble wrap and packing tape. The Kitchen Box Kit is a great bargain! This kit contains: 1 small mirror box, 10 small boxes, 7 medium boxes, 25 ft of bubble wrap, 10 pounds of newsprint and packing tape. These box kits are a great start to all your packing needs.

Packing supplies is such a broad term which includes everything from packing tape to foam packing peanuts. The bubble wrap is actually are a very good protective tool to use when packing. It is good filler and helps to protect delicate items. Mattress covers are also a very good tool to use when packing.  Placing your mattress in a mattress cover protects your mattress from the elements as well as dust and dirt.  Mattress covers come in all sizes from twin to king size.  Stretch wrap is also a very good thing to use when storing pieces of furniture.  The stretch wrap will help to keep the furniture from getting scratched during moving and storage.  These are just a few of the packing supplies that StorPlace Self Storage offers.

StorPlace Self Storage does do more than just rent storage units.  Boxes and packing supplies are also available for your purchase at each of our facilities.  Just a reminder, if you become a tenant of StorPlace Self Storage, you get 10% off on all boxes and packing supplies.  Please come visit us, StorPlace of Rivergate, at 2360 Gallatin Road North Madison, TN 37115.  Or call us at (615) 851-2500.


Moving and Packing Tips

Handy merchandise to help you with your packing will help you beat the heat.

Moving? Pick up packing supplies at any StorPlace Self Storage

As everyone knows, moving can be a very stressful time! Whether you are moving across the country or across the street, StorPlace Self Storage  is here to help with a few moving and packing tips. Once you decide on your new home, make sure to stop by StorPlace Self Storage for all of your packing supplies!  Our customers receive a 10% discount on all of the retail we sell!

First, don’t be intimidated by the sheer size and scope of what you will be moving.  It may be tempting to hire movers simply because you feel like you cannot move yourself. However, if you start breaking down the house, room-by-room, it could be much more manageable to move on your own. If you plan on using a moving company to help with your move, do your research on companies, get recommendations from friends and have a few different moving companies come to your home to give you an estimate on the cost to move your belongings.

If you are moving on your own, remember to reserve a moving truck big enough to accommodate your move.  You don’t want to make several trips, because you have to pay for mileage (and gas).  When loading your moving truck, make sure you put the heaviest items in last.  This way they are the first off of the truck and you aren’t worn out trying to unload them last. Also, make sure you have some tie down rope so your items don’t move around in the back of the moving truck.

Some more moving tips are:

  • Placing mirrors in between mattresses so they don’t break.
  • Cover all mattresses and box springs with old sheets.
  • Load dresser drawers up with items and place the dresser drawers facing the truck so the drawers don’t fall out (it is also a good idea to put some rope around the dresser).
  • Pillow cases can be filled with non breakable kitchen or bathroom items.

When it comes to packing there are lots of different ways to make things more organized and easier to find once you have moved into your new home. The first way is to start by numbering your boxes.  Then, on a separate sheet of paper, write the box number, along with a generalization of what is inside of that box.  Group the boxes according to which room they belong in.  This will save you so much time when you are ready to unpack!  Remember to purchase new boxes when you are making a big move across town or to a different state.  If you pick up used boxes, there is always a chance of insects or foods contaminating them before you even get to use them.

If you need any more moving or packing tips, stop by your local StorPlace Self Storage facility.  Our experienced managers can help you pick out moving supplies, and even show you some storage space if you need it!