Choosing the Right Box

StorPlace offers packing supplies

When it comes to moving there is one thing that we all have to do, and that’s pack our belongings safely and soundly to prevent  damage during the move.  Whether you are moving your belongings yourself or trusting your favorite local moving company, everything has to be boxed up nice and tight.  At StorPlace Self Storage, “Your Neighborhood Storage Center”, you can choose from a variety of affordable boxes at any of our 14 locations.

When packing, we want to get as much of our stuff as we can into the biggest box we can find. After filing the box, you find out that it is too heavy to move or that the box is not strong enough to hold the weight of the contents. Then you wind up with a box with the broken bottom and you have wasted time and possibly a box.

When picking your moving or storage boxes there are several things to keep in mind. First, buy your boxes from a respectable moving box retailer. The boxes you get from the local food store or liquor store may be free but they could lead to trouble down the road.  These boxes contained bottles, bags, canned goods and produce and could have come from anywhere around the world.  Bugs can get in these boxes and lay eggs. These eggs may or may not hatch till the retailer has discarded them. So, if you have used one or more of these boxes, you could have bugs in your personal belongings.  And, if you are storing your belongings at a storage facility, you could also infest your neighbors belongings as well.

Another thing to think about is rodents.  Mice and rats love to eat and are constantly searching for that next meal. If they smell food on your boxes, they might pay you a visit.  While taking up residence in your storage space, they may decide to poop and pee or even worse, nest.  So, when you move your belongings into your new home, you may have to share it with your new friends that have come along for the ride in your boxes. Then, you will have to add the added cost of getting an exterminator at your home. So buy your boxes, you will be happy you did in the long run. Don’t take any chances, run on down to your local StorPlace Self Storage facility today.

Remember that bigger is not always better when it comes to packing boxes. Pack heavier items such as dishes, books, or compact discs in the small 16×12.5×12.5 box. You can also use the medium 18x18x16 box for the same items as well. Just don’t over pack this sized box. Save the large 24x18x18 box and the extra large 24x18x24 box for lighter things such as lamp shades, pillows, comforters, blankets and towels. You can also get the 24x21x48 wardrobe box. This box, or “mobile closet” is great for suits and shirts or slacks that you do not want to get wrinkled.  It is even designed to open so you can take something out and put it back in without opening the whole box. StorPlace Self Storage also offers specific boxes for lamps and mirrors and pictures and other unusual sized items. StorPlace Self Storage also offers moving kits which consists of 10-small 16×12.5×12.5 boxes, 7-medium 18x18x16 boxes and 1-36x8x29 mirror or picture box. The kit also includes 55 yards of packing tape and also 25 feet of bubble wrap. This kit is a great start to help you in your packing supplies.

Lastly, allow yourself plenty of time to pack. When we take our time, we make better decisions.  When we make better decisions, we save time. And let’s face it; time is money, especially these days.  So, get your moving and packing supplies today and let’s get started! StorPlace Self Storage is here to help!