Storing Christmas Presents and Decorations in Self Storage

Christmas Decorations and Self StorageIf you have last-minute gifts to hide before you wrap them or put them under the tree come to StorPlace Self Storage. Some of our stores will give you a great deal on the smaller unit to hide your stuff. We prorate you in and prorate you out.

As you are taking down your Christmas decorations both inside and out come to StorPlace Self Storage to rent a storage unit and purchase boxes to put the stuff away in. Keep your wife or husband happy by getting a storage unit at one of our 16 Middle Tennessee StorPlace Self Storage locations to put all the decorations away in and keep them out-of-the-way for that spring cleaning that will be here in a flash.

Do you need a place to park the RV, Jet Skies, boat, or trailer? Stop in at StorPlace Self Storage and get a well-lit and secured parking space. All you need to bring is a valid ID, proof of insurance, the registration and the title/Bill of sale. If you want to place the RV, boat, jet ski or trailer stored inside a storage unit, we can make that happen as well. Just stop in and visit us at any of our StorPlace Self Storage locations.

Stress Free Fall Storage

Storing seasonal items in self storage

Store seasonal items in self storage


Unfortunately for all of us, “Fun in the Sun” is over. Our beautiful leaves are turning autumn colors, and will slowly fade away. For those of us who have children, like me, bringing in toys and all the summer outside play items, is a hassle. A lot of people do not have garages, so it becomes quite the game of Tetris, putting everything inside. Then the issue of the children thinking they can enjoy the large items inside the house arises, and chaos reigns.

So, instead of worry and confusion all winter long, why not consider renting a StorPlace Self Storage unit. For a reasonable price, you can store your outdoor items. This will relieve the stress and also makes more room for those holiday decorations in your home. Why have your spare bedroom filled with summer clutter, when you can make room for your family and friends to visit? As an employee of StorPlace Self-Storage, I have grown to understand the stress of having too many items, and not enough space!

For those who do have a garage, sometimes it becomes filled with so many seasonal items, there’s no room for your car, RV, or boat. Let StorPlace Self Storage offer the space you need. We have storage units of all sizes. So, bring your seasonal items to a safe, clean environment. We also offer heated and cooled units to help protect your belongings while in storage.We even have a full stock of merchandise needed for secure packing and moving, at 10% off for all tenants.

Don’t want to move your seasonal items because you want access to them now? StorPlace Self-Storage can offer you different options for parking your boat, RV, car, trailer, or even your motorcycle. We have different parking spaces as well as provide covered parking if needed. One of the greatest assets StorPlace Self Storage has to offer  is so many local locations, so you can have your storage needs filled close to home. StorPlace has 15 locations in the Nashville, and Murfreesboro area, and even one in Bowling Green, KY. With so many locations to offer, great pricing, availability, and smiling faces, how could you not take advantage of this stress free opportunity?

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Storage at StorPlace Self Storage


If you have last minute gifts to hide before you wrap them or put them under the tree come to StorPlace Self Storage. Some of our stores will give you a great deal on the smaller unit to hide your stuff. We prorate you in and prorate you out.

Need a place to park the RV, jet skis, boat or trailer? Stop in to StorPlace Self Storage and get a well-lit and secured parking space. All you need to bring is a valid ID, proof of insurance, the registration and or title/bill of sale.We also have large storage units where you can also store jet skis, RVs or boats. Just stop in and visit us at any of our 16 StorPlace Self Storage locations.

Don’t forget that New Year is just right around the corner!  StorPlace Self Storage can help you with un-cluttering your home after the holiday. We offer a great selection of boxes and other packing supplies to assist in your New Year’s organization projects.  If you are in need of more space for a vehicle that you may have gotten for a loved one, then we do have parking spaces that can help make room for that special gift. StorPlace Coverage Protection is an important part of self-storage, no one wants something to happen to those valuables that were just purchased or that you have had for a long time. StorPlace Self Storage does provide protection on those items while they are being stored, just ask the manager about that when you come in and see them.

StorPlace Self Storage wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!



Rivergate Boat Storage

Now is that time of year when people are putting their boats up for the winter and deciding about the best place for their boat storage. The days are shorter because of daylight savings time. Cool days and colder nights and brisk winds are not what people think are the best conditions for being on a boat. People are moving from leisurely enjoyment of water activity, water sports, and water entertainment and fun to preparing for the holidays. Halloween is the first holiday that occupies the minds of both young and old alike. Halloween has become the second most celebrated holiday as people plan their Halloween outfits, costumes, and parties. After Halloween, the family begins to focus on Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas. People have turned their thoughts from summer fun and bathing suits to holiday fare, parties, warm clothes, and cozy fires. So, people begin to think about where they should store their boats. Do they want to stay at the marina and dry dock their boat? Do they want to keep the boat in the slip at the Marina? Is offsite storage a good idea? Is it safe? Will the boat be protected? Should one consider keeping their boat on their own household property? There are many decisions, but one that seems to make the best sense is to consider a self storage facility for boat storage. In selecting the best self storage facility for your boat storage, here are some items to think about: 1. Security- The property must be well-lit with surveillance 24 hours a day. There needs to be a secure code to get into the entrance that only the owner has. The property needs to be securely gated and fenced. 2. Parking Lot– The actual parking lot needs to be well-paved and flat. There needs to be enough room for the boat and trailer. There need to be clear and clean parking spaces clearly visible with numbers designating the various spots. There needs to be ample space provided for the different boat spaces needed. The spots next to each other need to be generous in their spacing so that there is not problem in pulling in and out. 3. Self Storage Driveway/Highway– The self storage driveway and highway needs to provide wide open space, so that when the boat is driven off and on the premise there is ample space for pulling in and out. 4. 24-Hour Access– Boat enthusiasts like to be on the water whenever they can. They like to make a full long day on the water enjoying their boat, so it’s extremely important for the storage place to provide 24-hour access so that the boat enthusiast can enjoy a full day of vacation on the water. 5. Company– In addition, you must have confidence in the company with which you are dealing. Are they reputable? How long have they been in business? Do they keep their own property neat and well-groomed? What is their reputation? 6. Other Boat Owners– Do other boat owners use this self storage facility for their boats? This is a good sign if you see other expensive boats and cruisers stored on the property. Rather than just fishing dinghies. 7. Price– When comparing the price of self storage for boats to that of the marina, it is vastly less expensive. The price of various self storage companies will be comparable, but the features and benefits may be vastly different. You want to make sure that you are getting value for your money because you have a personal investment in your boat. You can’t always put a price on service and satisfaction and confidence. 8. Personnel– Finally, do you have confidence in the storage consultants that you are dealing with. Are they experienced and knowledgeable? Do they give you a sense that they are interested in protecting your investment, also, should a problem arise, do you feel that they would be your advocate in resolving the problem to your satisfaction? Would they be treating the boat as if it were their own? You can never put a value on piece of mind. StorPlace Self Storage at Rivergate offers Rivergate boat storage at 615-851-2500 for more information.

Staging a House For Sale


Our family was moving to another neighborhood to be closer to our children’s school. We needed to sell our house because we already had a contract on a house close to the school. Since the average length of time to sell a house in this market is 6 to 7 months, we hired a staging consultant to come in and evaluate how to best show our house for the market. This consultant said that our house had way too much clutter and furniture. This made the rooms look smaller and made it more difficult for a prospective buyer to visualize themselves in our house. The staging consultant recommended we move 1/3 of our belongings and declutter the closets and children’s’ rooms. So, we had to go find a self storage unit. The people at StorPlace were so helpful and friendly, realizing our urgency and our need for a safe and secure place to put our antiques and cherished family picture albums. They helped us find the perfect unit, and they were flexible on the length of time to store because we didn’t know how long we would need. Also they had a lot of packing supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. to help expedite the packing and moving process.

Moving is a very stressful event in the life cycle of a family. Even though the reason may be a positive one, it requires so much planning, ingenuity, and down right hard word. Our staging consultant was excellent, but in truth, she had no mercy about the salability of our house. In fact, decluttering was not nearly enough. She insisted that we move all of our comfortable family room furniture such as the two sofas, the La-Z-Boy chair, the armchair, and the ottoman into storage. She said this furniture that we found comfortable and quite acceptable looked old and ragged. She insisted that we go rent brand new furniture to put in the den. Of course, this added a significant additional expense to our moving cost, for which we were unprepared. We had the cost of the staging consultant, rented furniture, and furniture storage. My husband loves to go fishing in the spring, and it is truly his way to relax. She took one look at our beloved fishing boat and trailer and said that his rust-eaten, hideous boat and trailer must be gotten rid of. In order to save costs and still maintain convenience, we looked at several options including a POD, a marina slip, and boat storage. However, all things considered, the boat storage option represented the most economical and feasible solution. The POD, while slightly more expensive would have cluttered the yard, and this is what we were trying to get away from. The boat storage option was economical and convenient. We had access to the boat from 6 in the morning until 10 at night and could pay for 24 hour access on an as-needed or permanent basis for those early morning fishing trips. We had our choice of which parking space to pick on the lot which was fully-lit, fully gated, had 24 hour surveillance and a full gated property. This provided an easy and happy solution for my diehard fisherman who can’t wait to hit those early morning bass, crappie, and bream. So we are now onto our personal task of packing up storage boxes in the garage, children’s baby toys and riding vehicles, and all of the excess athletic balls and shoes that we have accumulated for years. Actually our house looks a lot better and newer and makes us kind of want to stay here.