The Fourth of July and Fireworks!


Photo by Donna Lee Williams


On July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was ratified. It declared that the 13 British Colonies were now one united nation to stand apart from the British Crown. Two Hundred Thirty-Nine years later we celebrate this day as our Independence Day. It has become tradition for many of us to grill out, lounge by the pool, and watch/shoot fireworks. At StorPlace Self Storage of Lebanon Pike, we want to insure your safety by going over a few safety guidelines when shooting off fireworks.

First, check with your local Fire Marshal’s office to see if fireworks are allowed to be used in your area. Some counties have a ban on fireworks. This is usually in effect when the weather has been dry and the risk of fire spreading is higher. Some counties also require a permit to shoot fireworks.

Once you have approval, make sure you buy your fireworks from a reliable vendor. Inspect the packages to see that are not damaged or wet and are within the used-by date. Older fireworks may not fire like they are supposed to, the wicks may fall off easier, and/or the structure may not be as stable as it is meant to be. It could collapse when fired and blow up. Also, pay attention to the directions and ensure that you have cleared enough space to fire off that particular firework.

When the time comes to use the fireworks, make sure that there is a bucket of water, connected hose pipe, or fire extinguisher nearby. Fireworks should be used under a reliable, sober adult’s supervision. Children should not set off fireworks. Make sure there is distance between the group and where you are planning on shooting the fireworks. It is good to set out a plywood board that can serve as a flat surface to prevent a firework from falling over. Always aim fireworks AWAY from the group. NEVER aim a firework at an individual or group. If a firework fails to fire, do not relight it. Let it sit for about twenty minutes, and then let it soak in water before disposing of it. Don’t combine fireworks together to make a custom one. If the ground catches fire, quickly contain it and extinguish the flame by spraying the base of the fire.

Remember to use good judgment and common sense when setting off fireworks. All of us at StorPlace Self Storage would like to wish you a Safe and Happy Independence Day! Go out and have some fun!