Packing Kitchen Items for Moving or Storage

How to pack breakablesWe all know that moving is not a fun event.  That is why StorPlace Self Storage managers are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible.  If you are in the market for storage then start by making a smart decision and take a look at one of the many StorPlace Self Storage locations near you.  You will be treated with respect.  Each manager will listen to your needs and accommodate you on a personal level.  It will be an easy and stress free environment.  Come see for yourself!

The following is a quick tutorial on how to pack your kitchen items which will make it easier for your moving day in the long-run.  Most people are in a hurry to get the moving done and there is not much planning involved.  Here are a few tips to get the ball moving forward.  Let’s start with the kitchen.  The best items to start with in the kitchen are the glasses and plates.  It is very helpful to make sure your dishes and glasses are clean before you pack them.  StorPlace Self Storage offers a kitchen box kit that makes packing the kitchen a breeze.  The kit includes 10 small boxes, 7 medium boxes, 25’ of bubble wrap, tape, and a 10 pound bundle of news print.  This will get you moving in the right direction.  You may also want to pick up either a dish kit or a glass packing kit.  These two kits have inserts that will fit into the small boxes that are included in the kitchen kit so there is no need to buy any extra boxes.  The most cost-effective way to pack some of your larger items would be to buy large and X-large boxes.  These boxes are great for clothes, quilts, and lighter items because you can put a lot into them.

You will also notice that the glass packing kit has some small foam inserts.  Put your glasses one at a time into the foam inserts and then put them neatly in the cardboard grid that comes with the glass packing kit.  Make sure to fill up this box all the way to the top.  If you have small glasses or you do not have enough glasses to fill up the kit, then use the newsprint that came with the kitchen box kit to fill the empty space.  If you do not fill the box completely then it can cause the box to collapse during the move or during storage. Repeat these steps for the dish kit as it works the same way.   For more informational tips on packing and storing,see our packing and storage videos and information at our website.