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Why heated and cooled storage?

Heated and cooled storage maintains a steady temperature of 55–80° using central air conditioning during the summer months and heat during the winter months, as well as dehumidifiers to control the temperature. This insulates your stored items from the damage that severe hot or cold weather can cause.

What should or should not be stored in a self storage unit?

Self storage is an excellent option for storing the overflow of many different types of items or belongings from your home or business. StorPlace Self Storage frequently gets questions about what is acceptable to store so we have compiled a list to provide more information on what works for storage. Stop in to any of StorPlace’s 16 locations to see the list of items that should not be stored in a storage unit.

Security options for storage

When selecting a self storage facility, it is important to understand the security system of the facility. Since security measures vary according to facility policy,cost, and even geographic location, StorPlace Self Storage has put together a list of some things to keep in mind when looking for self storage. Ask for this list when you stop in to get a tour of our facilities. You can also learn more in this video.

Self storage tips for business owners

At StorPlace Self Storage, we find that most of our business owners make use of self storage not just for long-term, but also for short-term solutions. If your un-used business equipment or files are taking over your office, it is time to think about renting a self storage unit!

Choose the right size self storage unit

Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be easy if you know what you want to store. StorPlace Self Storage has an handy storage unit size guide to help you decide what size storage you will need for your belongings. It is important to choose the right size storage unit, so you are not wasting space and money.

Insuring your stored items

Whether you are planning to store business or personal belongings, it’s important to ensure the items while stored in a self storage unit. Homeowners or rental insurance might not cover items that are in storage. Make sure to check your insurance policy before you decide to rent a self storage unit.  StorPlace Self Storage offers our own Property Protection to help cover stored items.

Vehicle self storage

Any type of vehicle can be stored in self storage to free up space in your garage. StorPlace Self Storage does offers RV outside storage. There are special considerations and prepping that need to be done before a vehicle is placed in storage. If you prepare you car, boat or RV for storage, then it will run properly when it time to remove it from the storage unit.

Hints for packing and storing

StorPlace Self Storage has created videos to help with everything from packing boxes to packing your storage unit safely and efficiently.

Comparing outdoor, indoor and drive-up storage

The are the three most common types of space for self storage are outdoor, indoor and drive-up storage. Our friendly and informed staff are able to answer all of your questions about the different types of storage and what would work the best for your storage needs.

Choosing boxes and packing materials

Once the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly. StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of packing and moving supplies at each of our locations from boxes to packing tape to furniture protection.  We have 16 convenient locations in the Middle Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas to serve your storage needs. We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you a great customer service experience!



Storage Tips and Questions from StorPlace

There are many things to consider when renting a storage unit. The questions and answers and tips below will help you decide which storage facility to rent from and what type of storage you might need:

Why heated or cooled storage?

Heated and cooled storage maintains a steady temperature of 55–80° using
central air conditioning or heat, as well as dehumidifiers to control the
temperature. This insulates your belongings from the damage that severe hot or cold
weather can cause damage to items.

What should or should not be stored in a self storage unit?

Self-storage is an excellent option for storing overflow of many
different types of materials from your home or business. StorPlace Self Storage  frequently gets questions about what is acceptable to store in a storage unit. The most important thing to remember is not to put combustible items such as paint in a self storage unit. Also, do not place living items such as animals or plants in self storage.

Security options for storage

When selecting a self storage facility you’ll want to understand the different aspects to self storage security including alarmed storage units, computerized gate access, video surveillance and more. Security measures vary according to facility policy, cost, and even geographic location. Security is very important in your choice of a self storage facility.

Self storage tips for business owners

At StorPlace Self Storage, we find that most of our business owners make use of self
storage not just for long-term, but also for short-term solutions. If your business is running out of storage space for unused equipment or files, then self storage is a great option.

Choose the right size self storage unit

Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be
easy if you know what you want to store.
Check out our unit size guide to give you examples of the sizes of the storage units that we have and how much of your belongings can fit into which size storage unit.

Insuring your stored items 

Whether you are planning to store business or personal belongings, it is
important to insure the items in storage, since items in self storage are not generally covered by homeowners or rental insurance policies. StorPlace Self Storage offers Property Protection to help cover stored items

Vehicle self storage

Any type of vehicle can be stored in self storage to free up space in
your garage.
There are specific details that have to be done to prep a boat, car or RV for storage in order to keep the vehicle in running order. StorPlace Self Storage has RV/boat/car parking spaces at our facilities.

Packing efficiently for self storage

StorPlace Self Storage has created videos with description on the proper way to pack your belongings or business inventory for self storage. If you properly pack for self storage you will be able to optimize the space in your storage unit.

Choosing boxes and packing materials

Once the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly. StorPlace Self Storage offers a variety of box sizes, filler material and other packing necessities for all your packing needs. To make things easier, StorPlace also offers box kits which include different box sizes and packing material.

When you need storage just remember StorPlace Self Storage for your storage needs. We can also help you with  packing supplies that you may need to get everything ready for storage. We have 16 convenient locations in the Middle Tennessee Area and one location in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We look forward to giving you a great customer service experience at StorPlace of Cool Springs in Brentwood. Please feel free to contact us at 615-373-3006.


StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue Helps With Your Storage Needs

Computerized entry at StorPlace Self Storage

You have your own personalized access code to the gates at StorPlace Self Storage

It is getting to be the time of the year to think about spring cleaning, decluttering or maybe even staging your house to put it on the market. Renting a self storage unit is a great asset in all of these situations. At StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue, we have  heated and cooled storage units as well as non-heated and cooled storage units. We have many different storage unit sizes to choose from starting with closet size to a walk-in closet and it keeps going up from there. The two smallest sizes storage units are inside an interior hallway but we do offer carts to help you load your items into these storage units.  For the larger storage units, starting at 10 x 10, we have drive-up access to the storage units. The heated and cooled storage units are also inside an interior hallway as well as a  few of the larger non-heated and cooled storage units.

When you rent a storage unit with StorPlace Self Storage, we do have a one-time $25.00 admin fee, which includes a high security lock. StorPlace Self Storage  of Bellevue has state-of-the-art security cameras and for extra security, there is a resident manager who lives at the facility. The property for StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is completed fenced in. All of our customers have their own personal gate access code.  To save you some money, your rent is pro-rated when you rent your storage unit and if we know ahead of time, we can pro-rate you when you no longer need your storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue also rents Budget moving trucks for local and one-way rentals.

StorPlace Self Storage makes it as easy to pay your monthly storage unit rent. You can  set your account up to get an invoice mailed to you for $2.00 extra per month or you can set your account up to get an email invoice. Another option is to set it up your payments on autopay, where we run your card automatically each month. If you choose to get one of the invoices sent to you,  then you can come in to our location office and pay, mail your payment, pay online or even pay by phone for no charge.

If you start out with a large storage unit and need to downsize to a smaller size, we try to make the process as easy as possible. We try to make the process of moving from a smaller storage to a larger unit a simple process as well. StorPlace Self Storage requires you have insurance for your belongings that you are storing. If you do not have your own homeowners or renters insurance, we have different protection options. There is no deductible with our protection option. Give us a call today or stop by one of our many properties to see our awesome facilities!!

Better Protection For Your Stored Items

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At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer the best protection for your items in storage. StorPlace offers in-house property protection called StorPlace Protection. Most people don’t realize that even though you might have homeowners or renters insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your belongings will be covered in offsite storage. Many homeowners insurance policies do not offer coverage for property that is not at the physical home. StorPlace wants to take better care of you. That is why we offer 3 different types of property protection for our customers.

Why are we calling it property protection and not insurance? Our property protection is better than insurance. First, our property protection is very affordable. For $8.00 a month your belongings will be covered up to $2,000.00. Even better, there is no deductible with our property protection. Most homeowners insurance policies have at the very least $1,000 deductible. The best part about StorPlace’s property protection is that it is done in-house. We don’t have a third-party company that has to look over the claim or approve it. If there is a need for a claim, we have a turnaround on the claim within the week. You can’t beat that with any other competitor.

StorPlace Self Storage Protection helps protect your stored items from things that could occur beyond your control, such as weather or fire. We all know that we can’t fully predict the weather and we definitely can’t control it. With StorPlace property protection, we have wind and water protection for those unexpected severe storms. The water damage protection protects against leaks from storm damage to roofs or doors. Floods are not covered in the protection coverage.  StorPlace property protection also covers fire damage and theft. We never want to see anybody’s property harmed, but if it happens the customers of StorPlace Self Storage have the peace of mind that their property is protected.

Ask how you can get StorPlace Self Storage Protection for your stored belongings at any of our 14 Nashville, Murfreesboro or Bowling Green, KY facilities.

StorPlace Self Storage Helps Customers All Year

StorPlace offers packing supplies

Christmas time is upon us. Let StorPlace help you put those gifts out of reach of those sneaky children that like to go and find those great surprises you have for them. We offer many sizes for whatever you may have to hide those electronics, clothes, or even cars!  StorPlace can help ease your mind around the holidays and the stress of shopping. Self storage gives you a little extra space to put some things away during the holidays as well as help you to de-clutter your home after the gift-giving holiday. StorPlace provides top-notch security such as 24hour video recording, a gate around the whole property that requires a code, so your valuables are protected at all times.

Since the New Year is just right around the corner, StorPlace can help you with uncluttering your home after the holiday, there is a great selection of boxes and other packing supplies.  If you are in need of more space for a vehicle that you may have gotten for a loved one, then we do have parking spaces that can help make room for that special gift. StorPlace Coverage Protection  is an important part of self-storage, no one wants something to happen to those valuables that were just purchased or that you have had for a long time. StorPlace does provide protection on those items while they are being stored, just ask the manager about that when you come in and see them.

The StorPlace mission  is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, innovativeness, conscientiousness, cheerfulness, and friendliness. StorPlace provides much more than just safe, clean storage space for customers. StorPlace provides storage solutions that will relieve stress and worry and offer the customer consistently high value.

StorPlace wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!