Self-Storage Tips That Save Time and Money

StorPlace of Murfreesboro RdEffective and efficient self-storage begins with proper packing supplies. Before you begin to organize your household or business items into a storage unit, make sure you are able to pack those items the right way.

This includes making sure you have supplies like boxes, tape, protective blankets or anything else that’s needed to keep your items safe and secure while in storage.

Another very important step to self-storage success is locating a self-storage facility nearby that suits your needs. For storage, sometimes proximity to your house is better than driving accross town. But that can also depend on what you are trying to store, or if you need storage solutions like climate controlled storage. A storage professional will help you determine the size and type of unit that will best fit your needs, so feel free to reach out to experts at StorPlace for any questions as you begin the storage process.

Self-Storage Packing Tips

Boxes are the easiest and most convenient way to pack. Many people have the notion that the bigger the box the better, but that’s not always the case. When selecting boxes think about what you are storing and who will be moving it. Starting with small boxes which are great for heavier items such as books and dishes, these type items can get heavy very quickly. Larger boxes are great for storing lighter items, however, such as towels, blankets, and comforters. StorPlace offers many specialized boxes like mirror boxes which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. Remember when using boxes to properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts for extra security.

When storing your personal belongings in self-storage, location is always very important to consider. A secure and conveniently located storage facility is always a plus. Say you are moving to a new town, it is best if you find a storage facility closer to where you will be moving instead of one across town. The more convenient a location is to where you live the easier it is to access your personal goods.

Storage Tips: Getting Started 

Once you have packed your belongings, and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs, you must select an appropriate storage unit. Storage units come in many different sizes, and with many different features. Selecting the right storage unit for your belongings sometime requires a little extra insight. The storage professionals such as the ones at StorPlace can provide the insight and help determine the storage unit that will best serve you. Do you require a small or large unit, a drive up unit, or maybe a heated and cooled unit? Your personal belonging are very important to us, and those are just a few of the questions that a property manager can assist you with when beginning the storage process.

StorPlace Self-Storage has 16 conveniently located and secure storage facilities in middle Tennessee ready to accommodate all your storage needs. Location is a convenience when dealing with self-storage.

Tips for Winterizing and Organizing Your Home

Find the right storage unit size for your needs at StorPlace Self StorageOrganizing and winterizing your home is important. It keeps you in a good position when Spring Cleaning comes around, while also ensuring that everything is working properly throughout the harshest months that Mother Nature has to offer.

For tips on how to winterize and organize your home properly, check out the list below.

Grab your mulch bagger and leaf vacuum.

It is the time of year to get your fall tools out of storage and use them to clean up the area around your home. Use your mulch bagger to mulch up all the yard debris, especially around big trees. This helps to insulate the spring bulbs buried below, it also allows the cuttings to breakdown and nourish the tree.

Use a large amount as compostable material for the vegetable beds and the tumble composter.

If we can store it in a dry place, I can continue to make compost even through the winter. This is also the time, I start cleaning out dead and dying vegetation, and any areas that are overgrown or just need a little sprucing up. It’s still a little early to be thinking about fall plantings. Some bulbs, such as Tulips, prefer to be planted in the fall or over the winter, as these type bulbs use the cold weather as their dormant period which prepares them for a beautiful show in spring. Fall is the time of year to fertilize your acid loving Rhododendrons, and Azaleas, specifically.

Seal the vents around the exterior of our homes foundation.

We are also double-checking that all gutters and downspouts are clear, and flowing properly. Little is worse than finding out in the dead of winter, that these things are stopped up, and your forced to do an emergency cleaning while its freezing cold. We will also be checking our storm windows, to insure the window sills and exterior of windows are clean, and closed.

Inspect attic vents for debris or openings and wrap water pipes. 

Eliminate the colder air from entering the attic. You should inspect water pipes, and wrap as needed to prevent freezing later. Central heating and air conditioning systems need a little extra attention at this time, it’s actually a great time to have them inspected by a professional, if you can pull your pressure washer out of storage, a good exterior cleaning will serve well, and as always clean and replace air filters as needed. If your heating vents flow through an area that is cold (attic or basement), you will want to inspect, and wrap as needed.

Don’t forget to winterize your automobile.

Draining the radiator, and filling with sufficient anti-freeze, inspection of tires, and belts, and of course stocking emergency items in the event of a break down or other road side emergency. Water, blankets, snacks, change of clothing, and a extra set of any emergency, (life saving) medications you may need. Use of these easy tips should help you and yours to make it through yet another winter, effectively, economically, and safely.

Consider storing your summer tools and equipment during this period of winterizing and home organization. StorPlace Self Storage’s storage units are available to assist with all of your seasonal storage needs, stop by today to learn more from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

Fall Cleaning and College Storage Opportunities

Storage Solutions at StorPlace Self StorageWith summer winding down, the time for fall cleanup as well as moving your college students back to school are now upon us. In order to help accomplish both goals, StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is here to help. By placing some of your summer items like patio furniture, pool equipment, landscaping tools and other summer items in a self-storage unit, you can free up valuable space around your home for fall and winter seasons. Similarly, self storage units are also great to store items that college students won’t be bringing to school this semester but will be needing in the future.

Fall Cleaning Self Storage Opportunities

StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of different options for you to choose from in storing your summer items both small and large when fall inevitably arrives. We have heated and cool climate controlled units that are available as well as a wide range of standard unit sizes. Our self storage unit sizes range from 5 x 5 to 10 x 40 which can help store any number of household items. Our smaller units are great for summer sports equipment, clothes or pool supplies. The larger self storage units we offer are also an excellent way to keep your patio table, chairs and umbrella protected during fall and the hard months of winter to follow.

College Storage Options During Fall 

Here at StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue we have parking spaces to store cars and other vehicles. If the college student in your family will not be bringing their car to campus, this is a great place to park that car until they need it again next summer. We also have several covered spaces as well which would protect against rain and snow while your student is away at school. We always recommend that your come look at the spaces before you rent, though, to make sure it will fit the needs of your car specifically. Our knowledge team can also help with any other items your college student will need to store during the school year as well.

Self-Storage Locations Near You

StorPlace Self-Storage has many convenient storage locations throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. Specifically, we offer storage units at our facilities in Bellevue, Downtown Nashville, Murfreesboro, Antioch, Bowling Green KY, Rivergate, Hickory Hollow, Hermitage, Franklin, Cool Springs, Hendersonville as well as Lebanon Pike. We have the self-storage solutions to fit your needs so stop by today and find out how we can help you save money and create the space your family deserves.

Where to Turn When It’s Time to Clear Out the Clutter

Storage Solutions at StorPlace Self StorageIs it time to clear the clutter out of your garage? Or maybe it’s time stage your home for sale on the real estate market. If so, turn to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at StorPlace Self-Storage of Bellevue. No matter what the decluttering project you’re faced with, we have an excellent solution for you.

Our address at StorPlace Bellevue is 7332 Tolbert Rd, 37209. Here we will help you determine a size of storage unit that best fits your needs. We also sell all necessary moving and packing supplies to help open up much-needed space around your house. If you need a truck, you are also in luck because StorPlace of Bellevue rents Budget trucks as well. You could consider us your one stop shop for all your moving, packing and storage needs!

Maybe you are getting your boat serviced or even your RV or camper. Maybe your son or daughter is attending college here in Nashville and looking to store items from their dorm room. Don’t worry, we have several different solutions available from vehicle parking, standard storage units and climate controlled units. No matter what, if you are looking to store something, give one of our StorPlace locations a call and we will be glad to help. Our gate hours are 6AM to 10 PM, seven days a week so stop by anytime.


Organizing and Decluttering

Decluttering and Organization Tips

Spring is around the corner: flowers are blooming, bunny rabbits are hoping and the house is full of clutter. You are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and know it’s time to get rid of all of that clutter. Take control of your life and reclaim your space.


It’s important to have a clear goal in mind of what you would like your home to look like after getting rid of all the clutter. Your vision should give you a clear ideal how to reclaim the space in your home. Having a project goal for your organizing your house or garage helps you to decide what to keep or throw out in your decluttering process.

First, declutter the area or room that is causing you the most stress.  Start small, but, also set a fixed time and day to have the project completed. Have four bags; label them as “Keep” “Throw out” “Donate” and “Not sure”.  Use a fast sorting approach, ask yourself a few questions to help determine what to toss or keep:

1.    When was the last time I used or worn the item?
2.    Will I use or wear it again?
3.    Is it worthy holding on to it or is it taking up space?

We have many products and items in our house which we rarely us. This is a good time to decide options for storing these items. Some people decided to rent a storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage  offers a wide variety of storage options, some have heated and cooled units for storing pictures, antiques or oil paintings. Sizes of the storage units can range from 5×5, 5×10, and 10×10 to 10×30. The size of the storage unit you choose will depend on how much clutter you need to get out of your house or garage.

An important part of clutter control is having a place for everything and keeping your stuff in its place. Organizing your home will make your life less stressful and lessen feeling overwhelmed when you walk in the door. Plus, you get more time to enjoy the Spring!!!!

Factors for Choosing A Self Storage Unit

Welcome to StorPlace Self StorageHaving to store your belongings can be an exhausting and stressful experience.  Here are few good tips to help make moving items into a storage unit as stress-free as possible. One of the best things to do before choosing a storage facility is look at the property and meet the manager so you can become familiar with the storage facility and processes for renting a storage unit. This way you will know exactly what you are getting and you can feel confident about your rental decision. Price is generally the number one factor when renting a storage unit, but the second factor would be security.  Having the right security and people to implement the proper policies will make you feel better about knowing that your things are stored in a safe place. This is why it’s important to see the property and meet the manager before committing to the rental. Once you’ve looked at all the options around the area where you will need storage, I am confident that you will choose to store your belongings at StorPlace Self Storage. The pricing is good and they will provide quality service that no other company can offer.

Once you have chosen to put your belongings at one of the many StorPlace Self Storage locations; the best way to use your storage space more efficiently is to put the large items in the storage unit first and fill the gaps of space in-between. You can also stack as high as you can, starting from the back of the wall and working your way towards the front. These simple tips will allow you to use the space more effectively and will help you save money by getting the right size storage unit. It’s a good idea to leave boxes or items that you think you’ll need later until the end to put in the front of the storage unit, so you don’t have to unload your unit to find that one thing that you realized you needed. If you think you may need to access your space more often, you may want to consider leaving a walkway through the center of your unit so you can easily find whatever you need in the future. Another good tip is to use furniture covers to help keep dust from settling on your items and check your unit monthly to make sure nothing has shifted and that there are no issues that you would need to discuss with your manager.

When it comes to packing your property, take advantage of StorPlace Self Storage discounts that are offered to our tenants by getting an additional 10% off any merchandise. I am confident that StorPlace Self Storage will deliver great service and will provide an excellent storage solution to minimize the stress of moving and storing at a storage facility.


People need storage

Self Storage basic tipsPeople are in constant need of a place to put their stuff. Storage is the one thing that there never seems to be enough of. People need storage for all types of situations including moving, the holidays and many other random reasons. Storage can help alleviate many of the woes associated with these situations. All people can benefit from having a bit more storage room for this or that.

You just scored the job of your dreams, but it requires you to move to a new city or state. You have to pack up your belongings and hit the road into the unknown. You fill up a truck and head to your destination. It’s your first time in your new location you need time to figure out what to do with all your stuff. You don’t have a place of your own yet. With a storage unit you can have a place to put your things temporarily. With a storage unit and your stuff safely secure you can focus on more pressing matters.

The holidays are here and they are great time for using a storage unit for storing excess items. Colder weather moves in and you are done mowing the yard for the year. A storage unit is a great place to store the summer outdoor things you are not going to need for another few months. Also being the holidays we all can use a little extra room. Do you have family coming for the holidays? Clean, de-clutter and organize that spare room so the in-laws have a place to stay by renting a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is also great for keeping presents out of the view of little prying eyes, helping to keep the surprise a surprise. Storage can come in handy during the holidays regardless what your need may be.

The random unexpected things in life are usually really big and actually can cause a need for storage.  You go to the doctor and find out your about to be proud new parents, that extra room will now become the nursery. Leaving town for a trip? Put your car in a storage unit to keep it out of the weather. Decide to renovate a room of your home? Put your furnishings in a storage unit to get them out-of-the-way during the remodeling project. Life is random and many times so is the need for storage.

We can always use more room in our lives, a storage unit is a great way accommodate that need. If you are moving, preparing for the holidays, or just the random need for more space storage is the solution. StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of heated or cooled or regular storage unit sizes to help with any storage need. Stop in to any of our 16 Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky locations to find out how our storage professionals can help you!

Storing Your Summer Clothes

Storing Summer ClothesAs summer looms smaller in our collective rear view mirror, it is time to transition the summer clothes out and bring the cold weather gear that has been locked in hibernation for the past several months.  Following a few simple tips can make this seemingly arduous task a lot simpler, free up often needed closet real estate and preserve your summer items for years to come.

The first thing you want to do is sort through your summer clothing. You may not want to quite pack away all those summer clothes, as you may want to squeeze a final wearing or two before those last few tantalizing warm days of the season say their goodbyes. Leaving a few items for these days is quite alright.

Whether you follow what is listed above or separate all your warm weather clothing at once, washing your clothes before you store them is paramount as this can keep the clothing from discoloring or molding from set-in stains.  Washing them will also help them continue to look like new when you pull them back out  to wear the following warm season.

Once your garments are clean, place them in some sort of storage bin. If feasible, place items such as shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and lightweight clothes flat to prevent permanent wrinkle damage. There are a plethora of sizes and colors out there to fit not only your spatial limitations/need but your fancy as well. If you choose, you can also use a desiccant, such as silica packs, to absorb moisture, however if you choose this method, do not allow them to touch your garment(s) directly as they can dry them out which could damage them. Place the silica packs in plastic bags and place them in the corners of your storage containers. You also want to keep your stored items out of direct sunlight as that constant bombardment of sunrays will fade the colors of your items in short order. Nicer garments should be placed in garment bags to protect them from getting wrinkled and dirty. I would make the suggestion of dry cleaning these nicer items before placing them in the garment bags.

A few additional tips to preserve your items is to place cedar sachets in your storage areas and on your hangers. Cedar wards off insects such as moths that can damage your clothing but does so without the moth ball scent. Another helpful hint is to place a few dryer sheets in between your summer items so when you pull them out the following spring they will smell fresh.

StorPlace Self Storage has 16 locations in the Middle Tennessee and Northern Kentucky areas that will help with summer clothing storage to business storage needs. Stop by our locations to find out how we can help when it is time to store your summer clothing.

Making the Most of Your Storage Unit

Storage Solutions at StorPlace Self Storage

When storing for the first time, there is a lot of useful information and tips available to help you make the best decision for your belongings. The property manager of the storage facility you use should also be knowledgeable about your needs. Learning how to properly utilize the square footage of your unit is very helpful. It is also important to know what causes mildew and how to prevent it, especially if you have chosen a non-climate controlled or heated & cooled building.

If you are packing boxes for storage, more is not always better. Of course you want to fill the boxes with the most items possible, but boxes of heavy or fragile items should not be too heavy. Packing heavy items creates a risk of the bottom of your box falling out, so the less weight, the better. Try to use no more than 2 different sized boxes. This will make it much easier to stack and organize them in the storage unit. When putting items in the storage unit, leave a small isle in-between boxes, so you can easily access your items. Most people say they will not need anything out of the unit, but more times than not, a return visit is necessary. Label boxes not only on top, but also on the side. This helps if the boxes are stacked, you are still able to read what is in the box. Packing boxes by room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. makes not only storing easier, but will help with unpacking once you reach your new home. Plastic totes are also a great way to utilize space. Not only are they roomy but the lids are sealed tightly, the sides are clear so you can see what is inside of each one, without opening them, and they are made with sturdy plastic, which will make stacking much easier and safe.

Utilizing the square footage in your storage unit is also vital to maximize the use of your unit. Even something as small as removing the legs from a table, can help make more usable square footage. When possible you can also place items vertically not horizontally. Hollow spots in appliances and furniture, like wardrobes, stoves and refrigerators, can usually hold small boxes inside of them. Use wardrobe boxes for clothes. One wardrobe box takes up a lot less space than bags or boxes full of clothes and it also makes them easier to access if you have forgotten something.

Another suggestion to protect your belongings is are make sure your boxes are sealed and taped tightly. This will prevent dust, bugs, or other unwanted things from getting inside your boxes. You should drain all fluids from tools and equipment, but oil them down to prevent rust. Breakables and fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed tightly in the box, so they don’t slide around. Mirrors and pictures should always be stored vertical, not flat. Laying them flat causes a risk of items being set on top of them or accidentally getting stepped on.

Most people believe sealing items up in plastic bags is protecting them, but actually it invites mildew. Other ways to avoid mildew are making sure refrigerators and freezers are defrosted and the door left cracked open, and drain your washing machine well.

Storing Winter Clothes for the warm season (part 1)

As Old Man Winter relinquishes his icy grip on the Northern Hemisphere, the big coats, toboggans, scarves, and gloves are shed and are replaced by tank tops and shorts. As you layer down for the weather change, exercising a few simple things can not only maximize space, both at home and in your storage space, but also ensure that those warm weather items are in good shape to stave off the cold for years to come.

As these articles of clothing tend to be thicker, storing them is typically more space consumptive than spring and summer clothing.  Often winter gear is thrown haphazardly in a tub or box, without any regards for the most efficient utilization of the available space. This often leads to the clothing taking up more space than necessary.

The first thing you want to do prior to packing is to dry clean or wash all the items you will be storing. The scents from wear can attract unwanted visitors such as moths or insects that will damage your clothing.

Dry Clean or wash clothing before storing









Storing your clothes in the plasticcovering from dry cleaners is a very, very VERY bad idea.  Here is why:

  1. The plastic bags cause oxidation which leads to discoloration of the clothes.
  2. The plastics bags will cause stains and odors.
  3. The damp environment in the bag will be a breeding ground for moths, which will eat through your clothes.
  4. The bags cause yellowing and weakening of the fibers of the clothes.
  5. Wire hangers will rust and ruin your clothes.
  6. Wire hangers will also ruin the shape of your clothing.
  7. Clothes need to breathe and they cannot breathe in a plastic bag.


Store clothes in a plastic storage bin


Go with plastic bins over vacuum bags. The bins are better for clothing than the vacuum bags, as they allow clothing to breathe and are much for non-delicate items such as T’s , jeans, wool, and polyester garments. Delicate items, such as silk, cashmere and any article that is of sentimental value to you, have to be handled a bit differently. These should be wrapped in acid-free tissue and placed in 100% cotton canvas storage bags.

Sweaters and most coats should not be hung. This can actually cause them to lose their shape. Fur coats are the exception; these garments are best stored in a climate controlled environment, preferably at a constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit and at 50% humidity.

When it comes to storing your boots invest in boot trees. The trees will help the boot retain their shapes. If space does not allow you to store them upright, place some cotton, (this can be a shirt, or a shoe bag) over each pair. With other winter footwear, use stuffing paper to maintain their shape.

Following these simple steps can ensure that you don’t have an unpleasant surprise when it is time to don your winter gear again. Stop by one of the 16 convenient StorPlace Self Storage Middle Tennessee locations to see how we can help you with your winter clothing storage needs!