Prepping All Lawn Equipment for Summer Use

Preparing lawn equipment for summer use.Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to start maintaining our yards, and working on all the fabulous landscaping projects we have dreamt about all winter. It’s also time to get our lawn equipment out of storage, and get it fired up for the season.

Hopefully you winterized it before storing it for the winter, if so, waking it up won’t be a problem at all. After retrieving it from your StorPlace Self Storage storage unit, it’s a good idea to apply a coat of lubricating, protecting oil on all the surfaces. I like to use bar and chain oil for all of my hand tools to lubricate and protect my chain saws. If you haven’t already done so, now is also a good time to sharpen all cutting edges, and make adjustments to hand tools.

For gas-powered equipment, ensure spark plugs are properly gapped, inserted, and the wire is securely connected to the plug. Fill your equipment with low, or no ethanol fuel, (I also use a fuel stabilizer). For safety purposes, this task should be done away from buildings or structures. Next, follow your owner’s manual instructions for summer start-up tips. Once the equipment is started, allow it to sit running for several minutes, this allows the oils time to properly distribute, and lubricate all the moving parts before the real work begins.

Battery powered equipment needs attention as well. Clean the charging connections with an alcohol swab; this should be done on both the battery and the chargers. Inspect chargers and cords for damage or frayed cords. If the batteries are not fully charged this is a good time to do it. For weed eaters, of all power types, replace old cutting line, clean and adjust the cutting heads and shroud. Blowers can always use some additional attention, from cleaning all air supply filters, to inspecting air exhaust ways.

With proper care, and preventative maintenance your lawn equipment will last for years, with a minimal of cost and worry.