Learning and Sharing Life Lessons as a Self-Storage Property Manager

StorPlace Self Storage of GreenwoodHard work pays off in more ways than we realize. In just a short period of time, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood has gone through a change. We have had challenges to say the least. Over the last year, we have had changes in management. A few people have come and gone and now we are working with a two person crew. The good news about all the change, it has brought new ideas to the table, and a new way to look at things.  A new and different approach to the same task that has been in place can be a challenge to say the least. The good news about all the change, with the strong force of people who are in place, the sky is the limit.

As a new self-storage property manager, I have found that any and everything requires hard work. I take great pride in being a hard worker, but what does that mean? For me as a person, it is the push it takes to do what needs to be done! It can be something as simple as talking to each customer that comes in to make a payment, to ensuring the UPS driver makes his deliveries to the right storage units. Staying on top of things is an understatement when it comes to self-storage.  Being new to this type of business, I did not know to what extent that I would be involved in this career. My only regret, I wish I had gone into this business years ago. I have found myself relying on my past experiences on a daily basis. Not only do you have to be able to be the “fix-it” guy, but you also have to maintain that level of professionalism that our customers have come to expect. We also have to continue with our own professional growth. I have been working with the local Chamber of Commerce, which thus far, has given me even more tools and resources to branch out in the business field. Our StorPlace Self Storage location has worked with local non-profit charities to assist with the challenges they face. This is a reward within itself.

A good friend of mine tells me all the time, “at the end of the day, you have one goal”. It is true that we are not reinventing the wheel, but we have to stay diverse and open to new ideas and concepts that may take us places we didn’t previously think about. When I look back at the past year, I recall all the people who have thanked me for working with them. This is what we all have in our core, the true desire to help, and be helped by our fellow man. Life has its ups and downs. There is no question about that, but if I can do something that is going to make life, or a part of life, a little easier for someone, then I want to be that person.

I have told my assistant many times, “put yourself in their shoes”. If we approach our customers by understanding what it is like to go through a move, pack up everything we own, and move to a new town or place, we can keep the storage stress level low.  It may seem like a little thing, but the reward from it is more than I can put into words.

Outside of my work life, I can see the results of my efforts. When I was willing to help someone out when they were down and out, it comes back to us in ten-fold. The friendships I have grown through the business side of self-storage, is reflected in how I am treated and perceived in the outside world.

Take A Tour of StorPlace of Greenwood

StorPlace Self Storage of Bowling Green Kentucky


Spring is the time of year when storage units at StorPlace of Greenwood in Bowling Green, Kentucky begin to rent up for the season. Very soon, most units will be rented through the summer. We always recommend that prospective tenants tour the property. Why? We believe that not every storage facility is the same. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer great locations with excellent security features and we are proud to show them off! Equally as important is to match the size of the storage unit with the customer needs. Over time, it has become quite clear that most folks are not sure what storage size they need. Once they compare a few units in person, a clearer view comes to mind. It depends not only on the amount of items being stored, but also accessibility. With a nine-foot tall ceiling height on our units, a tremendous amount of personal belongings can be stored if you fill it to the rafters. However, we always ask the customer if they intend to enter the unit at any time. If the answer is yes, then the unit must be organized to allow a walkthrough. Sometimes that means upsizing to a larger unit then first planned.

As May approaches, students from Western Kentucky University, many with a parent in tow, rent a storage unit for the summer. This is an audience that definitely benefits from taking a facility tour! Once you have witnessed a student trying to stuff a king-size mattress into a small 5×5 unit, you know why they should have seen the unit first before reserving one. Seeing the space first hand usually solves any ‘it won’t fit’ issues. Seeing the unit first is a ‘no brainer’ and a whole lot easier than taking final exams.

Another big reason for taking a facility tour is the chance for staff and customers to meet. StorPlace Self Storage excels at customer service. We do everything we can to assist people with their storage needs, as well as walk extra paces toward learning about the customer and listening closely to what they have to say. Although it may not seem like it on the surface, storing personal or business possessions is an important event for most people. Most everyone has a story to tell and we do our best to pay attention.  And often, ‘the story’ continues. I was reminded of this just a moment ago. A tenant came in to the office and greeted us with the phrase ‘So you only deal with live customers’? He then told us he had suffered a heart attack last month and for a brief while was not breathing. Fortunately he is better now and found it important to share the news.  Admittedly, we don’t get to know every tenant as well as this gentleman. Still, we are open to our customers and it serves as a bedrock of StorPlace Self Storage customer service.

The Grand Canyon.  San Antonio, Texas. There are many places I would like to tour. But when it comes to storage, I would recommend a tour of StorPlace Self Storage!




If You Look Ahead, Your Days Will Be Better Planned

StorPlace Self Storage of Bowling Green Kentucky



Students in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area store at StorPlace Self Storage, and with midterms weighing heavy during the first week of April, it’s hard to imagine finals are just around the corner.  One month and a few days from now, to be precise, Western Kentucky will be closing its doors (and dorms) leaving hundreds of home-sick students with a choice: either find an acceptable accommodation for their items at our Bowling Green StorPlace Self Storage location, or grudgingly pack up the Camry to the brim and surprise mom and dad with a new garage-full of stuff.  Moving out can be a drag, but don’t let it concern you!

Students: keep your thoughts on your studies, and reserve a unit online ahead of time.  Hurry to www.storplaceselfstorage.com  where you can register online for a storage unit today, have it set aside and waiting for you come dorm move-out time, and save yourself the headache of last-minute space-hunting!

So maybe you keep it simple in your dorm room, neat and orderly, not a lot of excess THINGS, but don’t really want to take it home this summer, an easy solution is to “bunk up” with your friends.  Not only is it space-efficient, but splitting up the rent amongst a few friends sharing a storage unit saves money.   Did I mention reserving the unit online gives a rental break on your overall rate? We know all about the “hard times” of college finances, our goal here at StorPlace Self Storage isn’t to twist your arm for every penny, but provide customer service and a satisfactory/safe stay that is WORTH every penny.

One last thought… Be you Hilltopper or Bowling Green native, GO CATS!               PURSUIT OF NUMERO 9!!!

Storage, but Why?

Needs for self storage varies from person to person



Why do people need storage?  This is one of the most common questions that we, in the storage industry, try to answer and better understand.  Working in this industry for almost 7 years has taught me you can never know enough about your customer base and their needs. The reasons people need storage are vast and varied, and we still have things pop up that we have never heard before.

Most people looking for storage have common reasons for needing some space. Reasons like remodeling, moving, downsizing, marriage, divorce, and business needs. We also have a high number of college students that need a place to store dorm room belongings over the summer. There are also some not-so-common reasons, like someone who wants to use their unit as an office space or use it for band practice. Unfortunately, we are not in the business of renting offices or band practice space!

The most bizarre reason for needing storage I have encountered was regarding a court case.  They needed a storage unit for an unspecified amount of time to store an inflated raft that was an integral part of the court case.  Being that it was part of the case, the raft would’ve had to stay inflated inside the unit until the courts needed it, or the trial was over.  They never ended up renting the space, but this just goes to show how random our customer needs can be! Of course, if they did rent the space, we would’ve gladly accommodated them.

Regardless of the reasons for needing it, self-storage has grown greatly in popularity in the past few years. It seems like there is a facility on every corner! Now that we’ve discussed some reasons you may need storage, here is how you can get the most for your money! StorPlace Self Storage has 16 convenient locations across Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.  Our knowledgeable storage experts can assist you in almost every aspect of your move!  Stop by any of our locations and our friendly, professional storage managers will help you determine the best size storage unit for your needs, along with showing you our full line of packing and moving supplies.  So whether you are a business owner, homeowner, renter, a student, or even if you just need some boxes, StorPlace Self Storage is happy to help with any storage need you may have!