Gladys the Goose and Getting to Know our New Neighbor

StorPlace Self StorageOne of the things I love the most about working at our StorPlace Rutherford Blvd location, is that there is always the opportunity to see wildlife. In the field just across the street, we have an opportunity to see deer, different types of birds, and other animals making their way through the week on a regular basis. This spring, we also have the pleasure of seeing a goose across the street. One of my morning rituals, while I am stocking the packing supplies we keep on hand for our self-storage clients at StorPlace on Rutherford Blvd, is to check in on what “Gladys” is up to.

When I first noticed the goose, I was kind of curious as to why she was hanging around and sitting in one spot. I see them frequently at the pond near my house, but they always fly away and return. It wasn’t until I saw some little hatchlings one morning on the way to work that I realized that Gladys must be with her nest. This prompted me to do a little research into birds in Middle Tennessee. I believe that she is a Canadian Goose. I looked at the Tennessee Ornithological Society’s list of Birds of Tennessee and out of 409 species the Canadian Goose is listed as one that inhabits our wonderful state (disclaimer: this is just my speculation about the species, out of respect for the wildlife I have not gotten close enough to confirm).

Upon further Google searches, I found an interesting article about Canadian Geese and their habits. One thing that grabbed my attention was that the mate for the female goose will guard her and the nest while she is incubating. I have noticed a second, slightly larger, goose that will fly in periodically. Meeting Gladys from across the street at our self-storage location in Tennessee also prompted me to learn about the incubation period for Canadian Gees. Turns out, the nesting period last for 42-50 days and the incubation period for the eggs is 25-28 days. I have been noticing Gladys out there for about three weeks, so hopefully this means we shall be seeing some goslings (baby geese) soon.

While I don’t claim to be an expert, I have really enjoyed getting to observe Gladys over the last few weeks. It may inspire me to do a little more research into bird watching in Tennessee. For now, I look forward to seeing Gladys until the hatching of her goslings!

Shake off those Winter Blues!

Beating the Winter Blues

It never fails. In mid-January, after all the holiday adrenaline has worn off, I enter this slump. All I want to do is go to work and then go home and sleep. This is really unusual for me, because I love being outdoors and keeping busy. One of my favorite places to go and look for activities is Ready, Set, Rutherford! This site is perfect not only for people visiting our community, but also for those of us in a rut and looking for a fun new adventure to embark on. As you peruse the pages of this site there are likely things that you didn’t know took place in our neck of the woods.

Just recently, I visited the page looking for something to get out of the house and do on the weekend. I noticed that Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)  actually has an event area where different activities are held. Last week, I attended the SEBRA National Finals  at Miller Coliseum. What an exciting event! Coming up this weekend is a Truck and Tractor Pull. And boy am I excited!

Not everyone enjoys the same types of activities, and that is what makes Ready, Set, Rutherford so great! You can see events for many different types of people: those with young children, those who love the outdoors, and also those who love the arts! For those of us who just get stuck and don’t know what we want to do next (or those of us who like to have the WHOLE day planned out), they even have sample itineraries that have step-by-step instructions on how to maximize a fun-filled day!

If you ever find yourself without a clue what to do on a cold winter day, check out the Ready, Set, Rutherford and plan away!

Summertime Storage


Come check out our temperature controlled units to protect your valuables in this record breaking heat!

Spring has come and gone for those of us in Middle Tennessee, now we can start to think of summer. Those Long HOT days of Summer. It is also the time to start planning on what to do with all of those items we found during spring cleaning and did not realize we still had.  Those things, we are just not ready to part with.

For those parents with children who are graduating (whew, you made it!), and are starting a life on their own, what to do with the things they leave behind. As the parents of these children we know not to get rid of that bedroom set just in case; but you may want to turn that room into an office; crafts room or den. Maybe you are the parents of children who have not yet graduated (hang in there), but are in the dorm and you need somewhere to store their belongings until school starts again.

Do not worry StorPlace Self Storage of Stones River and South Rutherford Blvd. in Murfreesboro Tennessee has the solution. StorPlace of Rutherford Blvd. and Stones River have a large selection of heated and cooled storage spaces available. Storplace Self Storage, with two locations in Murfreesboro, Tennessee also has a wide range of non heated and cooled storage spaces which will fit your needs. Did you know that the heated and cooled storage spaces get no warmer than eighty degrees during those dog days of Summer, and no colder than sixty degrees in those cold days of Winter.

In case your storage needs are in other places than Murfreesboro, StorPlace Self Storage has over twelve locations in the middle Tennessee area. The two in Murfreesboro are located at 2615 S. Rutherford Blvd. (just down from MTSU) and 310 N. Thompson Lane (just down from the YMCA). The Rutherford Blvd location specializes in helping those students who need storage for their dorm items that do no need to be taken back home. StorPlace of Rutherford Blvd. has numerous sizes of storage spaces available which are perfect to hold those items from the dorm for the single student or that room of furniture which you want to hold onto. There are also larger storage units available in various sizes to suit your every need.

StorPlace of Stones River caters to those who live on the other side of Murfreesboro. StorPlace of Stones River is located near the interstate and is central to the main shopping areas of Murfreesboro. Parents of new graduates, Storplace of Stones River has a large selection of large units, just right for storing those items you found on sale and are just waiting for the time you can transform that now spare room into whatever room you may want.

So, remember StorPlace Self Storage has the storage spaces you need in just the right locations. When the time is right give the people at StorPlace Self Storage and speak with one of their knowledgeable and friendly management team.

Middle Tennessee State University Now Largest Undergraduate University Enrollment in Tennessee : StorPlace College Storage

Stones River StorPlace is a very convenient location for MTSU students to store their college belongings.

Middle Tennessee State University, commonly known as MTSU, also once called “little middle” can no longer hold that title.
MTSU’s Fall Semester’s enrollment reached close to 25,000 undergraduate students making it the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee surpassing the University of Tennessee Knoxville who had formerly been the largest Tennessee undergraduate institution. MTSU is located in Murfreesboro, Nashville area, Tennessee. The campus is located less than one mile from the geographic center of the state of Tennessee marked with a stone obelisk.
The numbers of students attending MTSU owes to several factors not the least of which is its location. MTSU is located in Murfreesboro, in Rutherford County, Tennessee one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. The university is quite aptly named Middle Tennessee State because of its location in the direct center of the state. Murfreesboro is a half hour drive of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee. Both Chattanooga and Clarksville are within a couple hours drive from Tennessee which makes MTSU a desirable destination for high school graduates from those cities in Tennessee as well as smaller communities such as Franklin and Brentwood, Cookeville, and Shelbyville.
Besides its central location MTSU is a desirable college for its academics. The university has a nationally renowned music business program as well as a nationally recognized aerospace program. The MTSU nursing program has also become extremely popular and it has become an extremely competitive program for prospective nursing students. The university prides itself not only on its numbers of enrollees but also on its quality of students. It is because of these attributes that many valedictorians and National Merit Scholars choose to attend Middle Tennessee State University. To further their appeal to the academically gifted students MTSU has built the Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors Building specifically for the purpose of educating those students who welcome a more challenging classroom atmosphere.
Many of Tennessee educators come from the teacher education program at MTSU. In fact, when the college was first founded in 1911 it was for the purpose of training future teachers. MTSU has continued that tradition and has one of the largest and most respected teacher education programs in Tennessee. In fact, Terry Weeks, National Teacher of the Year in 1988 is an MTSU alumnus and now helps to train future teachers as a professor in the education department at the university.
One of the surprising facts about Middle Tennessee State University is that only about 15% of the student population resides on campus. Because of its central location the university is desirable to commuting students. Also MTSU provides a unique opportunity for non-traditional students to start or complete their college education. A non-traditional student is defined as a person enrolled who is has not started directly after their completion of high school. MTSU is a terrific opportunity for adults who never started college or who left to pursue a career before graduating. Also, in today’s ever changing job market it provides an opportunity for non-traditional students to get their college degree in a subject area completely different from their current job or to make themselves a more attractive candidate in today’s tough job market by updating their skills.
Because of its central location and large numbers of non-traditional students, as well as the sharply rising cost of higher education it is not uncommon for many students to have part or full time jobs outside of the university grounds. Even students who live on campus may have to go home for the summer to find summer jobs in order to help pay for their school year tuition and expenses. Luckily, even though they have to move out of their dorm room or off campus housing at the end of the school year they need not haul their entire college belongings home for the summer. There are many storage complexes available for short term rental perfect for college students returning home for the summer. Storplace Self Storage of Stones River offers spaces perfect for MTSU students returning home and offers a discount to students to show their support of MTSU and the support that MTSU shows the Murfreesboro community. A small 5×10 storage unit space is sufficient for most students needing to store their student desks, mini-fridges, and winter clothing until they return back to Murfreesboro to start the next semester of classes. MTSU students can go home for the summer, save up for their next year’s tuition and rest assured that their stereos and lava lamps will be in the same condition as when they left it in storage after final exams in May. So get ready for finals then leave your things where you can be sure they’re safe and secure. Good luck in your pursuit of an excellent college education at the state’s largest undergraduate university- Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Please come visit us at Stones River located at 310 North Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, or you can call us at 615-691-6023.