When to Use a Temperature Controlled Unit

heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled storage unitsMany people ask, “I’m not sure if I need a heated and cooled unit.. Why would I need one?”  There are actually a few good reasons why heated and cooled storage unit would be needed for one’s belongings. Storplace Self Storage can help you with your storage unit decision making.

First of all, how long you will be storing your items plays a big factor in deciding if you need to rent a heated and cooled or non-heated and cooled unit. Typically, if your belongings are going to be stored for more than three months, you will definitely want to use a temperature controlled storage unit.  These units are well insulated. They also provide protection from outside elements, such as humidity during the summer months and extreme cold during the winter months.

Secondly, if you are storing any electronics, antiques or antique furniture, leather or suede furniture, pictures or paintings, or tools; you will want to rent a temperature controlled storage unit for these items. These items are, what we call “temperature sensitive” and can easily be ruined if left to the extreme outside temperatures. Temperatures that we feel may not be very extreme for us can be extreme for the items previously listed.  If any of those items are left outside for long periods of time, considerable damage could be done to them. Electronics with cords and wires can short out if they come in contact with humidity or dew.  Antique furniture can warp with humidity and possibly develop mold if left outside too long. If leather and suede furniture are left to the elements over a period of time, they will actually start to expand with the summer heat and contract in the winter cold, causing them to start cracking and possibly peeling. We certainly all know that a leather or suede couch does not look appealing when it is peeling and there are cracks all over with the insides of the couch poking through.  Pictures and paintings, depending on what material they are made of, can warp, peel, turn color, or possibly grow mold when left to the elements over several months.

Metal tools left in a humid climate where dew could possibly develop on them can develop rust. Storing tools is not typically thought of when thinking about a heated and cooled unit. But for someone who has invested many, many dollars into their tools for their profession and have good quality items, they most certainly do not want their tools rusting. When that happens, the tool cannot be salvaged and hundreds of dollars go down the drain.

When thinking about renting a storage unit, think about what all you want to put in the unit. Make a list and think about each item’s sensitivity to extreme temperatures. Also when making the list, estimate how many boxes and big pieces of furniture you will store. Look to see what pieces can be broken down and what pieces have to stay together. Knowing all of these things ahead of time will make it easier to find what size and type of storage unit you will need.  Come in or call the StorPlace Self Storage facility closest to you and let us help you get the right size and type of storage unit you need for all of your important items.




Get Ready for Fall Cleaning and Back-to-School Projects

heated and cooled and non-heated and cooled storage unitsLate summer means both back to school time for college students as well as getting started on fall cleaning projects.  StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is the perfect place to store those large and small items you want out-of-the-way but don’t know what to do with. We have a lot of convenient locations to a lot of different sides of town. StorPlace Self Storage has locations in Bellevue, downtown Nashville, 5 locations in Murfreesboro, Murfreesboro Rd, Antioch, Bowling Green KY, Rivergate, Hickory Hollow, Hermitage, Franklin, Cool Springs, Hendersonville and a new one on Lebanon Pike.

Fall Cleaning may consist of putting your outdoor toys away after you winterize them. StorPlace Self Storage has many different options for you to choose from in storing your indoor and outdoor items.

StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has a variety of heated and cooled units as well as non-heated and cooled. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue’s smallest size unit is a 5 x 5, which is available in both heated and cooled or traditional. The storage unit sizes go all the way up to a non-heated or cooled 10 x 40 unit with many sizes in between. The smaller sizes and all of the heated and cooled units are inside in a hallway. For your convenience, we have carts in the hallways to help move your items from your car or truck to the storage unit.

A common question is “Does the heated and cooled cost much more than the non?”  It does but the additional cost gives our customers peace of mind that their belongings will be just like they were when you put them in there as when you get them out.  We do also have a 1 time $25.00 admin fee, which does include a lock. This way you do not have to worry about  getting your own lock and worrying if it’s the right kind or not.

StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has parking spaces for RV’s, trailers, boats and other vehicles.  We have a few covered spaces that are quite popular and are usually rented. Several StorPlace Self Storage locations do offer a variety of parking space options. It is a best practice to  look at the parking spaces before you rent to determine if your vehicle will fit in the parking space allotted.

StorPlace Self Storage requires a valid drivers license to rent a unit. When renting a parking space, we require a valid drivers license, proof of insurance and some proof of ownership such as a bill of sale or registration. Just give our locations a call or stop in and we will be glad to assist you!

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day lessonAlthough Valentine’s Day has passed for this year, I came across a very interesting article that I wanted to summarize regarding this special holiday that we celebrate with our significant others.The article was taken from a commentary by Chuck Colson in 1999 from his daily radio show, “Breakpoint”. Chuck begins his commentary by speaking to the fact that Valentine’s Day is starting to lose some of its personal touches and he references electronic kisses that can be sent by email.

Today, couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways. We have seen this for ourselves as couples who are separated by miles can have a Skype date and kisses are now sent through FaceTime. But how did this holiday that celebrates romantic love get its start? Chuck says it was more than a Hallmark card.

There is a tale told that Roman Emperor, Claudius II, had martyred a Roman priest during his persecution of Christians. The priest was beaten with clubs and finally beheaded. His name was Valentine. He was sainted for refusing to deny Christ before the emperor and continuing to give aid to the Christians in Rome. The tale also tells us that Valentine would secretly marry couples against the commands of Emperor Claudius who believed that unmarried men made better soldiers. Reports say that Claudius also beheaded two other Christians named Valentine during his persecution and therefore we cannot be certain which Valentine it is that we celebrate on February 14th.

Now you might wonder why the church would have chosen February 14th to have a saint’s day. In ancient Rome, February 14 was the eve of a pagan festival called Lupercalia. During this festival, the Romans worshipped Februa, a goddess of marriage, childbirth, and sexuality. As Christianity spread, the church began replacing pagan festivals with holy days. The Roman festival had rather lewd practices, so the church replaced these practices with the tradition of honorable young men picking the names of saints—and then spend the following year emulating the saint whose name they drew.

As we see today, the focus of love and romance from the festival became popular, but the name to this day we choose to give is in honor of St. Valentine who gave his life for the love of his God.

StorPlace Self-Storage hopes you were able to enjoy a romantic day with your valentine this year. Feel free to drop by to help us eat our leftover candy and purchase any boxes or packing supplies you may need for your next move. You can also take a look at our new heated and cooled building next door and the covered parking spaces we have added. StorPlace Self Storage strives to make the storage experience easy and convenient for our customers. The StorPlace Self Storage Mission is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers in need by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, innovativeness, conscientiousness, cheerfulness, and friendliness.

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike has a number of heated and cooled spaces as well as outside, garage-type units for our customers. With a variety of sizes, StorPlace Self Storage can find the perfect fit for your storage needs.  Give us a call at (615) 882-0082 and we will be happy to assist you with any of your storage or packing needs.

Holiday Storage at StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace Self Storage of Hendersonville

It’s that time again! Time for all the hustling and bustling around to try to find the best gifts for your loved ones!  Then it hits you: “My house is a mess! Where am I going to put all these awesome gifts?  I certainly don’t want the children snooping before Santa arrives. What am I going to do?”  StorPlace Self Storage has the perfect solution for your gift or decoration storing needs.  Whether you need to move some items out of your home just for the Christmas season to make room for the tree, the presents, and the abundance of family members that will be staying with you, or you just need to keep those little peepers from seeing what you bought; StorPlace Self Storage can definitely help to keep your items safe and secure until the big day!

There are different size storage units to meet your different size needs. If you have lots of family coming over and need to un-clutter the house, our 5X10 or even 10X10 for those big, bulky items would be the perfect size for you.  Our bigger 10X10 storage unit is great for storing large or small furniture pieces. There is plenty of room for those boxes of extra “things” lying around.  They can also be used for freeing up some much-needed space in your home or apartment.  Our 5X10 is a nice size unit for storing holiday decorations at any time of the year.  It also comes in handy for those who need to store big Christmas gifts, such as bicycles, play-sets, outdoor toys, or any other large items that you might have trouble hiding at your house. This storage unit is also great for those who volunteer their time and need space to store those gifts going to different nonprofit organizations such as Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army, or the Samaritan’s Purse for Operation Christmas Child.  For those who are a little more modest with their shopping, StorPlace Self Storage has a cozy little 5X5 storage unit that is just big enough to hold those presents and goodies you want to give to your loved ones on Christmas day.

At StorPlace Self Storage, we strive to offer you the best service and storage for your needs.  Whether you are storing everyday items that can go in a standard drive-up unit or more sentimental, older items that need to be stored in a temperature-controlled unit, we have what you’re looking for.  With 16 different locations, you’re sure to find a StorPlace Self Storage near you for all your storage needs! Go online or give your nearest StorPlace Self Storage location a call today!

Get Ready for Fall Storage

Getting Ready for FallFall and winter are just around the corner.  It’s almost time to start preparing those summer vehicles for the winter.  Do you need a parking spot to store that boat or recreational vehicle for the winter months ahead?   StorPlace Self Storage has more than ten locations that provide parking as long as spots are available. We also have storage units that are large enough to store a car or boat should parking spots are not available.  Some spots might be easier to get to than others, but we strive to make your storage experience as safe and easy as possible.

Maybe you don’t need a big storage unit, but something just big enough to store your seasonal items, such as decorations. We have smaller storage units available for those little things that you just don’t have room for or are wanting to get out-of-the-way at your home.  Stop in to any StorPlace Self Storage location and we would be happy to show you a storage unit that meets your storage needs, whether it be a 5X5 or something bigger like a 10X15.  We also have bigger storage units that range in size from a 10X20 up to a 10X40.  We are happy to help assist you with whatever storage units are available at the time.

We all know that the busiest time of the year for packing and moving is in the summer months.  Now with the summer months coming to a close, maybe you have decided to wait and let the rush of movers pass by before you move.  No matter what the time of year, we are always here to help you with your storage and packing needs.  We have plenty of packing supplies, such as boxes that range from small to extra-large and packaging tape to secure the boxes.  We also have bubble wrap, foam sheets, newsprint, and peanuts to make sure that all of your belongings are packed securely for safe storing.  There are plastic covers for your chairs, sofas, mattress sets and more so your furniture won’t get dusty or damaged during the transition from home to storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has Budget rental trucks available for those who would rather move themselves into a unit instead of hiring movers.

For those items that you just can’t dare to part with, that are sentimental to you, or that are sensitive to outside elements like extreme heat or cold, a heated and cooled storage unit could be the right type of unit for you.  The heated and cooled units are accessible through a door to the inside of a building.  The heated and cooled units have a pipe that goes into the top of the unit right under the ceiling that pumps in the fresh cool air during the hotter months and cozy warm heat during the colder months.  Also, for your convenience, there are carts in the hallways so you don’t have to carry anything.  You can put your items on the cart and wheel them right into your storage unit, making your move just a little bit easier.

StorPlace Self Storage managers and staff are always here to help you with your storage and packing needs.  With over ten locations in the Nashville and greater Nashville area and a location in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you are sure to find a location near you! Come on in and check out our units!

StorPlace of Bellevue Has Just the Storage Unit that you Need

StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue

StorPlace of Bellevue

It is hard to believe, but fall cleaning and the time to move your college student back on campus is here once again. It is time to re-organize the home and keep it organized during the chaos of the new school year. It is also the time for parents to decide if they want to repurpose their college student’s bedroom to a den, TV room, office or personal gym. With all of the changes that the back to school season brings it is important to remember that there is a solution to put all of the extra fall items that you have and to put away the summer “toys” for the season.

StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is the perfect place to store those items, small and large, that you want out-of-the-way but don’t know what to do with. We have convenient locations in the Nashville, Murfreesboro and Bowling Green, KY areas.  StorPlace Self Storage has locations in Bellevue, downtown Nashville, 2 locations in Murfreesboro, Murfreesboro Rd, Antioch, Bowling Green KY, Rivergate, Hickory Hollow, Hermitage, Franklin, Cool Springs, Hendersonville and a new location on Lebanon Pike. I am certain you can find a location that fits your storage needs.

StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has heated and cooled units as well as the conventional non-heated storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue’s smallest size unit is a 5 x 5. This storage unit size is available in both climate and non-climate controlled. The storage unit sizes go all the way up to a 10 x 40, with many other sizes in-between. The 10×40 storage unit is not climate controlled, but the majority of the units have the option for heated and cooled, it just depends on the size.  The smaller sizes and all of the heated and cooled units are in a hallway.  A common question is “Does the heated and cooled cost much more than the conventional storage unit?”  It does, but to have peace of mind that your belongings will be just like they were when you put them in there when you get them out, it can be a small price to pay.

StorPlace Self Storage has many amenities to make your storage experience easier and safer. For your convenience, StorPlace Self Storage does have carts in the hallways to help move stuff from your car or truck to your storage unit.  We have a 1 time $25.00 admin fee, which does include a lock. This way you do not have to worry about purchasing your own lock and worrying if it will fit on the storage unit StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue also has parking spaces for cars, RVs and boats. We do have a few covered spaces for your vehicles, depending on availability.

We always recommend that you get a tour of our facility and the storage unit or parking space that you might be renting. When you are ready to rent a storage unit, there are some things that we do require. StorPlace Self Storage requires is a valid driver’s license to rent a storage unit. In order to rent a parking space, we require you to have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or registration. For any of your storage needs, stop in or give a call to any of our 16 locations. We will be glad to help you with your questions and concerns and give you a tour of our facility.

What to Look For When Comparing Storage Facilities

Computerized Gate Access at StorPlace Self Storage

Every StorPlace Self Storage faciliy has computerized gate access.

When searching for a storage facility there are a few key things that you should look for during your search: location, availability, security, competitive pricing, cleanliness, and customer service.

Location is a major factor in choosing a facility.  The facility that is the closest to your home is the one you are more likely to choose.  StorPlace Self Storage has 16 facilities in and around middle Tennessee as well as Bowling Green, KY.  There are many different storage facilities in the area to choose from, but don’t base our choice only on the location.

Availability of storage units is another big factor when it comes to choosing a facility.  Not all storage facilities have the same number and size of units available at a certain time.  Storage unit availability varies from location to location.  A good way to check availability is to call the facility you are thinking about storing at or you can go to the website to check to see if the storage unit size that you need is available. At StorPlace of Hendersonville, you can check availability of certain size storage units on our website. 

Security is a feature that all potential customers should focus their attention on.  Most places will have a couple of cameras and a gate. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer multiple security options.  We have surveillance cameras that record 24 hours a day, a fence that is surrounding the entire facility, gated access, and high security lock for the units.

Pricing is probably the most important thing that people think about when choosing a storage facility.  Competitive pricing is available at just about every storage facility. The thing to look for is the most “bang for your buck”.  This can be done by comparing multiple facilities prices along with any specials or coupons you can find.  Typically, a heated and cooled space is going to cost more money than your standard outdoor garage style units.  This may not be true in all cases though.  Pricing also depends on availability of the units.

The Cleanliness of the storage facility is probably the most important factor for me.  You should always ask for a tour of the property and ask to be shown the unit you are thinking about renting before committing to the rental.  This way you can check out the property for yourself and make sure you are getting a clean unit.  Also, a good question to ask is if the facility has an exterminator that comes and sprays the property for bugs.

Good customer service is important for everyone. At StorPlace Self Storage, we pride ourselves on our great customer service.  We try to help the customer in any way possible.  If you have any additional questions you can call any of our 16 locations to get more information.

How to Choose the Best Storage Facility


StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace can help you find the best storage unit for your storage needs.


When storing there are many factors to consider, so do your research. The number one  factor when storing is choosing the right storage unit for your storing needs. Once you have decided what type of storage unit you will need, it is very important to pick the right storage location for you. Lastly, it is important to have the correct packing supplies for your belongings starting with boxes and tape. Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision for all your self-storage needs.

First thing to do when storing is packing your personal goods. Boxes are the easiest and most convenient way to pack. Many people think that the bigger the box the better, but that is not always the case. When selecting boxes think about what you are storing and who will be moving it. Small boxes are great for heavier items, such as books and dishes as these type items can get heavy very quickly. Larger boxes are great for storing lighter items such as towels, blankets, and comforters.  Also, many storage companies,such as StorPlace Self Storage, offer specialized boxes like mirror boxes, which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. Remember when storing items in boxes to properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

When storing your personal belongings in self-storage, the location of the storage facility is important to consider.  A secure and conveniently located storage facility is always a plus. If you are moving to a new town, it is better to find a storage facility closer to where you will be moving to instead of one across town. It is more convenient to access your personal goods at a storage facility that is close to you.  StorPlace Self Storage has 16 conveniently located and secure storage facilities in middle Tennessee ready to accommodate all your storage needs.

Once you have packed your belongings and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs, you must select an appropriate storage unit. Storage units come in many different sizes, and with many different features. Storage professionals, such as the ones at StorPlace Self Storage, can help determine the storage unit which will best serve your needs. Do you require a small or large unit? A drive up unit? A heated and cooled unit? These are just a few of the questions that a property manager can assist you with.  Your personal belonging are very important, you take great care of them, choosing a storage unit should be no different. Take the same care when selecting your self-storage unit.

There is no unimportant part of self storage. Start with the necessary packing supplies, such as boxes and tape, for the storing or moving job ahead. Another very important part of storing with self-storage is finding a location that suits you best; a location down the road is better than across town. Lastly, select the right unit for your storage needs, if you don’t know, ask. A storage professional will help you determine what type of unit would benefit you the most and if that unit will be enough or not enough for your storing needs.

Pick Us! StorPlace of Lebanon Pike

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike

Stop in to see us at StorPlace of Lebanon Pike

Reserving a unit is much simpler than it used to be.  All you need to do is pick out a location that is the most convenient for you. The storage facility could be near your home or closer to your office, whichever is easier for you to reach whenever you need it.  Then, all you have to do is virtually point and click to find the location that is closest to you via StorPlaceSelfStorage.com  or StorPlace.com. Our website is very simple to maneuver and search for step by step instructions, suggestions for packing and stacking, packing materials and location information.   When you are reserving your storage unit online, online reservation fee is just $10.00, which will be credited to the first month’s rent.

There are over 30 different  shapes, types, and sizes  of storage units to choose from at StorPlace Self Storage.  Some of the units are temperature controlled.  With all of that variety, you will be sure to find the right self storage unit to fit your needs from a 5×5, which is the size of a small closet, all the way up to a 12×50 parking space, large enough to fit that brand new Recreational Vehicle the family has been dreaming about for years.

StorPlace Self Storage strives to make the storage experience easy and convenient for our customers. There are many payment options that our customers can set up, such as online bill pay, payment dropbox, automatic credit card billing, after hours call center, or emailed invoices.  The StorPlace Self Storage mission is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers in need by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, innovativeness, conscientiousness, cheerfulness, and friendliness.

StorPlace of Lebanon Pike is located on the corner of Central Pike and Lebanon Pike in the heart of Hermitage, TN. Nearby points of interest include The Hermitage (Home of President Andrew Jackson), The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Shores, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Hermitage House Smorgasbord, and Ravenwood Country Club. Our facility is also located next to the Music City Bikeway that connects Shelby Bottoms Greenway with the Stones River Greenway. Altogether, this paved trail runs 16.6 miles. Highlights of this trail include the Cumberland River Pedestrian Walking Bridge, the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, and the Percy Priest Dam. Perfect for biking, jogging, and walking.

StorPlace Self Storage is  conveniently situated in 16 locations stretching from southern KY to Murfreesboro and from east of Nashville to Rivergate, Hendersonville, Hermitage etc.  You name it, we are close to it. Call, click or stop in today and check us out.  Every one of our managers or assistant managers are appropriately educated to answer all the storage questions you may have.  So what are you waiting for?



Storage Tips

StorPlace Self Storage

StorPlace of Medical Center

Why heated and cooled storage?

Heated and cooled storage maintains a steady temperature of 55–80° using central air conditioning during the summer months and heat during the winter months, as well as dehumidifiers to control the temperature. This insulates your stored items from the damage that severe hot or cold weather can cause.

What should or should not be stored in a self storage unit?

Self storage is an excellent option for storing the overflow of many different types of items or belongings from your home or business. StorPlace Self Storage frequently gets questions about what is acceptable to store so we have compiled a list to provide more information on what works for storage. Stop in to any of StorPlace’s 16 locations to see the list of items that should not be stored in a storage unit.

Security options for storage

When selecting a self storage facility, it is important to understand the security system of the facility. Since security measures vary according to facility policy,cost, and even geographic location, StorPlace Self Storage has put together a list of some things to keep in mind when looking for self storage. Ask for this list when you stop in to get a tour of our facilities. You can also learn more in this video.

Self storage tips for business owners

At StorPlace Self Storage, we find that most of our business owners make use of self storage not just for long-term, but also for short-term solutions. If your un-used business equipment or files are taking over your office, it is time to think about renting a self storage unit!

Choose the right size self storage unit

Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be easy if you know what you want to store. StorPlace Self Storage has an handy storage unit size guide to help you decide what size storage you will need for your belongings. It is important to choose the right size storage unit, so you are not wasting space and money.

Insuring your stored items

Whether you are planning to store business or personal belongings, it’s important to ensure the items while stored in a self storage unit. Homeowners or rental insurance might not cover items that are in storage. Make sure to check your insurance policy before you decide to rent a self storage unit.  StorPlace Self Storage offers our own Property Protection to help cover stored items.

Vehicle self storage

Any type of vehicle can be stored in self storage to free up space in your garage. StorPlace Self Storage does offers RV outside storage. There are special considerations and prepping that need to be done before a vehicle is placed in storage. If you prepare you car, boat or RV for storage, then it will run properly when it time to remove it from the storage unit.

Hints for packing and storing

StorPlace Self Storage has created videos to help with everything from packing boxes to packing your storage unit safely and efficiently.

Comparing outdoor, indoor and drive-up storage

The are the three most common types of space for self storage are outdoor, indoor and drive-up storage. Our friendly and informed staff are able to answer all of your questions about the different types of storage and what would work the best for your storage needs.

Choosing boxes and packing materials

Once the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly. StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of packing and moving supplies at each of our locations from boxes to packing tape to furniture protection.  We have 16 convenient locations in the Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas to serve your storage needs. We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you a great customer service experience!