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StorPlace of Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville

The New Year is upon us and if you have made a New Year’s Resolution to clean your attic, basement, or garage now is the time to start your project. These three areas of your house tend to get cluttered while preparing for family visits, a place to hide gifts for families, or in preparation for spring cleaning. It is time to start 2013 off on a good note and get rid of clutter and make space for the new adventures that will happen this year. Many students are getting prepared for college, summer camps, and even trips around the country. Well, once they are gone and their rooms are cleaned and organized, there are things they may not need. StorPlace Self Storage has just the place for those items.Storplace of Old Hickory Boulevard has a variety of storage units available for the excess items you may need to get rid of for a while. We have units to accommodate your Christmas decorations, totes and clothes that you may need to store until you decided to keep, donate, sell or throw them away.

The property managers at Storplace Self Storage of Old Hickory Boulevard are more than happy to help the everyday storage customer in any of their storage needs. It is our goal to provide as many storage solutions and options as we can to make your self storage experience as stress free as possible. We strive every day to give a valiant effort to do everything we can in order to take care of the customer. Our ultimate goal at all of our storage facilities is to ease the stress and sometimes the pain of moving.

Moving can be very expensive, time-consuming, and take months of planning.  At Storplace Self Storage, we are here to assist you over the phone or in person with your storage questions and needs. Our tenants at Storplace of Old Hickory Boulevard have access to their storage unit Monday-Sunday 6am-10pm. All of our leases are month-month, so if you only need the unit for a few months we are more than happy to assist you. We also have a call center that is available to assist you if we are out of the office or the office is closed. If there is any question or concern that you may have you are more than welcome to give us a call at 615-832-3388. See you soon at Storplace of Old Hickory!

Santa’s Closet at Storplace of Bowling Green

Santa Holding Stack of Gifts

I would imagine that Santa’s closet at the North Pole would be similar to anyone’s closet, except his would hold red and white outfits, fluffy winter caps, and other such apparel. At StorPlace of Bowling Green, Santa’s Closet is a bit different. While it is named after the man who flies through the sky on Christmas Eve, our Santa’s Closet is a special that runs from November through December. During the holiday shopping season, it is pretty hard to hide large gifts from your family’s prying eyes. Therefore, Storplace Self Storage offers our 5×5 and 5×10 standard units to new tenants at the special monthly rate of only $25.00. Such units provide the perfect place to keep those large gifts ‘under wraps.’

Every year at this time we offer Santa’s Closet, and every year folks take advantage of the special. But this year, the special really is true to the word! Admittedly, people rarely hide Christmas gifts; they just need a 5×5 or 5×10 unit and happen to store during the offer. But this year, Storplace really is hiding gifts!

Just before the recent ‘Black Friday’ sales began, a woman came in and said she needed a unit large enough to hold a recliner. The recliners were on sale and she was determined to buy one and surprise her husband on December 25th.  She toured the storage property and leased a 5×10 unit. Bright and early on the next Saturday, she arrived at Storplace Self Storage with her purchase. We helped her get the recliner off her pickup and into the unit where it still sits awaiting Christmas morning. From what she tells us, her husband will be truly surprised. On the one hand, he will have a new cozy chair to sit in. On the other, he will have to give up the worn out chair he currently uses. When she told us this, she had a slight impish smile and a ‘twinkle in her eye.’

Just about the same time, another woman came in and said she needed a space to hold three bicycles she just bought for her kids. She also chose a 5×10 walk-in unit. We didn’t see the bicycles, but we know they are in there locked up safe and sound. Also, we know when the bicycles are leaving:  her lease is up on December 24th. I can’t imagine those bicycles will remain a secret for long once they reach her front door!

As the song goes, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas.’ We have decorated the StorPlace Self Storage office with holiday decorations and we are sending out a few greeting cards. But mostly, it is because of the service we are providing to StorPlace Self Storage tenants. Not to mention the tip of the cap we will receive from Santa on December 25th!