Inclement Weather

StorPlace Self Storage keeps their facilities safe from icy weather


You never know what type of weather we might get in Tennessee! It might not be something that you think about, but business, especially a self storage facility has to be diligent and prepare the property for any type of weather from extreme cold, ice and heavy rain. This might be the best time to discuss how to StorPlace Self Storage employees properly prepare the storage facility for inclement weather.

First, let’s discuss salting the storage property. Many facilities are located on a steep hill and the last thing anyone needs is for a vehicle or large truck to be sliding down the hills and possibly injuring someone or damaging a building on the property. The problem with the weather in Tennessee is that most of the time when the National Weather Service is calling for wintry weather it usually starts with heavy rain. This can be a problem when it comes to laying down salt. The salt will not do any good if it is laid down in the rain and just dissolves. Let’s take that a little further, if the only option is to lay the salt in the rain, then by all means do it. It is better to have some salt out than none at all. Also, keep in mind that regular rock salt does damage to asphalt and metal so you may want to use Calcium Magnesium Acetate. It seems to work a little better at lower temps and does not do as much damage to the asphalt. Most storage facilities also have metal roofs and when the temperature rises and the sun shines on the roofs, it will melt the ice and snow so don’t forget to salt around the down spouts. The temp on the roof may be high enough to melt the snow and ice, but the ground may still be below freezing and the runoff water may refreeze after it leaves the downspout. The number one location to place a heavy amount of salt or ice melt is around your gate as this is where people have to hit the brakes to stop to enter their gate access code. The last thing a customer or the property manager needs is a car to slide into the gate. That will shut the property down and cost a large amount of money to fix. Also, salt any walkways or sidewalks on the property. The sidewalks are usually raised and will freeze first before the asphalt.

Speaking of gates, don’t forget the chain. The chain on the gate is supposed to hang loose just a little bit. A problem can develop when the water rolls down to the lowest hanging spot on the chain and freezes. As the chain goes through the gears in the gate motor, the ice can cause the chain to snap and could also lock up the gears. This can cause the gate to get stuck open and that could open the property up for all types of problems. The best solution for this is White Lithium Grease as it has a very low freezing temp. However, White Lithium Grease is not ideal for gate chains so after the threat of winter weather has passed use some WD-40 to remove the White Lithium Grease and replace the grease on the chain and gears with a good chain lube.

Another good product to have on hand is a bottle of de-icer. This will work to unfreeze customer locks and other locks on the property that may have frozen during the bad weather. It will also work for the gate chain to get the ice off but will not work as a preventative.

Be assured that StorPlace Self Storage wants to make our storage property and environment safe for all of our customers!